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  • Friday, March 21, 1975, 4:18 PM
1. Today, unfortunately, I have to have a somewhat one-sided conversation because I have important things to clarify:
2. Already for decades, various Earth human beings and entire groups have part consciously, part unconsciously squeezed us into spheres, into which we do not fit in any form – spheres in which we also don’t want to reside.
3. Often only for the sake of fame and pure profit, we are placed higher than we are in reality.
4. But we are all only human, like all human beings.
5. According to your concepts, we live in a state of super-technology and of great spiritual and consciousness-based progress, but not in superiority and super-mightiness, which the majority of the human beings on Earth imputes to us.
6. We are neither the guardians of the Earth human beings nor any god-sent angels or the like.
7. Various self-seeking people and groups misled by them maintain that we are guardians of the earth and its people and that we would direct their destinies.
8. But this does not correspond to the truth, as we perform only a self-obliged task, which in no way has anything to do with a control and directing of the actual destinies of the Earth human beings.
9. It is therefore wrong to portray us as supernatural ambassadors and watchers.
10. If we were ambassadors and watchers in the sense as is maintained of us, then we would land in all openness and direct the destinies of the Earth human beings in all discernible ways.
11. We are not what is imputed to us, even though we are, spiritually and in terms of consciousness, about 25 million years ahead – and in terms of technology, almost 3 1/2 thousand years ahead – of the Earth human beings.
12. But it is in the interests of all those Earth human beings, who are themselves trapped in a religious belief, to make us something divine.
13. Through this they degrade themselves and all their fellow human beings to underdeveloped human beings.
14. Through erroneous or deliberately invented contact reports that are devoid of any truth, the impression is made that the Earth human being only commits errors and in no way lives properly.
15. But that is truly not the case, because the Earth human being is treading his evolutionary path.
16. Certainly, he is barbaric and accordingly also impetuous and often unscrupulous in his researches.
17. But barbarism is own to many life forms, as it is naturally conditioned and expedient, whereby life is first guaranteed.
18. By this I am referring to natural barbarism, which is free of departures from the control of the good human nature.
19. This rests with races much more highly developed than those of the Earth human beings and first settles itself down with a higher degree of consciousness-perfecting, when the necessary knowledge has become own to the human being.
20. But it is in no way the case that the Earth human being is only vilified and relegated to the spawn of evil.
21. He is the offspring of wild forebears and has to tread the path of his development.
22. This path, however, leads through much hardship, misery, and toil to cognition and knowledge.
23. But this in turn requires the hardness of a certain barbarism, without which no urge and striving forward for the new could be claimed.
24. Only a certain barbarism allows research and development, for it has the necessary hardness to pass over certain binding things that would hinder progress, such as strict belief-imaginations that impede progress in every respect or even nip it in the bud.
25. So it logically follows that human beings are only able to carry out fruitful research if they largely eliminate religious belief-imaginations and search for the truths where these are really hidden.
26. This doesn’t detract from the esteem for life or even the esteem for the Creation itself, quite the contrary; the esteem for the Creation and life is certainly fueled by conscious and responsible research and the resulting cognitions.
27. The Earth human being may recognize that this is really so in that no life could be freed from illness if, in the early beginnings, low animal life wouldn’t be previously destroyed experimentally, because this is necessary to analyze the pathogens and to produce antidotes.
28. But destroying life for research purposes requires a barbarism.
29. But also all kinds of evolution require barbarism because only this produces the necessary hardness.
30. So a human being who is under strong belief-imaginations of any kind can never bring about a decisive life-building development because he thinks and acts too one-sidedly and too humanely, whereby he gets out of the control of the good human nature just as one-sidedly.
31. The great danger lies in the fact that scientists of chemistry, medicine, and physics and so forth often use the power of their ability and knowledge for self-serving purposes and beat their less developed fellow species into enslavement and exploitation.
32. This should be prevented, as well as their achievements in technical regard, if these only serve to destroy.
33. It cannot be, that they thereby elevate themselves as gods and commit the same mistakes as our forebears did.
34. We want to try to prevent this through certain influences.
35. But we also want to show certain ways and let certain cognitions mature in the Earth human being.
36. And when we secretly interfere in certain things and matters through impulses, it is only for the reason that the Earth human being doesn’t make the same mistakes as our forebears did in a harmful way.
You’ve talked about that before. Do you want to continue the history of humanity with me today?
37. Sure, I want that.
Then may I still ask you a single question, which occupies various of my friends and acquaintances?
38. Sure.
It’s about your beamship, or about your beamships, which I could photograph at different times. It is incomprehensible to my friends and acquaintances that only I have seen them and could also photograph them.
39. That question is very easy to answer:
40. The powers of observation of the Earth human beings are very poor and superficial.
41. Our beamships are very often considered by them to be some earthly aircraft and so on, whereby they hardly give them more than a split second of their attention.
42. They are quite simply not used to very close observation and viewing.
43. But on the other hand, it is the case that, in the main, we protect our beamships against all sight, so that the human beings cannot observe us.
44. It is easy for us, at our discretion, to protect our ships against sight within a radius of 500 meters – completely or partially, from the sides or above or below – by means of a distortion screen.
