What is the Afterlife?/什么是死后?


资讯主题:The process of Death, Afterlife (life of the Spirit in the Spiritual Realm) and the Rebirth Process./死亡的过程,死后(灵性领域中的精神生命)以及重生的过程。

资讯发布:Jacob Smits
资讯链接:「FIGU. Forum」
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Jacob Smits的阐述:

The location of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Spiritform is in the human brain, it is in the Colliculus Superior, from which it penetrates the whole body, both factors, the CCB and the Spiritform are connected in the human.
「Comprehensive Consciousness Block/综合意识块」和‘Spiritform/灵魄’位于人类大脑的「Colliculus Superior/上丘」之中,并透过「Colliculus Superior/上丘」贯穿人体全身,‘CCB/综合意识块’和‘Spiritform/灵魄’这两种因素都与人类息息相关。

Jacob Smits, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth, April 2004
Jacob Smits,死亡、死后与重生,2004年04月

What is the Afterlife?

The Afterlife is the time of the Spirit spend in a Spiritual reality.
「Afterlife/死后」,是「Spirit/精神」花在‘Spiritual reality/灵性现实’中的时间。

For the Earth human, this is normally 1.52 times his physical life, which means that when a person dies at age 75, then the time of the Spirit will be 114 years in the afterlife.
对地球人来说,这通常是他‘physical life/物质生命’的1.52倍,这意味着当一个人在75岁死亡时,则其「Spirit/精神」将会在「Afterlife/死后」呆上114年。

An example:

Jane Doe is born in the year 1925 and died in the year 2000, then her Spirit will reincarnate in the year 2114.
Jane Doe出生于1925年,并在2000年去世,那么她的「Spirit/精神」将会在2114年转世。

For human understanding, this time seems very long, yet is in truth extremely short, since the Spirit itself is totally independent from space and time in the material realm.
就人类的理解来说,这个时间似乎很长,但事实上却非常短暂,因为(在此期间)「Spirit/精神」本身是完全独立于‘material realm/物质领域’的‘space and time/空间和时间’的。

In human understanding, material time and space are nullified in the Spiritual realm, that’s the truth, but it is absolutely so that also the Spiritual Realm has a Space and Time structure, but of a much higher order then the Material Space and Time structure.
在人类的理解中,物质的时间(概念)和空间(概念)在‘Spiritual realm/精神领域’是无效的,这是事实,但也正因如此,‘Spiritual Realm/精神领域’也绝对拥有一个‘Space and Time/空间和时间’的结构,而且要比物质的‘Space and Time/空间和时间’结构…拥有更高的层次。

This Space/Time structure in the Spiritual Realm is directly from Creation itself, in which it exists and evolves, and this appears to people a realm of timelessness and absence of space, which is in fact not true, but only apparently so.
‘Spiritual Realm/精神领域’中的这一‘Space/Time/时空’结构直接来源于『Creation/创造』本身,它在其中存在并进化,这在人们看来,似乎是一个永恒且空虚的领域,但事实却并非如此,(一切)都只是看起来如此。

There is no true void of Space and Time in the Spiritual Realm, because even Creation can’t think in a void of Space and Time, because it would be impossible to even start to think, since there is no time which can carry such a thought to completion.
‘Spiritual Realm/精神领域’中没有真正的时空虚无,因为即便是『Creation/创造』也无法在‘Space and Time/时空’虚无中‘think/思考’,因为从开始就不可能开启‘think/思考’,因为没有时间去承载这样一种‘thought/思想’的进程。

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