Contact Report 024/第024次接觸報告

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Contact Report 024/第024次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
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資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1




英版譯者:DeepL Translator



英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 024

中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象-相關報告(痞客邦部落格)




  1. 我們與地球人接觸時,需要他在有關的各個領域已有研究幾十年的時間
  2. 被接觸的人,必須具備靈性與自覺的先決條件
  3. 我們只與能夠獨立思考並認識真實基本真相的地球人交流,而不考慮那些對宇宙的認知係來自人類同胞的口耳相傳或任何典籍文獻或者宗教規範的人
  4. 如果我們在未滿足這些條件的情況下與地球人接觸這種接觸只是出於某種目的之臨時性工作,之後,我們會將有關人員身上的記憶清除
  5. 當我們與地球人接觸時,我們是根據某種更高的指示來處理,而只遵照完成指示的人數規模來做
  6. 相對於我們的責任,我們不能讓太多的地球人看到我們。這種謹慎是鑑於有些對我們別有用心的人員、軍事和政府單位他們的目的主要是想控制我們的飛船以及所有其他相關的事物
  7. 我們只認同某些被選定的地球人,而且是在秘密且人煙罕至的地方與他們進行交流,這一限制也有其原因:

另外,Semjase也向Billy詳細說明了地球人類靈性進化的兩種含義,內容有些深奧,翻譯頗感力不從心,也許有所詞不達意… 敬請先進高明多多指教!


This is the entire contact report..



  1. It seemed necessary to me after our last contact to once again look around in the development of your things.


  1. This is because shortly after our meeting I caught some thoughts from Hans Jacob.

這是因為在上次我們會面之後不久,我從漢斯.雅各(Hans Jacob)那理擷取了一些想法。

  1. I noticed that you were with him at the time and discussed various facts with him.


  1. Some thoughts escaped him, which reached me uncontrollably.


  1. These were very interesting for me, and so I tried to find them.


  1. I then also made the observation that Hans Jacob was once again allowing his thoughts to slide very negatively into paths that I had already had to complain about, especially because they were harmful to our task.


  1. In addition to sectarian concerns, this also concerns the demand to make my beam ship and myself visible to him and others.

除了宗派的思想,他的意圖還涉及到要求我的飛船(beam ship)和我本人現身在他和其他人的面前

  1. I must therefore reiterate that this is not possible, as I have emphasised on a number of occasions.


  1. But Hans Jacob simply cannot overcome this, because on the one hand he wants to play a decisive role, which I cannot allow, and on the other hand religiously sectarian doubts arise in him again and again.

但是漢斯.雅各根本無法克制這一點,因為一方面他想發揮一個決定性的角色 — 那是我不可能答應的。另一方面,宗教上宗派的懷疑思想在他腦中一再地出現。

  1. These apparitions let him dress his desire in words that do not correspond to the facts, as desired.


  1. If he therefore expresses the demand for a contact, then this is not based on the fact that such a contact could be asserted as a further aid and proof against third persons etc., although this thought also plays a part in his demand in minimal forms.


  1. Basically, the wish requirement only appears because “first and foremost cooperation” and “doubt” play a decisive role.


  1. The last time I try to explain that contacts of any kind with people other than you are completely impossible for the following reasons:


  1. 1) When we connect with an earth person, then this requires his previous and decades-long study in all areas.

1) 當我們與地球人接觸時,需要他在有關的各個領域已有研究幾十年的時間

  1. 2) We can only connect with earth people if the necessary spiritual and conscious prerequisites are given.

2) 被接觸的人,必須具備靈性與自覺的先決條件

  1. It is therefore not enough to be consciously fit alone, because above all mental development is important.


  1. 3) We can only communicate with an earth person if he has progressed so far in his development that he is able to independently work out and recognize the fundamental truth in the truth without taking into consideration any expressions of fellow human beings or any written works or religious or sectarian norms.

