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Contact Report 096第096次接觸報告

接觸時間:1977 年 12 月 21 日,星期三,19 時 53 分

接觸地點:瑞士 SCCC 附近



  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的 FIGU 出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 3

頁碼範圍:71 頁 – 75 頁



英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin

英譯日期:2019 年 09 月 27 日,星期五



中版譯者:James Hsu

中譯日期:2020 年 05 月 26 日,星期二

分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象第096次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)



本次接觸來的是一位名叫 Isados 的 Plejaren,由於 Billy 正極度哀傷(他以為 Semjase 已經過世),於是沒給他好臉色,因為他認為沒被告知實情。
Billy 的想法不是憑空臆測而來,他確實以「靈魂投射」(astral projection)的方式去過 Erra 星,並正好目睹 Semjase 被冰凍且沒有氣息的景象。
但經過 Isados 的耐心解說,Billy 才知事情還有後續發展,Semjase 並沒有真正的過世,而是經由深度冰凍後轉送 DAL 宇宙進行搶救,且目前已在復甦靜養中。於是 Billy 才由悲轉喜,並表露了他難掩的激動心情…


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!

這是一篇完整的接觸報告。這是一個授權但非官方的 DeepL 初步英文翻譯,很可能包含錯誤。請注意,所有錯誤和失誤等將持續修正,這將取決於有關人員的可用時間(依照與比利/FIGU 的合約所訂)。因此,不要複製粘貼和發佈此版本在其他地方,因為任何改進和修正將會在這個版本中發生!


I can’t believe it: Finally someone comes to inform us about the state of affairs around Semjase. I don’t think that’s very nice, because Quetzal promised me first of all that he would inform us immediately about any changes in Semjase’s state of health. However, he has not kept that promise, which I feel is a breach of confidence. If you make a promise, then it should be kept, under all circumstances. I am almost struck by the idea that people deliberately did not come here and did not inform me. I also don’t think it’s very nice that someone I don’t even know is standing in front of me. Even if a message of bad news has to be delivered, it would probably be better if someone I know came along.

我真是不敢相信,終於有人來告訴我們 Semjase 的狀況了。我覺得這不太好,因為 Quetzal 答應過我,如果 Semjase 的健康情況有任何變化,他會立刻通知我們。然而他並沒有信守承諾,我認為這是一種背信。如果你許下諾言,那麼在任何情況下都應該信守諾言。我幾乎認為,是有人故意不來這裡,不打算通知我。我也不認為,有個我不認識的人站在我面前是件好事。即使要傳達一件壞消息,如果來的人是我認識的話,可能更好。


  1. I’m probably unknown to you, that’s true, but things aren’t quite the way you present them.


  1. If you know me, I will tell you that I am Isados and that I have no bad news to give you, as you said earlier.

如果你想認識我,我會告訴你我是 Isados,不是像你前面說的那樣,我沒有壞消息要告訴你。

  1. The meaning of my getting along is the opposite of what you said, because my message will delight you.


  1. The past events around Semjase may have caused thoughts and feelings of concern in you, which is why you probably think in this form and talk to me like this.

過去關於 Semjase 的事件可能引起你的思念和擔憂,這就是為什麼你會以這種方式思考,並這樣跟我說話。

  1. This is understandable to me and I therefore have no grudge against you.



No bad news, you say? Man, don’t fiddle; tell me frankly and freely what happened, because I’ve known since Tuesday morning 2 o’clock in the morning.

你說沒有壞消息?老兄,別騙人了;快坦白直接告訴我發生了什麼,因為我從星期二凌晨 2 點就知道了。


  1. You speak very confusedly.


  1. This may only be the result of your concern for Semjase, but you can now free him, because her condition has improved so much since noon today that there are no longer any concerns about her health and recovery.

這也許只是你對 Semjase 擔憂的結果,但你現在可以放下心了,因為她的病情從今天中午開始就有了很大的改善,不用再擔心她的健康和康復的狀況了。


Man, that’s the meanest thing you could say. You know as well as I do that the girl is no longer there because she visited the afterlife area last Monday.

