CDC Documents Prove Billy Meier Right…AGAIN/美國疾病控制與預防中心的文件再次證明Billy Meier是對的

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資訊主題:美國疾病控制與預防中心的文件再次證明Billy Meier是對的
資訊來源:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
資訊鏈接:「TheyFlyBlog. Michael Horn」
資訊發布:2020年03月27日由Michael Horn發布
中譯发布:「Billy Meier中文翻譯報告. Rory」
版权說明:Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告 ©Rory

Hospitals will become COVID-19 breeding, spreading grounds if Plejaren protocols not implemented

Recently obtained records of communications between the CDC and various public health officials show that the earlier criticisms and concerns from the Plejaren about official incompetence were well founded.

And it turns out that we were also not at all hyperbolic here:

“…the CDC is actually, in no uncertain terms, spreading this disease because of its total disregard for the health of medical personal, patients and the public at large, etc.”

Once again, the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren proves to be prophetically accurate.
再一次,來自Billy Meier和昴宿星人的信息被證明是準確的。

Surprise, It’s the…Greed

This courageous physician spells out the ugly truth about our greed-riddled American healthcare system, with its many corrupt, failed, incompetent administrators, and the toll it is already exacting on medical personnel and patients alike.

The Plejaren Protocols

It must be understood that the entire population is in grave danger.

As I said on March 11:

“So, humanity itself is at risk from a…tiny, basically invisible enemy that our trillions upon trillions of dollars, misspent on colossal missiles and other weapons of war, are completely impotent to defeat, or to protect us against.”

Therefore, the only way to effectively contain this rampantly spreading disease is for all hospitals and medical intake and treatment centers to immediately provide hermetically sealed quarantines and full-body protective suits and breathing apparatus for medical personnel. This must be regarded as absolutely mandatory, non-negotiable.

Make no mistake about it the hospitals will become breeding and spreading grounds if the Plejaren protocols are not implemented. Hermetically sealed quarantines and full-body protective suits now. Period.

What we learned on February 25:

  • Avoid airplanes, ships, mass transportation, crowds
  • 避開飛機、輪船、公眾運輸工具、人群
  • Stay at home to avoid exposing yourself to risk of infection
  • 留在家裡,避免感染的風險
  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
  • 實際感染人數和死亡人數遠遠高於報告
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • 實際潛伏期為四星期至3個月
  • Spread by asymptomatic people; through air, breath, clothing, etc.
  • 由無症狀人士傳播;通過空氣、呼吸、衣物等。
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small
  • 口罩沒用,因為病毒太小會滲透
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
  • 只有全身防護服、呼吸器才有真正的保護
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks
  • 需要密封檢疫,必須超過2星期
  • Asian races initially most susceptible but will spread to others
  • 亞洲種族最初最易感染,但會傳播給其他種族
  • Virus becomes more aggressive over time, claiming more lives
  • 隨著時間的推移,病毒變得更具侵略性,奪走更多的生命
  • Children mainly immune, main hidden spreaders of disease
  • 兒童大體上免疫,卻是疾病主要的隱形傳播者
  • China, US, etc., suppressed truth for political and economic reasons
  • 中國、美國等出於政治和經濟原因壓制真相
  • The WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk
  • 世界衛生組織應為沒有立即宣布大流行的風險而負有責任


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