Contact Report 611/第611次接觸報告


Contact Report 611/第611次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式且未經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇不完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 14





英版譯者:Bruce Lulla



英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 611



校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象(痞客邦部落格)





About the Might of Music, the effects of good quality music and effects of bad quality music on many different situations and subjects.


This is an excerpt of the contact.



… Last night together with Eva I watched a music program on TV, ‘Melodies for Millions’, in which good old music was brought from the last century up to 1985, which was really harmonious and psychically touching and gave me an exceptionally good wellfeeling. In addition, I received a letter from an esteemed and dear friend who subsequently asked how I myself am towards music and how you Plejaren perform this. If it is possible for you to say something about this, then I would personally also be very interested in what explanations you can give in relation to the music.

… 昨晚我和Eva在電視上看了一個音樂節目《百萬悠美旋律》(Melodies for Millions),有從上個世紀1985年起的懷念樂曲,真正和諧而感動心扉,給了我極舒暢美好的感受。此外,我收到一封來自一位受人尊敬摯友的信,他也在信裡問我對音樂的看法以及你們Plejaren人是如何看待音樂的。你是否可以對此說些什麼,我個人也對你能夠給我關於音樂的解釋十分感興趣。


Since this question is also your concern, I can go into it and thereto say the following: The music corresponds to a very wide-ranging might, and indeed both in the positive as well as in the negative. It characterises the human being already from birth and touches him/her in the depths of his/her self-created inner nature, which he/she also shows to the outside world and this has nothing to do with the innermost creational-natural nature. The might of music acts therewith on the human being in accordance with the wise, as his/her inner nature is formed in the evil or good, that is to say, negatively or positively, such as rebellious, malicious, disharmonious, spiteful, mean, sneaky, infamous, chickenhearted, envious, psychopathic, deadly, immodest, unfree, unfair, unhappy, unsatisfied, embittered, pernicious or angry, etc., or equalised, merciful, modest, free, friendly, peaceful, patient, pleasant, kind, good-natured, harmonious, helpful, calm, restrained, reliable, warm-hearted and courteous, etc.

既然你也關心這個問題,我可以深入地來談一談:音樂蘊含著非常廣泛的影響力,無論在積極面和消極面確實都有。它自人類出生開始就深深觸及他/她內在的天性,同時他/她對外環境也會表現出這種影響,而這與最內在的造化自然本質(creational-natural nature)無關。

Thus the music has depending on its positive i.e. harmonious or negative i.e. disharmonious form in itself, that it effectuates that which is good and positive or negative and bad in the human being. Therefore, in the negative case, the might of the music can drive the human being into a psychical misery, into a moral decline and into a general malignant downfall, just as however lead him/her in a positive wise to the psychical elation and to high performance, etc.. Good music creates high cultures and through bad music high cultures are destroyed again, and thus since time immemorial it happened and is happening also on the earth.


In a good, positive phase, with regard to the music, times always prevailed in each case, which were peaceful, good and progressive. If, however, phases of negative, bad music arose, then the times were bad. With bad music, irresponsible rulers and other elements often seized the political and military might and instigated fights, wars and upheavals, like e.g. the world wars on the earth in the last century, therefore which were from 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, as well as the Vietnam and Korean wars, and in the last 25 years war actions which broke out in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the current criminal machinations of the ‘Islamic state ‘, as you correctly call this murderer- and criminal-organization.

在好的、正面的時期中,就音樂來說,這個時代在各種情況下總是流行平和的、好的以及充滿正向的音樂。但如果是處於負面的時期中壞的音樂就會出現,於是時代也變差了。那些不負責任的統治者以及其他投機份子通常會運用壞的音樂去獲取政治與軍事的力量,以促發打鬥、戰爭,造成動亂,例如上一世紀的地球,從1994~1918與1939~1945年發生的兩次世界大戰,此外的越戰韓戰,以及近25年內的伊拉克阿富汗戰爭,還有目前的“伊斯蘭國”(Islamic state)的犯罪惡行,你們正確地稱他們是殺手與罪犯組織。

Since time immemorial, harmonious forms of music prevailed before and after such events, through which earth humans and peoples were attuned peacefully. Observed and considered with respect to the earth, the good and positive music which sprang up after the last wars changed again in recent times, that is to say, in the 1980s, into the negative and bad and even into the evil, as you yourself have said many times since then. So prevailing on the earth since the 1980s, the might of a very negative music from which the humankind, the politics and economy, the armies and religions are maliciously-negatively influenced and controlled, through which very much mischief, hardship and misery as well as destruction is wrought, as this is also proven by the many hotbeds of war, uprisings and criminal machinations in many corners of the world.


