Contact Report 095/第095次接觸報告

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Contact Report 095第095次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 3




英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin




中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象第095次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)



本次接觸時,Billy 才由 Quetzal 那裡知道 Semjase 出大事了!
事情發生在這次接觸兩天前(就是 12 月 15 日)的下午 4 點半多,Semjase 因為有重要的事直接進到了 SSSC(也就是半年前才興建好的「Semjase 銀星中心」)找 Billy 談,才剛開始 Semjase 就發現「中心」大門外有人敲門,但 Billy 認為是她聽錯了而沒有在意,不料沒一會兒,Semjase 就感到不對而要離開,倉促之間竟被桌腳絆倒而不慎摔傷,而且她當下立即通過傳輸回到自己的飛船上。
之後的事 Billy 就不清楚了,只是直覺感到 Semjase 可能有事,但又不知狀況如何,直到這次與 Quetzal 會面,才知狀況有多糟…


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!



Good grief, Quetzal, you don’t look well. You are lime-white, what is the matter with you, are you sick?



  1. That’s not so.


  1. My unpleasant appearance is based on other concerns of a bad nature.



What do you mean by that? Is it related to Semjase? On last Thursday, around 16:36, she fell down in the centre, and since then I’ve just been thinking again and again that something might have happened to her. Somehow this thought just won’t let me go.

你這是什麼意思?和 Semjase 有關嗎?這禮拜四 16 點 36 分左右,她在中心摔倒了,從那以後,我一再地想著,她可能出事了。不知何故,這種想法一直揮之不去。


  1. This is due to your connection with Semjase.

這是由於你與 Semjase 心靈相通的緣故。

  1. Yes, for their sake I am here, and in concern for them I am in an outward and inward bad state.


  1. Tell me what happened on the evening of the 15th December.

告訴我 12 月 15 日(星期四)那天傍晚發生了什麼事情。


Quetzal, what happened? According to your bad looks, something really bad must have happened to the girl. Please, tell me first what is wrong with the child.



  1. Later, answer my question first.



As you like, but first you tell me why Semjase came here on Thursday, because in the two or three minutes of her being here she told me that she had something very important to explain. It would also make me wonder what Engelbert plays. Do you make any advances with him?

就聽你的,但首先請告訴我,為什麼 Semjase 星期四會來到這裡,因為她在這裡的兩三分鐘裡,她告訴我她有很重要的事要說。這也會讓我想知道 Engelbert 扮演了什麼角色。你和他有進一步聯繫嗎?


  1. You are incorrigible, because although all your nerves vibrate as a result of your ignorance of Semjase, you still ask questions.

你真是不可救藥,因為儘管由於你不清楚 Semjase 的情況而導致你所有的神經都在顫抖,但你仍然還在問問題。

  1. But I don’t want to answer them today; nor do I understand your question about the approaches?



Engelbert just told me today that he was picking up some impulses that would have lured him to Horgenberg on several occasions. So I wonder if any of you are looking for any contact with him? I also explained to you that Semjase was talking about something important on Thursday that she wanted to explain to me. But this explanation did not come any more. But it must have been important, otherwise she wouldn’t have come here especially for it.

Engelbert 今天剛剛告訴我,他接收到一些脈衝(impulses),這好幾次都引導他到 Horgenberg。所以我不知道你們中是否有人想和他聯繫?我還向你說過,Semjase 星期四談到一些她想向我解釋的重要事情,而這個解釋還沒來得及說。但這一定很重要,否則她不會特別來這裡。


  1. That’s how I want to answer your questions, which should be correct.


  1. Semjase actually had some very important things to tell you, like this:

實際上 Semjase 是有一些非常重要的事情要告訴你,比如:

  1. In the course of the last weeks we have become aware through the centre control that Amata again has wrong switching and wrong actions, which become unacceptable.

在過去幾個禮拜裡,我們通過「中心控制」(centre control)察覺到 Amata 再次出現錯誤的轉變以及錯誤的行動,這使得我們難以接受。

  1. With regard to these findings, we also controlled her in her private actions and found that she very often wrote documents which she described as transmitted by Ptaah, by myself, by Semjase, by Arahat Athersata and even by the petal plane.

由於這些發現,我們還掌握了她的私人活動,並發現她經常寫些資料,她說這些資料是由 Ptaah、我本人、Semjase、Arahat Athersata 甚至 petal 層級傳送過來的。

  1. The thoughts she created herself and put on paper are so confusing and even dangerous for the group that Semjase was supposed to reveal this last Thursday with an explanatory report for all members of the group.

那些她自己創造出來並且寫在紙上的想法,對小組來說已經造成困擾甚至是很危險的事,因此 Semjase 本來是要在星期四這天向所有小組成員提交一份說明性的報告。

  1. We also had to make the statement that Amata has more experiences another time and hears and sees things which are not and in no way reality, but which are only formed out of their warpedness and which are supposed to serve a certain purpose, which she herself is no longer able to recognize exactly.