3) 我們只與能夠獨立思考並認識真實基本真相的地球人交流,而不考慮那些對宇宙的認知係來自人類同胞的口耳相傳或任何典籍文獻或者宗教規範的人

  1. 4) If we contact an earth person without these conditions being fulfilled, such contact is only a temporary undertaking for a certain purpose, after which the memory of us, etc., is eliminated in the person concerned, such as in the case of the person through whom we let find the place of the Talmud.

4) 如果我們在未滿足這些條件的情況下與地球人接觸這種接觸只是出於某種目的之臨時性工作,之後,我們會將有關人員身上的記憶清除。例如我們透過某人讓我們找到《塔木德》(Talmud)收藏的地方。

  1. But any tasks that would require a pre-public step cannot be imposed on such persons because memory is continuously eliminated in them and they are neither aware of connections nor of precise facts.


  1. But also such people on earth must be very far developed in certain fields of knowledge, e.g. the location finder of the Talmud, who was very well versed in languages and whom we unfortunately expected too much of.


  1. 5) When we connect with terrestrial people, we do so according to certain higher orders and only exactly according to the number of forms intended for this purpose.

5) 當我們與地球人接觸時,我們是根據某種更高的指示來處理,而只遵照完成指示的人數規模來做

  1. This is partly due to the fact that too many people in the first place would spoil everything.


  1. I remember in this interpretation a saying that you use very often and that is very true in this matter: “Too many cooks spoil the porridge”.

我記得你常說過的這句話,在這件事上是非常貼切的,也就是:“人多嘴雜”(Too many cooks spoil the porridge; 直譯是“太多廚師煮壞一鍋粥”)。

  1. A fact which also proves its correctness in the teaching of the laws and commandments of creation and maintains the iron order:

一個事實也證明了在教導「造化的法則與建言」(the laws and commandments of creation)時的正確性,並維護了鐵律:

  1. Creation alone is the determining factor.


  1. 6) We must not make ourselves visible to more earthlings than this corresponds to our responsibility.

6) 相對於我們的責任,我們不能讓太多的地球人看到我們

  1. This caution corresponds to special concerns of private, military and governmental demands aimed at getting hold of our ships and all other things.


  1. Contacts with more than one person would therefore be harmful and dangerous for ourselves.


  1. Therefore, we can only maintain contact with earth people who can harmonize with us in terms of vibration and who are known to us as absolutely trustworthy and safe in every respect.


  1. And especially for our special task with you and your group this is of far-reaching importance.


  1. In this we must therefore be sure in every respect that the contact person, if necessary, uses every conceivable means to prevent terrible consequences.


  1. 7) The fact that we only identify ourselves to certain selected earth people and communicate with them on secret paths and in impassable places also has the reason in it:

7) 我們只認同某些被選定的地球人,而且是在秘密且人煙罕至的地方與他們進行交流,這一限制也有其原因:

  1. Innumerable people are only hectic for sensations and selfishness, if they only want to get in contact with us for these reasons.


  1. But there are also the countless people who would panic if we saw them, which could have very dangerous consequences.


  1. These are only seven reasons why we cannot respond to Hans Jacob’s request.


  1. There are many other reasons to be mentioned, but the ones given should really suffice.


  1. And this is really supposed to be the last time I had to talk about it.


  1. These interpretations will actually suffice for an earthman who has only little logic of his own.


  1. In view of the emergence of this new demand for contact with me or for the sighting of my vessel, I would like to make the following further comments, although I have already made various attempts to explain these contact requests.


  1. I have made explicit and clear logical statements that only you alone are capable of this connection in decades of work and have been chosen for it, and that no further persons from your or other circles are to have touch or speech contact, which is impossible for them in this life alone according to their vibrations which become dangerous to us, however, unless their development rises in highest forms.


  1. The new demand, however, prompts me to consult the others again about my offer, that I want to demonstrate the possibilities of our energies at a certain point in time before going away for a long time.


