Pointing In The Direction Of Love/指向爱的方向

资讯主题:Pointing In The Direction Of Love/指向爱的方向

资讯发布:Michael Uyttebroek
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Pointing In The Direction Of Love:

One can talk or write about love but it has no meaning to the reader/listener unless something within the reader/listener is awoken or recognised as actual.

Words and ideas, for example, have their own inherent meaning embued them by the writer, however the reader must do the thought-work in order to make the understanding complete for oneself.

Although the material that Billy conveys is of utmost importance and validity, it is only through our own efforts that we can begin to glimpse and comprehend the wisdom and love behind the words.

There is no other way.

Words and ideas can point you in the direction, act as guides, however truth, love, wisdom and understanding only have validity when they are integrated into one’s daily life, lived and continually applied.

It is a task that must be fulfilled in order that there be peace and logic; application of understanding in one’s life, in the day to day activities.

Words can only convey so much, the rest is up to each individual to see for themselves the truth in daily application.

Michael Uyttebroek
Michael Uyttebroek
April 1, 2012

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