45. Therefore, when I allowed you to photograph my ship from one side, it was shielded from other sight on all other sides by the distortion screens, so that no uninitiated person could see it.
46. I want to prove this to you and your friends.
47. Hence, in this respect, I again give you the permission to take 3 more pictures of my beamship, for which you should bring your friends.
48. Acquire new film, which you are to put in the camera under their supervision.
49. After that, come with them to the contact place, which I will agree upon with you.
50. Then, somewhat away from them, you should put yourself in position.
51. When I then appear with my beamship, you will take the three pictures.
52. But as usual, the distortion screens on the ship will be turned on so that only you can see it.
53. So tell your friends that they should not be disappointed when they are not also able to see my ship.
54. This is only intended to prove to them that my statements in relation to the distortion screens are true.
55. But this will be the only proof that I ever grant to your friends – more will never follow.
56. This must be enough for them.
Thanks, Semjase, that’s very accommodating of you. May I also, perhaps, some time make a tape recording of you, that is, of your voice?
57. I said that the three photos will be the first and last proof from my side.
58. I cannot allow more, understand that.
59. If the human beings already don’t have confidence in your words and your photo proofs and even insult the latter as being montages and so on, then the same should be expected if you were to record my voice on tape.
60. You would be accused of deception, and it would be claimed that the voice belongs to some Earth woman.
61. Such a proof would therefore be pointless, so I also can’t approve of it.
62. But in the future, I no longer want to have to get involved in such explanations, as I’ve discussed similar things several times already.
63. Explain this to your friends:
64. If, in the future, they want to dedicate their interest to your information and accept the truth, then they should do that in confidence toward us and toward you; otherwise, they shouldn’t dedicate themselves to this cause any more, because doubts, criticism, and distrust are not conducive to our tasks.
That’s harsh, Semjase.
65. It had to be said because only the truth is conducive.
However, some of my friends insist on the argument that they would have to continue my tasks if something would happen to me through the intrigues of my fellow human beings and the authorities, which was already almost the case once.
66. These are arguments that are really none at all, because they will have in their hands all the information and all the material that you’ve supplied to them.
67. If they have confidence in you and in us, then that is also perfectly enough for them; they don’t need more.
68. But their proposed arguments don’t correspond to this concern about intrigues alone, because self-seeking things and thoughts are also anchored in them, as well as great distrust towards your information and pictures.
69. This is, in part, just another attempt at a way to achieve their own objective of argumentation, with the drive to play a leading role.
70. But this subject should really now finally be finished, as it is pointless to keep talking about it.
Okay, I won’t talk about it anymore and won’t bother you anymore with it.
71. You didn’t bother me with that, because you didn’t want these explanations for yourself.
72. But now, I would like to talk about other things.
If you will allow me one more important question before that?
73. Sure.
It has been thrown at my head that it’s very strange that you’ve come to speak on the Talmud of Jmmanuel and that your reports and information would agree with the Talmud. It has been said that both probably come from the same source and that, therefore, some things could not be right.
74. That really has?
75. Don’t worry about it, because it is in the nature of the foolish and the unknowing to always exercise criticism in their distrust and lack of intellect and to object to everything.
76. Therefore, they often seek connections that they cannot understand because they aren’t able to think endlessly.
77. Their spiritual and consciousness-based knowledge and thinking are subject to sharp limits, which they can cross only with great difficulty.
78. Hence, it is also incomprehensible to them that the truth, the knowledge, and the wisdom throughout all times are never subject to wavering and, therefore, always sound the same.
79. So when Jmmanuel brought the teaching of the knowledge and the wisdom 2,000 years ago, he could only do so in the same sense of words as was already done tens of thousands of years before him.
80. And when I speak at the present time of the teaching of the knowledge and the wisdom, I in turn can only do that in the same sense of words as was already taught by Jmmanuel and all the teachers before him.
81. So if my words sound the same as those of Jmmanuel, then the logical recognition to be drawn is that nothing has been changed in the teaching.
82. The truth always remains the same for all times; consequently, it always sounds identical even across millions of years, even if it is spoken with other words.
83. The meaning remains the same.
84. I am very sorry if this isn’t understood by your friends and they exercise criticism because of that.
85. However, it is recommended that they train their minds and exercise themselves in logic, as only this will enable them to master their consciousness and utilize its powers.
86. Through criticism, they inhibit consciousness-based development, if this criticism is illogical.
87. It will not be easy to make this clear to them, as I’ve explained to you before, because they are still very far behind you in spiritual and consciousness-based evolution and are not able to follow the teaching.
88. They are still too caught up in their religions for them to be able to recognize and accept the truth.
89. They still live by the irrational acceptance that truth, knowledge, and belief are religion and that this can also be called religion.
90. They believe that some definite or indefinite form of a religion is good and brings help to the life forms.
91. They don’t understand that a religion subjugates a being and makes it dependent on something that stands above it and gives commands or instructions.
92. A religion always requires that, and by this the life form in question is no longer master of itself, but submits and subjugates to something that is supposed to stand mightily above it.
