Structures of the Spiritual Realm/灵性领域的结构


资讯主题:The process of Death, Afterlife (life of the Spirit in the Spiritual Realm) and the Rebirth Process./死亡的过程,死后(灵性领域中的精神生命)以及重生的过程。

资讯发布:Jacob Smits
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Jacob Smits的阐述:

The location of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Spiritform is in the human brain, it is in the Colliculus Superior, from which it penetrates the whole body, both factors, the CCB and the Spiritform are connected in the human.
「Comprehensive Consciousness Block/综合意识块」和‘Spiritform/灵魄’位于人类大脑的「Colliculus Superior/上丘」之中,并透过「Colliculus Superior/上丘」贯穿人体全身,‘CCB/综合意识块’和‘Spiritform/灵魄’这两种因素都与人类息息相关。

Jacob Smits, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth, April 2004
Jacob Smits,死亡、死后与重生,2004年04月

Structures of the Spiritual Realm

Even when the Spirit exists in the Spiritual Realm and in the same Spiritual reality as Creation itself, it is separated by it’s level of BEING, this just means that there are 7 levels of Spiritual BEING.
即便当「Spirit/精神」存在于「Spiritual Realm/灵性领域」,并与『Creation/创造』本身处在相同的‘Spiritual reality/灵性现实’之中时,它也会被其「BEING/存在」的级别区分开来,这就意味着「Spiritual BEING/灵性存在」有七个层次。

Every Spirit in the ‘afterlife’ exists in its corresponding level of BEING.

The first 5 main levels of BEING are bound to the material realm, which means that the life of the Spirit in those levels of BEING is not permanent, but is bound to the Law of re-incarnation.
「BEING/存在」的前五个主要层次是与‘material realm/物质领域’相关联的,这意味着在这些「BEING/存在」的层次之中,「Spirit/精神」的生命并非是永恒的,而是与‘Law of re-incarnation/转世法则’相关联的。

The Spiritforms in these levels still have a CCB and unconscious-evolutive spirit-consciousness Spiritform, and don’t have a conscious individuality as of yet.

Their evolutionary level is not high enough to evolve without making mistakes and without causing positive and negative thoughts, feelings and actions as humans in the material realm.
它们的进化层次,还没有高到…(像向‘material realm/物质领域’的人类那样,在不犯错误,以及不制造积极和消极的思想、情感和行为的情况下,就能够实现进化)…的地步。

Spiritforms in these levels can’t create their own state of BEING because they lack a conscious-spirit-consciousness which is required for creating the Universal Love, and Spiritual force to form a collective that can exist on its own.
处在这些层次中的「Spiritforms/灵魄」并不能创造它们自身的「BEING/存在」状态,因为它们缺乏创造「Universal Love/环宇之爱」所需的‘conscious-spirit-consciousness/有意识的精神意识’,以及能使其形成一个独立存在的‘collective/集’的‘Spiritual force/灵性力量’。

This is one of the reasons why Creation created material planets in order for humans to evolve and to exist, because these Spiritforms are unable to exist in their own state of BEING out of their own Spiritual knowledge, love and Wisdom.
这是『Creation/创造』为什么创造了‘material planets/物质星球’,以便人类可以进化和存在的原因之一,因为这些「Spiritforms/灵魄」是无法存在于…{来自它们自身(所承载)的‘Spiritual/灵性’知识、爱和智慧}…的「BEING/存在」状态的。

The 6th level of BEING belongs to the pure-Spiritform collectives, with the exception of the very first level 6/1; which is the level of the half-material / half-spiritual life of the Horralft.
「BEING/存在」的第六个层次,属于‘pure-Spiritform collectives/纯精神形态集’,除了该层次(第六个层次)的第一个阶段之外;这部分是「Horralft」的‘half-material/半物质’/‘half-spiritual/半灵性’生命(所处)的层次。

