A Preliminary Investigation Report/初步调查报告

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Copyrights 1982, 1982, 1980, 1979, 1978 Wendelle C. Stevens

The following is a reprint of information contained on pages 266 –284 of UFO Contact from the Pleiades-A Preliminary Investigation Report by Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (USAF, Ret), with information from the lead photo investigator, Jim Dilettoso on pages 380 – 400.
如下(内容),是对…由Wendelle C. Stevens中校(USAF/美国空军,Ret/退役)所著的「UFO Contact from the Pleiades-A Preliminary Investigation Report/来自Plejaren的不明飞行物接触 之 初步调查报告」中,第266~284页所含资讯,以及在第380~400页中包含的来自首席照片调查员Jim Dilettoso所述内容的…再现。

Wendelle was the lead investigator in the original investigation of the Billy Meier case from the late 70’s to the late 80’s.
从(上世纪)70年代末到80年代末,Wendelle在Billy Meier(接触)案例的初期调查中,是首席调查员。

His work was also published in UFO Contact from the Pleiades -A Supplementary Investigation Report.
他的工作成果同样也发表在了「UFO Contact from the Pleiades -A Supplementary Investigation Report/来自Plejaren的不明飞行物接触 之 补充调查报告」。

In the 18 March sequence Meier filmed the spacecraft circling a large tree in front of a farmhouse.

The sky was overcast with a low ceiling, and occasionally light snowflakes fell.

The motion of the spacecraft looks suspiciously like it is tethered from above as it appears to circle the tree and then to swing back and forth over the tree, except that on three occasions the spacecraft changes its motion abruptly with no change in the tilt of the vertical axis of the ship.

If it was in fact tethered, one would expect the vertical axis to tilt as the tether point above was moved.

In another measurement it was found that the tilt angle of the vertical axis in one oscillation sequence was sufficient that the axis crossed within the frame and would have put the tether point within the picture. (我们)在另一场测量中发现:在一个振荡片段中,宇宙飞船的纵轴倾斜角,足以使该轴在(照片)框架内交叉,并将系绳点置于(/暴露在)影片之中。

No tether point source was revealed, in one of the final oscillation sequences the object appeared to pass directly over the top of the tree, and it is clearly seen that the tree was swept over in the direction of the spacecraft, or appeared to follow the spacecraft as it passed.

Clearly no model could have produced this effect.

When we revisited the scene we found that the tree had died and was cut down.

The 12 June sequence filmed near Berg-Rumlikon in the forenoon shows the spacecraft hovering over a country road as the filming is being done from a slight rise about 200 yards away.

Three cars are seen to pass beneath and just beyond the hovering object. (从那里)可以看到(先后)有三辆车从其下方经过,就在比悬浮物体(水平高度)略高一点的地方。

The film was stopped and vertical lines drawn marking the front and rear of one of the automobiles.

More vertical lines marked the edges of the spacecraft and we find that the spacecraft is apparently twice the size of the automobile (about 10 feet for the auto versus about 20 feet for the spacecraft).
之后,我们又用更多的垂直线标记了宇宙飞船的边缘,我们发现:该宇宙飞船的尺寸明显有汽车的两倍(大约10英尺长的汽车 vs 大约20英尺长的宇宙飞船)。

This checks with the witnesses stated size of the spacecraft.
这与见证者(即:Billy Meier)所声称的宇宙飞船的尺寸相符。

Both the auto and the ship seem to be in the same focus.

A branch extending into the picture frame is seen blowing indicating a wind of about 15 knots, if the spacecraft were a model on a line it would have to swing in this much wind, which is clearly not the case.

In the 14 June sequence the spacecraft is seen moving slowly toward the camera as it flies out ever a valley near Berg-Rumlikon.

In this scene also the wind is blowing the top of a small tree and it appears to be more than strong enough to sway any model suspended from a line, which again is not the case.

In this footage we get a surprise.

Twenty-eight seconds into the sequence the UFO “blinks” out and is gone for 30 seconds and then it returns the same way.

When this part was analyzed frame by frame it was found that there was no break in the film.

The section was continuous with no alteration.

There was no splice.

We see the spacecraft in the last frame containing the full image and then in the next frame, a fraction of a second later, we see only a dim shadow of the UFO image, and in the next frame it is gone.

It returned the same way.

A unique phenomena was observed at the time of “disappearance”, however.

At the point of disappearance there was a flare of light in the frame.

Not a flash but a flare.

Everything got lighter in the field around the hovering spacecraft momentarily and then immediately returned to normal.

The same thing happened in reverse as the spacecraft reappeared in the sky in almost its same position, hovering as before.

On 8 March, at Ober-Sadelegg, Meier had followed his telepathic instructions and set his camera up in a position looking up a path up the side of a small hill.

He was not sure what to expect, and then he noticed the spacecraft far away beyond the hill in the sky and he turned the camera on automatic and walked into the scene and up the path a short way, and then squatted down and pointed in the direction of the distant spacecraft.
他(即:Billy Meier)并不知道会发生什么,然后他注意到宇宙飞船在天空中远远越过山丘,他不假思索地打开相机并走进现场,并沿着那条小路向上走了一小段,然后,他(即:Billy Meier)蹲下来,并(将相机镜头)指向远处宇宙飞船的方向。

He could hear the camera starting and stopping a couple of times and later learned that the aliens had tried operating the camera from their remote position.

The developed film showed such stoppings for very short intervals of time.

