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Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Monday, June 16, 1975, 1:46 AM
First and foremost, I’m interested now in what came out at your meeting concerning the demonstration. Have all of you come to an agreement?
1. Sure, but you won’t be very happy about what I have to report to you:
2. I won’t carry out the planned demonstration in the way that I had originally intended.
3. The doubts that have been detected very clearly indicate that certain people in your group are not yet ripe enough to grasp and understand these things.
4. Though I was initially willing to demonstrate my ship to your group members and some other people, and that quite visibly, this now cannot be the case, and perhaps also not in the future.
5. This has now clearly and plainly crystallized from the recent events, and it has to stay this way.
6. It has been permitted to me by the council’s decision to show some things only in a smaller form, but according to very limited determinations.
7. Due to the renewed impertinent and sectarian doubting behavior of Hans Jacob, it has now also arisen that I must shield my now smaller demonstration against sight, so that it cannot also be seen by uninfluenced observers, and also no outside people are allowed to be present at this demonstration, as I originally granted.
That really doesn’t please me, Semjase. Can’t you still make an exception? You can’t just suddenly sideline everyone, only because one person has some doubt.
8. Unfortunately no, because this is a decision of the council, which I have to follow.
9. It’s impossible, because I cannot violate our laws.
All right, I don’t want to tempt you to do wrong, and we’ll no doubt have to come to terms with the new facts.
10. Sure.
Well, then I’ll have to explain this to the others quite extensively. There is no sense in continuing to urge you.
11. You are very understanding.
12. But there is still an important matter that I have to discuss and that was given to me by the council.
13. It is the matter of the total elimination of your knowledge about certain things, with everyone agreeing to follow a possible elimination exactly as you wish.
14. Your compromise solution has been met with great approval, and it also seems to us to be the best way.
15. But furthermore, the fact was criticized that you promised, as of this month, to hold lectures and so forth in the form of enlightenment.
16. My observations have revealed, however, that you still haven’t taken any steps to organize these lectures.
You know, however, that I am a nonstarter in such things and need help.
17. Sure, but still, you finally have to take everything to hand, because time is pressing for various things.
18. If you don’t receive any help from your group members in this regard, you still have to take everything to hand yourself, because enlightenment has become the most urgent priority.
19. It is no longer sufficient that you spread your knowledge only in your group and in certain other interested circles, because the time has come, when the general public must be informed as well.
20. This means that you now have to get in the effort of communicating your knowledge and so forth to the unaware public, too, through lectures.
21. This has become an urgent priority.
22. If you’ve already prepared a lecture, then you now have to modify it and mention some other facts in it.
23. The most important new factor is the fact of the destruction of the ozone layer, which is rapidly being destroyed more and more.
24. Also work out a pamphlet concerning this and distribute it.
25. Reach with this also to newspapers and television and so forth and shout out the imminent danger from the rooftops.
26. It should also be woven into the lecture that also the nuclear threat has risen again tremendously.
You can talk easily, Semjase, because first of all, they complain to me about everything that I put down on paper because it is supposedly written too harshly. On the other hand, the stupid question is always asked, why you won’t give me a hand financially and so on. It’s sometimes actually enough to make one weep, because I find such things just damn unreasonable. Several times lately, I’ve dealt with the idea that I would do best if I just threw it all away and pursued everyday work. First of all, I’d get rid of my financial worries, and second, I would no longer have to mess around with illogical questions and so on.
27. The execution of your task is at your own discretion.
28. Hence, if you want to withdraw, then it would mean very bad things for your entire humanity, but on the other hand, we won’t occupy you with malice and compulsion, so you can freely decide.
29. Please consider, however, that it is solely up to you to decide whether Earth humanity can get a very important advantage and tread on a better path.
30. I am well aware that you think that all human beings must work hard for something and thereby put themselves at risk, but still, that is not enough.
31. Remember that only very, very few Earth human beings have similar capabilities as you, and most of the time they do not have the courage to represent facts openly.
32. As a human being, it is your duty to spread your knowledge and thereby help your fellow human beings.
33. You knew from the beginning that everything would be very difficult and that others wouldn’t exactly assist you very helpfully.
34. Therefore, I think that you are a bit rashly considering ending our matters.
35. I have…
You really talk easily.
