Scientific Experts’ Comments on Meier’s Evidence/科学专家对Meier(案例)证据的评论

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From Author Gary Kinder’s “Open Letter to the UFO Community”
来自「Light Years/幽浮光年」作者Gary Kinder之“Open Letter to the UFO Community/写给UFO社区的公开信”:

David Froning:
David Froning(博士):

At the time, Dr. Froning had already spent 25 years as an astronautical engineer at McDonnell Douglas in highly classified military defense and, in 1979, became interested in Meier’s accounts of Plejaren starship travel, which mentioned tachyon propulsion.
在当时,Froning博士已经在「McDonnell Douglas/麦克唐纳·道格拉斯」(公司)担任了25年的“astronautical engineer/航天工程师”,并从事高度机密的军事防御工作,在1979年,他开始对…Meier对Plejaren星舰穿越太空的旅行描述…感兴趣,(因为)后者在描述中提到了“tachyon propulsion/超光速推进”(这一概念)。

Dr. Froning found Meier’s account of tachyon propulsion (which was only beginning to be discussed by a very small and select group of theoretical physicists), and his calculations for above light speed travel to be amazing.
Froning博士发现Meier对“tachyon propulsion/超光速推进”的解释(在当时,这一概念仅在一个非常小范围的、精选的理论物理学家小组内,刚刚开展讨论),及其对上述光速旅行的(时间)计算是令人惊叹的。

In 1983, he was pursuing his Quantum Interstellar Ramjet idea (JBIS vol. 33, no. 7, July 1980; AIAA 81-1533, July1981; IAF-85-492, October, 1985) and plugged in his Quantum Ramjet performance equations, assuming: a given starship density, vacuum energy conversion efficiency (in transforming positrons and electrons within the quantum vacuum into photons), and vacuum energy conversion scales of distance of the order of the Compton wavelength.
在1983年,Froning博士正致力于研究他的「Quantum Interstellar Ramjet/量子星际冲压喷气式发动机」(的)构想(「JBIS」,第33卷,第7期,1980年07月;「AIAA」81-1533,1981年07月;「IAF」85-492,1985年10月),并在其中引入他的“Quantum Ramjet performance equations/量子冲压喷气式发动机性能方程式”,该方程式假设:给定“starship/星舰”的密度,真空(环境下的)能量转换效率(即:在量子真空环境下将“positrons/正电子”和“electrons/电子”转化成“photons/光子”的效率),以及(给定)「Compton wavelength/康普顿波长」序在真空(环境下的)能量转换距离尺度(/范围)。

The resulting vehicle acceleration enabled achievement of almost light speed in about 4.3 hours and deceleration from light speed in about 4.3 hours.

Meier said that the elapsed time during the “hyperspace jump” took only several seconds.
(但)Meier却说,在“hyperspace jump/超空间跳跃”过程中所经历的时间,仅有几秒钟。

Thus, trip time between the Pleiades star cluster and Earth with Froning’s slower-than-light Quantum Ramjet Drive plus a hypothetical tachyon drive would be 8.6 hours, which was within 20% of the Plejaren trip time reported by Meier.
因此,使用Froning(博士)的“slower-than-light/亚光速”「Quantum Ramjet Drive/量子冲压喷气式发动机驱动(引擎)」,再加上一个假设中的“tachyon drive/超光速驱动(引擎)”,从Plejaren星团到达「Earth/地球」的旅行时长将会是8.6小时,这与Meier报告的「Plejarens」的旅行时长存在20%以内的差距-[注]。


— —计算式:(8.6-7)÷8.6=18.6%

  • 「Contact Report/接触报告」-004#:
  • Saturday, 15th February, 1975 – 01:48
  • 1975年02月15日,周六,01:48

44. So for example, when we leave our Pleiades and need around 7 hours to reach Earth, then only 7 hours pass on our home planet and on Earth, as well.
44. Semjase举例来说,我们离开(家乡的)Plejaren星系后需要7个小时来到「Earth/地球」,然后,从「Earth/地球」返回我们的家乡星系则需要另外7个小时。

But, while Froning’s calculations were based on many arbitrary assumptions, and in no way proved the truthfulness of Meier’s account (since it was a theoretical system he was working on, only time will tell as to which are correct) Froning was somewhat startled that his arbitrary flight time computations were within 20% of the flight time mentioned by Meier.

