New Info WRONG About COVID-19 and Temperatures!/關於COVID-19和溫度的新信息錯誤!

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New Info WRONG About COVID-19 and Temperatures!

Consider situation a worst possible case scenario, maintain all recommended protocols for self-protection

Recently published information suggesting that “Rising temperatures and humidity levels will likely slow the spread of coronavirus around the globe” is contradicted by information from the Plejaren, published on March 16:

How much longer will the corona virus continue to rage and can one hope that it retreats as soon as the temperatures rise?

How long the corona virus will remain active is not foreseeable at the present time. However, it can already be established that it will probably not diminish with the rising temperatures. Influenza and some other viruses react sensitively to warmer external temperatures and therefore usually diminish in spring and during the summer months, which means they become inactive. Observations in regard to the coronavirus speak against this dependence on the ambient temperature, because it does not only appear aggressively in the colder regions of our planet, but also in Southeast Asia and, for example, in Australia and other warmer countries, where it is spreading just as quickly as here. Therefore, it is to be noticed that this virus is not subject to any climate dependence and that the risk of infection is also independent of the climate.

And, while the article in the Daily Mail does say that the hotter and moister weather won’t completely stop disease, the danger lies in people believing it would “significantly slow the spread of coronavirus”.

So, still consider the situation a worst possible case scenario and maintain all of the recommended protocols for self-protection, until the end of the pandemic has been confirmed.

Of course, it’s up to each person to determine the truth for themselves.

Thanks to Annie Newman for the Daily Mail article.
感謝Annie Newman的《每日郵報》文章。


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