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Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Thursday, May 1, 1975, 3:57 PM
1. I called you so urgently because I have very important things to say.
2. So please listen very carefully, because no misunderstandings should arise.
Just speak, Semjase. As usual, I’m all ears. While you’re speaking, I can at least catch my breath, because you rushed me quite a bit through the countryside. — I had to run uphill and downhill, through thorns and water puddles. Why didn’t you just call me to the canton of Valais?
Semjase: (laughing)
3. I probably could have summoned you even further away, but I didn’t find it necessary.
4. But it was important to route you here, as here we are largely undisturbed, whereas in the wider area of your residence today, countless human beings are making their excursions.
5. But now, listen to what I have to explain:
6. It was very clear to me that you would arrange a discussion with Mr. Jacob again as soon as possible after yesterday.
7. As I know you, I was composed and prepared for it, so that I could tune in at the given time and follow your discussion from the beginning.
8. This enabled me to recognize things that I had fundamentally hoped for and had seen in a look into the future, namely Mr. Jacob’s intensively approaching developmental change toward conscious cognition.
9. I was a bit surprised by the presence of his daughter, but this was valuable for my and her favor.
10. From her, too, I was able to recognize things that testify to a developmental change toward understanding cognition.
11. As I was able to recognize, they only needed certain explanatory expositions to activate the basic points of the consciousness-based thinking form, even though they both were not able to grasp this fully.
12. But I was surprised at certain thoughts emanating from them, which they did not put into words.
13. These revealed many things to me, which first became clear to me from this discussion.
14. Thus, I must confess that I made some mistakes, which led me to wrong conclusions.
15. You with your feelings, however, drew the right conclusions and set the perspectives correctly.
16. You are obviously superior to me in such matters because you are able to proceed from purely earthly aspects.
17. But I don’t want to exclude that you can likewise come to wrong judgments through this form, as I can with mine.
18. After all, we are human beings, albeit from different worlds and of different consciousness-based and spiritual stages, yet fundamentally similar life forms that have to go the way of their evolution.
19. So this doesn’t rule out that I, too, make mistakes, which I ask your friends and acquaintances to understand.
20. My form of life is indeed more highly developed than yours in all things of the physical and of the swinging wave, but we also are not positioned in the degree of that perfection which would exclude mistakes.
21. This should always be considered.
22. We really are not those beings of perfection, as are so eager to be exploited by pseudo-contactees for religious purposes, for these allegedly perfect beings are either deceitful and power-advocating creatures who want to bring the Earth human beings under their thumbs, which is actually the case in a few cases, or they are quite simply pseudo-beings who exist only in the imaginations of the pseudo-contactees.
23. So my form of life is as imperfect as yours, so it necessarily must be understood that I, too, am subject to mistakes.
24. When I commit such things, however, I mention them openly and stand with them, for there would be no point or use in hiding or denying them.
25. That would only be to my own detriment.
26. Hence, I expressly declare that I was genuinely surprised and am delighted about the changing things of consciousness-based cognition of Mr. Jacob and his daughter.
27. But this does not exclude the future, as I explained it.
28. As I have just realized today, you have been aware of these things in the two human beings already for some time, which has spurred you to build up justifiable feelings inside yourself in this regard.
29. Nevertheless, this was unknown to me until today, as otherwise I would have accepted the things from your perspective.
30. But first and foremost, I have to approach everything from a very objective side, without feelings, for this alone ensures the discovery of the truth.
31. This has now also happened in this case, with which I’ve admittedly been subjected to mistakes.
32. With the whole matter, I disregarded the fact that you have been able to study the human beings in question more intensively than I have with my brief observational impressions, which unfortunately were not able to make everything clear to me.
33. My error is that I hadn’t penetrated deeper into the two, but only gathered superficial observations.
34. This tells me that with the Earth human being, it is clear and absolutely obvious and necessary to penetrate deeper into him, if certain things are to be analyzed.
35. In this respect, we have to revise our determinations, whereby such mistakes will no longer occur.
36. But this cognition now also explains to us some other incidents of the same or similar kind, as for example the faulty actions with your friend, who provided you the Talmud of Jmmanuel, as well as the faulty action with the mention of the address of Mr. K. L. Veit.
