资讯主题:The process of Death, Afterlife (life of the Spirit in the Spiritual Realm) and the Rebirth Process./死亡的过程,死后(灵性领域中的精神生命)以及重生的过程。

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The location of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Spiritform is in the human brain, it is in the Colliculus Superior, from which it penetrates the whole body, both factors, the CCB and the Spiritform are connected in the human.
「Comprehensive Consciousness Block/综合意识块」和‘Spiritform/灵魄’位于人类大脑的「Colliculus Superior/上丘」之中,并透过「Colliculus Superior/上丘」贯穿人体全身,‘CCB/综合意识块’和‘Spiritform/灵魄’这两种因素都与人类息息相关。

Jacob Smits, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth, April 2004
Jacob Smits,死亡、死后与重生,2004年04月


There are two things every human is certain of in his life, Death and Rebirth, usually, he is very aware about the absolute certainty of Death which causes much fear, grief and sadness in people who don’t know the Truth about Life, Death and Rebirth.

Fear comes from the Psyche, the Psyche has it’s function to guard over the human body, to make sure that the integrity and health of the human body (physe) is given at all times.

Death is of course the end of the human body, the end of health, the end of the Psyche.

This fact of life apparently conflicts with the Psyche, and that is the reason why people have a fear of Death.

Fear is a natural emotion from the Psyche caused by events which threaten the human body (Physe) which is often followed by a response of the Material Consciousness with a thought of fleeing, running away from the potential threat / hazard.
恐惧是一种来自「Psyche/心灵」的‘natural emotion/自然情绪’,它由威胁人体(‘Physe/生理’)的(各种)事件所引发,其后往往伴随着一种带有…(逃离、躲避潜在威胁/危险)…想法的「Material Consciousness/物质意识」的反应。

Another reaction of the Psyche can be observed when you touch a hot plate, your hand will retract very fast, much faster then the material consciousness can give an order, with other words, such a response is a reflex, governed by the Material sub-consciousness and the Psyche (nervous-systems).
另一种能够被观察到的「Psyche/心灵」反应,是当你触碰到一个灼热的盘子时,你的手会非常迅速地缩回,这比‘material consciousness/物质意识’所能给出的指令…要快得多,换句话说,这种反应是一种反射,由‘Material sub-consciousness/物质潜意识’和「Psyche/心灵」(‘nervous-systems/神经系统’)把控。

The Natural Creative Laws and Commandments tell explicitly that one of the human responsibilities is to take care of the whole being and integrity of the human body in order to fulfill evolution during life in the material realm.
「Natural Creative Laws and Commandments/自然的创造法则和戒律」明确地告诉我们,人类的责任之一就是照顾好人体的‘whole being/整体存在’和完整性,以便履行生命在‘material realm/物质领域’期间的「Evolution/进化」(使命)。

In early times when the human was very primitive and his conscious thinking was still primitive, it was the Psyche who was responsible for the whole being of the body, by fleeing or fighting in case of dangers like fire or wild animals.
在…{人类(进化)还非常原始,并且其有意识的思考也仍然原始}…的早期,是「Psyche/心灵」,通过在…像是火灾或是野兽(袭击)…的危险情况下(选择)逃离或者打斗,从而对身体的‘whole being/整体存在(性)’负起了责任。

The human has entered a level of development which allows him to use his material consciousness and his intellect to be in conscious control over his surroundings and make decisions in situations that would normally fill him with fear or anger, he can act upon his knowledge and have a control over his emotions.
(如今的)人类已经进入到了一个…(能够允许他使用‘material consciousness/物质意识’以及‘intellect/智力’,从而有意识地把控其周身环境;并在通常会使他充满恐惧或愤怒的情况下,做出决定)…的发展层次,他能够依据自己的知识采取行动,并(能够)对他自己的情绪有所把控。

Natural feelings from the Psyche, like fear, happiness, sexual desire, aggression, etc will exist as long as the human has a material body, don’t think for a second that feelings of the Psyche are unnatural, they are fully natural as long the material conscious keeps them on their natural levels.
只要人类拥有一个‘material body/物质身体’,那么,来自「Psyche/心灵」的‘Natural feelings/自然情感’,像是恐惧、快乐、性欲,侵略等,就会存在,任何时候都不要认为「Psyche/心灵」的‘feelings/情感’是非自然的,只要‘material conscious/物质意识’将它们保持在其自然水平上,那它们就是完全自然的。

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