Not only with us Plejaren, but also with the human beings of Earth, the might of the music has been known since ancient times, this with terrestrial peoples particularly in the ancient high cultures, who knew that the might of good, positive music helped civilizations to improve, while negative, bad music, in turn sealed their downfall. Primarily, great philosophers knew about the might of the music and its influence on the societal decision, this both in relation to the upswing as well as the decline of civilizations.


However, they also knew of the might of harmonious, good and positive music, through which promoted the intelligence and the psyche could be refined, or that through disharmonious-negative-bad music much terribleness had been wrought, to which entire advanced civilizations fell victim. They had however also known that under certain circumstances music gives rise to similar frequencies as hypnosis in the brain of the human being, and indeed both in the good and positive, as well as in the evil and negative. The human beings of the ancient high cultures were clearly aware, that through good, harmonious and positive music, the human ability to learn increased enormously and also the character as well as the good and positive modes of behavior become refined.


Music is for the human being one of the most important factors of life with regard to the formation of his/her thoughts, feelings and the psyche, because it imparts to him/her a value-consciousness, but unfortunately, not only in that which is good and positive, but also in the evil, negative and bad. If the value and the might of the harmonious music is highly estimated, then the human being also feels uplifted and feels impulsations of the equalisedness, the love, the peace and freedom in themselves, whereby in the same wise also his/her morals and behavior are equally influenced.


However, if the music is disharmonious, of inferior value to completely valueless, then the human becomes weighed down by aggressiveness and unequalisedness and finds no access to real love, to true peace and open freedom, as well as not to a valueful moral state and to corresponding modes of behavior. And on the earth today, exactly these evil, negative and bad forms prevail among countless human beings of earth of all ages, because they are caught by the might of this malicious and disharmonious music, which since the 1980s prevailed as ‘fashionable’ and in its spell transfixes all those human beings of Earth, who in themselves are even malicious, aggressive, unequalised, unhappy, unorderly, abusive, negative, unsatisfied, often conscienceless, rebellious, and irrational ones.


[中譯者註:由於這裡談到負面的音樂自1980年代開始流行,譯者特地上網搜尋,自那個時代開始崛起的音樂正是所謂的「重金屬音樂」(Heavy metal music)。以下文字資料節錄自維基百科(WikipediA):


Metallica – Enter Sandman(鞭擊金屬音樂)

Amon Amarth – Guardians Of Asgaard(死亡金屬音樂)

Immortals – Fall Out Boy(黑金屬音樂)

Helloween – I Want Out(力量金屬音樂)

DragonForce – Through The Fire And Flames(速度/力量金屬音樂)

Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar(歌德式工業金屬音樂)

Lamb of God – Ruin(美國的重金屬音樂)


The human being of earth should themselves therefore follow the example of a child, because as long as they are not influenced in a bad wise by evil, disharmonious, negative and bad music, they are open for good, harmonious and positive music. Thus, if the child is observed and considered, then it is to be said regarding this, that they, at least as long as they come in contact with normal, good, harmonious and positive music, are better able to perceive distinct nuanced tones in the communication, and indeed fully independent of whether they can enjoy any good musical instruction or not. This indicates that through the music, they can learn to pursue their own thoughts, feelings and emotions and are able to sense the voice-tones of other human beings, as to whether something is right or not with them.


However, the world of music and its tones enables not only the child, but also the adult human being to better understand his/her surroundings and to communicate themselves to the fellow human beings. Among us Plejaren, for millenia it has no longer been a secret how much the music promotes, in many areas of the development of the human being, also cognitive, mental, emotional and social capabilities. The musical intelligence corresponds to one of the most important parts of the intelligence of the human being. Music allows the connections between the nerve cells of both hemispheres of the brain to grow in a better wise, whereby also the concentration and communication is promoted.


Therefore it will also be well understood that it is particularly important that the human being should be musically active themselves, such as by he/she singing or playing a musical instrument. At the very least, it is necessary that while listening to music and singing, it is ‘jointly-lived’ in a thought-feeling-psyche-based-wise, because a purely passive listening to music brings only little or nothing at all, which could increase any values in the human being.


