Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth/



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資料來源:Letter published in the 373rd contact conversation,

報告卷屬:Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 9,

頁碼範圍:pages 389-392


英版譯者:Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg


校對改進:Vivienne Legg, and Dyson Devine, in collaboration with Vibka Wallder and Adam Dei Rocini


英版連結:「Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (5th July, 1951)

中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象-給地球人類的公開信(痞客邦部落格)


Translation of Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (5th July, 1951)


  1. In the 373rd contact conversation between the Plejaren, Ptaah, and “Billy”, the talk – as so often happens – turned to the world events of Earth, whereby many aspects which arose were those of war, and other terror carried out by government powers as well as by non-governmental terrororganisations, but also other events through which Earth will be plunged into natural disasters, and humankind into hardship and misery.


  1. In other contact conversations, aspects of depravity through criminality, wrongdoing and prostitution, and so forth, were also addressed, whereby it was pointed out again and again that the starting point, that is to say, the root cause, of all negative events, leads solely back to overpopulation and to the irresponsibility, selfishness and overbearingness of Earth human beings.


  1. Thereby, as has always been said so urgently, those in charge, within the administrations and governments, are the main ones to blame, because they are the decisive powers for avoiding everything evil and leading the world, as well as its humankind, into a better future.


  1. They have done nothing of value of that kind, since time immemorial, because their way of thinking was always only orientated towards power and their own profit – and that has remained so to this day.


  1. Now, in the 373rd official contact conversation, the discussion turned to how “Billy” (BEAM), at 14 years of age, already wrote a long letter to those in charge in the world and made 3,000 copies (with the help of his teacher Gustav Lehmann) and sent it to all the governments of Earth as well as to decisive organisations, newspapers, journals and schools, and so forth, without ever receiving an answer to it and without anything being undertaken by those addressed in the letter.

在第373次的接觸談話中,談到了當年僅14歲的“Billy”(BEAM)如何給世界上的負責人寫了一封長信,並製作了3000份(在他的老師Gustav Lehmann的幫助下),併發送給地球上所有的政府機構以及決定性的組織、報紙、期刊和學校等等,但是從未收到過一封回覆信件,也沒有任何收到信的人採取過任何行動。

  1. “Billy” Eduard A. Meier composed and formulated his letter in accordance with prophetic and predicting statements and explanations which had been presented to him by his fatherly friend Sfath.


  1. In the course of time this letter went the way of the perishable. However, when the conversation turned to it, on January 21, 2005, Ptaah explained that he had received a copy of the letter from Asket, one of his nieces, and although everything was indeed already very faded, it could certainly still be made legible.


  1. This letter which “Billy” had written in his youth, and had spread worldwide, shall – having been made legible again by a specialist – now, once again, come to the fore, and indeed by being published on the Internet.


  1. As a result of that, may at least a positive reaction arise from it in the present time.


Eduard Albert Meier
Niederflachs, July 5th, 1951
Niederflachs 1253

Niederflachs 1253

  1. To all those in charge in the world, Responsible for the welfare of the Earth and its entire humankind are, first and foremost – in addition to individual people of all nations – the authorities and their appointed governments; and to all those in charge of administration and governments, as well as to every single human being – I want to speak the following words of warning. My fatherly friend, Sfath, instructed me, by means of prohecy and prediction, in many kinds of things which will come about on Earth in the future and will bring unpleasant things.


  1. I want to lay out these things – which can be partly altered, however, in part, will unalterably come about – as follows: it was six years ago that World War II, which lasted from 1939 to 1945 and cost the lives of approximately 62,000,000 human beings, came to its inglorious end.


  1. Even atomic energy was employed for the murder of hundreds of thousands of human beings and for the destruction of their cities, through the irresponsible and criminal action of the USA, when the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by atom bombs.


  1. Unfortunately, all that will, however, not be the end of all terrors, massmurder, wars and acts of terror, if the human beings of all nations do not finally become sensible enough to relieve their power-greedy government bosses of their offices and let them turn tail and run.


  1. Basically, it is the people in each country who choose those who govern – normally, unfortunately, it is the insincere ones, who first make great promises, in order then, when they come into power, to start war and terror and, with lies and deceit, cast a spell over the peoples, whereby they become dependant on their superiors and fail to recognise the real truth.

