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There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
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感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Monday, July 7, 1975, 10:37 AM
This time, it took a very long time before you tended to my call to come here to me. Was there something special?
1. Sure, but I did inform you about it.
I understand, but if you have enough time, then I would like to ask you a number of questions today, as a lot have accumulated in the meantime.
2. I have enough time for today.
Very good. As the first question, I would gladly like to know what the situation was with regard to the engine trouble of the Veit family, because I have been told that it was a life-threatening thing. I don’t understand how you can do such crazy things and play with human beings’ lives.
3. It was not really like that, and I explained to you before that the situation was a bit different than you accept, because on the one hand, we had to find a way to make the company the right crowd and give you enough time for the talks.
4. On the other hand, we had to take care of averting a mishappening, which would have inevitably occurred if we had not acted in this way.
5. Unfortunately, we did not realize this until we were only still able to prevent the bad consequences through an immediate manipulation.
6. With our devices and apparatuses, we found severe damage inside the engine of the vehicle when we were trying to switch off the electrical equipment, by what means we would have put the vehicle out of operation for three days.
7. The damage of the engine thereby recognized was so dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle that according to our probability calculation, they would have had to drive just another 1.32 kilometers before the mishappening would have occurred.
8. The consequences would have certainly been deadly for the occupants, which is why we accelerated the destruction process of the engine and influenced the other events.
9. This prevented the impending mishappening and saved the lives of the occupants.
10. The fact that everything was destroyed was not our fault, because this was due to the actual damage of the engine itself.
11. We only triggered the last effect of the already existing damage, whereby we were able to prevent the worst.
You know that the engine was completely destroyed?
12. Sure, it became useless in its form.
Ah. — It calms me tremendously that you are not really to blame for the mess, because the repair cost around 3,000 German Marks, as I was told. Seen from your point of view, I feel that the whole thing was more than a lifesaving.
13. Sure.
14. But now, what is your next question?
You’re in a hurry — have you suddenly become very curious? Mr. and Mrs. Veit have asked me about this: How do you and the others value their work?
15. They are and have been connected with a lot of effort since the beginning.
16. They have endured many attacks and intrigues, and despite many adversities, they have advanced their valued efforts very far and have also thereby achieved good results.
17. Seen from our point of view, I can assert that we very highly appreciate and advocate all their work and efforts.
18. Very great praise is due to them.
19. But unfortunately, there are some negative factors to be mentioned, namely their belief in untruths of a religious direction and their letting themselves be misled by certain deceitful elements.
20. In these things, they should develop the most precise clarification and cognition.
I wanted to ask about that myself, Semjase, namely about certain deceitful elements: The Veit family is convinced that the people you mentioned are not guilty of any deception. What do you say to that?
21. We’ve recorded your hours of conversations, and I am very well-oriented about everything.
22. But I also already told you before that you will have a very difficult time.
23. This has also proven to be true, as you know yourself.
24. This difficult situation will also still continue for you, because your conversational partners are indeed rather understanding, generous, and courteous, but they are nevertheless very much influenced by certain misleading factors that have negative effects on everything.
[Translator’s Note: A copy of the original letter, reproduced below, appears on pages 214 – 216 of the German version of the Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1]
Karl L. Veit
D-62 Wiesbaden 13
PO Box 130 185
July 7, 1975
Dear Billy!
In connection with the conversations conducted with you on Saturday, the 28th, and Sunday, the 29th of June, ’75, and after carefully reading the transmissions of Arahat Athersata, my / our commentary is as follows.
Basically, in the case of ARAHAT (as well as in the case of Semjase), the Eastern, god-impersonal path of knowledge must be ascertained in contrast to the Christian-esoteric, personal GOD epistemology and experience.
While Spinoza mentions the concept of God and identifies Him with nature (Deus sive natura – natura sive deus) as Pantheism teaches, Arahat absolutely denies the personal Creator and essence of GOD or the GODHEAD, as is revealed in Genesis, chapters 1 & 2, “… God created man in HIS image…", and in John 1: 1-18. This means a not at all blatant enough to be marked shortcoming, which stands in contrast to the Christian-esoteric teaching and the most important commandment, “Know and love God above all and love your neighbor as yourself!"
The assertion, as if no divine conveyances have occurred for 2000 years (pp. 3 & 4), testifies to complete lack of knowledge of the history of mysticism, with assents of JESUS, as in John 14:21, the New Testament itself, the fourfold meaning of the Holy Scriptures, the NEW REVELATION of God (NR) in 25 volumes, and PRIMITIVE COMMUNITY Revelations (PC, No. 1-19) regrettably being left out of consideration on account of not knowing (although on page 6, with “… great spiritual human beings…", there is a hint about awakened representatives of God).