  1. This renewed desire from your group causes me to think whether I have not again become subject to a mistake which I do not wish to make.


  1. Unfortunately it is often very difficult to find our way in you earth people because through the uncontrollability of your feelings we are often misled and then have to correct ourselves.


  1. I must therefore consult with the others at another time as to whether my proposal was a wrong or correct decision, which would render the demonstration null and void in the event of a negative decision.



I am really sorry that you became aware of our conversation, because for my part I would have concealed Hans Jacob’s new wish from you, because I feared exactly what you just made clear.



  1. I was already aware of that, and that’s why I spoke of it for myself.


  1. But I have other things I need to tell you: You’ve made an agreement with Hans Jacob.


  1. So tomorrow he will come to you with an Earth woman who, mistakenly said, has already made considerable progress in certain areas of development.


  1. After establishing this agreement, I tried to get this woman and found some things in relation to her abilities and the recognition of the truth.


  1. The result is that in certain things the woman walks on the paths of truth, which are however often connected with ambiguities and even with heresies.


  1. In particular, this results in things that are unreal and unreal.


  1. In particular, this applies to things of religion and the associated heresy of divinity and spiritual ascension.


  1. It is recommended that you also take care that the woman has fallen into unreal assumptions in relation to spirit, soul and body etc. and lives in this regard in the assumption of a trinity, even a quadrinity.


  1. So it would be very good if you would draw their attention to it.


  1. Even if it will not be able to recognize the facts for the time being, a certain substance remains in it.


  1. The most evil false doctrine in it is that of the interpretation of religion, because as I have recognized, it runs retrograde in its search for truth, thus religiously.


  1. This means that it seeks the truth in the divinely retrograde and divinely reconnected precisely according to the meaning of religion, and thus is not able to recognize the effective truth.


  1. Religion in this sense is deadly and enslaved to consciousness and inhibits man from finding the basic truth.


  1. Therefore explain to the woman that she must not think religiously, that is, not religiously reconnected, if she wants to find, recognize and evaluate the truth.


  1. All truth and all knowledge have been transmitted up to the present time and have remained constant even when they have been forgotten, falsified, despised and slandered by mankind on Earth.


  1. And since truth, knowledge, wisdom and love and all power of the spirit etc. are unchangeable and constant, also in the present time of the present, so it must be grasped and continued there.


  1. In other words this means that truth, knowledge, wisdom and love etc. simply have to be brought together again; they have to be collected and put together again.


  1. As man in an old language calls the reconnection religion, so in this case the due Relegeon must be called in the same old language.


  1. So this means that everything has to be put back together again and therefore has to be handled in a layering manner, but never religiously.


  1. The already existing truth and creative laws and commandments must therefore be reassembled in order to lead into the future.


  1. After the application of the Relegeon, the path of evolution must be followed, which, however, has two meanings.


  1. The earth-man knows only one meaning, namely that evolution means a development and unfolding in the sense that something already existing, which is however still in the hidden, must be developed and unfolded; which therefore means that something must ascend from the unconscious or subconscious to the conscious.


  1. The second meaning of the term evolution was lost to man long ago, however, namely that something that does not yet exist must be researched, developed and unfolded.


  1. And since this meaning of evolution has been lost to man on earth, he also lives in the misconception that all evolutionary things already exist in man and only have to be unfolded and developed or released.


  1. The consciousness dwelling in the human being, however, has only stored in itself all those things and facts which it learns and collects in the course of its existence in the material body and life.


  1. This is, at your discretion, an enormous amount, but in truth very little.


  1. In countless other lives man must continue to research, seek and find; he must therefore accumulate further knowledge, insights and experiences, which are then anchored in him and in the memory banks as ability.

在無數其他生命中,人類必須繼續研究、尋找和發現;因此他必須積累更多的知識、見解和經驗,然後固定在他的內心和記憶庫」(memory banks)裡作為能力

  1. Since besides the spirit after the material death of the body also the total block of consciousness dwells in a life beyond and there processes and anchors in itself the results achieved in life, this results in the factor called by you subconsciousness.

