About Us/关于我们

Saalome is a satellite website that been co-built by Saalome Founding Team (A+, Arwen, Cheng, James and Leon), with an aim of integrate and standardize the release of FIGU Chinese Information.

As Chinese participants of the Great Mission, we always devoted ourselves to the translation, collation and study of Billy’s Contact Case with its (FIGU) information, thereby sowing awareness seeds of Truth Cognition to the Chinese world in a non-missionary way.

Thus, an effective perception of all actual truth that hidden inside mankind will be stimulated again, then people may have a chance to wake up from the chaos in the past, and regain the dignity and glory that born with him/her as a human being.
由此,潜藏于人类内在的、对一切现实真相的有效感知,将被再次激发,人们将有可能从过往的混沌中清醒过来,重拾其与生俱来的 -那人之所以为人- 的尊严与荣耀。

And new changes that contain a hope of Future Of Mankind can become realities in this New Age, from which, the soil of Silent Revolution Of Truth will be fertilized, and knowledgeable ones will be promoted to grow up as real human beings in the new historic process.

These people will start from themselves, and take the responsibility for the evolutionary mission that bearing by his/her material life in this lifetime, that also given by Creation, through which they could be the first who live out their true selves, and positively influencing every fellow human beings around them.

Saalome was precisely founded on such a concept, we welcome all those who have a Sense Of Truth Mission in their mind to participate in the co-construction of Saalome together with us, and jointly achieve a development and growth of FIGU Chinese System.

Again, thanks to ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, thanks to FIGU and all those who have been participating in this Great Mission, it’s because of your existence, can the Silent Revolution Of Truth be able to flourish in the New Age, and lead mankind continuously towards the Creational Natural Laws!
再一次,感谢’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier,感谢FIGU和所有一直参与这一「伟大使命」的同伴,正是由于你们的存在,「无声的真理革命」才得以在「新时代」勃发生机,并引领全人类不断趋向那「创造性的自然法则」!

Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona.

Please know that Saalome is not a FIGU official-website, if you want/need to access the German original information and other latest releases, please visit: http://www.figu.org/.


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