93. Hence, there isn’t a single form of religion in the whole universe that is good and that isn’t simply an irrational and unrealistic ideology.
94. The fact that I have spoken on the Talmud of Jmmanuel is only logical.
95. Even considering that some of your friends are still very much strangers to the spiritual knowledge and consciousness-knowledge and their use, I don’t understand why this question could be posed.
96. The answer to it is so logical, though, that it can certainly be answered by a bigger child:
97. The Talmud of Jmmanuel is the only writing actually written in Jmmanuel’s lifetime and is the only one that contains the teaching of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and spirit unaltered.
98. Other writings of the same kind do not exist, so this had to be used.
99. Sure, we could have written this teaching anew and given it to you for dissemination, but this was not in our sense because just the existence of the Talmud can prove to many human beings the untruthfulness of the New Testament of your Bible.
100. As I see the things of this question, everything boils down to a sense of bad distrust and inappropriate criticism of everything and everyone.
101. Whoever has directed this question to you is very much impaired in consciousness by religions and lives in their associated strains.
102. This means that many different explanations and interpretations of a religion are anchored in this human being and create a hopeless confusion in him, which he himself cannot unravel and neutralize.
103. As a result, this human being is torn between the unreal and the real when it comes to matters of religion or the real truth.
You use harsh words, Semjase.
104. The truth always sounds harsh.
105. But in the future, please spare me questions, if they don’t come from yourself.
106. I’ve already pointed this out to you.
107. As of today, I will not answer any more questions if they are not fundamentally from you.
108. I have no need to constantly answer questions, which have already no longer been a secret to you for a long time.
109. Moreover, it is not my task to foster the formation of knowledge of the Earth human beings or simply of your friends in the way that I submit to answering their illogical questions.
110. What I have to explain is within my and our discretion, but not that of your friends or fellow human beings.
111. If that were not the case, then we could reveal ourselves to the public in general, if we could do so despite the swinging wave barrier preventing this, but we really have no interest in this.
112. Explain to your friends that they have to come to terms with the fact that, for very definite reasons, you have been chosen to maintain contact with us.
113. This time I’m saying this once and for all, and I won’t accept further discussions about it anymore.
I didn’t mean to excite you.
114. You also haven’t done that, but it is unreasonable of your friends that they don’t use their intellect.
115. Their unwarranted distrust and criticism are only harmful to our cause.
116. Explain to them that if they want to be included in our cause, then they must trust us and you and learn to use their minds logically.
117. But if they are not willing to do so, then it is of no use to initiate them further into the things still to come.
118. The whole undertaking requires unreserved trust in us and in you.
119. But now, I’ve talked enough about these things, and that finally.
120. At our fifth contact, I ended the history of humankind at the time when, 50,000 years ago by earthly time reckoning, our homeworlds found freedom and peace.
121. Before that time, 70,000 human beings fled under the leadership of the scientist Pelegon.
122. With the spaceships that they had seized, they fled through space out of another space-time configuration and into the Milky Way of the DERN Universe and settled on Earth.
123. Under Pelegon’s leadership, there were 200 sub-leaders – scientists who were each responsible for a specific field of knowledge.
124. Pelegon was unanimously recognized and respected by them and all others as King of Wisdom (JHWH / God).
125. In the course of thousands of years, they built large cities and inhabited all the continents of the earth.
126. Unfortunately, that only lasted a good 10,000 years, before cravings for power gained the upper hand again and a deadly war raged over the world.
127. Everything was completely destroyed, and only a few thousand human beings were able to survive, while others fled back into cosmic space and into the old space-time configuration and settled on distant worlds.
128. For the next 7,000 years, the earth was no longer approached, during which time those left behind became completely wild and degenerated.
129. After that, there came the descendants of those who had settled on distant worlds.
130. Again they were led by an JHWH.
131. Under the command of this JHWH, the distant descendants later built Atlantis and Mu.
132. Two huge cities on two different continents.
133. For thousands of years, they lived in complete friendship and peace, before some scientists again succumbed to greed for power and wanted to take over the rule.
134. But having become tired of the constant warfare, the peoples rose up against them, seizing spaceships and fleeing into cosmic space, according to earthly time reckoning around 15,000 years ago.
135. For two millennia, they and their descendants lived in a neighboring solar system.
136. Two millennia, during which they had become very evil and were able to maintain a certain order only under the strictest breeding.
137. Through mutations and researches, they achieved a very high lifespan, which amounted to more than three thousand years.
138. Obsessed by craving for power, they left their world around 13,500 Earth years ago and came back to Earth.
139. Their supreme leader was the scientist ARUS, who was also called “The Barbarian."
140. Like JHWH Pelegon roughly 190,000 years ago, he also had 200 leaders or sub-leaders, who were each responsible for a specific field of knowledge.
141. In two groups, they settled in the far north and in today’s America (Florida), and they constantly advanced to Atlantis and Mu, in order to assault them with war.
142. And only a few millennia after their renewed seizing of Earth, they succeeded in completely destroying Mu and Atlantis.
143. Few survivors went into slavery, while great scientists were able to escape and returned to their original homeworlds in the Pleiades.
144. But thousands of years before that point in time, the new intruders spread across the earth, and JHWH ARUS led a strict and bloody regiment.
145. But also his sub-leaders started all sorts of things and made themselves more and more independent.
