COVID-19 Reality Update/有關COVID-19的事實更新

Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告

資訊來源:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
資訊鏈接:「TheyFlyBlog. Michael Horn」
資訊發布:2020年04月09日由Michael Horn發布
中譯发布:「Billy Meier中文翻譯報告. Rory」
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Posted on April 9, 2020 by MH
2020年4月9日由Michael Horn發布

COVID-19 Reality Update

If people are logical the economy won’t collapse and we’ll have a chance against the virus


This is an update of information, relayed by a person on another forum, who said they had a conversation with Billy Meier These are the points that he said Meier made:
這是一個更新的信息,由另一個論壇上的人轉發,他說他們和Billy Meier談過。他說的這些觀點是由Meier提出的:

  • The current lockdowns being implemented by governments are useless
  • 目前政府實施的封鎖是沒用的
  • All countries should implement complete lockdown for at least 3 – 8 months (UPDATE: Actually this should have happened in the beginning in China to stop the then epidemic at its source. The longer and more strict a shut down, and the more people are observing the regulations, the fewer deaths etc. and the better to slow down the spreading of the pandemic. Actually the pandemic already exists in ALL countries on our planet, not in just most, as is claimed, and many countries don’t inform about the real numbers. There are already 9 to 10 times more infected people than is reported.)
  • 所有國家應實施至少3 – 8個月的完全封鎖(更新:實際上,這應該在中國一開始就發生,從源頭上阻止當時的疫情。封關時間越長、越嚴格,遵守規定的人越多,死亡等等的人數就越少,這樣就能更好地減緩大流行的蔓延。事實上,大流行已經存在於地球上「所有」的國家,而不是像所聲稱的那樣只存在於大多數國家,而且許多國家並沒有公佈真實的數字。相比起報導的數字已經有9到10倍的人被感染。 )
  • The lockdown should include all businesses, with the exception of food transportation, medicine, energy & garbage services
  • 除食品運輸、醫藥、能源和垃圾服務外,所有行業都應該被封鎖
  • There is no medicine at the present time
  • 目前還沒有藥物
  • Half-a-billion people could die from it during the course of the pandemic (UPDATE: Yes, that could be the case if the pandemic is not halted by taking the necessary strict and effective measures. Theoretically, assuming that more or less all human beings on the planet get in contact with Covid-19, and that 1% of them dies: 1% of 9,000,000,000 is 90 million, which is quite a large number. If the mortality rate is higher, the result will be higher accordingly. )
  • 在大流行期間,可能有5億人死於該病(更新:是的,如果不採取必要的嚴格和有效措施來阻止大流行,情況可能會是這樣。理論上,假設地球上所有的人或多或少都與Covid-19有接觸,並且其中1%的人死亡:9,000,000,000人口中的1%是9000萬,這是一個相當大的數字。)
  • Bodies after death can carry the virus for a long time, for the time being cremation is recommended (UPDATE: This is recommended when the dead corpses cannot be buried in a city or crowded area. On the other hand there may arise problems when the crematoriums cannot process the great number of corpses. Then mass graves are a possibility, but these need land that is currently used for agricultural purposes, etc.)
  • 死後的屍體可能會攜帶病毒很長一段時間,目前建議火化(更新:當屍體不能被埋在城市或擁擠的地方時,建議這樣做。另一方面,當火葬場不能處理大量的屍體時,可能會出現問題。然後亂葬崗是一種可能性,但這些亂葬崗需要土地,而這些土地目前正被用於農業等用途。)
  • If people are illogical, then the economy will collapse
  • 如果人們不合邏輯,那麼經濟就會崩潰
  • If people are logical then the economy won’t collapse and only then will we have a chance against the virus
  • 如果人們合乎邏輯,那麼經濟就不會崩潰,只有這樣我們才有機會對抗病毒


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