The mentioned terms “Creation, nature, spirit-creation, universe, Primal-Creation…" presuppose, according to the law of causality and individual experience, the concept of CREATOR = ORIGINAL CREATOR.
An advocate of the truth and true prophet (pp. 7 & 10) knows this and teaches this exactly; and if the author overlooks Jesus as the “ETERNAL LOGOS" or considers Him to be merely a human being, then he lacks the basic knowledge of heavenly-spiritual realities as they are laid down in the NT and in The Revelation of John.
Certain passages (inter alia, p. 11, upper third) are good and at the same time self-evident in their universally valid abstract formulation, like with the concrete mention of the French Revolution (p. 13 at the bottom).
Apart from the repetitive but usually legitimate criticism of false teachers and seducers of the people, there is missing the acknowledgement of The Acts of the Apostles and the blessing of Christianity in all creative achievements of Christian esotericism, as well as direct or indirect conception of many arts, such as architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry, etc., as well as the scientist Kepler and others.
Urgently needed is the distinction of the (according to author) only “imaginary or created godhead" versus the TRUE GODHEAD according to Genesis, chapters 1-4, and John 1:1-18, & Revelation 1:7-8!
This incomprehensible lack of knowledge (or what else should it be designated in the case of the author?) leads to representations as they are to be read as (bottom of p. 22 and the following) “… when, the last time, we got in contact with Immanuel about 2000 years ago and transmitted our teachings to him" – which must be called blasphemy to say the least. Is this not a frightening pretension and untenable assertion: as if “they" were the revelatory source for JESUS CHRIST, the ETERNAL LOGOS and LORD OF HEAVEN and the universe, who brought “them" – and also you, dear Billy (John 1:2-4) – into life? Who would not think here of satanic hubris?
The Relegeon process is carried out in the NR, the PC, and with the children of God living and working within this purpose of earlier centuries, and especially since the last century, and extends to the full fulfillment of the Aquarian age, otherwise called “The Second Coming of Christ" and the eon of THEOCRACY announced in Revelation, chapters 21 & 22.
As a test necessity of the deepest meaning and criterion of self-knowledge, let’s consider the passage in the lower third of page 40: “… Yet there are only two truth-proclaimers… truly this prophet is the greatest of the present time…"
Why does Arahat not know and mention Swedenborg, Lorber, A. W., or “The Household of God" Vol. 1, chap. 5 – which should have been mentioned on page 43. Also, there is missing the concept and relevant complex of The Original Fall and its mysteries with the justification for and fulfillment of religion (p. 47). There are no facts according to Matthew 24:14 – with the mentioning and acknowledging of awakened prophetic men, such as Branham, Hix, Zeiss, Graham, etc. (magnificent witnesses and proclaimers of Jesus and endowed with authority, like Osborn, for example) – which so clearly characterize the “end times" in which we live and “The Second Coming of Christ."
Because of new heaps of mail and chronic stress, my wife and I have not yet found the time to read the further messages (starting from 8) of Semjase.
A detailed addressing of the “teachings of Immanuel, aka Jesus Christ," is actually unnecessary due to the existing illumination of Arahat’s manuscript. Nevertheless, I would still like to touch on a few points.
When Rashid says in his letter from 9/14/1974, “… The New Testament of the Bible is a horrible lie…", he can only be described as a highly pitiable victim of misunderstanding, to whom may God the Lord give true enlightenment. The same applies to you, Billy, and we would like to warn you emphatically in goodness and in friendship and urge you not to pass this book on or distribute it, as you would be burdened with a severe karma. Judas Ischariot, Rashid, Arahat, Semjase (and you yourself) have “thrown out the baby with the bath water."
With your God-given intelligence, and with good will thereby, you need to be able to make the distinction between true and untrue, between God’s Word and the work of man. Let yourself be enlightened and guided by the spark of God’s Spirit in your heart through prayer, so that you do not serve the supposed truth but the real truth, as is contained in the Gospel of John and in the Apocalypse. And because of certain falsifications in the Bible, God has made known the NR and PC revelations. The denial of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, His resurrection, ascension, and sending of the Holy Spirit – the pseudo-truth of His procreation, journey to India, marriage, raising a family, and death & burial of His body, etc. – testify to the oh so weak comprehension and unfortunate non-enlightenment of Judas Ischariot as a writer and of those who believe in such false-prophetic aberrations.