146. Within only three decades, they acted largely at their own discretion, even though they feared the punishments of the JHWH ARUS.
147. The code, to keep their own race pure under all circumstances and not allow them to mutate, they pushed far away from themselves.
148. Against orders and in secret, they went out and captured Earth-created life forms, but also wild or mutated beings, who were very distant descendants of former human beings from cosmic space.
149. The female beings, beautiful in their wildness, were tamed and fertilized through mating with or genetic engineering by the leaders, who called themselves celestial sons.
150. According to their own races, they created mutant beings – completely new life forms that were of dwarfish stature, very gigantic, or of similarly animalic forms.
151. Semjasa, the supreme leader of all the sub-leaders, mated with an EVE, a female being who, according to his conception, was the most human-like and also quite beautiful.
152. The descendant of this act was of the male gender and was a human being in good form.
153. Semjasa called him “Adam," which is synonymous with “EARTH HUMAN BEING."
154. Another mating of the same kind brought forth a female being, and Semjasa determined in later years that these two Adams had to mate together.
155. In the meantime, however, many other beings of the same kind had been begotten, who banded together into large groups and tribes.
156. From them developed the humankind of today, who were already distributed at their origin according to their races across the various continents.
157. JHWH ARUS was very infuriated about this, and whenever he could get hold of the fallible, he had his defecting sub-leaders captured and killed or exiled.
158. But in the course of time, he changed his mentality, and he saw a new power that he could exert over the newly created Earth human beings.
159. Through newly appointed guardian angels and sub-leaders, he let three human races be brought under his control.
160. These were the forebears of those whom today you call “Indians," then the inhabitants who settled around the Black Sea, and thirdly those who moved south below the Mediterranean Sea as gypsies and were, therefore, called “Hebrews."
161. Through his guardian angels, JHWH ARUS let these human races be subjugated and forced them under his control.
162. As supreme ruler over them, he let himself be worshiped and adored by them.
163. In his megalomania, he let himself be celebrated as the Creator and the Creation, and his sub-leaders as creational assistants.
164. He issued harsh and strict laws that demanded, without exception, the blood of the guilty.
165. His son, Jehovah, who took over his reign after 3,400 years, was only a little better, for he too, as proclaimed JHWH, demanded only blood and death among the three enslaved human races.
166. Only the later “descendants of the gods" became more humane and developed in the sense of spiritual evolution.
167. When this had finally come so far, they decided, according to their change of mentality and change of consciousness, to leave the development of the Earth human beings to their natural courses and to withdraw themselves to their original home.
168. So the last of them left the earth 1,943 years ago and returned as peaceful beings to our Pleiades, where their own humankind had become very highly developed in the meantime.
169. They live unitedly today as particularly long-lived, with the normal lifespan averaging 1,000 years old, and so today we are one people in peace and freedom.
170. These are the essentials, which are important for the Earth human beings to know.
171. Further necessary knowledge has to be mentioned with regard to a cosmic revolution, on which I’ve already spoken once.
172. It concerns the Age of Aquarius, also known as the “Golden Age."
173. Concerning this, the first thing I have to explain is that the religious interpretations regarding this age are absolutely unreal and deliberately misinterpreted.
174. In part, however, there is a certain irresponsible fanaticism behind it, when it is claimed that the Aquarian Age concerns the religiously proclaimed end time.
175. By no means is the new age an end time, for it truly brings real life.
176. Only this age makes it possible to bring everything to a highest level and to develop the spirit and the consciousness according to providence.
177. But after the onset of the age, it will take many centuries before it will be like this.
178. Primarily, the religion-poor scientists will, as usual, reap the benefits and might of the new onset, while the common people will be affected by religion and profoundly disadvantaged.
179. Due to the change of the ages, a lot of the people, who hold fast to a religion in faith, will fall into a sectarian and religious delusion.
180. Particularly the 185 years of the changeover period are powerfully marked by the fact that religious belief-directions of all kinds sprout up like mushrooms and cast the human beings under their dangerous destructive spells.
181. Murder, suicide, mass murder, and exploitation of all kinds, as well as evil sectarian-religious enslavement from unreal beliefs belong to the order of the day, whereby the entire world view becomes shaken in a religious and sectarian manner.
182. Supposed bringers of salvation and false prophets spread throughout the public and search fanatically for victims and new followers.
183. This is the introduction of the “Golden Age," the transition phase of 185 years.
184. However, the full value of the age will not dawn until the 3rd of February, 2029, at 11:20 am CET.
185. But the revolutionary power of the new age began on the 3rd of February, 1844, and since then the tremendous changes on Earth have been inexorably rushing forward.
186. The New Age is already taking its toll:
187. Religious insanity, rapid development of computer technology, other technology, space technology, genetic engineering and all sciences, criminality getting out of hand, wars of extermination, and so forth – signs of the time, which are unmistakable.
188. The first half of the transition of the Aquarian Age lasted 93 years, from 1844 to 1937, during which Earth escaped through the outermost radiance of the Piscean Age.
189. With the 3rd of February, 1937, 11:20 am CET, the actual Aquarian Age began in the transitional period, so the second half of the transition.
190. From that date, rapidly changing events, discoveries, inventions, and wars as well as rebellion and so forth are absolutely everyday norms of time and development, which are characteristic of no other age in this form.
191. But the beginning of the Aquarian Age also guarantees the beginning of the truly spiritual and consciousness-based life.