Regarding the Meier material, Dr. Froning also publicly stated that, “My colleagues and I may have made breakthroughs in our understanding of possibilities and ways for traveling faster than light from Billy Meier’s accounts of his encounters with the Plejarens.”
对于Meier的材料,Froning博士还曾公开表示过:“我和我的同事,有可能在对…来自Billy Meier对其与「Plejarens」接触的描述中所提及的超越光速的旅行(的)可能性和方式…的理解上,已经取得了突破。”

Eric Eliason:
Eric Eliason:

U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff, Arizona, created image-processing software so astrogeologists can analyze photographs of planets beamed back from space, spent two years producing the intricate radar map of cloud-covered Venus acquired by Pioneer 10: “In the photographs there were no sharp breaks where you could see it had been somehow artificially dubbed. And if that dubbing was registered in the film, the computer would have seen it. We didn’t see anything.”
位于「Arizona/亚利桑那州」-「Flagstaff/弗拉格斯塔夫」的「U.S. Geological Survey/美国地质勘探局」,创建了一种“image-processing/图像处理”软件,以便天文学家可以分析从太空中传回的行星照片,他们花费两年时间借助「Pioneer 10/先驱者10号」获取的图像,制作了覆盖云层且错综复杂的「Venus/金星」雷达图:“在这些照片-[注] 中并不存在明显的断裂,从中你可以看(/听)到它被以某种方式人为配音。如果该配音被记录在视频中的话,那计算机就会读取到它。(但事实上)我们什么也没看(/听)到。”



Robert Post:
Robert Post:

JPL photo laboratory for 22 years, was the head of that lab in 1979, and oversaw the developing and printing of every photograph that came out of JPL at the time: “From a photography standpoint, you couldn’t see anything that was fake about the Meier photos. That’s what struck me. They looked like legitimate photographs. I thought, ‘God, if this is real, this is going to be really something.”

Dr. Michael Malin:
Michael Malin(博士):

Principal investigator for the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft at Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS), San Diego, CA.
(担任)“NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft/美国宇航局火星全球勘测者宇宙飞船”-“Mars Orbiter Camera/火星轨道相机”的…首席调查员,该飞船位于「CA/加利福尼亚州」-「San Diego/圣地亚哥」的「Malin Space Science Systems/马林空间科学系统」(MSSS)。

Analyzed Meier’s photographs in 1981:
Michael Malin(博士)于1981年对Meier照片的分析:

“I find the photographs themselves credible, they’re good photographs. They appear to represent a real phenomenon. The story that some farmer in Switzerland is on a first name basis with dozens of aliens who come to visit him … I find that incredible. But I find the photographs more credible. They’re reasonable evidence of something. What that something is I don’t know.”
“我发现这些照片本身是可信的,它们是(品质)很好的照片。它们似乎代表了一种真实的现象。这个基于某个「Switzerland/瑞士」农民名字(即:Billy Meier)并涉及数十位来此拜访他的外星人的…故事(/案例),着实令人难以置信。但(相较于故事本身而言)我觉得这些照片更为可信。他们是某些事物的合理证据。置于那些事物是什么我不知道。”

Malin also said, “If the photographs are hoaxes then I am intrigued by the quality of the hoax. How did he do it? I’m always interested in seeing a master at work.”
Malin还说道,“如果这些照片是恶作剧,那我就是被这些恶作剧的(高超)品质给迷住了。但他(即:Billy Meier)又是如何做到的呢?我总是期待能在工作中遇见这样一位大师。”

Steve Ambrose:
Steve Ambrose:

Sound engineer for Stevie Wonder, inventor of the Micro Monitor radio set and speaker that fits inside Wonder’s ear, analyzed the Meier sound recordings of one of the UFO’s as it hovered above him.
「Stevie Wonder」(歌手)的“Sound engineer/音响工程师”,「Micro Monitor/微显示器」收音机和「Stevie Wonder」(歌手)内置耳麦的发明人,他分析了其中一个…「UFO/不明飞行物」盘旋在Meier头顶时录下的…录音。

Not only was he unable to duplicate the sounds with synthesizers, he found they created totally unique patterns on a spectrum analyzer and on the oscilloscope.

Another sound engineer named Nils Rognerud corroborated Ambrose’s findings.
另一位名叫Nils Rognerud的“sound engineer/声响工程师”证实了Ambrose的这一发现。

Think about this for just a moment, these experts, using state-of-the-art equipment, were unable to duplicate the sounds and the unique patterns they generated.

Wally Gentleman:
Wally Gentleman:

Director of Special Effects on the Canadian Film Board for ten years, director of special photographic effects for Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001, had viewed Meier’s 8mm film segments of the UFO’s.
担任「Canadian Film Board/加拿大电影委员会」-“Director of Special Effects/特效总监”10年时间,是Stanley Kubrick于2001年拍摄(的)电影的摄影特效导演,(在)观看了Meier拍摄的8mm「UFO/不明飞行物」视频片段(后)。

Showed that the manpower and costs to fake the films were clearly beyond Meier’s reach:

“My greatest problem is that for anybody faking this” (referring to one of the photographs)

0844#案例照片 (局部放大)

“the shadow that is thrown onto that tree is correct. Therefore, if somebody is faking it they have an expert there. And being an expert myself, I know that that expert knowledge is very hard to come by. So I say, ‘Well, is that expert knowledge there or isn’t it there?’ Because if the expert knowledge isn’t there, this has got to be real.”

see Wally Gentleman.
详见:Wally Gentleman

Nippon TV:
Nippon TV:

Did their own examination and also came to the conclusion that there were no models, special effects or hoaxing involved in Meier’s films.