我們還必須說,Amata 有時還有其他的經驗,她會聽到和看到那些絕非真實的東西,但那只是由於扭曲而形成的,應該是出於某種目的,而她自己也不再能夠確切地辨識這些東西。

  1. Truthfully, the reason for her confused actions lies on the one hand in the fact that she is not inclined towards openness and has created an impenetrable wall towards her fellow human beings around her, but on the other hand in the fact that unfulfilled desires are awake in her, which are directed towards the wanting of physical relationships in a certain form, which is not to be explained here, however, because I want to talk to you about it later on, and that in secrecy.


  1. In order to fulfil these confused, unfulfilled desires, Amata tries to make herself interesting by pushing herself forward through alleged transmissions from me, from Ptaah, Semjase, Arahat Athersata and the petal plane, through which you in turn are to be influenced.

為了滿足這些困惑而未實現的慾望,Amata 試圖通過所謂的從我、Ptaah、Semjase、Arahat Athersata 和 petal 層級傳來的資料來使自己變得有趣,這反過來使你也會受到影響。

  1. Sometimes, however, she also imagines many things, which she then interprets as reality, but is not aware of the untruthfulness, because the imagination overshadows reality to a great extent.


  1. It also very often results from this that she goes out in speeches in such a way that she establishes contact with Semjase, with me or Ptaah and speaks to us in telepathic form.

因此,她也經常在這樣的狀況下,像是與 Semjase、我或 Ptaah 建立了聯繫,並以心靈感應的方式與我們交談。

  1. But also this is not in any form of correctness, because never before, not present and also never in the future was, is or will be given the condition of Amata to be able to come into contact with us in this life from her.

但是,這在任何狀況下都不是真的,因為在過去、現在,甚至未來也都從來不曾、沒有或不會讓 Amata 在這輩子有這種條件,能夠與我們聯繫。

  1. We have never had telepathic contact with her, do not have it at present, and will not have it in the future.


  1. On the other hand, it can still be explained that her sense of belonging to the group and to your community in the residential part of the centre and in the work performance is very disturbed, which is also due to her imaginations etc. and to her eccentricity.


  1. Regrettably, we have found that she is too distracted from her actual duties and too involved in office work, so it is imperative that you explain to her that she should not be in the workroom for writing etc. for more than three hours a day in the future.


  1. On the other hand, she should devote more time to outdoor work, namely manual outdoor work and household chores.


  1. Should this not happen, it would endanger and even destroy many things in your community in a very short time.


  1. So you have to make sure that my advice is followed.


26. Unfortunately, these very unfortunate incidents and statements mean that Amata cannot take over the task at the Sohar Centre and cannot carry it out, which is why your wife is given this mission, which has apparently made the most admirable progress in every respect of all the group members over the last few months, which has already increased her total revolution level higher than more than 2/3 of all group members in such a short time, which she will have outstripped in a few months with her efforts, provided that she does not act and does not deceive us all.

可惜的是,從這些非常遺憾的事件和調查結果來看,Amata 不能接管 Sohar 中心的任務,她無法執行這項任務,而這就是為什麼你的妻子被賦予了這個使命。顯然在過去幾個月裡,她在所有小組成員中的各方面都取得了最令人欽佩的進展,在這麼短的時間內,已經使她的整體發展水準超過了 2/3 以上的小組成員,只要她不是裝模作樣且不是在欺騙我們所有人,通過她的努力,她將在幾個月內超過大家。

  1. This is a rare joy for us, if everything is true, because you too will be relieved very, very much, whereby you will receive help from her in very quick succession.


  1. We are all very grateful to her for this.



She will be very happy about that, as I myself have been happy about her enormous changes for months now, because it has not remained hidden from me either. But now, my son: You haven’t answered the question yet because of Engelbert.



  1. No big explanations are necessary, because from our side a contact attempt is made in no way.


  1. And when I explain this, it means that none of us makes or ever will make such contact attempts, except in two exceptions, which, however, are not yet given in any form in such a way that they could take place in physical form.



Then let me ask you a question: How many other contacts, I mean impuls-inspirative etc., are you currently having with earthlings?



  1. 22 463; but now explain to me what is happening in relation to Semjase.

有 2 萬 2,463 人;但現在請向我解釋 Semjase 那天發生的事情。


There is also not much to explain: Last Thursday she came at about 16.32 o’clock or 16.33 o’clock. We greeted each other briefly and then sat down on the two chairs in the center. Semjase could only briefly explain to me that she had an important matter to discuss with me when she was briefly shocked and explained that someone had knocked on the outside door of the center. I explained to her that I hadn’t heard anything and that maybe she was wrong. But she insisted on her point of view and said that someone had actually throbbed outside and that she would therefore leave. Said, done: She stood up, apparently got her foot on the table leg and fell over the electric oven with a soft outcry. I still saw her jump up and hit her head against the wall in the fall, then she had disappeared, because apparently she had still pressed the release button of the transmitter when falling. When I went out two minutes later, Jacobus stood outside, hidden behind the door and grinned. Of course I told him the opinion, not a good one, and he replied that he knew Semjase was down in the center, so he tried to see her.