36. Let me finish speaking, please.
37. I see that you are angry because the success of help cannot be expected to be great, and many illogical things are brought upon you.
38. However, this doesn’t require your anger, because you must understand that your fellow human beings stand very far behind you in a consciousness-based form and must first learn (refers to the application of consciousness-based powers [spiritual powers] as well as to the knowledge and the creational-spiritual laws and recommendations, etc. = spiritual teaching, etc.).
39. Nevertheless, you know that very well.
40. Human anger is only appropriate where the knowledge of the laws and recommendations and other things is clearly present, and yet everything is disregarded.
41. But unknowledgeness must not arouse any anger in you, for this offends against the laws.
42. So, to help you, I’d like to tell you that you should consider everything again very carefully and calmly, before you make a reneging decision.
43. Remember that humanity needs your help and that you can give it more than any human could ever do before, if we refrain from certain prophets, who were ignored, however, and whose teachings fell prey to falsifications.
44. Remember that for about 2000 years, no Earth human being has been selected for contact with a very high spirit form and no important message has been conveyed, as is the case with you.
45. Consider, then, how important you are deemed to be by us and the being of the high spirit level, Arahat Athersata, which is not done in vain.
46. You are the first prophet of the new time, and thus the most important person of your world, for you are the fundamental forerunner for the teaching of the new time.
47. You must perform the very difficult preliminary work for the truth-proclaimers who will still work after your time.
48. Please consider all this very carefully, before you make a decision that comes only out of anger.
49. We very well know the raging anger in you Earth human beings, because at all times, we had such problems with you.
50. Many prophets became greatly angry on account of the lack of intellect and the irrationality of their fellow human beings.
51. And they often needed this anger to fulfill their task.
52. But be fair, because your anger doesn’t need its existence, because your fellow human beings are unknowing.
53. As for the illogical questions regarding financial help and so forth, I would like to give an explanation here for the questioners, since every Earth human being thinks that we have no things that correspond with goods and means of payment and so forth, as are common and customary on Earth.
54. Even if we wanted, we couldn’t serve you with that financial means which you call “money," because we don’t have goods and such of that kind.
55. Also, we will never influence games of chance and such, because they are of exceptionally evil and terrible values.
56. The third important point to mention is that we don’t let ourselves be provoked by speeches and questions and so on, for this earth is your home and not ours.
57. But since we are here and want to help Earth humanity in its consciousness-based and other development, this means we’ve imposed an obligation on ourselves, which we won’t let be made into a “must" for ourselves by orders of Earth human beings.
58. Our task is a voluntary commitment.
59. This is our part, to which another part is still added, that the Earth human being has to make an effort and likewise contribute his mite to everything.
60. This means that the Earth human being also has to take on a certain voluntary obligation and has to bear certain things himself.
61. It is completely wrong of him to think that he can just accept help and kindness, without contributing anything to this help himself.
62. The Earth human being must learn that his selfishness as well as his boundless egoism are completely out of place and have no justification whatsoever.
63. So if the Earth human being is to be helped, he also has to contribute his own part to this help.
64. But this part consists, according to your values, of procuring the necessary capital and all the necessary work.
65. But if the Earth human being believes that he can just take and doesn’t have to give anything for it, then he is on unreal paths.
66. He can only overcome his evil egoism if he becomes clear about the fact that always two different factors, which form a oneness in themselves, result in a super-oneness.
67. In other words, this means in this case that giving and taking must be joined together into a oneness.
68. If we provide all of you spiritual and consciousness-based goods and knowledge and so forth, then it is your duty to process these goods and this knowledge and also to contribute certain things to the achievement of the whole.
69. But if the Earth human being thinks and acts according to the principle of his illogic, that taking is more blessed than giving, then he will not free himself from his evil egoism.
70. And the Earth human being is indeed egoistic, individually as well as en masse, so exploitation on your world is very prominent.
That was damn clear, Semjase.
71. Sure, but it had to be said.
All right, nobody is reproaching you. But now to something else, because I have a question in stock: What is the situation with spiritualism? Should one speak with the deceased, and is that even possible? I have my own view on this, which I wouldn’t like to mention to you now, however. Please explain to me what this is all about, because we have had some discussions about it recently.
