My first UFO sighting and the first subsequent contact/我第一次目擊UFO以及其後的接觸

《一切是如何開始的 ▲ 回目錄 Sfath的解說

My first UFO sighting and
the first subsequent contact


目擊時間:1942 年 6 月 2 日

接觸時間:1942 年 11 月/1944 年 7 月

接觸地點:蘇黎世的比拉赫,Höragn 森林的 Langenzinggen



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資料來源:Future Of Mankind

報告卷屬:Contact Reports Volume / Issue: 1

頁碼範圍:第 4~10 頁



英版譯者:billymeiertranslations (1) billymeiertranslations (2)




英版連結:「My first UFO sighting and the first subsequent contact

中版譯者:Für SEIN(網路分享)


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象/我第一次目擊UFO以及其後的接觸(痞客邦部落格)



Eduard Meier 五歲的時候,第一次有意識的體驗到 UFO 的存在。那是個巨大的圓盤物,直徑大約有 250 至 300 公尺,飛到距他只有約 200 公尺高的上空,完全無聲無息,但就像來的快如閃電,不久也快速消失在森林邊。
其後還有幾次目擊 UFO 的經驗,但最為特別的是在 1942 年 11 月,他有了第一次的接觸體驗。那是與一位年紀非常大的老人帶著進入到了他的梨形飛行物體中,由地面飛上空中又再次回到了低空,並降落在地面上。隨後這個物體升了起來,並以極其驚人的速度垂直地竄入天空而離去。
第二次類似的體驗發生在 1944 年的仲夏,同樣那架梨形飛行物著陸在他所到的森林附近,這次還是那位慈祥的老者,也就是他最初的啟蒙教師 Sfath,這次帶他飛到離地球約 70 公里的高度,他們在那裡逗留了好幾個小時,並向他傳遞了許多許多重要的訊息,但要他承諾在此生中都要保持沉默。而在後續多年,Sfath 仍然傳輸了他龐大的知識。
1953 年的 2 3 日,Sfath 的聲音在他心裡跟他告別,在沉默了幾小時後,有一個新聲音穿透而來,聲音解釋說她叫做 ASKET此後就是他的新同伴兼教師,這個過程一直持續到 1964 年。


The introduction to Contact Report 001 appears in the first book in the series: Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1, pp 4-10. see PPKB

這算是《第 001 次接觸報告》的導言,陳述於接觸報告系列的第一本書中: Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte 第 1 卷,第 4~10 頁。參見 PPKB

This is the introductory set of events presented as preceding, setting in motion and leading up to the plot in the narrative history. All therefore chronologically earlier than the narrative of primary interest. The wider backstory which some readers may already be aware of, is presented only very much later, decades later, and it is not recommended at this stage if you are new to the backstory to skip to the wider backstory. Begin here after reading How It All Began. Eduard is a child.



The Meier family in the year 1945. From left to right:
Gottlieb, mother Bertha, Verena, Bertha, Karl, father Julius, and Eduard (“Billy”).

Gottlieb、母親 Bertha、Verena、Bertha、Karl、父親 Julius 和愛德華(比利)。


Eduard in 1941, age 4


At 5 years old, I had my first conscious UFO experience. It was a sighting of a large disc-shaped object: It was on the 2nd of June, 1942, at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning in Bülach / ZH CH. Together with my father, I was standing behind our house next to a large walnut tree and looking eastwards toward the sky – as if mesmerized and yet only vaguely knowing why. It was as if a hitherto unknown urge was in me, which ordered me – so it seemed to me – to look high above the eastern horizon for something. But for what, that was very puzzling to me. So I then simply followed the urge that was foreign to me and searched hard for something in the azure blueness of the sky on this rather warm and beautiful summer morning.

在我五歲的時候,第一次有意識的體驗到 UFO 的存在。這是一個大型圓盤狀的物體:那是 1942 年 6 月 2 日,在蘇黎世比拉赫(Bülach/ZH CH)的早上 9 點整。當時我和我父親站在我家後面的一棵大核桃樹旁邊,望著東方的天空,我們似乎是被什麼東西吸引住了一樣,只不過都不知道為什麼會這樣。在我看來,我心中仿佛有一種未知的渴望在命令著我,去期待東方地平線上的一些東西。然而,這對我來說是莫名其妙的。於是我就這樣單純地跟隨著這種陌生的渴望,在這個溫暖而美麗的夏日早晨,焦急地期待著在蔚藍的天空中會出現些什麼。

Ten or fifteen minutes might have passed before my gaze was bound by something quite strange: Out of the bright and serene sky, a silver flash shot down at breakneck speed, darted like a gigantic metal arrow over the Eschenmoser mountain, directly towards the 75-meter high Reformed Church. Just before the tall tower, the silver flash evaded to the right and shot past it, heading straight for our house and rising back upward terrifically fast. In a tiny fraction of a second, the rushing flash became gigantically large and round, turning into a very huge, flat metal disc. Like a monstrous discus of about 250 to 300 meters in diameter, the disc shot over us at an altitude of only about 200 meters, completely noiselessly and like a fantastic phantom. Like a flash, as it had appeared just a split second before in the east, so quickly had it also disappeared in the west over the Höragen forest.