也沒有什麼要解釋的,情況是:上星期四她大約在下午 4 點 32 或 33 分來到「中心」,我們在相互問候後就分別坐在兩把椅子上。Semjase 只向我簡單提到她有一件重要的事情要和我討論,但當時她被外面的聲音驚嚇到了,並說有人敲了中心的大門。我向她說我沒有聽到任何動靜,也許是她聽錯了。但她堅持有聽到聲音,並且說實際上有人在外面發出振動[中譯者註:這種振動(頻率),應該使 Semjase 感到很不舒服],因此她要離開。正在說著,她就站了起來,顯然她的腳拌到了桌腿而跌倒在電烤箱上並輕輕發出了唉哟一聲。我還看到她猛然起身,接著在摔倒時,頭撞到了牆,然後她人就消失了,顯然她在跌倒時還按下了傳送機的按鈕。兩分鐘後,當我出去時,看到 Jacobus 站在外面,他躲在門後面咧著嘴笑。當然,我告訴他這樣做是不對的,他回答說,他知道 Semjase 在中心,所以他想來看看她。

[中譯者註:有關振動(頻率)的說法,早在《第024次接觸報告》中,Semjase 就曾表示過:她與他們的族人只能與某些地球人保持接觸,而這些人在「振動」(vibration)方面可以與她們和諧共處。
這裡所謂的「振動」(頻率),往往與個人的靈性修為相關,也就是越傾向靈性的人,其振動頻率越高;反之,越傾向物慾的人,其振動頻率則越低。而 Jacobus 顯然屬於後者,請參閱《第079次接觸報告》中,Semjase 談話第 201 至 205 句的敘述。]


  1. That was very irresponsible of him, because very bad things happened through it.


  1. Semjase did not return to the station at the agreed time, and we received no news from her either.

Semjase 沒有在預定的時間返回太空站,而我們也沒有收到任何她的消息。

  1. At 11.24 p.m., after unsuccessful attempts to locate her, I set off to search for her and the ship, finding the same thing floating shielded above your center at 11.30 p.m..

晚上 11 時 24 分,在嘗試搜尋她沒有結果後,我便出發尋找她和她的飛船,晚上 11 時 30 分,我在你中心上空找到了漂浮中的飛船。

  1. When I entered her ship, I found her lying on the ground, in a deep coma, with a broken right arm, which I was able to heal on the spot, but also with a very severe skull base fracture.


  1. This forced me to fly with Semjase from your center to Erra immediately and without loss of time, where the crushed skull was sucked out of the partially injured brain mass by vacuum force.

這迫使我立即帶著Semjase一起從你的中心飛往 Erra 星,沒有耽誤任何時間,在那裡,使用真空力將被壓碎的頭骨從她部分受傷的腦組織中吸了出來。

  1. Apart from life-function reactions, no other reactions have been observed in her in the meantime and so far, whereby our scientists in this respect also explained that they were completely helpless and could do nothing until Semjase regained consciousness.

從那段期間直到目前,除了有生命跡象外,尚未觀察到她有其他的反應,在這方面,我們的科學家也表示,在 Semjase 恢復知覺之前,他們完全無能為力。

  1. Incidentally, the injury is of such a serious nature that they are helpless in terms of healing.


  1. Ptaah himself therefore made his way to the DAL universe to seek help from Asket, as her people are advanced in many ways from ours.

因此,Ptaah 親自前往了 DAL 宇宙向 Asket 尋求協助,因為她們在許多方面都比我們進步。

  1. Nevertheless, it is questionable whether Semjase can still be helped.

然而,Semjase 能否得到幫助還在未定之天。

  1. For my part, I only had to find out what had happened at all, which is why I came to you to ask you questions.



Shit, damn it.



  1. You’re very excited by my words, it’s better if I go.


  1. On Erra I am needed.

Erra 星那邊需要我。


Of course, get out of here, man. Go and see the girl come up on top and let me know any change, damn it. This idiot, you should beat him up, aah …



  1. You are very excited, but you are not serious.


  1. You are very sad and angry.


  1. Goodbye.



Let’s hear something from you, as soo…



  1. As soon as a change occurs.


  1. Goodbye.



Go do something, damn it, you’re still here. Get the hell out of here. Man, you … ah, finally.

快去做點什麼吧!該死的,你還在這裡幹嘛?快回去吧!老天,你… 啊,終於走了。


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