192. The entire earthly solar system with all its innumerable life forms is cast under the spell of the New Age.
193. Everything and everyone is and will be influenced by this, as this is a cosmic law.
194. According to this law, to which all movements of all planets and all life forms in the entire universe are subject, also the earth, in the course of cosmic events, entered a period in the year 1844, which evolutionarily renews or eliminates all hitherto existing and valid regulations, if these are not of a creational-natural character.
195. The new era brings with it that all created regulations of Earth-human origin, which had hitherto been valid, become newly established, transformed and evolutionized, modified, or abolished.
196. The origin of this epochal change lies in the radiation area of the gigantic star center, which we call the central sun, around which the earthly, that is, the SOL system revolves and goes through 12 different ages once in 25,860 years within the meaning of the Zodiac signs known to you.
197. The Earth’s or the SOL system circles the Milky Way and its central sun in about 318 million years, and it is already immersed in the outer edge of the “Golden Radiance" of the galactic central sun, which emits the strongest transforming and revolutionizing radiations throughout the Milky Way area.
198. Also, with reference to this radiation, the Aquarian Age is called the “Golden Age" – the revolutionary, the new, the greatest, the wonder-age, which brings the most powerful evolutions.
199. But also much evil is connected with it, especially in terms of religions and the use of new discoveries and achievements.
200. Only in the course of many centuries will the Earth human being triumph over his lack of intellect and his irrationality and establish everything in accordance with the creational-natural laws.
201. The Aquarian era is a great and exciting time.
202. Very sublime and golden, it also affects later ages and influences all later to be traversed Zodiacs.
203. During the course of the “Golden Time," however, the human being will find a natural spiritual and consciousness-based direction, but this will not come about without great confusion.
204. Countless human beings will perish in the delusion of their sects and religions, finding an evil end.
205. But happy will be those who have escaped the irrational teachings of the religions and sects and indulge in the truth, knowledge, and wisdom of the spirit.
206. Tremendous innovation will take place on the earth.
207. That which is intellectual will no longer be decisive by itself, but it will be surpassed by spiritual knowledge and spiritual ability.
208. Anything that is not developed high enough spiritually and in terms of consciousness, in order to be receptive to, and in harmony with, the higher spheres of the spiritual, will be eradicated and eliminated because it disturbingly and dangerously affects life in every way.
209. All spirit-inhibiting, spirit-enslaving, consciousness-inhibiting, and consciousness-enslaving things will be destroyed, after everything has crossed the climaxes.
210. First and foremost in this respect will be the religions and sects, which function as the most vicious subjugators of the consciousness and its development.
211. The New Age brings with it that the earth is cleansed of all purely negative and purely positive powers, whereby a healthy, neutral equalizedness can be created.
212. The forerunners of these revolutions are the cosmic, the creational-natural, and all conditional laws.
213. But the forerunners of these revolutions are also human beings who, as prophets and teachers, proclaim the truth of the knowledge and the spiritual as well as consciousness-based wisdom.
214. But they will suffer from abuse and insults; they will be accused of lying and deceit and charlatanry when they proclaim the truth and reveal that religions and sects always only lead to the abyss, but never to the development of consciousness and spirit.
215. These forerunners will be revolutionaries, heretics, and outcasts because they will fight against the mad power of the religions and sects and proclaim the millions of years old truth.
216. There will be many among them born in the double sign of the time – in the Gemini sign of Aquarius.
217. As earthly Aquarian born, they are also cosmic Aquarian born: radicals, innovators, revolutionaries and prophets, teachers and often masters of the new time.
218. But the real great ones among them are those born in the first year of the second half of the cosmic transition period to the Aquarian era, and indeed on the first day of the change – on February 3rd, 1937, Earth’s time.
219. The times of the hours and minutes are also very decisive, because the closer they are to the transition point of 11:20 am, the more intense the Aquarian time characteristics are.
220. But there are only very few of them, and they are widely dispersed in the world.
221. But if they are not greatly influenced from childhood by religions and sects as well as by their environment and so forth, then they are the real forerunners and geniuses of the new time.
222. These teachings and revelations delivered here, which are very much of interest and also of great importance for the human beings, you should spread by all means.
223. This is the wish of all of us.
224. I know that you’ve already done some things to spread my messages and everything else, but unfortunately, that’s not enough.
225. It would be good if you would form a group that deals with these things intensively.
226. We found out over the past two weeks, unfortunately, that your efforts haven’t been as fruitful as we expected.
227. However, this is not your fault, but ours, because we let ourselves be deceived about the honesty and truthfulness of certain people, whose addresses I gave to you.
228. Unfortunately, they are more caught up in their religions and sectarianism than we had calculated.
229. But we didn’t want to penetrate into their deepest secrets, so their religious and sectarian biases escaped us.
230. Hence, it has become necessary for you to open up new sources and ways to be able to spread the truth.
You say that so easily – but what should I do? I am an unknown in this area in the public and have no relationships. I really don’t know how I could reach the general public.
231. Believe me, all those who are searching for the truth and who also recognize the value of your transmissions will not be blind and deaf.
232. Therefore, don’t worry that you are still an unknown in this matter, for you will become world famous this year as well as in the years to come.
233. Strive for good friends who want to be serviceable for this cause, because such friends already await you.
