BEAM Portal@20050120 (02.02 h)_Visible Wonder of the Creation… (EN)+

Visible Wonder of the Creation …

If I do right and am in good spirits within myself and outwardly, then joyful and good thoughts, good feelings, great love, freedom, peace and harmony flow into me like an immense stream.

And I can freely express these high values to the outside, give them to my fellow men and consider and treat them as my own.

I know where all the good thoughts and feelings come from: they originate from the form of my deepest Wesen (inner nature) that continually urges me to be a true human being.

There is nothing I can do to counteract this, except to carry out with this natural instinct to be truly human, keep it in my Consciousness, and hum to myself how beautiful existence and the world is, and how splendid all Creation is.

I hold all this firmly, and in addition to this, one and the other soon comes to mind, which altogether illuminates my consciousness and warms my thoughts and feelings more and more.

My consciousness expands, and my knowledge and vision become ever greater and more extensive; everything expands and becomes ever brighter, until it reaches infinitely distant limits.

The picture in my thoughts is completed and truly becomes a state of paradisiacal magnificence and beauty, by which my inner sight is captured – as it were a visible miracle, that I am only able to overlook in consciousness as if stupefied: the Visible Wonder of the Creation.

20 January 2005, 02:02 h, Billy
SSSC Hinterschmidrüti


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