Contact Report 623/第623次接觸報告


Contact Report 623第623次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇正式且經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇不完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 31









英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 623]」

中版譯者:银河游侠(QQ群文件. 19416568)


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象(痞客邦部落格)





This is an excerpt from the contact. It is an authorised and official translation and may contain errors.



… It troubles me again that I have to say something in regard to the overpopulation, because the world must be saved from it. Unfortunately, however, nothing is done about it, because, on the contrary, the entire thing is still promoted by the governments and authorities by human beings still getting money for having children, in this regard, be it high amounts for births or other monetary benefits which are paid out by the authorities, and so forth.


Furthermore it must also be said that often, recklessly and irresponsibly, without thinking, wanted or unwanted offspring are brought into the world by human beings who are incapable of bringing them up. As a consequence of lacking the right education, these children then fall into asociality, become depraved and engage in modes of behaviour which deviate from the societal norms and harm the society and burden the world.


Naturally, however, there are also quite normal human beings who are righteous and good citizens, who produce descendants who then contribute to the overpopulation. Thereby, very many parents only think of themselves and of their own joys which they want to have with children, however no thought arises that thereby also one must pay heed to the wellbeing of the Earth and bear responsibility for it, and indeed in the regard that through the machinations of the increasing overpopulation, nature and its fauna and flora as well as the climatic order are destroyed.


The Earth is not only full of human beings, rather it is boundlessly overpopulated. And this overpopulation continues to grow at a frantic pace; consequently the Earth becomes incessantly fuller, namely, with an average of around 100 million human beings per year. Already the world population amounts to over 8.5 billion and increases incessantly further, because nothing is undertaken against it by either those responsible for the world and the mightful ones of state, or by the population of the world, such as in the necessary form of a regulated worldwide stop to births and a therewith connected birth control. Already for decades, that has been bringing about many kinds of very bad consequences, such as also come forth quite unambiguously from the limited natural resources on the planet Earth, which are feloniously exploited for the sake of vile profit, inflicting monstrous wounds on the Earth which cannot be healed.


The whole Earth, its climate and nature, with its fauna and flora, but also the human being of the Earth himself/herself, are disadvantageously burdened as a result of the overpopulation and tremendously irresponsible machinations, through which irreversible destructions are called forth, the origin of which is not caused by nature, rather it is solely attributable to the criminality of the terrestrial humanity. If the facts of the increasing environmental pollution due to the mass of humanity are viewed and considered as well as the increased global warming and the fact that very many more human beings increasingly annoy each other, as well as that the mighty ones of diverse countries always evoke new wars worldwide, and terror organisations of many shades carry out their felonious mischief, then the future of the Earth for the terrestrial humanity does not look exactly rosy.


Unfortunately, the fact is that, in defiance of the risks in regard to the overpopulation, in regard to useful and right solutions, the whole thing of a worldwide stop to births and an effective birth control is quite tricky. If namely that is spoken about, then immediately the personal private right of the human being is put forward, which is cut back and limited by such measures, because the begetting of offspring and therefore having children would indeed be an absolutely private matter and it would be unethical to dictate to human beings how many children they are permitted to have. But that can really no longer be the case, if the humanity and the home-planet Earth and its climate, nature and fauna and flora are to be preserved and continue to exist – however with very many fewer human beings who poison and destroy a tremendous amount less of the biosphere, possibilities for life, the planet, nature and its fauna and flora. But that is not thought about, rather only that a birth stoppage and a birth control would be a despotic regime that would disregard the fundamental right of human beings in regard to reproduction and personal freedom.


Therefore, regarding this, rigorous measures are rejected, because the human being is simply the only being on the Earth which can consciously decide in such a private form, indeed, that he/she can bring as many children into the world as he/she wants and as he/she pleases – regardless of which consequences emerge from that, and regardless of if the Earth thereby totally perishes and the humanity perhaps exterminates itself, because the overpopulation becomes so great one day that it can no longer sustain itself. There are many examples for that in regard to past great cultures, which simply vanished from the surface of the Earth. And such events are also known in the animal world, such as when an animal population becomes too big it then either ends its own life or it is reduced to a bearable amount through illness or rampantly spreading diseases.


Therefore it is urgent that finally options are taken into consideration which curb the population growth, and indeed not only a little bit, rather, tremendously, when it is considered that the planet Earth is only made to accommodate a population of 529 million. Therefore it is urgently necessary that every single human being of the Earth, woman as well as man, ultimately helps so that a worldwide birth stoppage and a regulated, fair and right as well as federally controlled birth control comes about. Solely through that alone can the environment and the humanity generally be saved from their downfall.