基本上,是每個國家的人民選擇出了那些統治者 — 不幸的是,通常是不真誠的人他們首先作出偉大的承諾,然後,當他們掌權時,開始發動戰爭和恐怖行動用謊言和騙術迷惑人民,使他們依賴他們的統治者,而忽視了真正的真相

  1. That, however, will bring evil consequences in the future because, worldwide – if the people do not intervene against it – those who have the authority of the state will embroil the people more and more in wars, terror and hate, until the whole thing takes on uncontrollable forms worldwide.

然而,這將在未來帶來可怕的後果,因為全世界 — 如果人民不採取反對行動 — 那些擁有國家權力的人將越來越可能捲入戰爭、恐怖和仇恨的衝突,直到整個世界的事件發展到無法控制的地步。

  1. The time for this is no longer very far away, because already these monstrous things glow in a smoldering fire which will already become an open fire in the next few years.


  1. There is still time to stop the monster which is prophesied for the future of the entire terrestrial humankind and for Earth and its nature.


  1. Arresting counter-measures can still change everything for the better if the people and all those in charge in the governments, the administration, the sciences and the military, as well as all others who have responsibility for it, most rigorously trouble themselves to put a stop to all evils and bring a positive change to everything.


  1. If that does not happen, then unimagined horrors are imminent, whereby, in every respect, the world-power, USA, will, at the very forefront, lead the sword of death as well as the destruction and annihilation, while Israel and all those countries who will nestle in sanctimonious friendship with the USA, will toe the line and indeed, against the will of the rational elements of the respective peoples.


  1. Not only will wars, terror, destruction and annihilation, with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of murdered human beings, mark the future, but also will a monstrous overpopulation, which will be to blame for the fact that all the laws of nature will get thrown out of kilter.


  1. The human being will be to blame that all storms will increase and will assume more and more forceful forms – thus hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains – as the ozone-layer will also, however, become very dangerously damaged.


  1. Monstrous deluges will increasingly become the order of the day, because, due to overpopulation, the alluvial forests and flood plains will become altered in function to become residential areas, whereby the wild waters of the flooding rain will find their way into the houses of the human beings because the waters can no longer escape into uninhabited wetland areas.


  1. Landslides and avalanches, as well as earthquakes and seaquakes, as well as storms of every kind, will prevail: gales and typhoons, hurricanes and tornados, which will increase ever more in their numbers and will become ever more forceful and destructive.


  1. And also therewith overpopulation will bear the blame, because overpopulation will evoke monstrous negatives and will thereby give rise to an unnatural climate change which, in only one decade from today, will already begin to effect the world very detrimentally.


  1. The monstrous mass and weight of the cities and villages continuously plague the inner structures of the Earth more and more, through which the tectonics are adversely affected, which inevitably increasingly leads to tectonic displacements and faults, through which immense tremors are evoked worldwide, whereby, finally, the deaths will go into the hundreds of thousands and into the millions.


  1. And these tremors also have influences on the Earth’s entire volcanic activity, consequently, also the volcanos – which, worldwide, in many cases, are inter-connected – become ever more frequently and more destructively active.


  1. That will also demand the lives of many human beings, indeed especially in those areas where, unreasonably, habitations are built too closely to volcanoes, as is also the case on ocean beaches, and on great rivers and seas, where the immediate shorelines are built up, which are, to an enormous extent, flooded by storm waves and tsunamis, which will demand very many human lives.


  1. Yet that is not all, because, through the continually growing overpopulation, which in 50 years will have already grown to over 6,000,000,000, as is predicted, many monstrous and insoluble problems will appear.



  1. Famines will increase, while old illnesses, believed to be eradicated, will return.


  1. As a result of mass tourism from the industrialised countries, along with economic refugees from all over the world, the industrialised countries will become inundated, while a monstrous problem with asylum seekers will become just as insoluble.


  1. And it is predicted that, at the end of the eighties, the economic boom will collapse, and monstrous and unprecedented unemployment will break out, whereby criminality due to unemployment will climb just as it will because of criminal gangs from the so-called “Third World countries” who spread out into the industrialised countries and will not even shy away from murder in the pursuit of their misdeeds.


  1. Also, national debts climb beyond measure, as do terroristic extremism and neonazism, and so forth.


  1. Prostitution, as predicted by Sfath, will take on unbelievable forms and will go public, worldwide, such that even children are not spared from it.


  1. In the next few decades, prostitution will become a “respectable” profession which will be acknowledged officially by the authorities and will also be classified as taxable.