Already in childhood and even already in infancy, the human being should be continuously confronted with good, harmonious and more positive-valueful music because this improves the performance of the intelligence and especially the capabilities of the spatial imagination. Sprinkled with harmoniously good and positive music, not only the child, but also the adult human being is more receptive, socially competent, self-confident, equalized, peaceful, free and behavior-wise more humane than a human who is unmusical or kills his/her time with disharmonious music.


Although no better humans can be created with good, more harmonious and positive music, nevertheless, already created talents and good characteristics certainly deepen, because fundamentally the education has an effect in all the things of the behavior, with which the human being is formed on the one hand and he/she forms themselves on the other hand. Music, however, can make the human being especially happy, this is an undisputable fact, because gladly heard, harmoniously good and positive music stimulates specific regions of the brain which are responsible for ensuring that positive and peaceful as well as free thoughts are nourished, from which pleasant feelings originate.


古典音樂是指根植於西方音樂傳統(包括宗教音樂和世俗音樂)的藝術音樂,包含了從大約11世紀直至當代的廣大時間範圍。而「古典音樂(classical music)」一詞最早見於19世紀初期,最初是用於凸顯從巴赫貝多芬的這一段黃金時期。


The Best of Classical Music Vol I: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Handel, Vivaldi, Wagner(時間長達近三小時)

50 Most Famous Pieces of Classical Music(時間長達近五小時)


Positive Energy Cleanse 432Hz Music
| Enhance Self Love | Healing Tone | Ancient Frequency Music

至於一些所謂New Age的音樂,更是近代音樂的瑰寶,拜現代網路之賜,只要不涉及版權問題,真有數之不盡的來源可供欣賞:



以上這部是YouTube上一個很新的網站中所蒐集的撥放清單的第一部(目前至2019.6.26已蒐集了326部音樂影片),如果不能繼續撥放,請至該網站內的“BEST RELAXING & NEW AGE MUSIC”點選“全部播放”。但須注意版權問題造成的改變!]

Good, harmonious music is always an incentive, creating calming and good memories that are always connected with revitalizing thoughts and feelings, by which often many problems can be solved, also with regard to interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, exactly the opposite emerges with disharmonious, negative, ungood and bad music. In the brain, distinct areas are addressed, and indeed both with disharmonious as well as with harmonious music, although the forms of behavior in human beings are accordingly different. With harmonious music arises decisiveness, excitation, joy, being inspired and upbuilding feelings of elation as well as interest, whereas in fact in the negative case with disharmonious, bad music even oppressive, negative, unequalised thoughts and feelings as well as corresponding actions and behaviors arise.


Really harmonious music is a pleasure and in addition work for the thoughts, out of which proceed corresponding feelings. In the brain, the entire musical tones are once again newly put together, through which the brain is formed. And when it is frequently exposed to these challenges, then it changes itself, and namely in accordance with the wise, just as the tones of the music are formed, simply negatively or positively. The brain adjusts itself to the tones of the music, negatively or positively, simply in accordance with the disharmoniousness or harmoniousness.


The music effectuates in the cerebral cortex, that the nerve cells there enlarge thmselves and link themselves up better. In human beings, the musical ear is trained from a young age as a consequence of what is given to him/her to hear. Therefore, this also means that music e.g. sounds wonderful for one human being or cultural circle, whereas compared to another it can come across rather repulsively or strange, which effectively has to do with the personal understanding of music. But that has nothing to do with disharmonious, negative, ungood and bad music, as this has prevailed far and wide on the Earth since the 1980s and which equals more of a yowling, screeching, whining and a misuse of the sounds and tones, than real music and real singing. Such can sound only malicious, disharmonious and bad for a musical ear, while for abysmally disharmonious human beings it promotes their aggression, aggressiveness, naivety, unequalisedness, unhappiness and unsatisfaction as well as unreliability and so forth.


However, music still has other effects, because it creates a great influence with respect to the management of time in the brain, the thoughts and feelings as well as the psyche and the self-perception. Music as an affect on all levels of the brain, and it has direct access to the thoughts, feelings, the emotions and to the psyche, and since time immemorial, it is anchored deeply in the history of the human being. Music makes us of ancient mechanisms of the human psyche and the human motivations, and human beings can even profit from it, if they hear sad music, especially then if they have grief or are in sorrow as well as if nostalgia is presented, which often consists of a mixture of joy and sorrow.


Music is an expression of creational-natural laws, that can also be explained as cosmic laws of nature, even though it is also a specific expression of the human thoughts, feelings and inventions. From this it also can be recognized that among the countless noises occurring in nature, many sounds and tones appear, which sound harmonious and fundamentally already embody a structure of music.