If the entire catastrophic disaster is considered which since 1844, in the new age, has been caused through the machinations of the Earth humanity and the continuously growing, horrendous overpopulation, in the form of thousands of kinds of eliminations and destructions to the planet Earth, the climate, the bodies of water, fields, meadows and forests as well as to the entirety of nature generally and to its fauna and flora, as well as due to other monstrous things, such as illnesses, wars, disadvantages, rampantly spreading diseases and terror in regard to the Earth humanity, then no words can be found any more for that and everything can only be clothed in the term ‘horror’. And if a prognosis is to be made for the Earth humanity, then all there is to say is that a gloomy future is to be expected, because the frightful effects of the population growth impact on the environment so destructively that everything and anything will perish. Thereby playing an important role is also the factor of the human being of the Earth becoming older and older, whereby there is also research undertaken for a radical prolonging of life, which will lead to very many very old human beings contributing to the overpopulation growing even more.


Many who research extending the life have tried already for a long time, and indeed already since ancient times, to find out how the life of human beings can be endlessly lengthened. And as everything in the present time develops very rapidly, in the coming decades they will really find ways to solve the problems of aging and dying. That will certainly mean much difficult research work, and will be no more stoppable than the growth of the overpopulation, if intellect and rationality are not finally used in order to recognise the effective reality and its truth and to necessarily take the right measures and carry them out to the bitter end, in which only 529 million human beings, or at the most, perhaps one billion human beings, populate the Earth who then must strive over many centuries or even millennia to arduously regenerate everything that today’s humanity has eliminated and destroyed since 1844 in only around 170 years, already making great areas of the Earth uninhabitable.


It is fundamentally necessary that now finally there is a beginning to working out measures that reach worldwide against the overpopulation and very quickly implementing them, because if there is simply further waiting and nothing is done then the entire thing will only become very much worse. The world population grows every day by hundreds of thousands of human beings, and this is also when those around 160,000 who die are subtracted. The entire thing is comparable with the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra from Greek mythology, with which, when one head was cut off, immediately two more would grow back. Concerning human beings, that means that when one human being dies, two new ones are born. But the governors, the mightful ones of state, the politicians and authorities do nothing against that, just as the humanity itself does nothing, consequently the overpopulation can further spread. In the new time – and indeed especially already from the 20th century, which however self-evidently also applies to the current time – it was and is always arranged for that small, bigger and very big families are supported by the state, by religions and sects as well as by aid organisations, and so forth, and indeed even when the couples cannot afford any children or they do not care about the children and let them go to rack and ruin.

基本上說這是必要的,現在終於有了制定措施的開始,並得以迅速實施以設法達到扼制全球性人口過剩因為如果只是等待而什麼都不做,只會讓整個事情變得更糟。世界上每天都有成千上萬的人口在增加,這已是減掉約有16萬人死亡後的數字。整個事情用希臘神話裡的勒拿九頭蛇(the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra)來形容,當一個腦袋被砍掉的時候,馬上就再長一個。關於人類,這意味著每當有一個人死亡,就立即有兩個新生兒誕生。但管理當局,也就是各國掌權的領袖、他們都沒有對這方面做任何事,正如人類本身也沒有什麼作為,因此,人口過剩會進一步蔓延。在新的時代裡,事實上,特別是從第二十世紀以來,但同樣也適用於當前,那些小的、較大的和非常大的家庭,總是由國家、宗教與教派,以及其他援助組織等等的支持,即使一些夫婦已負擔不起撫養任何孩子,或者他們並不關心他們的孩子,任其自生自滅。

Actually, today it is the case that the more child money and social welfare is paid, the more children are conceived and born, which – as insane as it is – promotes an excessive begetting of children more than ever, because conscienceless and irresponsible ‘parents’ speculate on the child bonuses and social bonuses as well as on aid money and gifts. The fact that also that contributes to no thoughts being made in regard to the overpopulation does not worry anybody. Mammon entices, and only in this regard is there a calculation, because the human being has only developed in this material direction. Therefore nothing else concerns him/her, also not all the catastrophes such as earthquakes, wars, rampantly spreading diseases, primeval storms of all kinds and extreme weather catastrophes, terrorism, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, felonies of a political or religious-sectarian kind, as well as tremendous forest fires, and so forth.

事實上今天的情況是,有了生孩子和相關社會福利的報酬,有更多的孩子是因此而出生的,這是因為一些沒良心而不負責任的家長,為了得到生孩子的獎勵和社會援助金額,於是在瘋狂的鼓勵下,過度出生的兒童比以往更多。事實上,人口過剩的現象對那些沒頭腦的人不構成任何顧慮財富之神(Mammon entices),才是這方面唯一的算計,因為人類正處在這個物質方向上的發展。因此沒有其他問題與他/她有關,也不在意其他所有的災難,諸如:地震、戰爭、嚴重疾病的傳播、原始風暴的各種災難和極端氣候、恐怖主義、海嘯、火山爆發、政治或宗教教派的罪行之類,以及巨大的森林火災等等。

But quite especially the insidious global disaster of the overpopulation does not worry anyone, nor are its eliminating and destroying consequences seen, nor are the global climatic warming, environmental pollution and the exploitation of resources as well as the depletion of resources, and so on and so forth. However, the limit to the individual freedom is where it is necessary in order to preserve – that is to say, to save and make healthy and capable of life again everywhere – the continued existence of humanity as well as of the planet Earth as well as its nature, fauna and flora. However the human being of the Earth takes the right to continue to irresponsibly cultivate the overpopulation, which has already been in excess for a long time, to an even greater degree. This is so because he/she has fallen into the delusion – at least the absolute majority of humanity – of having an individual right to selfishly not give a damn about the environment, the planet, the waters, wetlands, acres, fields, forests and meadows, all of the fauna and flora and about the prosperity and adversity of the individual human being and indeed of the entire humanity.