37. Fundamentally, these cognitions are attributable to your person, because through your feeling-behavior, which you’ve built up from an intuitive knowledge, we became knowledgeable of these facts.
38. For this merit, we pay you our thanks.
That feels to me like blooming roses in the middle of winter.
39. You can be proud of it.
How should I? I didn’t even know that I brought on your recognition of mistakes. Also, I’m not quite sure how I actually did that, meaning that some of it is not clear to me. But surely I will get to the kernel of the brute over time.
40. Sure, if you mean with your peculiar words that you will find the rationale and truth.
Exactly, that’s what I mean.
41. That’s what I thought, because I’m starting to find my way around your often comical expressions.
What do you mean by “comical"? This is quite simply “in".
42. Let it be good, because I would still like to discuss important things:
43. One of my findings today was that it is better for all of you if I stay out of your concerns, as you yourself are better able to make decisions in this regard.
44. Due to all the things that have happened, I have to change my way of working in this regard, in which case I would gladly like to make use of your help.
45. But these things should only be discussed between us and, thus, not be reflected in the reports.
46. I expected that.
47. I know now that it’s really better if I leave the decisions about your group members to you, so I will stay out of that.
48. But I would still like to be serviceable to your group in other ways and help all of you in certain things when it concerns interests that I can answer for, if I am to help you all with them.
49. I’m going to talk about the help in this respect in a moment, once I’ve advised you of another point:
50. According to my findings today, your group members lack cognitions of “how to grasp" a spiritual and consciousness-based substance.
51. Although they are very willing to progress in consciousness, they do not know the way of this progression.
52. So concerning this, I would like to lay on you that you are to take them on in this regard in a special measure.
53. I cannot explain this part of conscious evolution and its activation better than you, because in this you are equal or even superior to my potential.
54. Therefore, take this task on from you yourself, for in this way, it saves us long and arduous reports.
55. But I would recommend that you record your explanations audibly, after which they should then be written down, which, incidentally, you should do with all your discussion meetings.
56. Expose the fundamental factors that enable the grasping of spiritual and consciousness-based recognition and work.
57. This is very important for everyone.
I will gladly do that, but I’m amazed that everything has changed so suddenly. You seem to have all of a sudden thrown your whole attitude overboard.
58. In a certain sense, you’re right, but I already gave you the necessary explanations about that.
Of course, but it seems to me that you are now willing to go along in conformity with me, in that any seriously striving human being has the right to develop in those paths in which he is interested.
59. Sure, but I was already of that knowledge before.
60. I already explained, however, that the error was in the fact that I gathered only superficial observations and didn’t penetrate deeper, because certain secrets should be safeguarded in every human being.
61. Since I wasn’t able to grasp everything as a result, the predominant surface impulses gave me erroneous impressions.
So you mean that these surface impulses, as you call them, are able to hide other things if they are still weakly developed? And could this also mean in other words that these surface impulses represent actual conscious thinking in a material-intellectual form, which is able to suppress the spiritual-intellectual forms and make them practically imperceptible and unrecognizable, if they are not yet as strong and pronounced as the material-intellectual form?
62. That’s very aptly worded, which I could not have done better.
Good, then please correct me if I should say something that doesn’t correspond to the facts: If I’ve understood you correctly, then with the now often mentioned people, you only penetrated into their superficial consciousness and got impressions of them there, but for stated reasons you avoided exploring also the deeper forms of consciousness that, to my knowledge, also anchor directly into the subconscious, where all those secrets, which you designate as the sole property of the individual human being in question, must also be stored. If that is indeed the case, then I can absolutely understand why you had to fall into a fallacy. For my part, I find it absolutely logical that the superficial consciousness is able to be deceptive for so long until a fact or factor becomes anchored in the depths of the consciousness and in the subconsciousness as knowledge or as pseudo-knowledge. I find it simply illogical that you ignored this factor. After all, the consciousness is the actual regulating apparatus of knowledge, the actual thought process, while the subconscious embodies the role of the registering computer. Therefore, if there are doubts in the consciousness and such thought processes prevail, then this does not necessarily have to be in conformity with the knowledge or the wishes of the subconscious, in which the spiritual form is anchored, even though this is the case only in the most minimal form in connection with the storage-banks.