大約是過了十或十五分鐘的樣子,我的目光被一些很奇怪的東西給吸引住了:在明亮而寧靜的天空中,突然有一個銀色的閃光以驚人的速度一閃而下,就像一支巨大的金屬箭一樣飛過 Eschenmoser 山,直接極其精準地停在改革教堂(Reformed Church)75 公尺的上空。就在教堂的大塔樓前,銀色閃光又飛到了右邊,並從那裡以極快的速度直接掠到我們家的上方,然後再次以瘋狂的速度攀升。在不到一秒鐘內,這個閃光變得越來越大且越來越圓,成了一個極其巨大的金屬圓盤。這個巨大的圓盤物直徑大約有 250 至 300 公尺,飛到距我們只有約 200 公尺高的上空,完全無聲無息,就像一個巨大的幽靈。它的速度是如此之快,就像剛才首次出現在東方的時候,它再次快速地消失在 Höragn 森林的西側。

Not understanding, I still for a long time stared westward after the already long-vanished object, during which I noticed that my father was quite perplexed and was also staring to the west, shaking his head. Nevertheless, I asked him then about the how, where, and why of the disc that flashed past so terrifically fast. Considering it thoughtfully, he then gave me the only logical answer for him at that time of World War II: “That was probably the newest secret weapon of Hitler.”



Eduard aged 6 with his father and fathers co-worker



Eduards parents, Bertha and Julius Meier

愛德華的母親伯莎(Bertha)和父親朱利葉斯.邁爾(Julius Meier)

The answer from my father was, even then at the age of just five, rather unsatisfactory and a bit too fantastic for me. On the one hand, very cumbersome American bombers were constantly flying over our village, which were quite unmodern and bomb-throwing, and on the other hand, it happened very often that German “Stukas” (dive bombers) and other fighter planes came over the near border, but these were, in my estimation, just as primitive in all things as the “Ami bombers,” which were often shot down or otherwise brought down by the Swiss Air Force directly over our village. All this did not agree with the explanation of my father, who, as a simple man and somehow attached to the old, did not think much about the development of technology. I, however, as a 5-year-old, was all the more interested in it, triggered on the one hand by the wild and evil war cries around the world, which I followed by radio, and on the other hand by the constant bombings of the Ami’s as well as the often long-lasting thunder of the heavy tank and artillery weapons, which often penetrated day and night over many kilometers of distance to our village.

我父親給的答案讓當時只有五歲的我非常不滿,這也太離譜了點。因為一方面,美國轟炸機在掠過我們村莊的時候,速度總是非常遲緩,它們的款式過時,而且會投擲炸彈;另一方面,我們的邊境總是會出現一些德國“Stukas”(俯衝轟炸機)和其它戰鬥機,但在我看來,這些東西都像那些美式轟炸機(Ami bombers)一樣老舊,經常會被瑞士空軍直接擊落在我們的村莊裡,或者以任何方式給撂倒。這一切都和我父親的解釋不一致,他作為一個單純的人和任何其他成年人一樣,對技術的發展沒有太多的思考。然而五歲時候的我卻對世界上所發生的事情越來越關注。一方面,我透過收音機注意到了整個世界上所引發的混亂和恐怖的戰爭事件。另一方面通過美國人持續地轟炸襲擊,還有重型坦克和炮兵部隊所引發的持續地爆炸聲,而這些東西所發出來的聲音能從數十公里外傳入我們的村莊,且經常是沒日沒夜的出現。

It just did not make sense to me that all the primitive and murderous things of this Second World War should have anything to do, even in the least, with the very futuristic-looking disc that was seen. With this and with many other considerations, two worlds different in many things simply clashed with one another, of which I became very strongly conscious already then, as I was reflecting there under the walnut tree. There simply had to be another explanation than just that of my father, not only because of my thoughts, but also because the disc I saw suddenly seemed rather familiar to me, and I could not get rid of the thought that I had to have seen the same or very similar discs elsewhere and under extremely good and peaceful circumstances.


My thoughts and notions led me to begin observing the sky day and night, and more and more often, especially at night, I could observe “moving stars” very high in the sky – some larger, some smaller. There were still no satellites at that time, and I knew bombers or fighters well enough by their constant appearance. On the other hand, these extremely primitive earthly aircraft were not able to fly at such enormous altitudes as these “moving and often also flashing stars” which, at the same time, very often also had extremely abrupt zigzag flight paths, something I had not observed with any earthly airplane in all the years before.


Just as I saw the “moving stars” at that time, they can still be seen today, very high in the sky, at 20 to 40 kilometers of altitude, at night and in starry weather. However, to be able to be sure that satellites are not mistaken for UFOs, the best time to observe is between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, for at this time, the earth is completely shaded from the sunlight and cannot bring to light any passing satellites, not in any case at all, even if certain “clever” scientists want to maintain the opposite. Since the UFOs carry out their inspection flights very high in the sky at these times, they are usually to be seen as no larger than stars.

正如我當時所看到過的“會飛的星星”那樣,如今別人也看到過了。在寧靜的夜晚和星光明亮的天氣裡,能在 20 到 40 公里的高空中看到“會飛的星星”。不過為了保證別把衛星錯誤地當作 UFO,最好的觀察時間是在晚上 10 點到淩晨 2 點之間,因為這個時候的地球處於太陽光背面其完美的位置,此刻運行的衛星沒法反射太陽光,所以完全不會發生任何意外狀況,除非某些“機靈”的科學家想要堅稱相反的事情。由於這些 UFO 在這個時間會把他們的飛行物控制在非常高的空中,所以在大多數情況下,看到它們的時候不會比星星大。

If my first sightings of UFOs were only at night, when I saw them as “moving stars,” then that changed already after a relatively short time, for on one beautiful and warm late summer afternoon, I saw, to my delight, a spherical object high in the blue sky, slowly drifting along and sinking deeper, until I was able to recognize it as a proper sphere. Then, it vanished all of a sudden and without a trace, without any noise or recognizable reason.

我首次在一個夜晚目擊到 UFO,那時候我把它們當做了“會飛的星星”,但在相對較短的時間後我改變了自己的想法,因為在一個溫暖又美麗的夏末午後,我非常興奮地看到一個球狀物體在蔚藍的天空中緩緩地移動並逐漸向下降落,直到此時我才辨析到它是真正的球體。隨後它瞬間消失,毫無任何蹤影,沒有任何聲音,也不知道什麼原因。

In the following time, the day sightings accumulated, and one day I again felt something strangely foreign in me. It was like a voice somewhere in my head, and somewhere there were also drawn pictures that were inexplicable to me. This inner voice and the pictures prompted me intensively and repeatedly to seek an answer and also to give it. This happened in the late autumn of 1942, just a few months before the transition to my sixth year of age.