特別是人口過剩這種潛伏性的全球災難並沒有讓任何人擔心,它的消滅性和破壞性的後果不易察覺,也不像全球氣候暖化、環境污染、隨著資源開發而枯竭的資源等等問題(被世人警覺)。然而,限制個人的(生育)自由是必要的,那是為了保護;也就是說拯救,而使健康與生存活力再次充滿四周,以利人類和這個地球,以及其大自然與動、植物的繼續存在。然而,地球人類生存需要的權利,持續不負責任地養育過剩的人口,這種現象已經超過了很長的時間,也達到極大的限度。這是因為他/她(們)— 至少是絕大多數的人類 — 已深陷一種迷思,也就是人類擁有權利可以為所欲為,誰在乎地球的環境、水源、濕地、土地、田野、森林和草地以及所有的動物和植物,但事實上這都關係到全人類的榮與枯。

Thereby he/she has fallen into the delusion that he/she may accept that everything essential for life is ruined, eliminated and destroyed, if only his/her own egoism and wellbeing and all personal advantages can be maintained. Only a few are concerned that, with this irresponsible action and this mode of life which is antagonistic to life, the right to existence and to life of not only individuals, rather of all human beings is curtailed and put into question. The ones who act selfishly do not deal with the rights to life of the community in the form in which they deal with their private right, which they claim for themselves, because truthly they stop at nothing and let their fellow human beings die miserably, if they thereby gain an advantage for themselves and, according to their understanding of personal rights, can irresponsibly bring more children into the world than is allowed to them and can be rightful. They have fallen to the delusional belief that they are allowed to procreate at the expense of fellow human beings and without any consideration for them, for nature and its fauna and flora as well as the planet, and indeed without a responsible family planning and world-population planning being necessary.


However, the fact is that in earlier times of the history of humanity, that was effectively unnecessary, but in the current time of the terribly rampantly spreading overpopulation, it must be an absolute necessity based on a consciousness of responsibility. Earlier it was also the case that before Dr Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis came (born 1st July 1818, Buda, Budapest, Hungary; died, 13th August 1865, Vienna, Austria) and introduced an effective hygiene in the hospitals, innumerable children and women died at childbirth and thus nature had culled in a brutal way, as it also had through illnesses, hunger, war and rampantly spreading diseases, and so forth. Now, however, since the human being of the Earth has raised the quality and duration of his/her life very much and continues to drive it higher, he/she must change his/her thinking and adapt to the new time as well as to its circumstances and thereby also to the necessity of a worldwide stop to births and an effective birth regulation, in order to put a stop to the overpopulation, to reduce it and to no longer let it continue to spread.

然而,在人類歷史的早期時代,這種規劃實際上是沒有必要的但在當前的時代,人口過度蔓延的非常猖獗,這必須有絕對的必要,基於自覺的責任感作改善。早期的狀況,在伊格納茲.塞麥爾維斯醫師(DR Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis;生於1818年7月1日的匈牙利布達佩斯;去世於1865年8月13日的奧地利維也納)到來醫院後,才開始引進一種有效的保健法。在此之前,無數的兒童和婦女在分娩時死亡,當時大自然是以一種殘忍的手段來篩選,同樣也透過疾病、饑餓、戰爭和瘋狂傳播疾病等等方式淘汰人類。然而,因為現代地球人類的存在已經大大提高了他/她的生活品質和生存時間為了繼續更加提高,他/她必須改變自己的想法,適應新時代的變化以及它的環境,從而也有必要進行一項世界性的節育和有效的生育方式,以制止人口過剩,並減少而不至於繼續蔓延

The entire humanity of today must concern itself with a very greatly changed reality and do everything conceivably necessary to indeed still prevent the ultimate great terrors which inevitably arise out of a further idiotic-stupid cultivation of the overpopulation. The matter is indeed hard to tackle and means great terror for the Earth humanity, but it is always better to make a painful break than to endure the agony which is endless and comes with an inevitable demise.


A worldwide stop to births with a following birth regulation is the best compromise in order to master the overpopulation dilemma, even if thereby in this regard the personal rights of the human being must be reduced for the good of the entire humanity as well as of the planet, nature and its fauna and flora and their continued existence. If thereby all other rights of freedom are protected then the general welfare of the entire Earth population as well as of the planet, nature and its fauna and flora actually have a real chance of being saved – otherwise…







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