Regarding Recordings of the Flying Objects and the “Spiritual Teaching"
In our view, it is necessary for your pictures and films of the UFO phenomena as evidence for intelligently controlled extraterrestrial vehicles to be separated completely from that which is designated as the “spiritual teaching." We stand behind you in the former.
If we, as Earth human beings, are to learn certainly a lot morally and technically from extraterrestrials in tolerant communication, then this should not happen one-sidedly but rather concurrently, that is, their real research task in relation to the planet Earth and the composition of its human society, from incarnated angels to pitiable poor devils, consists primarily in recognizing the spiritual-heavenly personality of JESUS CHRIST, because He lived here (Joh. 1:4-5), (Rev. 1:7-8) while clarifying the way of being a child of God or its obtainment, as revealed in John 10:16.
The importance of our meetings and conversations in the presence of Mr. Jacob and Mr. Bertschinger in Hinwil on the 28th and 29th of June should be assessed by you yourself.
We also suggest that the two friends read this letter and think it over as well as take it to knowledge for joint debate.
We have waited a few days to write this letter because we assumed that a message from you would have arrived in the meantime.
The promised things went to Mr. Jacob, which you want to exchange with each other as well as with Mr. Bertschinger.
Please send us the pictures taken in H. on Sunday, as well as the film and the UFO photos, which have been consistently excellent (as many as we do not yet have), which we are ordering from you with an invoice.
Warm regards to you, family, and friends,
Karl and Anny Veit
P.S. – The two specimens from Colonel Dall for Mr. J. & B. have been ordered and will follow later.
[Translator’s Note: A copy of the original letter, reproduced below, appears on pages 217 – 219 of the German version of the Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1]
German UFO Study Society
Call: 06121/25604. PO Box 17185
CH 8340 Hinwil / CH
Wihaldenstr. 10
Aug. 26, 1975
Dear Billy,
We just finished (with immense overburdening and after returning from a conference) your manuscript reading (31st Contact, pp. 1-81), and having done so, suggestions are to be made to you for the lecture:
The 1st day: recount, don’t read, from your childhood up to Semjase and photos, so only record keywords. The 2nd day: the slides with the 20-hour journey. But here, don’t use your 184 pictures – for that you would need 3-4 hours alone – but use the best selected of these with brief explanations. In no case can listeners listen for longer than 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours. This comes from our 18 years of lecture experience in 14 countries and with 10 congresses.
Our suggestion is that you please keep only to the ufological facts, as it is a UFO congress. Your own or inspired “teaching" would not be understood, and indeed would be rejected, in our circles entirely belonging to the Christian or universal-cosmic faith. In these, the Bible, as the book of books, plays the main role for our intercontinental guest audience. Since, according to cosmic law, we all respect the free will of the human being, peace and harmony can be aired and taken in at our world-renowned UFO Congresses, which are considered as the only ones existing, so we ask you once again, Billy, to please keep to the purely experienced ufological, which is confirmed with photos.
These facts alone will already overwhelm the time available. And you may consider it a privilege to be allowed to speak twice, as a result of the abundance. But then everything must be very precisely prepared, even with the slides & film, and every unimportant and unclear sentence must be banned, in order to be able to give the guests a comprehensive overview on your part.
August 27, 1975
On the 27th, just before the above lines were to be sent, your letter about your lecture presentation arrived. It roughly coincides with our suggestions above…
However, on 8/28, as we were holding your lecture manuscript in our hands and reading it, we could not believe our eyes: Right on the first page at the beginning, you stress your “teaching." As you recall, I had made the unmistakable suggestion, both verbally and in writing, that a (sharp) separation would have to be made between your real experiences and the so-called spiritual teaching. You have not held to this agreement in any way.
On the contrary, you bring God, Christ, contactees, the work of GUISS, the VentIa publishing house, so us as your hosts from the outset, into the deepest discredit and declare yourself alone, with inspirers, to be the “only representative of the truth." This culminates right away in your words:
“… There is such a tremendous difference between the UFO reports known to me up to now and my own experiences, lessons learned, and acquired knowledge, as radiant light and the deepest darkness represent this. Therefore, while in the UFO reports and such that are known to me so far, there is very much and very extensive talk of religion, the dear God and Jesus Christ, my reports, lessons learned, experiences and my acquired knowledge are composed of exactly opposite aspects…"
Quite certainly, our earth is a reservoir of the deepest of fallen souls, who, as those who are sick, are most in need (in relation to the rest of creation) of a physician and savior. For this very reason, the incarnation of the Eternal Logos occurred on precisely this earth.