  1. Televisions – already invented – will, in every family, belong just as much to everyday life, as will the technology of the computer, which is already diligently being worked on in America, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union.



  1. The television and the computer will become the most important information media, however also, the significant forms of public advertising of prostitution.



  1. Human beings, in the course of the next 50 years, will become cold in their thoughts and feelings, whereby interpersonal relationships will produce ever stranger effects and will only be for serving a particular purpose.


  1. True love will become a rarity, and many marriages will only take place in order to indulge in a certain status associated with prestige and money.


  1. The result will be that many marriages will no longer hold together, families will be destroyed, and the offspring, along with being sexually abused, will also become asocial and neglected.


  1. Already at the end of the fifties, human beings – particularly the young – will begin to lead a life which is often only aligned with drugs, and then later, when the time of the eighties approaches, the drug problem will take the upper hand, whereby only pleasure will be meaningful, and destructive and dissonant sounds will characterise the world of music, whereby the psyche will be impaired and the entire behavior of those human beings who align themselves with this destructive type of music will succumb to negativity.


  1. In the realm of sectarianism, those supposedly chosen by God will emerge more and more to financially exploit their believers, make them dependent and even drive them to suicide.


  1. Irresponsible ones will use the time in order to become rich by means of their faithful supporters, especially when they spread fear and terror concerning the turn of the millennium, because they will claim that the world will come to an end in the year 2000.


  1. Then there will not even be a shying away from spreading lies that extraterrestrials will rescue the chosen ones – however naturally only if they hand over large sums of money to the sect leaders.

然後,在傳播謊言時會毫不猶豫地說,外星人會拯救被選中的人 — 當然,只有當他們向邪教領袖們提供了大筆資金時,他們才能倖免。

  1. Much more will be brought about by the growing overpopulation, which is fundamentally the actual source of all evil things of the future, because the greater the overpopulation becomes, the greater the problems arising from it will become.


  1. Thus new epidemics will appear, and indeed already in the coming eighties, demanding millions of human lives – and indeed epidemics which will be transferred from animals to people – while there will also be epidemics in the more distant future when they will be brought to Earth from outer space.


  1. However, all that, concerning epidemics coming from animals and spreading to human beings, will be disputed by those in charge and they will slander as liars those who are knowledgeable about the real truth.


  1. If the world and its humankind are thus destroyed, then it is the Earth human being himself who is the originator, whereby he creates the real cause by driving his overpopulation into ever increasing numbers.


  1. Therefore it will not be an imaginary god of some religion or sect who determines the coming monstrous problems and outgrowths, but solely the human being of Earth, who, in his delusion, believes himself to be the highest and mightiest being in the universe – far higher than Creation can ever be.


  1. Due to the fault of the human being – through his overpopulation, through his megalomania, through his unreasonableness and overbearingness – he challenges all the powers of nature, which, together with the Earth, rise up, and defend themselves against the degenerating machinations of the Earth human being.

由於人類的過錯 — 通過他的人口過剩,通過他的妄自尊大,通過他的無理專橫 — 他挑戰了自然的所有力量,這些力量與地球一起茁壯,並保護自己免受地球人類的墮落行為所害。

  1. Thus, the forces of nature on Earth, together with Earth itself, overflow, because the human being disturbs and destroys the entire natural course of the elements and life.


  1. I have all that to say, because it is the prophetic and, at the same time, the predictive truth.


  1. All of you who learn of these words from me, grasp the courage to consider what has been said and to draw the right conclusions from it and to behave correctly, because there is still time – however it has already begun to slip through your fingers.

你們所有聽到我的這些話的人,要有勇氣重新思考所講的內容,並從中得出正確的結論而採取正確行動,因為還有時間 — 然而,這已經開始從你的手指間溜走了。

  1. Consider these prophecies and predictions and act with a mind for a change for the better.


  1. Also make everything public for all the human beings of Earth by means of instructions in all media, in order to achieve an alteration and transformation in a positive sense and in order to protect Earth and its entire humankind from all inequity, from all evil, from all degenerations, from the many deaths and destruction and from the step into annihilation.


  1. All of you who receive my letter have the possibility, the might and the responsibility to protect the Earth and its humanity from all that I have revealed to you.


  1. Do not hesitate, rather act, and indeed quickly, because time is pressing.


  1. If you do not act immediately, then you are just as responsible, if the prophecies fulfil themselves, as all those who, in the future, will cause their fulfillment.


Eduard Albert Meier





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