72. As you wish:
73. Basically, a lot of spiritualism is practiced among you Earth human beings, but very amateurishly and without considerable knowledge or success.
74. But more than 99.7% of so-called “spiritist sessions" are based on fraud, self-deception, and charlatanry.
75. False things are quite consciously claimed and are underlined by magic tricks and so forth.
76. In very, very many cases, there is also self-deception, as the spiritists are of the wrong view that otherworldly beings or the deceased would be answering them.
77. A medium of such kind is very receptive to telepathic swinging waves of the subconsciousness and, by this ability, “taps into" the subconsciousness of other human beings or the storage-banks, so they find out things that are future or past.
78. Uninitiated and unknowing human beings then believe that the medium actually has medial abilities.
79. Human beings are, therefore, very often surprised when such acts tell them things about themselves or their relatives and about other human beings, which they had long since forgotten and could not remember anymore.
80. Incidentally, such a form is also exercised by one of your group members, as I have found.
81. This one lives not far from you and has fallen into a self-deception.
82. This form of alleged spiritism arouses in the medium an evil self-deception, which also comprises those who assess such.
83. With this, every reality becomes lost.
84. Such false forms are unfortunately very common and cannot be curbed in a short time.
85. Unfortunately, the time would never suffice if I wanted to deal with all the various forms of spiritism, so I must be content with an explanation about the real factor:
86. Neither simple invocations of the dead nor “real" spiritism should be practiced by the unknowing and illogical human being.
87. First of all, these things are very dangerous for the practitioners, psychologically and in terms of consciousness, because confusion of the consciousness can arise, and secondly, they become deceived by all sorts of possibilities, but not by the dead, or they become exploited for jokes.
88. A deceased life form possesses, in the form of the overall consciousness-block and in the sphere of the other world, only that knowledge which it had gathered in the material world.
89. If this could be invoked from the material world, then it would only be able to discuss and tell precisely that which it had learned in the material world.
90. Particularly most severe are the points of religious dogma and delusion, which make the deceased life forms allegedly always visible or audible in the foreground and thereby evilly mislead those who are still living.
91. This is because the delusional religious facts in the material thinking of the human beings usually play a dominant role in their lives.
92. Many of the deceased would not agree with an invocation of their being and would therefore maliciously deceive those who are still living if they would be invoked.
93. Many would make evil jokes and foretell false things, which might then also become true, because the unknowing ones alive would believe in them and would attract the events as with a magnet.
94. But now, there is still the form of true spiritism, but to our knowledge, only four Earth human beings are capable of this, and they are also silent about their capabilities:
95. In this form, however, not the deceased but rather beings of higher forms are invoked, and also beings of other spheres.
96. And since these are often very far developed in consciousness, they have also cast aside many irrational teachings and have become wise.
97. And these spirit and being forms are the only ones who truthfully answer all the questions of those still living and who neither deceive nor joke.
98. Fundamentally, the truth of spiritism, in the form of invoking the dead and so forth, is that first and foremost, it would be undesirable for the deceased and would bring no benefit to the living, but only bad things.
99. This is the case when, as I said, it concerns the applied spiritism of the untrue form.
100. The human being should, therefore, never dare to want to invoke the dead, because that is sheer nonsense and can be harmful to the consciousness.
101. A great deal of distress and misery could be resolved in your world just by omitting this malicious and misleading, false spiritism.
102. Of value is only the spiritism of a higher form, with which no dead ones but rather higher spiritual spheres or higher beings can be invoked and questioned.
103. But as I said, there are only four human beings on your earth at the moment, who are capable of doing this.
104. But only one of these four real experts is currently living in your so-called pan-European space, and I don’t have the right to name them.
Thanks, Semjase. Your explanations admittedly are not exactly in accordance with my previous thinking, but I am happy to let myself be taught anytime. If you don’t mind, then I have a few more questions. I would like…
105. Unfortunately, I can’t address those today, because I still have various things to do.
106. But you can ask your questions next time.
Of course; as you think fit. But can you at least tell me the approximate time when you will give your now downsized demonstration?
107. I already told you that I can’t do that for certain reasons and that I also don’t want to specify these reasons.
108. But it will be at the time before I have to go away for some time.


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