63. I don’t have to correct you in any way, quite the contrary; your interpretations are extraordinarily correct and demand honor for you.
64. If you find my actions illogical, then that’s also true.
65. Basically, I started in this matter from the false precondition that illogical factors in the Earth human being would, in and of themselves, make certain equally directed illogical combinations into a one-factor potency.
You speak as pompously swollen as the chief of the apes in the jungle.
66. I don’t understand that?
I mean that no one will understand your ramblings of swollen speech, because everyone will pulverize his brain when he breaks his neck, dislocates his jaw, and bites off his tongue with your last sentence.
67. You again have a saying that has it all.
68. But is the last sentence really so difficult to understand?
For my part, I believe I understand what you mean by that; but, as I said, I only believe this, that is, I suppose I know it. But whether the others will understand, I would very much doubt that. When you say, “Basically, I started in this matter from the false precondition that illogical factors in the Earth human being would, in and of themselves, make certain equally directed illogical combinations into a uniform potency," I would translate this into a somewhat more unswollen and understandable language as follows: “Basically, I started in this matter from the false precondition that the Earth human being’s conscious thinking, in and of itself, makes certain equally directed illogical forms and assumptions of the subconscious into a combination factor of the consciousness, thereby producing a uniformly equally directed power in terms of the consciousness reflecting as a combination exactly that which this consciousness and the subconsciousness created together as thoughts."
69. That’s exactly what I already said with my words, and also in a much shorter form.
Whaaa… but no one will understand that, Semjase. Keep in mind that most of the dear Earth human beings are either completely enslaved in consciousness by religions, or else they are only able to think in purely material-intellectual spheres, or else they have just leaped over the barrier to the spiritual or leaped over it recently. How, then, can these human beings interpret your words if you simply put your high thoughts into acoustic or written words? After all, only for a few human beings, it is granted to understand such high expositions correctly. Consider this!
70. I have, in fact, overlooked that.
71. But this is because I can speak with you as with myself, and you are able to follow me.
72. Hence, it can happen that I simply forget myself, in the way that I then am only explanatorily speaking for you.
That’s not so bad, because I can always just wave you to it with a fence post.
73. What…?
… does that mean? It means that I can draw your attention to it.
74. Sure, you can do that.
75. But now, I would like to give you an explanation regarding the help that I’ve already promised to your group.
76. But I have to ask you to evaluate such help and also other types of help only within the group.
77. No non-group members should be initiated into these things.
78. I would like to urge everyone to keep silent about such things.
79. There are no doubt still a lot of groups that deal with similar things as you do, but the bulk of these groups are unrealistic factors that detract from the real truth.
80. They often indulge in incredibly illogical fantasies that lack all truth and reality.
81. They live in wrong belief-acceptances and wrong imaginations remaining forever unprovable, which are alien to all reality and truth.
82. But among them or within them are also many conscious and unconscious deceivers.
83. You should beware of all of them, as they could become very dangerous for you.
84. Their influence in certain authoritative circles is often very great, which would be good for them, but not for you.
85. I would therefore like to determine in your interest that you may very well hand out contact reports and photos to outsiders, but not photo negatives, films, or slides.
86. You should also only sell the crystals and minerals among group members or to people who are absolutely accepting of the cause, but never to people who are strangers to your group or simply to our cause.
87. You should carry out lectures and film-slide lectures, but be extremely careful with the demonstration material.
88. There are already certain present and future circles and people who would gladly like to gain possession of the material available to you and who do not disregard evil intrigues, lies, and calumnies for this purpose.
89. Hence, be very careful, because we could not interfere in the interests, if you would cause yourself difficulties.
90. But now, I would like to speak on my help:
91. Today, with great interest, I also followed that of your discussions, which dealt with astral travel, as you call it.
92. First and foremost, I would like to point out to all of you that for ages, countless human beings have maintained that they have experienced such “travels" or “journeys" or have carried these out through their own freeing of powers or use of powers.