Now, this is the central problem: the asserted lies in the “Book of Immanuel" about Jesus Christ, which appear over and over again or are interspersed. And these false teachings are supposed to be proclaimed as “truth" to the human beings?! Here, we can refer just to John 1:5 (please read!). We serve this HOLY HEAVENLY LIGHT, the PERSONAL ETERNAL CREATOR, GOD and FATHER of ETERNITY, and HE revealed to us the mystery of the personality of JESUS CHRIST, whom Semjase, Ptaah, Asket, and Arahat A., despite their journeys to our planet, still do not know. They, too, indeed stand in evolution…
“An ordinary Earth human being named Immanuel…" (lect. ms. p. 24):
That interpretation bears witness to the catastrophic lack of wisdom in this primary point of knowing God and Christ. This is, in love to HIM, more than all material space travel.
Constructive ufology – and we represent only this – is a bridge from materialism back to God, the Creator and Sustainer of life, and only this have we served for decades. With Luther, we can only say: God helps us, there’s nothing else I / we can do! We would rather do without your UFO pictures than let the harmony of our congress be called into question. They would raise open outrage and opposition with your theses… This “ideology" not only causes confusion in the above primary points, but also leads to irresponsible discord and abnormality of unsatisfactory natural philosophy.
You have distanced yourself with your manuscript and “explanations" so clearly from our institution that a lecture on your part can no longer be considered. Nobody in the world of UFO research receives the slightest acceptance from you, neither the many organizations of other languages, nor the many contact persons (up to the present time). They are all, in your eyes, swindlers, deceivers, religious fanatics, etc. Strangely enough, all of these are the ones who, representing the concept of ufology, sacrificed the most in work, honor, finances, and time – indeed some even paid with their lives, were put into madhouses, etc. – so that today you can be understood at all with your UFO experiences. All of these ones mentioned achieved global success, extremely selflessly, without borrowing, without government subsidies. Only through the evident blessing of God (whom you, Billy, would so like to exclude) could UFO research ever achieve such tremendous significance and success! Human beings alone, without a spiritual backbone, would have never been able to do this! We confess quite openly: There are such strong proofs along our way that no one would be able to explain them away!
All this is a very painful disappointment to us! We wanted to help you so much. Hardly anyone could have done this better and would have the connections all over the world. You had a great chance; God gave you His helping hand yet another time!
In the ufological mission, which we absolutely acknowledge – without attempting to eliminate God – you would have achieved a lot with our international connections.
Content yourself with this, and GOD will helpfully direct your life to friendlier paths. He loves you, He knows you, because you really want to serve, and you have taken such a hard life on yourself.
Trying to convince the Western world of His non-existence (and in the same way also all the other world religions!), you will never succeed in this.
GOD help you!
Karl and Anny Veit
P.S. – We are still interested in your installments, lessons learned, and experiences, as well as UFO photos. From the previous order, however, we had only ever wanted a series of slides and prints as well as a specified monetary amount. If you didn’t want the 200 Swiss francs for yourself, then please, from the new pictures, also specify an amount per each series.
[Translator’s Note: End of letters. Back to the contact.]
25. In addition, we have found in various places that certain things are going on against you and that intrigues directed against you are being built up.
26. For some time now, you have been very closely observed and monitored from various sides, in the course of which some evilly directed elements have already been trying to bring about intrigues against you.
27. In certain circles, it is already being worked to accuse you of lies and deceit, because the truth is starting to become harmful to them.
28. Therefore, exercise precaution in every respect.
29. Malicious tongues are already accusing you of espionage for foreign powers, while others are already covering you with insults of fraud, whereby you should be deprived of the possibility of spreading the truth.
30. These malevolent elements belong on the one hand to religious and purely sectarian circles and, on the other hand, to a still secret organization that wants to suppress and destroy the truth.
31. Certain lines also run in this respect to various secret societies, as well as to authorities and military personnel, and to certain individuals whose harmful activity with regard to the dissemination of the truth is endangered by you.
32. But certain other elements are already working against you according to the same standards, because they could be promptly found guilty of deception by your spreading of the truth and by the upcoming findings of your sciences.
You’re giving me fantastic hopes, Semjase. But actually, I’ve already counted on such things.
33. You also had to do that, because you know these factors from former times, as I know now, because I’ve been able to solve a tiny part of your mystery.
Of course, and so I don’t excite myself. — But your answer concerning certain deceitful elements doesn’t satisfy me. Please explain this in some more detail, because you have just practically bypassed my question.
34. I’ve already given you information about this on several occasions, but I will do it yet another time because the assumptions made in the discussions are wrong in terms of the alleged diversity of the truth, in the way that our explanations and interpretations would only be part of the truth and would only lead to the final truth when confronted with other explanations and interpretations of other life forms coming to you Earth human beings.