The level 6/2 is the very first pure-Spiritform-collective level, called in Sanskrit ‘Arahat Athersata’; Spiritforms in this level form a pure-Spiritform-collective and each Spiritform has it’s own conscious-spirit-consciousness and individuality (not to be mistaken with Personality); These Spiritforms form in unity a collective and this collective is self-sustaining, which means that these Spiritforms live and exist in a state of BEING out of their own Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Power.
第六个层次的第二个阶段,是首次达到‘pure-Spiritform-collective/纯精神形态集’层次的第一步,在梵语中被称为「Arahat Athersata/时间的守护者」;处在这个层次的「Spiritforms/灵魄」形成了一个‘pure-Spiritform-collective/纯精神形态集’,且每一个「Spiritform/灵魄」都有其自身的‘conscious-spirit-consciousness/有意识的精神意识’和‘individuality/个性’(不要与「Personality/人格」相混淆);这些「Spiritforms/灵魄」在统一中形成了一个‘collective/集’,这个‘collective/集’是自我维持的,这意味着这些「Spiritforms/灵魄」生存并存在于一种…{来自它们自身(所承载)的知识、智慧、爱和能量的}…「BEING/存在」的状态之中。

Since the dawning of time Creation has always provided the structures for pure-Spiritform collectives to exist, but when Creation was very young there did not exist any pure-Spiritform collective, since no spirits where evolved high enough to occupy these levels of BEING.
自时间的曙光以来,『Creation/创造』就始终为‘pure-Spiritform collectives/纯精神形态集’提供存在的结构,但当『Creation/创造』还非常年轻时,就并不存在任何的‘pure-Spiritform collective/纯精神形态集’,因为(还)没有「Spirits/精神」进化到足以占据这些「BEING/存在」的层次。

In short:

The dimensional structures did exist, but no pure-Spiritform collectives to occupy these levels of BEING.
dimensional structures/维度结构确实是存在的,但并没有‘pure-Spiritform collectives/纯精神形态集’去占据这些「BEING/存在」的层次。

Spiritforms in the pure-Spiritform-collectives are conscious-individual Spirits forming a collective which form a unity by their realization of Universal Love and their developed Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom, which allows them exist in themselves out of their own Spiritual knowledge, wisdom and love.
处在‘pure-Spiritform-collectives/纯精神形态集’(层次)之中的「Spiritforms/灵魄」,是有意识的个体「Spirits/精神」,这些「Spirits/精神」通过它们对「Universal Love/环宇之爱」的领悟,及其发达的‘Spiritual/灵性’知识和智慧,形成了一个统一体的‘collective/集’,这使它们能够存在于…{来自它们自身(所承载)的灵性知识、智慧和爱的}…自我之中。

A conscious-spirit-consciousness is required to constantly evolve and strengthen the state of BEING in pure-spiritual levels, this means that the pure-spiritual state is in constant flux, ever increasing in power and strength, while it always stays true to its essence.
一种‘conscious-spirit-consciousness/有意识的精神意识’需要不断地进化和强化其在‘pure-spiritual/纯灵性’层次中的「BEING/存在」状态,这意味着‘pure-spiritual state/纯灵性状态’是处在持续变化中的,在任何时候都始终在增强着(自身的)能量和力量,而又始终忠实于其本质。

A pure-Spiritform collective is truly universal, which means that it contains pure-Spiritforms which come out of all levels of material existence, regardless if those material existence are shifted in time from our (Earth) space/time or not.
一个‘pure-Spiritform collective/纯精神形态集’是真正环宇的,这意味着它包含…(来自所有‘material existence/物质存在’层次的)…‘pure-Spiritforms/纯精神形态’,而无论这些‘material existence/物质存在’是否处在与我们(「Earth/地球」)的‘space/time/时空’相偏移的时间里。

A human race in our space/time continuum which reaches the levels of pure-Spiritform enter the realm of Arahat Athersata in exactly the same way as a similar developed human race in the space/time continuum of the Plejaren race.
在我们‘space/time continuum/时空连续体’中的一个达到‘pure-Spiritform/纯精神形态’的人类种族,就像(生存)在Plejaren种族(所属的)-‘space/time continuum/时空连续体’中的一个相类似的先进人类种族那样,以一种(与之)完全相同的方式,进入到了「Arahat Athersata/时间守护者」的领域。

Every level pure-Spiritform collective from Arahat Athersata up to the pure-Spiritform collective of Petale are truly universal.
从「Arahat Athersata/时间守护者」上升到「Petale」的‘pure-Spiritform collective/纯精神形态集’,每一个层次的‘pure-Spiritform collective/纯精神形态集’,都是真正环宇的。

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