People DON’T Want to Know the COVID-19 Truth/人們不想知道COVID-19 的真相

Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告

資訊主題:人們不想知道COVID-19 的真相
資訊來源:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
資訊鏈接:「TheyFlyBlog. Michael Horn」
資訊發布:2020年04月06日由Michael Horn發布
中譯发布:「Billy Meier中文翻譯報告. Rory」
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Posted on April 6, 2020 by MH
2020年4月6 日由Michael Horn發布

People DON’T Want to Know the COVID-19 Truth
人們不想知道COVID-19 的真相

Otherwise they wouldn’t put up with the suppression, denial and censorship

Wouldn’t it be of the utmost importance for the people of Earth to know that virtually all of the most important, specific information about the COVID-19 pandemic was first published on this blog, beginning on February 20th?

But they wouldn’t listen and…people died. Unnecessarily. And it continues.

Who can deny the truth of what Meier said on February 3, when he spoke about:

“The bottomless idiocy and irresponsibility of the majority of earthlings, of those in government and the authorities, and of the population…”

So, this terrible and rampantly spreading pandemic will continue to spread and, like a fire that was thought extinguished, flare up over and over again…unless and until the warnings from February 25th are absolutely heeded. And the most critical now of these warnings is still the dire need for hermetically sealed quarantines and hazmat level PPE equipment for all medical personnel.

Up to Decades Later

The problem is that because the people still don’t want to know the full facts about the disease, how it mutates and how unimaginably long it can remain hidden in the body, and then can be transmitted – up to decades later – there is no real sense of urgency to contain and control it. It gets briefly “discussed”, bandied about, given lip service by politicians and bureaucrats. And certainly they, the ones who control the narrative, also seem to know the public can’t handle the real truth:

A highly advanced, extraterrestrial human race has been in contact with one man in Switzerland for over 78 years. Together, they have tried to warn humankind that it is destroying itself, that we are destroying ourselves, and they’ve provided all of the warnings and actual facts about this disease and how to contain and control it. But the problem is that:

The people were warned and warned and warned and warned and warned and warned …and continued to let themselves be lied to.


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