此後的日子裡我累積了許多目擊經驗,直到有一天我內心再次感受到了某些特別陌生的東西。我的體內不知哪裡有個類似聲音的東西,體內的某個地方還隱約地傳給了我一副難以理解的畫面。這內在的聲音和畫面一直在急促地要求著我,讓我儘量去找出答案並回答它。這件事發生在 1942 年的深秋,就在我快要度過六歲生日的幾個月前。

These appearances completely foreign to me, this inner voice and the pictures, they somehow worried me, for in my then still own unknowledge about such matters, the thought came to me that I would slowly go crazy and insane. This was a reason for me to approach one of our Protestant pastors, in the hope that he would help me. He then did this very helpfully and with obvious knowledge of the situation, even though I had never told him anything before. As it seemed to me, he was well informed about UFO matters and had a great deal of knowledge in this regard. So he cleared me up in the matters of UFOs and my “inner voice” and the “inner pictures” and explained to me that I should attempt and try as fast as possible to give a response to the voice continuously calling out in me. I can still remember very well that he, while friendly laughing, took away my anxiety with the words, “You need not be afraid, because you know what you hear and see inside you, that’s just telepathy.” Then, to my astonished and probably also rather uncomprehending face, he explained to me very exactly what I had to understand by telepathy. Together with this, however, he still explained to me very many other things, which I still could not fully understand at that time as a five-year-old boy, but which I learned to understand fully in later years, as I also became aware that this old and lovable pastor was an initiate.

這完全讓我陌生的現象和內在的聲音畫面,讓我莫名地害怕起來,因為當時我在這方面還是無知的,我最先想到的念頭是我會慢慢發瘋。就是這個原因,促使我想要向教會的牧師(也就是 Zimmermann 神父)請教,希望讓他來幫助我。他也非常樂於助人地同意了,顯然他是知道具體情況的,儘管我之前從來沒跟他說過什麼。我似乎覺得他在 UFO 方面有著許多資訊和大量的知識。他跟我非常詳盡地說明了 UFO 的事情,以及內在的聲音和畫面,並解釋說,我要試著去竭盡所能地回答那不斷呼喚我的聲音。我現在還清楚地記得他用親切地微笑拿走了我內心的恐懼,並說到:“你無需害怕,因為你知道你內心聽到的和看到的只是「心靈感應」(telepathy)。”我的臉上浮現完驚訝又非常愚蠢的表情後,他跟我繼續詳細地解釋著,我要去掌握心靈感應。除了這些以外,他還跟我解釋了許多別的事情,當時只有五歲的我還無法準確地理解這一切,然而在往後的歲月裡我充分地理解了他所說的話,我還意識到這位年老又可愛的牧師是一個啟蒙者。

As the pastor advised me, so I did. From then on, I tried intensively to direct my thoughts to the voice so often sounding inside me and to call out to it. And in fact, one day, after only a short time had passed, I suddenly felt that my thoughts found contact, somewhere and somehow.


The first reaction from the other side was a soft and gentle laugh, which I simply heard and felt deep inside of me, soothing and relaxing, also reassuring and happy-making. After that, this contact went back out, and from then on, I neither heard a voice nor saw pictures within me. It was just suddenly all quiet again.


During the time that followed, I continued with my simple observations, after having had a rather peculiar experience in November of 1942: It was in the “Langenzinggen” – a very remote, large meadow area located behind the Höragen forest, which was always used for gliding purposes – as a pear-shaped, metallic object sank down from the cloudy sky and touched down on the ground. A very old man emerged from the peculiar vehicle and told me to come to him. Without a word, I followed him and let myself be brought into his aerial vehicle, and I soon saw on screens that we rose high above the ground. Then the pear-shaped object soon sank down again and touched down imperceptibly on the ground. The old man told me to get out, which I did like a sleepwalker. I was hardly outside when the object rose and went straight up into the sky at breakneck speed, as I stared in astonishment.

在接下來的那段期間裡我繼續著那簡單的觀察。在 1942 年 11 月以後我有了一次非常特別的經歷:它是在“Langenzinggen” —— 一個坐落在 Höragn 森林後面極為偏僻的大片草原,它總是被拿作來滑翔之用,這時在雲霧的天空中出現的一架梨形金屬狀的物體降落在地面上。一個年紀非常大的老人從這架特殊的交通工具中下來,並要我跟著他走。我默默地跟著他,並讓他帶著我進入了他的飛行交通工具裡,我還從顯示幕上看到我們正在從地球上升起。接著梨形物體又再次回到了低空,並降落在了不易被察覺到的地面上。這位老人叫我出去,而我就像一個夢遊者那樣去這樣做了。幾乎在我剛跨出去的時候,這個物體升了起來,並以極其驚人的速度垂直地竄入天空,而我則驚訝地凝望著它的離去。

Deep in thought, I headed home, wondering if I should tell anyone about this experience. Nevertheless, I decided to remain silent and not even say anything to the pastor. So I lived with my secret and became more and more withdrawn. My simple object observations of the next years were then followed by another profound experience, which frightened me very much. Even with the pastor’s explanations, I had no notion of the fact that there are different forms of telepathy, which is why anxiety again flared up in me when, on my birthday, on 2/3/1944, quite obviously in my consciousness, suddenly a soft voice sounded and invited me to learn very strictly now and to gather to myself knowledge to be transmitted in this way. I believed I had suddenly become ill in consciousness and was afraid because of this. I dared not to confide in my parents, as they could not have understood me anyway – I knew that very well. On the other hand, I did not trust this inner voice, which was quite clearly in my consciousness this time, because I was of the view that this was the voice of insanity, even though it kept trying to reassure me. In my anxiety, I confided again in the pastor, who listened to my story patiently and very attentively as I told him everything down to the smallest detail. The wise man then smiled gently and revealed that I really did not need to be afraid because he was very well informed about all these things. But unfortunately, in these things, he could only do so much as teach me extensively in certain things. For this, however, it would be necessary that I keep absolute silence about everything because all these things were not compatible with his profession. But he himself had the task of working, as a pastor and for very specific reasons at this place, in the form of slowly clearing up the human beings about the truth of their religion. This, however, would be a very difficult undertaking, since the human beings in my home village were especially god-believing and, thus, also delusion-believing.