因為除了物質身體死亡後的靈魂之外,「意識整體區塊」(the total block of consciousness)也駐留在生命之外,而生命本身也在那裡處理與固定在生命中達到的成果,這就產生了你們所稱的潛意識因素。

  1. Became human form again, through a rebirth, the new consciousness – connected with the knowledge and ability of the memory banks via the subconscious – anchors itself in the human being, who slowly evolutionates through the material consciousness and through new learning and a gathering of knowledge and transforms everything into conscious ability.

經由重生(rebirth),新的意識再次成為人類的形態透過潛意識記憶庫的知識和能力相連接 — 固定在人的內在之中,他再經過物質意識和新的學習和知識的聚集而緩慢進化並把一切都轉化為有意識的能力

  1. So these are the facts that you have to explain to the visiting woman tomorrow because it is valuable to her.


  1. He is a person who does not yet know the ability of development, but who has partly already grasped something slight of the truth and should therefore be encouraged.


  1. It will be very difficult to let them free themselves from their heresies, but perhaps it will be worth the effort if you do something about it.



I’ll take care of that and talk to her about it. But if you have nothing else, then I want to ask you one more question.



  1. For my part, I’ve explained everything I need to know.



Good. – It’s about the fact that e.g. in Gloria Lee’s writing Saturn beings are mentioned. In other writings, however, apart from Saturn beings, Uranus beings etc. are also mentioned. Now that you know these planets, can you explain to me whether there are really any forms of life there that live their existence?

好的,這是關於一個事實,那就是在Gloria Lee的寫作中提到土星人(Saturn beings)。然而在其他著作中,除了土星人外,天王星人等也提到過。既然你知道這些行星,你能向我解釋那裡是否真的有任何形式的生命存在嗎?


  1. I know all those writings you left me to study.


  1. In these books, writings and works, however, I have only come across evil nonsense in this respect.


  1. The forms of life etc. described in it do not correspond to any reality and no longer represent anything more than abnormal fantasy figures.


  1. On the other hand there really are life forms there, but they are of completely different values than the man on earth imagines this to be.


  1. With absolute clarity it can also be said that until the hour I give you this explanation, the beings of these planets have never been in contact with earth people and cannot be, because they are of the lowest form, like viruses, bacteria and microbes, etc.



What about Mars and Venus and other planets?



  1. The same values remain.


  1. But since you’re talking about Mars:


  1. I’ve been there the last few days and found something nice.


  1. I brought it for you.


  1. Here – it’s a bigger piece of ruby in Zoisitgrund.


  1. Only slightly I worked it off while releasing.



Oh – thank you very much, Semjase, that’s really fantastically beautiful.



  1. Sure, but keep it to yourself.


  1. I also have another piece of my homeworld that a friend of mine brought with me.


  1. It’s a piece your friend wants, if you can give it to him.



Thank you again, Semyase. I’m sure he’ll be happy too. Could you just bring me a piece of malachite and an emerald for my own collection, if you can?



  1. Sure, but I don’t want to bring emeralds into pure form, nor do I want to bring other things of noble values.


  1. The reasons for this lie in your materialistic world form.



I get it, Semyase, but I’m still grateful to you. But now I have to say again that I have to go, because my way home is very long, and at 12.00 o’clock I have to be there.



  1. If you want, I can take you anywhere near where you live.



And my vehicle?



  1. Oh, I didn’t think of that, because we can’t bring that into my ship.


  1. With a bigger ship that would be possible, but not with this one.



That’s all right, I had that guess too, so I asked. But – you once told me at the beginning of our contacts that you would take me to a flight if the opportunity presented itself. Is that still true, or have you changed your mind?



  1. This will soon be possible.



Good, then I’m happy about it and now I’m on my way home.





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