They Wouldn’t Listen – More People Died/他們不會聽——更多的人死亡

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資訊來源:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
資訊鏈接:「TheyFlyBlog. Michael Horn」
資訊發布:2020年03月29日由Michael Horn發布
中譯发布:「Billy Meier中文翻譯報告. Rory」
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Greed, denial and apathy continue to extract their deadly toll

Does this grim news sound familiar? Why have all of our warnings gone unheeded, despite their unfortunately impeccable accuracy? Why, as I learned firsthand, are our various news media so utterly incompetent and disinterested?

And now, suddenly “silent spreaders” are big news. Except that I’d already sent Olivia Messer the following email on March 14:
而現在,「隱形傳播者」突然成了大新聞。只可惜我在3月14日已經給Olivia Messer發了以下電郵:

On Mar 14, 2020, at 11:33 AM, Michael Horn wrote:
2020年3月14日,上午11點33分,Michael 寫道:

Dear Olivia,

I have been in touch with two physicians, one working in a major Manhattan hospital that’s already had its first COVID-19 death, and the other at a major hospital in Albuquerque, who support the following information, which has been, is and will continue to be impeccably accurate.

All that is necessary is to note that we first published information from our Swiss sources on February 25. Go through each point – refer back to the publication date – and…maybe you will help to prevent millions of unnecessary deaths.

That being said, I imagine you’ll still have some “difficulties” with the source of the information. So, let me say now…it’s irrelevant. It’s either accurate or it isn’t. And, as I’ve come to learn over the past 40 years, the scientific information is always ironclad…and published before “official discovery”, often by years, decades, etc.

Now, here’s the Feb. 25 article and one with info from the doctor in NYC…who I will be speaking with again shortly.

To the right of the main articles are the RECENT POSTS, you will find a progression of corroborations from news reports by “official sources”.

I do ask that you respond either way. I will make myself available to answer any questions, challenges and, when you’re satisfied, I’ll put you in touch with the physicians.


Michael Horn
Michael Horn

Had she actually read the information, she would’ve already known about the up to three month incubation period, children as the main hidden spreaders and the – still unheeded warnings – about the absolute need for proper protective equipment and hermetically sealed environments – lest the hospitals themselves turn into breeding and spreading grounds for the deadly COVID-19 virus.

I don’t want to think it’s too late now but…

This morning, I sent Olivia another email. I am very much looking forward to hearing from her and, of course, I will report about it – either way – this coming week.

Cause and Effect, Again

Following on the heels of this article, we see more information that shows how precarious the situation can become regarding many of the things we take for granted, like safe food.

If you’ve seen articles like this and this you may recall my warnings about the potential for breakdown in societal order and stability, from February 29 and March 10.

So, as a reminder to all, here again are the main points from the February 25 article. Note that the Plejaren immediately recommended self-quarantine or isolation, as well as all the other essential information. Further information, much still unknown to our medical scientists, was published on March 16.

The Plejaren Protocols from February 25

  • Unprecedented ET outreach for the survival of the people of Earth
  • 為了地球人類的生存,外星人前所未有地外展
  • Avoid airplanes, ships, mass transportation, crowds
  • 避開飛機、輪船、公眾運輸工具、人群
  • Stay at home to avoid exposing yourself to risk of infection
  • 留在家裡,避免感染的風險
  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
  • 實際感染人數和死亡人數遠遠高於報告
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • 實際潛伏期為四星期至3個月
  • Spread by asymptomatic people; through air, breath, clothing, etc.
  • 由無症狀人士傳播;通過空氣、呼吸、衣物等。
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small
  • 口罩沒用,因為病毒太小會滲透
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
  • 只有全身防護服、呼吸器才有真正的保護
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks
  • 需要密封檢疫,必須超過2星期
  • Asian races initially most susceptible but will spread to others
  • 亞洲種族最初最易感染,但會傳播給其他種族
  • Virus becomes more aggressive over time, claiming more lives
  • 隨著時間的推移,病毒變得更具侵略性,奪走更多的生命
  • Children mainly immune, main hidden spreaders of disease
  • 兒童大體上免疫,卻是疾病主要的隱形傳播者
  • China, US, etc., suppressed truth for political and economic reasons
  • 中國、美國等出於政治和經濟原因壓制真相
  • The WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk
  • 世界衛生組織應為沒有立即宣布大流行的風險而承擔責任

A Time for Honest Self-evaluation

For over a month, we have provided you with the precise information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren that, had it been heeded, would’ve prevented the tragedy at the New York City hospital and many more occurring across the country.
一個多月來,我們已經向你提供了來自Billy Meier和昴宿星人的準確信息,如果得到重視,本可以避免紐約市醫院以及更多發生在全國各地的悲劇。

The powers that be will keep the truth from you, only to have the deadly toll rise even more. They will wring every penny and dollar from you they can and – as long as you allow it – they will continue, with their fake news, their fake religions, their fake leaders, and their fake concern.

But what about…you? What are you doing with the information, to push back, to inform, to point out, to stand up, to demand the truth be heard?

With all that we now know is coming – with certainty – are you content to passively watch it unfold, hoping it won’t affect you, that you’ll be lucky enough to be among the survivors?

I suggest committing yourself to some outreach, from emails to friends, to posting on forums, blogs, and various sites, etc., take a chance that someone in the media will actually pay attention…if you contact them. Just a couple of short sentences, a link or two, keep it simple. Become determined to make a difference, however large or small it may be.

For over 16 years I’ve said that the Billy Meier contacts are the key to our future survival. You have that key now, please use it to unlock the doors of darkness and ignorance that others may also have the chance to learn and to help assure our future survival.
16年來我一直說,Billy Meier的接觸是我們未來生存的關鍵。你現在有了那把鑰匙,請用它來打開黑暗和無知的大門,如此,其他人也有機會學習和幫助確保我們未來的生存。


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