Plejaren Contacts/Plejaren使者 – ASINA

资讯源头:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
资讯主题:Billy Meier接触案例 之 外星访客 – ASINA

资讯发布:FIGU/ Christian Frehner
资讯链接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」

According to the Contact Statistics, Asina is one of Billy’s contacts who hails from the planet Deneb in the Cygnus star system.
根据「Contact Statistics/接触统计」,Asina是与Billy发生接触的外星人之一,她来自Cygnus恒星系的Deneb星球。

Asina contacted Billy on two occasions according to the Contact Statistics.
根据「Contact Statistics/接触统计」,Asina曾经与Billy有过两次接触。

On the first occasion in 1977, Asina and her colleagues were visiting Earth on a scientific mission, possibly exploration, and had damaged their ship.



Billy was able to put them in communication with the Plejaren who helped them repair their ship.

On the second occasion in the year 2000, Asina came to thank Billy for his help 23 years prior.



The Denebians later went on to join the Plejaren Federation.
后来,Denebians(即:Asina的种族)加入了「Plejaren Federation/Plejaren联邦」。

James Moore

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8, page 194.
Zweihunderteinundneunzigster Kontakt
Dienstag, 26. September 2000, 22.30 Uhr

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
We could observe several of the ships as light objects, some of which climbed high into the sky, while others were moving sideways, far in the background of the terrestrial aeroplanes from Kloten airport (Zurich International) or which were flying to there.
在远离Kloten机场(「Zurich International/苏黎世国际机场」)的「地球」飞机的背景中,我们可以观察到一些像发光物体的飞船,其中一些爬升至高空,而另一些则在侧身移动。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
We also noticed, which means practically our whole group over thirty people, that some of the objects that went out of there as lights, suddenly disappeared, whereby a flashing then reappeared, which however we could associate nothing in common with the earthly aeroplanes.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
How many ships were there?

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Even in Bern[2] the spectacle could be observed, as I was told by telephone later.

6. The number of our ships with which we came here at the time was 21.
6. 在当时,我们乘坐的、来到这里的飞船数量,有21艘。

7. But now I would like to tell you the reason for my visit, which is that I’m here today for you because of your very great help, which you gave us at that time, to me and all my companions and comrades, we wish to express our gratitude to you.
7. 但是现在,我想要告诉你我(此次)来访的原因,那就是…我今天来这里看望你,是因为你在当时给予我们的非常巨大的帮助,对我和所有我的同伴和同志来说,我们希望向你表达我们的感激。

8. Unfortunately it will be no longer possible for me to visit you again and so thank you for your help. Thank you.
8. 很遗憾,我将不再有机会…再次(来此)拜访你,所以,感谢你的帮助。谢谢你。

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