93. However, it is recommended that you treat such claims with extreme caution, for among 1,000,000,000 such claims, only 2 or 3 can be found, which withstand all tests and which must be described as genuine, in which cases, however, everything behaves differently than what arises from the claims.
94. A very large, even the largest, percentage of such claims is, thus, based on malicious deception and on equally malicious, conscious lies.
95. Another smaller percentage is based on unconscious lies, as you have already correctly recognized yourselves.
96. Such lies are based on fanaticism, delusion, or self-deception and so on, because due to the self-persuasion of the person concerned, he suggests to himself that he is performing an astral travel or has performed one, for so long until it becomes a fixed idea and an illusion.
97. As a result, the sense of reality becomes lost, and the person concerned actually believes to be carrying out astral travels.
98. If he then claims this, then he is lying unconsciously.
99. But as I have already explained before, it also behaves this way in other areas of the border and spiritual sciences, quite especially with the so-called mediums.
100. But astral travels, in truth, are not possible, that is, they are not reality in the conventional sense.
101. Here, too, many different factors have to be taken into account, because hallucinations can arise from self-suggestion.
102. Depending on the imagination of the person in question, images of other worlds can be pulled up, which in truth are effectively only fantasies, however, and have nothing in common with reality.
103. Objects of this kind, which are very gladly pulled up, are other worlds and planets.
104. On this basis of self-suggestion, also past and future can be pulled up in pictures, which in truth are also only figments of the imagination, however.
105. Very often, also the process of spiritual-intuitive vision, which can be triggered unconsciously in every human being, is designated as astral travel.
106. Also pictorial visions are presented as astral travels, and many further things.
107. The process is also well-known, that a human being projects his image consciously to some place and then asserts that he has performed a said travel.
108. His image can then actually also be seen at the place in question, but not in an astral form.
109. It seems more like a mirage, transparent, but still recognizable.
110. Such images can even be pulled up from the past and be projected into the present or future, which can even be captured photographically.
111. This process is actually very easy, once the way is recognized.
112. As help for your group, I would like to propose an experiment concerning this, but I would like to stress once again that this, as well as others, may only be used exclusively for purposes within the group:
113. Everyone should surely still remember the 20th of April, so surely everyone still knows what clothes they were wearing.
114. Clothes, therefore, that were worn in the past.
115. My proposal now is that you can take a slide photo in the near future, when I project some of you pictorially from the 20th of April into the present, in the just mentioned way of consciousness-based image projection.
116. But for this, I will need the help of the persons concerned, because with this, I only represent the controlling factor.
117. Of course, I will be with my beamship in the immediate vicinity and will direct the images of the people in such a way that people and ship become imprinted together.
118. For this experiment, I have selected three people who, according to their conscious development, offer the least resistance: the gentlemen Liniger, Jacob, and Bertschinger; this means that their consciousness capabilities still do not form any considerable inhibitions when such experiments are directed by external influences.
119. The greater and the higher the consciousness-based capabilities become, the more the human being concerned uses defensive, conscious powers against all outside influences, whereby an experiment could be doomed to failure.
You speak so objectively of the three gentlemen, Semjase, as if they are rabbits.
120. This didn’t happen out of malice.
I know that, but it just sort of disturbs others.
121. These are things that resolve themselves.
122. There is no malice in my words, as they only state my clear findings.
123. Hence, nobody should be offended over this.
Okay, okay… Just do what you cannot stop. I won’t complain about it anymore.
124. That sounds just as if you are offended.
But that’s not the case, good girl. I just think it’s pointless to complain about such things, if they can’t be changed anyway, and that a complaint is a paradox when one himself very often acts according to the same standards.
125. Sure, that’s right.
126. But now is the time to say goodbye again, but I will call you again in a short time, because there are still other important things to clarify.
But then call me right to China or Chihuahua, because these places are more on the way than this place here at the end of the world, where I had to take my moped for kilometers.
127. May it also be the South Pole or North Pole?
According to your preference, Semjase, only it’s a bit awfully cold there, which I don’t exactly like.
128. Then I’ll find something suitable elsewhere to get you moving.


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