234. Reach out with their help to your magazines and newspapers, to television studios and radio stations.
235. Through their help, organize meetings and lectures, and shout out your knowledge on public streets and squares.
236. Do everything possible and clear up the human beings.
You’re asking a lot, Semjase, and I don’t know if I can do that. You apparently don’t think that this will certainly cause me to end up in the madhouse, because I am powerless against intrigues of the authorities and so on. Sure, some people would prick up their ears if I would strive for the cause in that way, but would it really be served with that? Unfortunately, I live here on Earth, governed and animated by human beings who often fear the truth and also know how to suppress it by all common means. I’m certainly not afraid of that, or of being ridiculed, mocked, and accused of lying. But I’m afraid that newspapers, television, the radio, and authorities and so on would publish completely distorted and dishonest claims and representations of my information, which is likely to be only very detrimental to our cause. If I am officially proclaimed to be a madman, then I have not achieved anything at all that would serve the cause.
237. I understand your arguments completely.
238. But consider an old saying that is used among you on occasion:
239. “No soup is eaten as hot as it is cooked."
240. Of course your friends and you will be ridiculed and mocked, and if it should happen to one or another that he is kept from his activities through official intrigues, then the other friends are still there, who can continue all the tasks.
241. But you are encouraged – in spite of the coming calumnies against you, which will even go out from your wife’s mouth – to provoke a worldwide controversy concerning our cause and our appearance on Earth.
But that requires that these friends are also really friends. If they are only friends by name, then they are worthless, for such friendships only last forever if profit can be made from them. Real friends, who are still friends even in times of need, are rarely found. Besides this, there is still the financial problem, because serving the cause in the way you described requires a lot of money.
242. Don’t worry about good friends, for I already told you that they await you.
243. They will even be such good friends to you that they, too, will let themselves go through all unjustified mockery and ridicule and will still amuse themselves over it.
244. Mockery, criticism, and ridicule and so forth represent only a barrier that consciously builds up the deficient and the unknowing, in order to obscure their own foolishness, because their knowledge is insufficient to grasp the truth.
245. Truth and knowledge seem frightening to them and give them anxiety.
246. With your friends, you will never be alone, wherever you may be.
247. But also I will always be with you via thought, so you can also talk with me whenever you ask for it.
248. But I will think about your problem and also discuss it with the others, so then I can tell you some behavior patterns, to which you can align yourself.
249. I will report to you about that at the given time.
250. For the time being, however, it is up to you to strive for the cause and to be concerned with forming a serviceable group with friends, who may serve our cause.
251. You also don’t have to be worried about the financial issues and the center to be created, from where everything shall ultimately be driven and go out, because here, too, you will find proper help.
252. Don’t worry; everything will take its course as has been calculated and predetermined.
253. But I want to try hard to help you financially, too, because there is the possibility of ______.
Those things are unfortunately forbidden with us, Semjase. According to our laws, which are admittedly incomprehensible to me, those things are not permitted. They are insulted as being deception, swindle, and charlatanry and so forth.
254. I didn’t know that, and it is incomprehensible to me that this can be forbidden.
255. But if that is really the case, then I have another possibility:
256. I know that the Earth human beings like to wear jewelry.
257. You could sell such things to your fellow human beings.
258. I am happy to get you crystals and so forth from other planets, which you can then sell at a reasonable price to jewelry aficionados, who can have them processed into pieces of jewelry.
That too can’t be done, as that too would put me in conflict with the mills of the law. I would be accused of fraud if I would sell things to people and explain that they came from other planets. I would have to be able to prove it; otherwise, I’d be severely punished. But on the other hand, it would certainly also be the case that the authorities would confiscate such things from me, in order to analyze their composition and structure and so forth. And I would certainly never get them back. I know the machinations of the authorities too well, but also the often rather primitive laws.
259. That really cannot be so?
Yes – unfortunately.
260. I don’t understand that, because that’s illogical.
261. We still haven’t occupied ourselves with your laws up to now, but if it’s really as you say, then we will have no choice but to do so intensively in the future.
262. Such laws are simply outrageous and life-enslaving.
Unfortunately, that’s the way it is, and I don’t know how to get around these laws.
263. We will solve your problem anyway.
264. If you want, though, I will bring you crystals and also other things at any time, if you still want them.
265. And don’t then fear the authorities, if they want to confiscate some of them.
266. Even if they would analyze them for centuries, they could make no other findings than with the same things that you also have on Earth.
267. The atomic compositions, structures, and so forth are the same throughout the universe for every single thing.
268. Gold remains gold, and it has the same properties throughout the universe.
269. Whether it comes from the Pleiades or from Earth, there is no difference.
270. So even crystals remain ordinary crystals, without any analyzable differences – whether they are from Earth or from any other planet.
271. Nature works according to a universally valid law, which guarantees a uniform creation of all things.
272. This rests in the logic of the Creation, by which all matter development is guaranteed.
That’s reassuring, and I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll find a way myself.
273. I absolutely trust you with that, but still, I will also do my best for this matter.
274. So let’s leave it at that for today…

