FIGU Forum Q&A/FIGU论坛问答 – Peace Combat

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资讯主题:FIGU论坛问答 之 “Peace Combat”

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资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


Hi Billy,

In your latest writing translated into English, ‘Human being of the Earth listen,’ you wrote:
在您最新的著作‘「Human being of the Earth listen/地球人类的倾听」’的英译本中,您写道:

‘The human being has to learn to create peace and freedom and take the rudder out of the hands of the tyrants, despots, fanatics, anarchists and terrorists and break their bloody might but this should not take place with more or other tyranny and terror, fanaticism and despotism.’
‘human being/人类’必须学会创造‘peace/和平’和‘freedom/自由’,并从‘tyrants/暴君’、‘despots/专制君主’、‘fanatics/狂热分子’、‘anarchists/无政府主义者’和‘terrorists/恐怖分子’手中…夺走‘rudder/主导权’,进而打破他们血腥的势力,但这不应伴随着…(更多或其它的‘tyranny/专政’和‘terror/恐怖’、‘fanaticism/狂热’和‘despotism/专制独裁’)…而发生。

There have been many peaceful demonstrations in protest of a possible coming war, but these rarely do any good.
为了抗议一场有可能到来的战争,已经出现了许多的‘peaceful demonstrations/和平示威’,但这些示威活动几乎没起到什么作用。

What is the best and most practical way of ‘taking the rudder’ out of the hands of these people and ‘breaking their bloody might?
什么才是…(从这些人手中‘taking the rudder/夺走主导权’,并‘breaking their bloody might/打破他们血腥的势力’)…的最佳、也是最切实可行的方法呢?

The FIGU and those who respect the teachings are striving to ‘create peace and freedom among ourselves.’
FIGU和那些遵守教导的人士,正致力于‘create peace and freedom among ourselves/在人群中创造和平和自由’。

Is there something more we can do individually or as a community?

This is indeed a difficult task.

I am of the certainty that it starts with us individually, with our own spiritual development first and foremost in carrying out the mission.
我确信…这首先会从我们个人开始,从我们自身的‘spiritual development/精神发展’开始,且重中之重在于推进「Mission/任务」的执行。

Regards and Salome,

Lonnie Morton
Lonnie Morton


Hi Lonnie,

First the peoples must create a good voting system (without any political parties/factions).
首先,‘peoples/人民’必须建立起一个合乎情理的‘voting system/投票制度’(没有任何政治‘parties/党派’/‘factions/派系’的元素)。

And the people/peoples must elect the right persons, i.e. only persons who are striving/working for selfless aims — who are living and acting in a decent and just way —, and no persons who are aiming/striving at/for power and destruction like Mr. Bush, Saddam Hussein etc. etc.
与此同时,‘people/人们’/‘peoples/人民’必须推选正确的人,也就是那些…只出于无私目的而‘striving/奋斗’/‘working/工作’的人,这些人以一种体面且正直的方式生活和为人,而不是像‘Mr. Bush’,「Saddam Hussein」等人那样,一心只为了‘aiming/追逐’/‘striving/渴求’权力和毁灭。

The people must appear as a unit and should not let the government(s) rule alone.


However, there is a long way to go, because the people must first learn to think and act correctly.

It must look out for persons who are sincere, good, intelligent, selfless and decent people.

Demonstrations are a form of war.

The voting system of the Plejarans is as follows:
Plejarans的‘voting system/投票制度’如下:

If there is an issue that must be voted by the population, the facts are presented to everybody in a neutral way (pro and contra), and three hours later the entire population of a planet will vote about the issue.
如果有一个议题必须要由‘population/全体人民’投票,则相关事实会以一种中立的方式(‘pro and contra/赞成和反对’)呈现给每一个人,并会在三小时之后,由该星球的‘entire population/全体居民’对该项议题进行投票。

There is NO discussion of the issue in advance.


Dear Billy,

Perhaps you can help with this.

It is said that a true universal Peace-Combat force would be needed to properly protect all countries and people of the Earth froms wars, terrorsits, criminals, revolutionaries, etc.
据说:要妥善保护「Earth/地球」上所有的国家和人民都免受战争、恐怖分子、犯罪、革命者等的伤害的话,就需要一支真正的‘universal Peace-Combat force/全球和平-抗争部队’。

If I recall correctly, in an early contact, Semjase also said that the time for humans to establish peace without using force has passed, that the tyrants and warmongers must be forcefully removed, which sounds like revolution.

If that is the case, wouldn’t such be theoretically against the proposed global laws or is there an exception to it under certain circumstnaces?

Thank you,

Michael Horn
Michael Horn


Not a universal Peace-Combat force, but just a Peace-Combat force.
不是‘universal Peace-Combat force/全球和平-抗争部队’,而只是「Peace-Combat Force/和平抗争部队」。

To remove the warmongers and tyrants from their thrones is not a revolution, but an act of reason.

If the Peace-Combat force (troops) is/are acting along the rule of forced forcelessness (gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit) it acts within the boundaries of the creational laws and commandments.
如果「Peace-Combat force/和平抗争部队」(‘troops/部队’)是依循‘forced forcelessness/强制非暴力’(‘gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit/强制性的非暴力’)规则行动的话,那它就是在…‘creational laws and commandments/创造性的律法和戒律’…的界限内行事的。


Dear Billy and Christian,

When is it acceptable for the following to happen:

  1. revolutions
  2. ‘revolutions/革命’
  3. civil wars
  4. ‘civil wars/内战’
  5. uprisings that are good for the people because of an oppressive government which results in a formulation of a new and better government that tries to work for the people but can spur further conflict and civil wars of opposing parties as portions of the people want the negative ‘old ways’ and ‘old leaders’ back because they are unknowledgeable about what is good for them?
  6. 面对一个压迫(‘people/人民’)的‘government/政府’,基于人民利益的‘uprisings/起义’…将促成一个新的、更好的…致力于‘work for the people/为人民服务’的‘government/政府’的构建,但由于‘people/人民’中一部分人根本就搞不清楚什么才是对他们有利的,由此,他们想要走回负面的‘old ways/老路’并让那些‘old leaders/旧时代的统治者们’回归,而这,注定会激发‘opposing parties/对立党团’间的进一步‘conflict/冲突’和‘civil wars/内战’。

I realize that all of the above should be dealt with the recommendations of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit and the multi-national peacekeeping troop, but since this is unfortunately not manifestable at this current time, I was looking for when it is acceptable for the above examples as we see unfolding everyday in the news.’
我认识到:上述所有选项,都应该基于‘gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit/强制非暴力’的‘multi-national peacekeeping troop/多国维和部队’的建议…进行处理,但遗憾的是,由于这些事在当前时代尚未成形,(所以…)我就在想,到什么时候上述‘examples/举例’(正如我们每天在新闻里看到的那样)…才可以被接受呢(?)。




Neither of the three occurrences is acceptable because in each ‘scenario’ people are killed etc.

The only acceptable way is when peaceful persons are elected, i.e. persons who will not misuse their might as soon as they are in office.
唯一可被接受的方式,是‘peaceful persons/和平人士’(也就是那些从入职伊始就不会滥用其手中权力的人士)当选。

The only acceptable way of using weapons is through/by a multi-national peacekeeping troop which takes actions against the war-mongering parties/countries/persons.
唯一可被接受的动用武器的方式,是透过/经由一支‘multi-national peacekeeping troop/多国维和部队’,后者会采取行动打击贩卖战争的‘parties/党团’/‘countries/国家’/‘persons/个人’。

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