35. At the present time, we are the most highly developed life forms who travel to this Earth from outside your world and are also stationed here.
36. Although other life forms come to your Earth space, fly into it, and some have their stations here as well, we correspond to the highest evolutionary level of all.
37. The second highest developed form of life to us is a little more than 1,840 years of overall evolution behind us.
38. So of all the present-day extraterrestrial life forms that currently live in the earthly space, we are a little more than 1,840 Earth years ahead in overall level of evolution.
39. Therefore, when we transmit explanations and interpretations, these correspond to the highest level of cognition and knowledge and to the highest known truth, which need not lead to truth only when confronted with some explanations and interpretations of much lesser developed life forms.
40. So what we convey to all of you is the final known truth to and with our spirit level.
41. This results in the fact that we can only state the effective truth concerning the deceitful elements mentioned earlier, and for my part, I have to remain with my statements because they correspond to the truth.
42. If certain people doubt my statements concerning this, sooner or later they will have to gain the cognition of the truth of my words.
43. This is especially true of the deceitful claims made by various deceivers and charlatans, who gave false explanations worldwide regarding alleged contacts with people of your neighboring planet Venus.
44. In not too many years, it will be proven to all of you by your science that no human life forms whatsoever exist on this planet in the form described by certain charlatans and deceivers, neither in a spiritual nor material form.
45. So if my explanations concerning this are rejected by various Earth human beings, this is not of great importance, because the earthly scientists themselves will confirm and prove my information in a few years, thereby also providing the proof that various pseudo-contactees were or are only evil deceivers and charlatans.
46. For the really interested Earth human beings, I would like to try to give some important explanations regarding the planet Venus:
47. Earth’s solar system is often traversed by comets and wandering planets or wandering stars, for which the following is to be explained:
48. Comets appear in various forms, even as wandering planets and as wandering stars, which become drawn by the tremendous attractive forces of other stars and planets into their spheres of influence.
49. As a result of their great speed, however, they usually rush through and break through the belts of attractive forces and withdraw again, in which cases, however, they become liquefied on their surfaces and lose matter due to the resulting friction with the planetary, sun-, or star-forces.
50. This matter then often follows as a very long tail behind the respective object hurrying away.
51. Due to solar energies and so forth, the cast-off particles then become visible as a luminous tail.
52. But on the other hand, the empty space is not truly empty, as it is alive with countless particles and other things, which make these and their tails shine due to the constant friction with the wandering planets or wandering stars.
53. But along with these comets, there are still the icy and the nebula-like cometary bodies.
54. In general, comets have rather eccentric orbits, and, like the system planets, they revolve around the sun, but in much further orbits.
55. These system comets generally develop their impressive long tails, which can often be many millions of kilometers long, only near the sun.
56. But truly gigantic comets are quite rare, which is why the majority of all comets cannot be seen by the naked eye.
57. Only the really large comets very close to Earth are seen by the Earth human being with the naked eye.
58. The average comets are often no more than small and very faint globular clouds without tails.
59. But it is precisely these kinds of comets that are countless.
60. The nebula-like comets are the most common, and they have three main features, for they are surrounded by a nebulous coma with or without inner central compression, they have a core, and a tail.
61. The shapes of the coma can be very different: elliptical or round or warped in any direction.
62. The central compression appears in such a way that the coma becomes brighter and more compact on the inside.
63. The core itself forms a strongly luminous zone and embodies the actual comet, which can be wide in orders of magnitude ranging from a few hundred meters to many thousands of meters, while the overall length of the comet’s tail with the coma very often measures up to many hundreds of thousands or even millions of kilometers.
64. Depending on the type of comet and the influences, the tail is composed of dust particles or gaseous forms, or of dust particles and gaseous forms together.
65. Pure gas tails stay in much narrower dimensions than particle, meteorite, and dust tails, which appear only with larger comets and are very bright, while gas tails are not very bright and are tremendously narrow.
66. The system-bound comets have very long and elongated orbits, which extend very deep into space.
67. These orbits very often run halfway to or even to the vicinity of the outer SOL planets, before they begin their return journey back towards the Sun and towards the inner SOL planets.
68. But the orbits can also go so far that the paths run far out into the Oort cloud beyond all planetary systems, and accordingly the paths become longer.
69. Due to the long orbits, the comets often require many decades or centuries before they fly back to their home system, while space wanderers, comets that fly varyingly in and out of the extra-solar space, have orbital periods of many thousands of years.