One year later, on the 8th of March 1976, Meier was led many kilometers away to Bachtelhomli and a shoulder of the mountain called Unterbachtel where he had two contacts and exposed movie film and shot still pictures with his 35mm hand camera twice the same day.

According to official photos of 187#, 200#,221# and 229# (as attached), the date should be 8th of March 1976, not “28th”, so, we corrected it as “One year later, on the 8th of March 1976, …” in the material with a “Please note”。


In the morning, at about 10:30, the spacecraft appeared with two remote controlled monitor craft in company with it.

He was able to film a few seconds of footage showing all 3 craft in the same frame.

He left the movie camera and snapped a full roll of still pictures of this exercise.

Then he went back to the movie camera and filmed the 3 ships in perfect formation, where they are seen to be not fixed in space with relationship to one another, but seemed to drift ever so slightly in their formation.

And then he got another surprise.

Suddenly the two remote vehicles “blinked” out as he had seen before.

Again analysts found the flare of light at the moment of disappearance.

And then, both remote ships “blinked” back on again simultaneously and are in place in their formation again.

Here we discovered another surprise.

Born of the remote vehicles demonstrated a moment of instability and for a moment wobbled around their vertical axis and then regained stability once more.

The motion was sort of like a penny falling down but was of very short duration.

He shut the movie camera off and shot another 36-shot roll of color slide film of the three ships sometimes together and sometimes separately.

Suddenly the whole formation flew away.

Meier hung around for a long time, then ate his lunch and waited some more, feeling that this wasn’t over yet.

Finally he took down the movie camera and started to load his things on his Moped when the three ships returned, approaching from a different direction.

It was now near 16:50 in the afternoon.

He grabbed the movie camera again and hurried to get it set up once more facing 90 degrees from its original position so as to film the ship slowly approaching from over the valley beyond.

It was high in the frame when he looked through the viewfinder and he was about to adjust the elevation angle of the camera when the craft suddenly “jumped” from the high position to a low position below the horizon and now approaching only a few feet above the brow of a small rise in front of him.

When the analysts stop-framed this segment it was seen that the “jump” transition took place instantly, with no other break in film continuity.

After the last distinct frame there is a very indistinct nebulous disturbance in the upper position the ship formerly occupied as we look at the next frame and a more distinct almost clear image in its new position below the horizon.

The ship continued its approach below the horizon as the movie film ran out.

He went for his still camera as the object passed overhead and then it was joined by the two remote controlled vehicles and they circled the location as he exposed another roll of color slide film before they disappeared in the distance.

An eventful day indeed.

The next day, On the 29th of March 1976, he exposed two rolls of movie film and four 36-shot rolls of color slides at a location about 50 kilometers away called Hasenbol-Langenberg.

We deleted the description of the original text of “The next day,” here, just begin with “On the 29th of March 1976, …” in the material also with a “Please note”。


He got there late in the afternoon and about 19:45 he noticed the spacecraft arriving as it was still far in the distance.

The time point “19:45” here, we think it may be wrong, but we don’t have any further informaiotn about this unfortunately, so, we just left a “Please note” in the material。


He first exposed a roll of 35mm slides of the approach of the craft where it is initially seen as a dark fuzzy point in the afternoon haze gradually becoming more distinct as it gets closer, approaching over the handlebars of his Moped.

It continues its approach, getting nearer and the image becomes larger as it slides to his right in a smooth descent toward a small bare tree, or rather two of them, a larger one and a smaller one, seen in the lower right hand corner of the later frames.

He finished the 35mm roll and went to the super 8mm movie camera and began filming the first roll.

He let it run out while he reloaded his hand camera and continued shooting the arrival stages of the beautiful ship.

When he could see that it was apparently going to descend he began walking toward his right toward the apparent landing point.

As he did so trees and bushes passed between him and the arriving spacecraft and we got marvelous pictures with a good exercise in focus.

We had branches near the camera, inside the focus setting and farther out nearing good focus, and then the spacecraft in good sharp image in infinity focus for Meier’s camera.

The ship continued to descend to a hover position only about 100 yards beyond the bare branched tree, where Meier shot one of the most beautiful UFO pictures ever made.

The object is seen hovering in clear detail behind the tree with a flash of the setting sunlight off the curved surface of the cabin dome of the ship.

The film in his 35mm camera ran out again.

He reloaded the movie camera and made it ready.

One of the aliens, Quetzel, descended on a beam of light and stood with Meier near the tree where they talked for some minutes.

Then Quetzel returned to his ship and Meier walked back and turned the movie camera on again, reloaded the Olympus and continued to shoot movies and stills until both cameras were out of film.

He shot one more roll of 35mm slides as the spacecraft departed.

This was the last movie sequence Meier has filmed to date.

Billy also has had a video of WCUFO in 1981, so, in order to avoid potential misunderstand, we added a “Please note” on this in our material.


The analysts examining the movie footage from this last event were amazed to find that what at first looked like a flash of reflected sunlight from a part of the rim of the ship and an area of the dome, was in fact a projected beam of bright coherent white light from something.

The beam is clearly seen and it is sharply distinct and does not spread out as it leaves the ship.

There were pine tree branches visible in the movie frame that are clearly blowing in a sharp breeze of perhaps 20 knots.

There is no apparent wind effect on the spacecraft.

The spacecraft withdrew and Meier packed up and went home in the dark.

It seems almost impossible that all of this could be faked by any man.

Even with a laboratory, good equipment, and both arms.

— —Wendelle Stevens(撰)

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