FIGU Forum Q&A/FIGU论坛问答 – Mixing of Races+

资讯源头:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

资讯主题:FIGU论坛问答 之 “Mixing of Races”
资讯来源:「FIGU Forum」资讯链接随问题注释)
资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


The Henoch prophecies have presented the possibility that mankind will develop weapons that will repair themselves, potentially even build themselves.
「Henoch Prophecies/Henoch预言」已经给出了一种可能性,即:「Mankind/人类」将发展出能够‘repair themselves/自我修复’,甚至有可能‘build themselves/自我建造’的武器。

Apparently if we do so we will lose control of our inventions and they will wipe out all humans.
显然,如果我们这么做的话,我们将失去对…这些「Inventions/发明」…的控制,后者亦将摧毁‘all humans/全人类’。

We are already so close to this horrible scenario, yet considering the mindset of some people here, warning them might not be a good idea either – they might simply use the ideas to further the development of their war-technology, paying no heed to the danger of doing so.

Whether the technological development is war-like, domestic, travel-oriented, energetic, or especially genetic in form, one of the key challenges facing mankind seems to be putting his cultural and technological development on an appropriate path, a path that is guided by natural and creational precepts, perhaps to be beautiful and altruistic, and of course wisdom inculcating.
无论‘technological development/科技的发展’是‘war-like/用于战争的’、‘domestic/家用的’、‘travel-oriented/旅行导向的’、‘energetic/积极的’,又或特别是…形式上‘genetic/遗传的’,「Mankind/人类」所面临的一个关键挑战,似乎是将他的「Cultural/文化」和‘technological development/科技发展’置于一条适当的道路上来,这条道路由自然的和创造性的规范所引导,或许是一条美好的、无私的,当然,也是灌输「Wisdom/智慧」的道路。

Instead, our modern world has been set on a path of development that is driven by the shortsighted desires to use people, societies, and the natural environment as tools to get whatever someone wants or can.
相反,我们‘modern world/现时代的世界’…却走上了一条由‘shortsighted desires/目光短浅的欲望’所驱使的发展道路,它将人、社会和自然环境用作工具,以获取某人想要或能够得到的任何事物。

It seems to me that engendering the patient wisdom of respect, for oneself, one-another, and especially the natural process of creation, is one of mankind’s most pressing challenges right now.
在我看来:为自己、为彼此,更为了『Creation/创造』的「Natural Process/自然进程」,培养「Respect/尊重」的「Patient Wisdom/耐性智慧」,是「Mankind/人类」当前最紧迫的挑战之一。

More than our technological tools, or scientific understandings, more than anything else, it seems to me that how a society approaches this challenge of respect is what determines its flavor, its character.
在我看来:一个社会是如何应对这种「Respect/尊重」的挑战的,决定了它的「Flavor/风格」和「Character/特质」,这远远超出我们的‘technological tools/科技工具’…又或是‘scientific understandings/科学理解’,比任何事都重要。

How we approach respect defines our society and sets its course for continued development.

Do you anticipate multiple, potentially coexistent societies developing over our remaining millenia on Earth which each take their own path of cultural and technological development, and each build their own solutions to this challenge of inculcating the wisdom of respect?
您是否预见到…在「Earth/地球」上,在我们余下的千禧年中,仍有数量众多的、潜在的共存社会,会在此期间持续发展呢(?),其中,每一个社会都会选择他们自己的「Cultural/文化」和‘technological development/科技发展’道路,每一个社会都会建立他们自己的、应对这一…灌输‘wisdom of respect/尊重(的)智慧’的…挑战的解决方案呢?

Or instead, do you expect that our time on Earth will generate only a single society which combines all the others that are available, and as well absorbs all the secret coteries’ governing methods, technologies, and cultural directives that are replete here?
又或是相反,您是否期望:伴随时间的推移,「Earth/地球」只会产生一个「Single Society/单一社会」,它会将所有其他既有的社会联合在一起,并吸收所有秘密圈子的统治方法、科技和充斥在这里(即:「Earth/地球」上)的(各种)‘cultural directives/文化指令’呢?