我在回家的路上沉浸在深深地思考裡,我考慮是不是要把這件經歷告訴給別人。然而我決定還是保持沉默,也不跟牧師說。因此我和自己的秘密生活著,變得越來越沉默。接下來的幾年裡我單純地觀察著目標物,隨後又有了一次更加特殊的經歷,這讓我非常害怕。在 1944 年 2 月 3 日我生日的時候,我的意識裡突然有一個輕柔的聲音響起,它要求我去艱苦地學習,在這種習慣上去搜集傳送來的知識。而我在牧師的解釋中沒料到其實心靈感應還有著各種各樣的形式,這就是我為什麼還會害怕的原因。我當時相信自己的意識突然生病了,這讓我害怕不已。我不敢去相信我的父母,因為他們無論如何都不可能理解,這我是非常肯定的。這次內在的聲音是清晰地傳入到我的意識裡的,這讓我不敢相信。因為我覺得這是精神錯亂的聲音,儘管這聲音曾試著去安慰我。在我的焦慮中,我再次向牧師傾訴,他耐心又專注地聽著我的故事,在我跟他原原本本地訴說這一切,直到每一個小細節的時候。智慧的老者當時帶著柔和的微笑,表示我真的無需害怕,因為他有關於這一切的資訊。他在某些事情上的授課是相當豐富的,但遺憾的是他在這些事上只能做這麼多。可是我必須要在所有的事情上保持絕對的沉默,這是必須的,因為他跟我所說的所有事,都和他的職業相矛盾。他身為牧師有自己的任務,由於某些原因他要以這種方式在這個地方工作,慢慢地向人們解釋宗教的真相。然而這也是非常大膽的行為,因為我們老家的那些人特別信仰上帝,因此他們也是充滿著信仰的幻想。

At that time, I did not yet understand the discourses in this form very well and was also not able to grasp their deeper meaning. I could only do this many years later, when I had nearly forgotten about this pastor. But one thing he knew how to convey to me quite clearly was that this voice in my consciousness had nothing to do with being crazy or with germinating insanity, but that this was just another form of telepathy and that the voice was only the thought-voice of another human being, who lived somewhere very far out there in the universe on another world. The pastor explained to me that the sounding of this voice in my consciousness was just as much a telepathic means of communication as also the different kind of telepathy process of two years before. This form of telepathy, however, would also find use across unlimited distances and would know no obstacles other than only a consciousness-based reception blockade. For the first time, I heard just the term “telepathy” from him, as he called by name this means of communication in the form that could also find use from human being to human being through the normal consciousness, because when he spoke of telepathy two years earlier, he only mentioned spiritual telepathy to me, but not the simple, primary transmission of thought through the material consciousness-block. So it was only with this second meeting that he explained to me that I am susceptible only to extremely high swinging waves and that beings of lower levels, such as Earth human beings, would not be able to penetrate into me. This would only be possible for very highly developed life forms because I have come into this life to fulfill a special task and, therefore, must be immune to the malicious machinations and influences of lower and still more underdeveloped intelligences and beings, etc.

這種形式的談話我當時還不是非常理解,也沒辦法領悟更深層的含義。多年以後我才能夠做到這點,那時我幾乎快忘記了這位牧師。他清楚地告訴我一件事,也就是來自我意識裡的聲音絕不是因為“精神錯亂”,而是另一種形式的心靈感應,這聲音只是另外一個人的思想之音(thought-voice),他生活在宇宙某個非常遙遠的世界。牧師還跟我解釋,來自我意識的聲音呢喃也是一種心靈感應的聯繫方式,就像兩年前另一種不同的心靈感應過程。這種心靈感應形式也能運用在無限的距離上,不會有任何障礙,只用意識量就能識別。這是我第一次聽到他用心靈感應來表達,他說這種形式的聯絡方式也可以用普通意識去作人與人之間的聯絡。他兩年前跟我說的“心靈感應”的時候只是用 “靈性心靈感應”(spiritual telepathy),根本沒說用物質意識塊(material consciousness-block)就能進行初級的思想傳送。他也是在這第二次解釋中首次跟我提到我只會接收到最高級的振動。而普通人的低層次,例如地球人,是無法穿透我的。只有非常發達的生命才能做到穿透我,這是因為我在這一生中要履行一個特殊的任務,必須避免被邪惡的手段和作用所侵犯,以及被不發達的外星人和生物等等所侵犯。


Pastor; Father Zimmermann in 1930’s

牧師;在 1930 年代的 Zimmermann 神父


Pastor; Father Zimmermann in 1914

牧師;1914 年的 Zimmermann 神父

The pastor’s explanations seemed very good to me, even though it struck me as another blow when he explained to me that my life would be exceptionally hard, full of privation, and full of hardships – which has also proven to be true to this day. By his explanations, however, I overcame my groundless anxiety and tried to expand the only one-sided contacts of a telepathic form that were in their beginnings. I asked questions and also received answers to them. Then I knew that the pastor had told me the full truth.