[Translator’s Note: In the 9th annotation to this contact report in “Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 1," Wendelle Stevens concluded that Meier was right about various media outlets not reporting accurately about Meier’s experiences, concerning which Wendelle provided the following information:

(9) Meier was certainly correct here, for no newspaper or magazine yet has correctly and truly reported this matter to their constituents. They do not investigate the real details themselves, and always call in some other antagonist styling himself as an “expert" on this case, who has never actually investigated any of the details either, and both loudly proclaim their own subjective ideas as affirmations of fact, when they are anything but that. We have never been able to account for this lack of responsibility in reporting.

A good example of this “self-delusion" mentioned in note (9) is typified by the following actual occurrence.

An amateur UFO researcher from West Germany, claiming to represent a West German UFO organization and at least one U.S.A. UFO group, presented himself at the Meier farm to judge the case for the world. Little did he know that there had been many such before him already performing the same mission.

This “expert" was met on the patio, as most such “experts" were, and was evaluated by the friends around Meier first. Taking his measure, they decided not to waste Meier’s valuable time on him, as he was up to no good anyway. They answered his questions and allowed him to look through the three picture albums of Meier’s photographs of the Pleiadian craft. 

Those albums had the photographs taken by Meier, and others of his group, in no particular order and with no notes or captions for any of the pictures in the albums. The lot included pictures of several of the models of the spacecraft made by different parties, including one furnished by the Pleiadians themselves… a very good one with good finish and texture.