70. And like all other cosmic bodies, comets are also subject to the laws of gravity, so their orbits also form accordingly.
71. And precisely these various orbits and their widths are decisive for certain changes and occurrences in a wide variety of planetary and solar systems, even if these occurrences and changes are only very, very rare.
72. I’ve already talked before about these cometary factors in somewhat less detail, which is why I now had to explain some more.
73. This is because it is necessary for the explanation that no human life forms exist on the planet Venus:
74. Millions of years ago, in another space-time configuration, a gigantic dark star destroyed half a planetary system many light years away from Earth’s system.
75. After destroying that distant system, the wanderer hurried out into the expanse of space, came into the space-time configuration of the Milky Way of the DERN Universe, and took course for Earth.
76. It was forced by large and small planets and by the Sun into a new course, which consequently had to bring it over and over again into the SOL system.
77. Known as the Destroyer, it stubbornly followed its new course and created a firm path over the course of millions of years.
78. This path, however, often led the Destroyer uncontrollably to planetary systems or to other wandering stars or comets, which, due to its gigantic size, were driven out of course or attracted by its attractive forces and were destroyed or carried off.
79. This happened only a few thousand years ago, when this gigantic Destroyer tore an object into its wake and brought it over millions of kilometers to Earth’s planetary system.
80. The Destroyer itself flew past very far beyond Earth’s reach, while the towed object, however, approached dangerously close to Earth and caused devastating catastrophes.
81. At that time, the whole solar system fell into disarray, and all the planets were thrust into new orbits.
82. The harmony-disturbing object, however, was forced by the gravitational forces of the large planets and the Sun into an orbit between Earth and Mercury and was unable to leave the system.
83. And as the brightest planet of the SOL system, the towed object has been orbiting the Sun ever since and is called “Venus" by the Earth human beings.
84. This event, when Venus was introduced into Earth’s solar system, took place thousands of years ago.
85. Due to the occurrences at that time, the planet was directed into a very calm orbit; consequently, it has one of the least eccentric orbits.
86. This is the actual result of the then very close flyby to Earth, which also influenced the rotation time of the planet Venus.
87. Due to Earth’s gravity, the encroaching Venus was swung around and began to rotate retrograde.
88. And as a result of the very short transit time through Earth’s gravity, the rotation of the onrushing planet could not increase again, so it obtained only an extremely slow rotation time and thus has the slowest one of the entire solar system.
89. As a result, one daytime on Venus lasts 117 Earth days, and the rotation time around the 3-degree inclined axis of the poles amounts to 243 Earth days.
90. Due to Earth’s gravity, Venus was deprived of its own rotational energy during its passage thousands of years ago, and there arose a very great frictional heat.
91. This frictional heat is also the source for certain surface changes on the planet, but not in terms of the physical conditions that prevail today on Venus.
92. These physical conditions alone reveal the falsity of all those charlatans and deceivers, who claim that human life exists on Venus.
93. This falls completely outside the scope of natural possibility, because the environmental conditions on Venus’ surface and the greenhouse atmosphere are absolutely hostile to human beings of all kinds.
94. The surface temperature of Venus, which still today is low in volcanic activity on and below its surface, measured at 1/2 a kilometer of altitude, still at the present time amounts to 457-470 degrees of your Celsius calculations.
95. This is also the reason why all the water brought by comets and ice meteors and so forth has evaporated on this hot planet and today forms the very thick cloud layer.
96. But from this, there was also able to arise an atmosphere that is so dense that the pressure at the assumed sea level is 334 times greater than the air pressure on Earth.
97. And represented according to your scientific terms, Venus’ atmosphere is also hostile to any human forms and so on, because it consists of about 87% by volume of carbon monoxide, although the percentage somewhat fluctuates occasionally.
98. Oxygen and noble gases as well as hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxides and so forth are currently present in the lower layers only to about 4%, and also some percentage of nitrogen and carbon dioxide is to be mentioned at about 95%.
99. Only very little water vapor is present at the moment, and the atmosphere is substantially different from that of Earth.
100. The actual pressure of Venus’ atmosphere is 107 times greater than the pressure of your Earth’s atmosphere.
101. And this, too, is a fact that brings hostility to human life forms.
102. This only very slowly depleting great pressure would crush and destroy human life forms beyond recognition, and even metallic forms can suffer the same fate.
103. For your and your scientists’ orientation, I want to explain here that we found earthly apparatuses on Venus that were completely crushed and destroyed by the tremendous pressure of Venus’ atmosphere, even before they reached the surface of the planet.
104. In particular, they were probe devices of the country of Russia, which were launched to Venus by the scientists of that country.
