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Consciousness-state at the time while Dying

It is important for every human being to have a peaceful and harmonious state of consciousness at the time of his or her dying, in which case it plays no role whether or not there is a belief in anything, such as a God, an angel or a heavenly paradise, or whether the effective reality and the truth resulting from it is lived accordingly.

It is important while dying that there are no vexation, no hate as well as no other negative, evil and/or bad thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Even if the human being does not logically follow his/her thoughts and feelings according to reality and its truth, but lives in some religious, sectarian, false-philosophical or atheistic belief, it must be comprehensible to him/her that it is much better to die in peace, calm and harmony than with evil, negative and bad thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, while dying, the thought-feeling-impulsations should be directed towards peace and love as well as harmony and joy, because in this wise/form it is easier to bid farewell to life.

A good and peaceful consciousness-state while dying is very healing and therefore very conducive to treading the last path.

And when the human being – in a good consciousnesses-state is conscious of his/her dying and approaching death, then he/she faces that which is unavoidable with great equanimity and with the certainty that he/she has nothing to fear.

Everything appears in the thoughts and feelings as certainty in such a way that it is like a dream from which, after death-life, a new life with a new consciousness and a new personality arises/comes forth.

And if the human being is able to maintain his/her consciousness-based equanimity while dying, then he/she enters the arms of death unattached and free from all anxieties and worries.

SSSC, January 16 2012, 00.58 h Billy


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