Now, contrary to popular belief, photographs of models are not difficult to distinguish from photographs of the real thing, even with the unaided eye, as any scale modeler knows very well. Edge definition is different; the reflective planes on the surface of a small model cast light differently than large planes on a full scale object, and the surface textures on a small object up close are always very different from those of a large object at a distance. These things, and others, can be readily detected even if there is no attenuating matter in suspension in the ambient air at the time. If there is any kind of moisture or smoke in the air that day, detection is even easier.

The German “expert," immediately recognizing the pictures of the models in the plastic pockets of the album pages, fell for the fallacious idea that if one photo was of a model, they all were, and he contrived to obtain copies of the model pictures to take away with him. He readily obtained a few from those assisting him, and what he could not get that way he simply lifted from the album when the others’ backs were turned. After all, it was apparent that he was not going to be taken into the inner circle of this group, and he may never have another chance. That was the sum and substance of that man’s “investigation." 

That “expert" took his photos back to West Germany, where he had copies made of his model pictures, and sent them to several UFO organizations around the world, including Ground Saucer Watch (GSW) in Phoenix, Arizona, whose methods were exposed as unscientific years ago; The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), who relied upon GSW testing; Flying Saucer Review (FSR), in England, who sent theirs to Percy Fennel for analysis; and possibly to Coleman von Keviczky at the Intercontinental UFO Network (ICUFON) in New York, who did his own testing and subjective analysis, and reportedly said he could duplicate all of the pictures. To this date, he has not duplicated even the simplest one.

These experts tested the West German’s prized photographs of models, obtained freely from Meier, and came up with the remarkable conclusion that they were made with models! But nothing was said about the couple of pictures of the real ships that that West German also had, obviously choosing to test, and spending their time and money on, the model pictures. Of course they got the results they so loudly publicized. They tested photos of models and found that they were photos of models.

We at Intercep, on the other hand, chose to test the photos that we had reason to believe were real after spending months on the investigation. We lived with the Meier family and friends, walked over all the photo and other contact sites repeatedly and measured everything there. We spoke to other impartial witnesses and others of the several actual UFO photographers who had taken pictures of the Pleiadian craft, members of the group of people living with Meier at the time, etc., and we chose our photos for testing from the best supported photo events we found.

We selected only four photographs for our testing; one each with the most testable information in the picture frame from each of the four best photo event series of the dozen or more already photographed at the time; and we concentrated our efforts and resources on the testing of those four pictures exhaustively, signing for more than $60,000.00 altogether in the process. We tested the pictures in many of the biggest laboratories in our country, and we never discovered that we were testing photos of models.

The main difference in the approach between Intercep and the others, was our knowledge of the model photos and our determination to test the real spacecraft photographs for reality, whereas the counter-advocates, very unscientifically, tested the pictures of the models for models, and came up with their natural conclusions. They really did not need any testing for this finding.

We at Intercep had passed that step long before, when we chose to treat the model photos as just that, and decided that those pictures did not necessarily contaminate the real UFO photographs at all when one knew the facts.]


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