Marcel Vogel:
Marcel Vogel:

Research chemist for IBM for twenty-two years, held thirty-two patents, and invented the magnetic disk coating memory system still used in IBM disk memories.

A specialist in the conversion of energy inside crystals, Vogel probed crystalline structures with the most complete optical microscopic equipment available in the world – a system of scanning electron microscopes costing $250,000.

Lieut. Col. Wendelle Stevens, USAF (Ret.): One of the original investigators in the Meier case.
「Wendelle Stevens」中校,美国空军(退役):Meier案例最早期的调查者之一。

In 1979, he sent Vogel crystals and metal samples Meier had received from the Plejaren.

Vogel reported, “When I touched the oxide with a stainless steel probe, red streaks appeared and the oxide coating disappeared. I just touched the metal like that, and it started to deoxidize and become a pure metal. I have never seen a phenomenon like that before.”

Of another metal sample containing nearly every element in the periodic table, Vogel stated, “Each pure element was bonded to each of the others, yet somehow retained its own identity.”


At 500 X magnification thulium was revealed.

“Thulium exists only in minute amounts. It is exceedingly expensive, far beyond platinum, and rare to come by. Someone would have to have an extensive metallurgical knowledge even to be aware of a composition of this type”, said Vogel.

At 1600 X Vogel said, “A whole new world appears in the specimen. There are structures within structures – very unusual.”


At 2500 X he found that the sample was, “metal, but at the same time … it is crystal!”


Vogel put the full weight of his expertise in these summary comments: “With any technology that I know of, we could not achieve this on this planet! … And I think it is important that those of us who are in the scientific world sit down and do some serious study on these things instead of putting it off as people’s imagination.”

Again, here is another top-level scientific specialist who is unable to duplicate the material presented to him by Meier.

From Analysis of the Wedding Cake UFO by Rhal Zahi, Version 2, March 2013
来自Rhal Zahi的「Analysis of the Wedding Cake UFO/“婚礼蛋糕”(型)不明飞行物的分析」,第2版,2013年03月发表:

Rhal Zahi:
Rhal Zahi:

Rhal offered an interesting and clever analysis in 2013, by using the crafts reflections, as seen on the high resolution images, to identify two sizes of the Wedding Cake UFO: “The WCUFO has different proportions depending on its size. We analyzed certain photographs of WCUFO craft that look to have different sizes. We conclude that the horizontal proportions are the same on the WCUFO of 3.5m and 7m diameter, but the vertical proportions can be somewhat different.”
Rhal在2013年提供了一种有趣且十分聪明的分析(方法),即:通过使用…能够在高分辨率图像上看到的…飞行器(的)反射(映像),来识别两种尺寸的「Wedding Cake UFO/“婚礼蛋糕”(型)不明飞行物」:“「WCUFO」-[注](在高分辨率图像上所显示的)比例,取决于其自身的大小。我们分析了某些…看起来拥有不同尺寸的…「WCUFO」飞行器的照片。我们(从中)得出结论:直径3.5米和直径7米的「WCUFO」,具有相同的水平比例/等比,但两者的垂直比例/等比是有所不同的。”


「WCUFO」,即:「Wedding Cake UFO/“婚礼蛋糕”(型)不明飞行物」。

Zahi created a reasonably accurate 3D, architects style plan of the Semjase Silver Star Center, where the Wedding Cake UFO was originally photographed by Billy Meier decades before.
Zahi为「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」创建了一个相当精确的3D建筑样式示意图,几十年前,Billy Meier正是在那里(即:「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」)首次拍摄到了「Wedding Cake UFO/“婚礼蛋糕”(型)不明飞行物」。

By using a computer modeling software with an image of a similarly reflective test sphere, recently taken and photographed in the same position, and combining it with satellite imagery.

Zahi brings out previously unknown data’s and distance measurements: “Viewing the reflected carriage-house dark shapes stereoscopically, in 3D, gives more information. Then we can see different shapes of objects as being at different distances.”

Which at any rate ruled out the prospect, if models were used, that they could have been any smaller than 1m diameter, and affirming the logistical problem.

If assuming models were used of different sizes, many being 7 meters, the size of a small tourist coach/minibus, these larger sizes then make the prospect particularly difficult.

It would have been easier to just have a real UFO and take a normal photo of it.

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