Thank you, your explanations tell very much. Today, the human beings of Earth often carry the music around by schlepping around headphones in the ear and the MP3-players in the jacket pockets. The danger is particularly on the streets in traffic, because they no longer hear any outside sounds, consequently there are many fatal accidents because of that. In the past, the humans carried around portable radios and let these play at full volume, which created a lot of trouble. And as you have said, it’s the howling and yowling as well as the instrumental noise and racket – which on the whole has become referred to as music since the 1980’s and which makes the human being psychopathic and crazy – besides being equipped to wreak much calamity, and indeed in addition to the fact that those human beings whose music sense is directed towards good, harmonious and positive music are semi driven into madness.

謝謝你,你的解釋說明了許多。今天,地球人類常常通過塞在耳朵裡的耳機和放在衣服口袋裡的MP3播放機來隨身攜帶音樂。在道路上車流之中這是非常危險的,因為他們聽不到外界的聲音,結果造成了許多致命的事故。在過去,人們帶著可擕式收音機,並將音量開到最大,也造成了許多問題。並且,正如你所說的,是那些嚎叫、哀嚎以及樂器的噪音與嘈雜 — 這些自從1980年代以來就被稱之為音樂,它們讓人們變得精神錯亂和瘋狂 — 而且還造成了許多災難,並且實際上,還包括這樣的事實,就是那些對音樂感傾向於和諧的好的正面的的人,也被快要被弄瘋了。

From this I gather that according to your words, as a result of this catastrophic musical style prevailing since the 1980s – precisely that which is falsely called music – a very unpleasant future is to be expected. This also therefore, simply because the human beings who indulge in this wailing and racket, which they call music, have no true sense of life, as well as no thoughts and feelings of a healthy self worth, let alone because any sense to follow the creational-natural laws and recommendations, through which to them the true love, freedom, harmony and peace would be their own and these high values would come to life and would be represented. As I see the matter, the whole thing is running once again towards another catastrophe and beyond, thus again a new act of war may be pending, particularly because of the Ukraine, as well as a threatening financial debacle and a massive economic disaster, along with tremendous political turmoil and malicious and deadly Ausartungen[1].

由此,我根據你的話總結來說,作為自1980年代就流行的災難性的音樂風格的後果 — 準確說是被誤認為是音樂 — 我們人類的未來將是非常令人不愉快的。而且這也只是因為愛好這種哀號和嘈雜,他們稱之為音樂,的人,不知道生命真正的意義,也沒有健康的體現自我價值的思想與感覺,更不用說任何遵循創造性-自然法則及勸勉的覺悟,通過這樣的法則及勸勉,他們才能獲得真愛,自由,和諧以及和平,並且這些美好的東西才會在生活之中體現出來。在我看來,整個事情正在朝著另一次的大災難發展,並且遠不僅僅如此,由此可能爆發一次新的戰爭,特別是因為烏克蘭,以及可怕的財政崩潰和巨大的經濟災難,還有極大的政治動盪,以及惡意地致命的退化行為(Ausartungen[註一])。
[註一:Ausartung是個德語名詞,複數形式為Ausartungen,英文意思是“a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature”;譯成中文的意思就是:一種善良人性中失控的邪惡。]

If the threats and senselessnesses of the EU dictatorship are looked at, considered and analyzed, in particular the threats and sanctions against Russia, and namely together with the United States – which of course has already fully grown into a serious international debacle – then comprehensive warlike machinations already threaten with the EU, the USA and Russia. And then only the EU-dictatorship carries the blame for this, which itself wants to incorporate the Ukraine as a bulwark against Russia, which is still advocated and striven for by the inexperienced Ukrainians, because they do not recognize the dictatorship-form of the EU.

如果我們觀察,思考和分析歐盟獨裁威脅和愚蠢,特別是聯合美國對俄羅斯的威脅與制裁 — 這當然已經發展成為了一個嚴重的國際混亂 — 那麼可以看到一種廣泛的好戰陰謀已經威脅到了歐盟,美國以及俄羅斯。於是,歐盟的獨裁將為此承擔責任,它想要將烏克蘭作為對抗俄羅斯的壁壘,而少經世事的烏克蘭人仍然還在為此鼓吹和努力,因為他們沒有認識到這種來自歐盟的獨裁。



Contact Report 611/第611次接觸報告”的一个响应

  1. 时下流行的快手、抖音、火山等软件里充斥着琐碎、无意义、低级、负面的音乐片段,这类低级音乐的流行,象征了文明的衰退


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