牧師的解釋對我似乎是非常有用的,儘管他在他跟我說我的生活會變得異常艱難、非常貧困的時候,還是給了我一個打擊 —— 但到如今這也得到了證實。但是經由他的解釋,我戰勝了自己無緣由的不安,並儘量去擴展只有單方面接觸的心靈感應形式。我提出問題並在之後得到答案。那時候我知道,牧師把所有的真相都告訴了我。

Through these telepathic contacts with a human life form named SFATH, I was initiated into immense and, to me, seemingly gigantic things, which very often seemed rather insane to me. The result of this was that I now finally did all of that which would isolate me from the environment. I allowed even more malicious intrigues to pass over me without opposition than what I had already let happen until then. So I became practically the scapegoat for all the evil that happened in the village. But I did not care about this and just smiled quietly inside myself, even when any lies were brought against me and I had to pay hard for it. I was often so beaten with beatings that I could not walk, stand, or sit afterwards. So my whole situation became more and more difficult, even at school, which I started to skip. This did not bother me very much, however, because on the one hand, I still learned a lot at school, in order to be informed even more thoroughly and more profoundly afterwards in my spare time by the telepathic contacts with Sfath.

有一個人通過這種心靈感應接觸,說出了他自己的名字,也就是:Sfath。他把許多即將到來又可怕的事情透露給了我,這常常讓我覺得很瘋狂。這樣的結果,就是我最終從周遭的世界中孤立了自己。我還要和更多的邪惡陰謀鬥爭下去,正如迄今為止在我身上所發生過的一切那樣。因此村子裡發生的所有壞事都怪在我頭上,我成了替罪羔羊。可是我並不在乎,只是會在內心默默地笑著,即便當有任何謊言發生在我身上,並讓我為此付出艱難代價的時候。所以我常常挨打,以致於我事後既不能坐,也不能站,更不能跑。就這樣我的情況變得越來越艱困,在學校也是,因此我開始蹺課。但這並沒有對我造成過多的干擾,因為儘管如此,我在學校裡還是學到了很多的東西,還能在空餘的時間裡透過和 Sfath 的心靈感應接觸,學到許多深入又徹底的知識。


Sfath, drawn by Ptaah on 15th May 2000.

Sfath,由 Ptaah 於 2000 年 5 月 15 日所繪。


Sfath, father of Ptaah and grandfather of Semjase.
Eduard’s earliest teachers, he passed away when he was a young boy.

Sfath,也是 Ptaah 的父親和 Semjase 的祖父。

In spite of my many unexcused absences from school (the “master achievement” amounted to 175 unexcused absences in the worst year), strangely, nothing happened from the school board. On the contrary, the course of things was left as it was until I had passed through all the grades of school until just 6 months remained. It was only then that the school board struck. But these events, which make up only a tiny iota of my life, have preceded the logical course of my story, so they also should not be mentioned here in detail.

儘管我無數次缺課(最糟糕的那年,有總共逃了 175 節課的“傑出成就”),但學校也沒特別地去追究。正好相反,別人就這樣讓它順其自然地下去,因此我也完成了全部的學業,除了那剩下的六個月,那時學校已關門大吉。但是這個事情只是構成了我生命當中的小小一段,是我的故事歷經之前的過程,因此這也沒必要去細說它了。

So it was in the year 1944 when Sfath took up telepathic contact with me, and I positioned myself positively to this contact due to the pastor’s explanations. But at the same time, I still did not know that also the first contact two years earlier was to be traced back to the same source and that the old man, who had taken me with him in his pear-shaped flying device, was Sfath himself. He had meanwhile informed me telepathically about the fact that I was being prepared for a very great and extremely important task, and I now had to decide for myself whether I would want to take on the burden of this mission or not. According to his explanations, I had already been chosen for this before my birth and accordingly also under the constant control of his person. The fact that this was actually the case, I could find out from the fact that at six months old, I had fallen ill with a very severe case of pneumonia, and there was no hope left at all. Late at night, the family doctor, Dr. Strebel, appeared and prepared my parents for the fact that I would finish my life that same night. As I was already lying in a coma and about to leave earthly life, he, Sfath, then intervened and returned life to me.

在 1944 年的時候 Sfath 和我開始進行心靈感應的接觸,我通過牧師的解釋,積極地去面對這種接觸。但那時我還不知道,他和兩年前首次接觸的,是否是同一個人,也就是帶著我進入他梨形飛行器的這位老人,是否是 Sfath 本人。他在用心靈感應的期間告知我,我要為一個極其艱鉅的任務作好準備,我只能自己決定要不要接受這項重任。根據他的解釋,我在出生前就已被選定了這項任務,因此也在他本人持續地監視下。我能確定這真的是事實:那就是在我六個月大的時候,我得了嚴重的肺炎,已經到了絕對沒有任何生還希望的地步了。在隨後的某個夜晚,斯特雷貝爾(Strebel)醫生來到了我家,並讓我的父母準備好我會在今晚結束生命。已經躺著不省人事並正在離開人世的時候,他,Sfath,出手干預並讓我恢復了生命。

Naturally, I wanted to get to the bottom of this claim of Sfath’s, and so I asked my mother about the events of my babyhood. To my astonishment, she confirmed Sfath’s information to me and explained that a “miracle” must have happened at that time because there really was no hope anymore for my young life. Even the family doctor, Dr. Strebel, has stated that a “miracle” must have happened to me, which was completely inexplicable to him, for according to his medical findings from the night before, I should have already been dead in the morning.