105. These discovered and destroyed devices looked as if they had been shot with tremendous force against a metal wall.
106. Venus has a magnetic field only in very low measures, and also that layer which is known among you as the “Van Allen radiation belt" is still very weak, so the factor known among you as “solar wind" is not very well shielded against.
107. In addition, the very high temperature that affects this belt should be noted.
108. But also the lack of water brings with it its consequences, so also this gives nourishment to the hostility to life of the planet.
109. Due to the events thousands of years ago, the planet – which was formerly fully seething with volcanoes and is today mostly just slightly volcanically active on and below its surface and has some huge craters, crater families, and highlands, as well as some high mountains and crater central peaks – is currently in the beginning of the phases of recovery, construction, and production.
110. Slowly, over the course of millions and billions of years, there will be able to develop natural living conditions and life forms of the most primitive kinds, as they naturally occur on all initially emerging life-capable worlds.
111. From this, it is evident even to those who are most lacking in understanding that Venus is a primeval planet in the sense that it is in the beginning of the stage of generating life.
112. About the planet itself, it is to be explained that it is very level, especially in the equatorial areas, and the relief-structural areas are far away.
113. In terms of temperature, day and night sides are nearly the same, but there are large differences in the wind strengths in lower and higher regions.
114. On the surface itself, there is no wind, and winds first develop in the higher regions.
115. In still higher regions, the winds increase very strongly and reach speeds of 117 meters per second and more.
116. The lowest border of the cloud layers is at 43.17 kilometers, but this can be shifted again and again by atmospheric storms and so forth.
117. In particular, this is possible over those areas where the winds are pressed downwards and thereby reach the surface and accumulate on the mountains, which, along with other forms, look like wrinkles and reach various sizes and heights, and in some cases are very diverse.
118. The climatic and structural occurrences are largely uniform on the planet Venus, but they do show certain variations.
119. But it is the case that human or other higher life on this planet is still impossible at the moment, unless suitable technical measures and so forth are used for help.
120. But in the sense mentioned, as has been claimed by various charlatans and deceivers, no life actually exists on Venus; life exists there only in completely different and microscopically smallest thermoforms and so forth, but no comparisons can be made to other life forms of life-capable planets.
121. The planet is still very wild, for how could it be otherwise since then until today?
122. Earth’s moon, however, doesn’t serve you as an example for Venus, because if you look at this, you in no way have the likeness of Venus, for under the dense cloud layer of Venus, a completely different picture is given.
123. When we or other life forms go to Venus, which is rich in a wide variety of minerals and other substances, this is only possible for us with special protective suits that protect us from the dangerous influences of the Venusian atmosphere and the great pressure and so on.
124. At the same time, we must also take into account the diverse forms of poisons and gases that move as deadly swaths about the wild planet.
125. And since the planet is subjected to certain variations, we also have to take this into account, such as in certain places where the temperature rises up to 500 degrees Celsius, and that directly in specific areas of the surface, where also the values of carbon dioxide and nitrogen as well as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, helium gas, argon gas and neon gas, sulfuric acid and water vapor and so on shift, and also the atmospheric pressure varies from the value of 88 up to 107.
126. But all of this information can always be wavering, because everything in this regard is subject to constant fluctuations.
127. These are the most basic explanations that I have to give regarding the habitability and existence of human or human-like life forms on the planet Venus.
128. If I had to describe other planets of your solar system, then unfortunately I would also have to deny the deceitful information from certain elements with regard to various planets and replace them with the real truth, because various allegedly inhabited planets in your system do not contain any forms of human life.
129. But in particular, I would once again like to speak on George Adamski, for he, and also Karl Michalek, had made the most monstrous assertions, and due to the excessive use of trick photography and so forth, he became increasingly bold and frivolous over the course of the years.
130. Since he saw and realized that he was well received in certain circles and that his photos and so forth were not subjected to close scrutiny and, therefore, could deceive even real experts, he ventured to even greater claims, namely that he had flown in extraterrestrial spaceships and had then also been photographed therein from ship to ship by extraterrestrial life forms.
131. In this regard, I’m referring specifically to the book “Inside the Space Ships," which you kindly handed over to me earlier for study.
132. In this book, there is a photo of Adamski located before page 161, which was allegedly taken from a Venusian Scout ship.
133. It is stated that Adamski, in the picture, was aboard a larger spaceship in the early morning hours of April 25, 1955 and was standing, together with an extraterrestrial human being, right at a viewing porthole.