An increasing mixing of races and societies is already happening and will lead to a steady decline.
日益增长的‘mixing of races/种族混合’和‘mixing of societies/社会混合’已经发生了,并将导致(人类)‘steady decline/持续衰退’。

Note by CF:
来自Christian Frehner的注释:

Your statement that according to the Henoch Prophecies weapons will repair themselves is not true.
你关于…(根据「Henoch Prophecies/Henoch预言」,武器会自我修复)…的说法,是不正确的。

The correct statement is:

‘Auch wenn der nordamerikanische Kontinent von der furchtbarsten Katastrophe befallen sein wird, die dort jemals zu verzeichnen sein wird, werden böse Kräfte der Militärs mit Computer- und ABC-Waffen Amok laufen, wobei es auch geschehen wird, dass sich Computerwaffen selbständig machen und ausserhalb die Kontrolle der Menschen geraten.’
‘尽管「North American/北美洲」大陆将被那场…之前从未出现在那里的…史上最恐怖的「Catastrophe/浩劫」所侵袭,但拥有「Computer Weapons/计算机武器」和「NBC Weapons/核生化武器」的邪恶军事力量…还是会发狂,因为(在那个时候),「Computer Weapons/计算机武器」已经变得「Self-reliant/自主」,并脱离了人类的控制。’


Hi Billy and Christian

From my own perspective at least, unique cultural heritage and tradition of many nations are fast becoming obsolete and forced out by the dominant hegemony
至少,从我自己的观点来看,许多国家独特的「Cultural Heritage/文化遗产」和「Tradition/传统」,正迅速地被…占据主导地位的霸权(元素)…所淘汰和驱逐

Is the destruction and disintegration of culture and tradition unique to many nations an inevitable part of true progress towards a one world where people seize to be bound and divided by obsolete customs or should people put enormous effort to preserve their own unique customs, culture, tradition and ways of life independent of external influences?
许多国家独特的「Culture/文化」和「Tradition/传统」的破坏和瓦解…是迈向一个‘one world/大同世界’的、‘true progress/真正进步’的必然过程吗(?),还是,人们(应该)被过时的「Customs/习俗」所束缚和分割,又或是人们应该大力保留他们自身独有的「Customs/习俗」、「Culture/文化」、「Tradition传统」,以及不受外部影响干扰的「Ways of Life/生活方式」呢?

Billy could you talk a little bit more on these issues and share your views here?

Thank you

Matt Lee
Matt Lee


No, the disintegration of culture and tradition is not a sign of true progess, because peoples/nations/societies should keep/preserve their good traditions and customs (and get rid of the bad/negative ones, e.g. genital mutilation, religious ceremonies, etc. etc.), and there should be no mixing of races and societies etc.
不,「Culture/文化」和「Tradition/传统」的瓦解并不是一个‘true progess/真正进步’的标志,因为人民/国家/社会应该保有/保留他们良好的「Traditions/传统」和「Customs/习俗」(并摒除那些不好的/消极的「Traditions/传统」和「Customs/习俗」,例如:「Genital Mutilation/割礼」、「Religious Ceremonies/宗教仪式」等等),除此之外,也不应该发生‘mixing of races/种族混合’和‘mixing of societies/社会混合’等。

Note by CF:
来自Christian Frehner的注释:

In FIGU Sonder-Bulletin No. 76 which will soon be published there’s an explanation by Ptaah about how they on Erra are dealing with the mixing of peoples and races etc.
在稍后将要出版的第76号「FIGU Sonder-Bulletin/FIGU特别公告」中,就有一段由Ptaah针对…(在「Erra」星球,他们当前是如何处理‘mixing of peoples/人口混合’和‘mixing of races/种族混合’等问题)…给出的解释。

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