自然我要根據 Sfath 的解釋去問問我母親,我嬰兒時期是否發生過那件事情。我驚訝的是她證實了 Sfath 的說法,她還跟我說這肯定是發生了“奇跡”,因為當時我幼小的生命真的是毫無希望了。家庭醫生斯特雷貝爾也說在我身上肯定是發生了“奇跡”,那是他完全無法解釋的,因為按照他那天晚上的診斷,我肯定在第二天早上就已經死掉了。


Sfath’s ship, according to a description in the Semjase Block and by Billy.
Free-drawn by Viktor Emmanuel Bickel, 1999

根據 Semjase 和比利所描述出 Sfath 的飛船。
此圖是由 Viktor Emmanuel Bickel 於 1999 年手繪


Eduard Albert Meier, at about 4 years old, with “Barry,” the Bernese mountain dog of the family, in front of his grandmother’s house in Niederflachs (Bülach). On the left is his mother, Bertha, and sitting in the background in front of the house is a neighbor.

愛德華大約四歲時,與家裡的伯恩山犬(Bernese mountain dog)“Barry”,
在他祖母位於比拉赫鎮 Niederflachs 的家門前。

Sfath still explained countless other things to me, taught me, and gave me data, etc., about which I must remain silent throughout my life. So the time passed until midsummer of 1944, when I once again, all alone and deep in thought, strolled through the “Langenzinggen” of the Höragen forest near Bülach. As I was doing this, Sfath suddenly announced himself in his telepathic form that had become so very familiar to me and said that I should wait a few minutes and not be frightened. So I just waited then, expectant of the things to come. It did not take long, only a few minutes, when a silvery object fell from the sky – a structure of metal that was still strange-looking in my opinion but that was already quite familiar to me and no larger than five or six meters in diameter. Not far from me, the pear-shaped flying device landed on the ground, while I stared at it, interested and fascinated. I could now see something moving on the side of the object, forming an opening, and out of this came a figure into the open. It was an already very old man, who was in a rather strange suit, and he was now slowly coming toward me, just as he had when I saw him for the first time years before. This time, he was in a sort of deep-sea diving suit, which was quite silvery and lacked a helmet. But despite this suit, his whole appearance seemed very venerable and wise to me, and I still remember very well that he appeared to me like a time-honored patriarch.

Sfath 還跟我解釋了無數的事情、指導我,並給我資料等等,關於這些事情,我必須要終生保密。時間到了 1944 年的仲夏,那時候我再次沉醉在孤單又寂寞的深度思考中,漫無目的地走在比拉赫旁邊 Höragn 森林的“Langenzinggen”。 當我就這樣走著走著的時候,突然 Sfath 以我很熟悉的心靈感應形式傳入我的內心,並解釋說讓我等幾分鐘,不要害怕。沒等多久,只有幾分鐘吧,有一架銀色的物體從天空中衝了出來。它在我的概念中總是呈現出一種古怪的金屬外形,不過我現在可以肯定它的直徑不會超過五、六公尺。這架梨形飛行物降落在我的附近,而我則興沖沖地端量著它。我現在能看到物體的側面有點動靜,它出現了一個開口,一個身影從裡面出現。這是一位非常年老的人,他穿著非常奇怪的衣服向我慢慢走來,這種畫面就如同我在幾年前首次看到他那樣。他如今還是穿著如同潛水服的套裝,然而全身都是銀色的,沒有頭盔。不過,儘管這個服飾顯得非常怪異,但他的整個神情,在我看來是非常令人崇敬並充滿智慧的,而且我很清楚地回憶到,他看來就像是一位受人尊敬的族長。

Somewhat slowly, the man came to me and spoke to me – in my native language and in the flat dialect of our village. But the man evidently seemed somewhat unfamiliar with it, as he pronounced several syllables incorrectly, which struck me immediately. He explained to me that he was Sfath and that I should now come with him. As if under a quiet coercion, I followed him, just like a few years before, to the strange pear-shaped thing, and there I was simply somehow hoisted into the opening, without my being able to recognize how I was lifted. Then, on its own, the opening closed behind us, while Sfath led me through another opening in the interior of the object into a small room, in which there were three peculiar desks full of apparatuses and devices. I also saw various small windows in which strange figures moved, and in some I saw the whole landscape outside around this pear-shaped flying device. Then Sfath requested me to sit down, and he worked with some apparatuses. What he was manipulating on them, that I did not understand. However, I saw in the various illuminated small windows that the figures and the landscape images suddenly changed. I now suddenly saw the landscape from a bird’s-eye view. Hence, I questioningly directed my eyes toward Sfath, who now turned to me and sat down beside me. He explained that these “small windows” were not windows but rather viewing screens, which were also being developed on the earth at present and also would be in the future. Moreover, it concerned image transmissions by certain energies. But then, he told me that we were now very high above the earth, at about 70 kilometers of altitude. Here we would remain for a few hours because he would have to teach me many important things. He explained that I, through his efforts, had already developed intellectually much further than an Earth human being of 35 years of age. Also with regard to spiritual development, I had already progressed very far and had left the usual earthly norm far behind myself, which was why also no one was able to answer my spirit-oriented questions anymore. (That was indeed the case, because neither the pastor nor my teacher at that time, Karl Graf, were able to answer my questions. With regard to these questions, in particular, my teacher constantly tried to get answers from professors, but these could not be answered by them either.)