134. This picture alone is able to convey to every truth-seeking and inquiring Earth human being the fact that the information from Adamski corresponds to a pure fantasy, for due to his steadily rising earthly activities and inattentiveness, he made a spectacular mistake here, which convicts him of deceit, if it is seriously noted that the size of the viewing porthole (in which Adamski had stuck a picture of the head of his person), converted into a scale true to reality, only amounts to just 15 cm.
135. This is a very accurate measure, extremely precise and correct.
136. If this measure is now converted into the overall width of the ship, whose measures of length and width can indeed be calculated from the picture, then this gives an overall width and overall height of the ship of only 171 cm, and an overall length of 897 cm, which would correspond to the measures of reality.
137. Adamski himself had made models that did not exceed a size of 30 cm and that were usually only a few centimeters long, which he mounted in each case on glass panes in front of the optics of his devices and then photographed them.
138. In this way, he achieved very deceptive photos, but especially when he worked with telescopes and was able to use the Moon as a background.
139. He was able to make various photographs just by arranging several glass panes with pictures, drawings, and self-luminous dyes one after another and then photographing the whole thing.
140. He let a very good model be made – and that of metal – by a now deceased friend.
141. He also attached this bell-shaped model to a very strong and pierced glass and used it for close-ups and so forth, and these were able to deceive even experts.
142. Adamski was able to cast worldwide circles under his spell by these irrational-belief-producing machinations.
143. This was all the easier for him because of the corresponding orientation of his being towards his fellow human beings.
144. But in the greatest measure, his exceptionally high capability of suggestion was decisive, by which he was able to cause hallucinations in well-known personalities, and that in various forms.
145. For many years, he had been able to influence such very realistically thinking human beings by his will and his fantasies and to make the conviction work in them, that they actually stood in contact with extraterrestrial intelligences.
146. Besides Adamski, there have been various other similar charlatans and deceivers at work, even if their magnitude doesn’t reach his own.
147. But various ones among them still play a very decisive role and continue to promote untruth.
Your explanations probably couldn’t be much clearer, and so I suppose that these should actually be sufficient for rational human beings. But now, what still isn’t clear to me concerns the dissemination of our Contact Reports. The last contact was just a thought-based one, and moreover, your boss intervened.
148. Sure, because that was necessary, after various unreasonable things had arisen among you.
149. From my side, I did explain to you clearly and plainly that the writing of Gloria Lee should only be distributed along with an appropriate guide or a detailed explanation.
150. But this determination was contravened, which is very unserviceable to the whole cause, because things are mentioned in this writing, which do not correspond to the facts.
151. For those who are unenlightened, it represents a rather good writing but still a certain dangerous factor, if the necessary explanations are not given for it.
152. Concerning the Contact Reports, I also explained to you that these should be disseminated in internal circles as they already exist.
153. Only for external circles should they be revised in a way that all personal concerns and so forth are removed.
154. But if any external circles appear, who want to buy the unabridged reports, these should not be handed over to them in their entirety.
155. So the revised form of the reports applies only to such people and to the masses.
We had also thought that ourselves, Semjase.
156. Then there must be a misunderstanding on our part.
That must be so — but let’s not talk about this anymore. It also had its good, because that’s how I got into contact with your boss.
157. Sure, but it should not stay that way.
158. We’ll have more of such opportunities at a later time, as we have provided for that.
159. But that will first be when we prepare you for the Great Journey, which will take you farther than ever an Earth human being has traveled in the last two thousand years.
You mentioned something about that at the last meeting. You said that I may come along to your Pleiades sometime.
160. Sure, but that will only be a very small part of your Great Journey, because the target is a few billion light years away from Earth.
Man – that’s fantastic. I just want to be able to take pictures then. Unfortunately, nearly all the last pictures from the journey to Saturn were ruined for me. Either they were under- or overexposed, or else the film was just black.
161. This was to be feared, unfortunately, because for such purposes, you would have to have special equipment available.
Nevertheless, I’ll try it again with the next trip. If I succeed more or less with just a few pictures, then I’ll be content.
162. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t count too much on a great success.
Of course not.
163. At our next contact, we’ll again have to discuss specific subjects that we’ve neglected lately.
164. We also have the option of picking you up for another special flight in the near future.
165. We want to see with this if you can take certain photographs, for we’ve made a special apparatus in this regard.
What should I photograph, then?
166. You’ll see soon enough, but now my time is up again, as I still have various duties to fulfill.

[Translator’s Note: The following are all 16 photos / diagrams from the first edition of George Adamski’s book, “Inside the Space Ships," published in 1955. Number 14 appears immediately before page 161 and, therefore, must be the specific photo referenced by Semjase in her sentence # 132.]


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