這位老者慢慢地來到了我這邊,接著跟我說話 —— 用我的母語和我們村子裡的方言。但是看來這位老人似乎對此不是很熟,這讓我馬上注意到,他把很多音節給說錯了。他跟我說他就是 Sfath,我現在要跟他走。如同一種溫柔地強制,我不由自主地跟隨著他,就好似幾年前那樣,朝著梨形飛行器走去。在那裡,我根本毫無頭緒地被托舉到開口裡,完全不曉得是怎麼被托上來的。接著我們後面的那個開口自動關閉,而 Sfath 則帶著我前往飛行器內部的另一個小艙間裡。這裡的三個控制台上全都是各種各樣的設備和工具。我還看到各種各樣的小窗戶,裡面有奇怪的身影在移動著,我還能看到梨形飛行器外面的整個景色。接著 Sfath 邀請我坐到座椅上,他自己則操作著旁邊的幾個設備。我不知道他在這些儀器上操作著什麼。不過我從各種明亮的小窗戶中看到那些身影和風景突然改變了。我突然之間在鳥瞰著整個景色。我把疑問的目光轉向 Sfath,他把頭轉向我並坐到我旁邊。他解釋說這個“窗戶”不是一般的窗戶,而是「觀景視窗」(viewing screens),到時候地球上也會發展出來的。這種畫面的傳輸涉及到某種能量。接著他又解釋說,我們現在處於地球的極高處,大約是 70 公里的高度。我們在這裡逗留了好幾個小時,因為他向我傳遞了許多許多重要的事情。他說,通過他運用的方式,我現在的意識比一個 35 歲的地球人還要成熟得多。我在靈性實質的發展方面也有了很大的進步,因此地球上普通的標準已遠遠落後於我。而這也是沒人能回答我關於靈性方面實質問題的原因。(事實上的確如此。因為我當時的老師 Karl Graf 和我的牧師都無法回答我的問題。關於這樣的問題,我的老師總是會想方設法地去大學教授那裡拿到答案,但是通過這種方式得到的答案還是無法解釋我的問題。)

It is interesting for me to note today that I had felt no fear at all at that time when Sfath told me that we were floating about 70,000 meters above the earth. I was not even surprised because of it, on the contrary; everything seemed strangely familiar and self-evident to me. I actually already didn’t even marvel any more at Sfath’s explanations, and with stoic calmness, I accepted it when he said that he would only continue to look after me until the beginning of the ’50s and would then hand this task over to a much higher developed life form, because on the one hand, his time was coming to an end, and on the other hand, he possessed too little knowledge, etc. to be able to continue teaching me then. This would then have to be taken over by a life form much higher than him, for at the beginning of the ’50s, I would have evolved so far according to consciousness-based potencies that I would have reached his own knowledge in this regard. But since I was destined for a very specific mission, which I had already fulfilled to a great extent in former lives, I would still have to be developed much further and, therefore, under the care of an intelligence positioned much higher than he was.

有意思的是,我現在發覺到那個時候的我,並沒有感到害怕,也就是 Sfath 跟我說在地球上空的 70 公里處漂浮著的時候。正好相反,我當時沒有為此而驚訝,這所有的一切對我來說,顯得非常熟悉而自然。事實上我也不再驚訝 Sfath 的解釋,而是懷著坦然的平靜,去接受他所作的說明,他說到他只能跟我繼續接觸到 50 年代初,隨後他的任務會被另一個更高級許多的生命形式來接管。因為這一方面是他的時間即將走向終點,另一方面是在對我進一步的指導中,他具有的知識太少等等。在那以後他不得不讓另一個更高級的生命來接管這個任務。因為在 50 年代初,我的意識潛力(consciousness-based potencies)會變得更加發達,在這點上我會達到他的認知水準。但這是為了整個確切的任務而選定我的,我在先前的生命中已完成了大部分的任務,我必須要進一步地發展,因此要被一個比 Sfath 更高級的外星人所照顧。

Further explanations of Sfath’s said that the humanity of Earth was approaching a very dangerous time and that the still prevailing Second World War would be ended in the following year, 1945, because on the 6th of August, 1945, the time would come full circle, since the events of Sodom and Gomorrah would be repeated in all their maliciousness, by which the end of the Second World War would be initiated in the last consequence. (Today, it is clear to every human being that this dire prediction pertained to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, since the first atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945, while the second followed shortly thereafter.) Apart from this gloomy prediction, however, Sfath still provided a great deal of other information, about which he obliged me, however, to maintain secrecy for the duration of my life.

Sfath 還作出了更多的解釋:“地球人會繼續面對一個極具危機的時代。第二次世界大戰隨後會在 1945 年結束,因為 1945 年的 8 月 6 號,針對「索多瑪」和「蛾摩拉」的整個罪惡事件(the events of Sodom and Gomorrah)被再次重演了,而這也是二戰結局的最終結果。” (這件事如今每個人都知道了,這個暗預測牽涉到廣島和長崎。1945 年 8 月 6 日的時候,那裡被投擲了首顆原子彈,緊隨其後的是第二顆原子彈。)除了這個黑暗的預測外,Sfath 還提供了非常多的訊息,不過關於這些,他要我承諾在此生中都要保持沉默。

Sfath never told me his age, but at the time, I estimated him to be at least 90 to 95 years old. He also never told me of his origin or what my real mission should be. I found out the latter only decades later from another source. Until then, however, a great deal of things were still to happen, and I was to experience things that often drove me to the edge of insanity, but also to the brink of death. But I was always able to overcome the dangerous situations by my own strength, and only very few times did I receive any other help, about which I know today with certainty that it was always directly or indirectly of extraterrestrial origin. But on the whole, I was completely on my own, and in all deeds and actions, I had to master everything myself. As a result, I learned a lot and was eventually able to adapt to any situation.

Sfaht 從來沒說過自己的年紀,不過我當時估計他至少 90 到 95 歲。他也從來沒跟我說過自己的出生地,以及我真正的任務到底是什麼內容。我在十年以後才從別的地方獲悉到我真正的使命內容。十年以後我還遭遇了許多命中註定的事情,這常常讓我幾近崩潰,甚至是接近死亡的邊緣。但我總是能通過自己的力量去克服那危險的局勢,只在極少次中得到過別人的幫助,我如今確切地知道這些人的幫助,間接或直接是來自外星人。但絕大部分下都是我獨自承擔著一切,我得掌控自己所有的行為和舉動。由此我學到了許許多多的事情,最終能適應各種處境。

The stay with Sfath at that time lasted a little more than four hours, during which he gave me tremendous knowledge. Towards the end of the get-together, he asked me to lie back in my chair, after which he then put a strange construction made up of countless wires and the smallest of apparatuses, etc. around my head. Wondering what was to follow, I watched him quietly as he worked with the apparatuses, with buttons and switches, and suddenly, I heard and saw tremendous things inside of me. Everything was just suddenly in me, a tremendous amount of knowledge, cognition, and all sorts of other things. I felt as if all of a sudden, strange forces had penetrated into me, as I was suddenly able to recognize things and events of the future, wanted to cure human beings of illnesses through whatever powers, and many other things. Then these influences stopped abruptly, and Sfath removed the strange device from my head with the explanation that I would now have all the abilities which had been given to me through the apparatus, but which had already been developed in me from former times. I would now never lose these abilities again, only I should never use them egoistically or simply for the purpose of profit or demonstration. The knowledge and abilities that had been awakened in me again must serve only for my own evolution and for the purpose of fulfilling the mission, etc. But if I were to act against that, then a safeguard planted therewith would automatically block everything, in which case the block would be maintained and would fully function for so long, until the danger was eliminated. This, so he explained at that time, would also be valid for scientific tests and for any forcible external influences, if it were attempted to penetrate into my knowledge and my abilities, as for example through hypnosis. Thus, the blockade would also appear in this respect and would condemn all attempts, etc. to failure. Moreover, the blockade would be so very strong that, under certain circumstances, it would even endanger the lives of those who would make the forcible attempts to penetrate. (This was, in fact, the case, as I was able to find out several times over the course of my life.) After these final explanations, Sfath brought me back to Earth, exactly where we had started hours earlier. Then he disappeared in his pear-shaped ship, but I would see him again and again. I still heard his voice in me for several years, when he would transmit to me all sorts of things and tremendous knowledge. On 2/3/1953, his voice said goodbye in me. It somehow sounded very old and tired. After that, it fell silent forever.

當我在 Sfath 那停留的四個多小時期間,他傳授了我許多驚人的知識。在會面快要結束的時後,他要求我坐回那張椅子上,接著他從無數條金屬線中扯出一個特別古怪的東西和極小的設備放在我身上。我看到他平靜地在設備上開開合合,接下來的事情讓人感到驚訝,我內心突然聽到和看到大量的東西。這一切在我心裡簡直太突然了,一種深不見底的領會、知識,和各種各樣其它的事情全都湧入了我的內心。我感到自己的內心突然有一種特別的力量在滲透著,刹那之間領悟到了未來的各種事件和經歷,人們想要通過各種力量去治癒疾病和許多別的事情。接著這種作用突然中斷了,Sfath 從我身上拿走了這個奇怪的設備並解釋道,我已經擁有了設備當中所提供的能力,不過我這些能力在非常久遠的過去就已經存在了。現在這些能力再也不會被我遺忘了,只是我絕不能利用這些力量去自我牟利,或者作為經濟方面的用途,或者去炫耀這種力量。這力量重新覺醒在我的身上。我的知識和技能只能服務於我自己的進化和執行任務等方面。但假設我會去違背這些的話,那麼“一種植入的保險裝置”會封鎖住一切,這種模組會維持很長一段時間並充分發揮作用,直到這種危險消失為止。他當時還解釋到,這種保險裝置也能防範住科學試驗和某些外部暴力的影響,例如有人想透過催眠術,試圖去穿透我的知識和能力的時候。所以出現這種情況的話也會被封鎖,所有此類的嘗試等等都將會失敗。此外,封鎖的力量是非常強大的,在某種情況下甚至能威脅到那些採用暴力手段者的生命。(事實上的確如此,我能在此生的經歷中多次感覺到。)在這番解釋之後,Sfath 把我帶回到了幾小時前降落的地方,接著他消失在自己的梨形飛船裡,不過後來我還是能一直見到他。那些年,在他傳送給我各種各樣的事情和龐大的知識的時候,我還能在心裡聽到他的聲音。但在 1953 年的 2 月 3 日那天,他的聲音在我心裡跟我告別,聽起來十分蒼老而虛弱,此後他就永遠沉默了。

Only a few hours after Sfath’s voice fell silent, which in the meantime had become like a part of me, a new voice entered me. Exactly like with Sfath, it was just suddenly there and talking to me. Somehow, I found this voice to be young and fresh, full of strength and so different from Sfath’s, very gentle and harmonious. This new voice, which was already very familiar to me after a few minutes, explained to me that it was a SHE and was named ASKET and that she was now my new companion. She then became my second contact, and through her I learned many further things over the course of the following years and attained a knowledge, which at that time seemed very phenomenal to me, and likewise attained phenomenal cognitions. It was through her and her possibilities that I was then led out into the wide world for the first time, which I later would travel during very long and yet so short years, in order to explore, fathom and, above all, learn all sorts of things.

就在 Sfath 的聲音沉默了幾小時後,有一個新聲音穿透到我的內心,就像是我自己的一部分那樣。如同 Sfath,她也是突然之間在那裡跟我說話。我不知怎麼的覺得這個聲音是很年輕、煥發、充滿力量,並且非常柔美和悅耳,這和 Sfath 是完全不同的感覺。我幾分鐘之後就熟悉了這個新的聲音,聲音解釋說她是“她”,叫做 ASKET,她現在是我的新同伴。她後來成為了我的第二個接觸者,透過她的幫助,我在隨後的那些年裡學到了更多的東西,得到了當時非常驚人的知識和發現。經由她和她提供的機會,我也首次被護送到了更曠闊的世界。我可以在既漫長又短暫的歲月期間到處旅行,進行探索、考察與研究,並且學習到了各種各樣的事情。


《一切是如何開始的 ▲ 回目錄Sfath的解說



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