天哪,這是你能說出最刻薄的話了,你我都知道,這個姑娘已經不在了,因為她星期一就到了「死後世界」(afterlife area)。


  1. On what grounds do you explain this?



Do you actually assume that we humans on earth are still cave dwellers? I know damn well Semjase is dead because I tried to get to the bottom of things. It just didn’t make sense to me that Quetzal came here from Erra just to ask me about the incidents that happened with Semjase. That was really illogical, because if Quetzal had asked someone from the station to question me about what had happened, it would have taken less than an hour for him to know. Instead, however, he took the trouble to make a seven-hour way here, to fritter away almost an hour with me and then take on another seven-hour flight to Erra. This way of acting clearly proves that Quetzal had completely lost his head and therefore acted illogically. But this could only be because he was extremely weighed down by worries and problems he could not come to terms with. But these worries and problems, which were also written in his face, because he was lime-white from sorrow, he was not able to bring under control and manage, consequently he acted absolutely illogically. I knew that he had truthfully explained Semjase’s state of mind to me, but in his very objective way, despite all his worries and problems, that a false impression had to arise. But I didn’t let this fool me and suddenly I knew damn well that Quetzal was hiding something from me, namely that the girl was in a much worse position than he wanted to make me believe with his self-imposed objectivity. I …

你真的以為我們地球人仍然是穴居動物嗎?我知道 Semjase 已經死了,因為我試圖弄清事情的真相。之前 Quetzal 從 Erra 來到這裡只是為了問我 Semjase 發生的事件,這對我來說沒有意義。這實在是不合邏輯,因為如果 Quetzal 讓太空站的人來問我發生了什麼事,他就可以不用一個小時的時間就知道了。然而,他卻大費周章,花了 7 個小時來到這裡,又和我在一起將近一個小時,然後又花了 7 個小時飛往 Erra 星。這種行為方式清楚證明 Quetzal 已經完全失去了理智,因此行為極不合邏輯。但這只可能是因為他內心承受著巨大的憂慮和困難,而這些都是他無法接受的。但這些憂慮和困難,也寫在他的臉上,因為他由於悲傷而面色蒼白,使他無法控制和掌握情緒,因此他的行為完全不合邏輯。我知道他如實向我解釋了 Semjase 的病情,但儘管他有種種的憂慮和困難,他還是不得不以認真的方式營造一個錯誤的假象。但我並沒有被愚弄,我突然意識到,Quetzal 對我隱瞞了什麼,那就是這姑娘的處境比他想讓我相信他而強加給我的客觀現實要糟糕得多。我…


  1. He didn’t want to worry you unnecessarily and not to be concerned, because …



Now I’m talking, man, don’t interrupt me. You see, Quetzal’s headless behaviour led me to send my spiritual consciousness on wanderings, which I did on the night of 19th to 20th December, Monday to Tuesday, at 2 o’clock in the morning. What I saw almost shattered me, and at first I couldn’t believe it at all. It took me many hours to finally accept what I saw, but this does not mean that I can understand it, because for me it is and remains incomprehensible. I saw Sem…

現在我在說話,老兄,別打斷我。你看,Quetzal 沒頭沒腦的行為使我要以「靈性意識」(spiritual consciousness)[中譯者註:類似所謂的「星光體」(Astral Body)]去漫遊,這是我在 12 月 19 日晚上到 20 日,也就是星期一到星期二淩晨 2 點所做的事。我所看到的景象幾乎使我崩潰,起初我簡直不敢相信。我花了幾個小時才最終接受我所看到的,但這並不表示我能理解它,因為對我來說,它是而且一直是難以理解的現象。我看見 Sem…


  1. You are capable of the spiritual migration of consciousness?

你有能力作「靈性意識的漫遊」(spiritual migration of consciousness)?

[中譯者註:這又類似所謂的「靈魂投射」(astral projection; astral travel;或者星光投射太空投射)。]


What do you think would have made me see everything else? Maybe through imaginations and dreams?



  1. I didn’t know that you were capable of using this power.



Then you are badly informed. Nor are we earthlings all stupid and uneducated, as you probably mistakenly imagine.



  1. I am too little informed about this, but I was not informed about this ability of yours.


  1. So explain to me what you found on your journey.



First I left for Erra, where I …

首先,我前往了 Erra 星,在那裡,我…


  1. You were … – I must be informed more exactly about you.

你曾經… 我應該多多瞭解你。

  1. This results in completely new perspectives for me regarding your person.



Did you think you were dealing with the last monkey from the jungle? By the way, what are you always nestling about with your funny belt device?



  1. I wasn’t sufficiently informed about you, so I imagined you to be very helpless and ignorant.


  1. In this respect, I must expand my meagre knowledge about you and your abilities and your knowledge.



One can be mistaken, my son. It also seems to me that you are not familiar with our conditions here. What are you nestling at your funny device again? What does that thing represent?



  1. This device is a translator.


  1. I need it because I don’t understand your language.


  1. Also, I have never been here on this planet before, so I don’t know the conditions here.



Fine, at least now I know. Listen now: So I sent my spiritual consciousness to Erra and found a rather strange building there, which somehow magically attracted me. So I penetrated into a room that seemed to me like a supermodern operating theatre. There were various containers, which seemed to me like glass shrines, but equipped with all kinds of possible and impossible devices and apparatuses. All but one container were empty. In the occupied one, Semjase lay completely undressed and obviously deep-frozen – dead. Her head lay in a horseshoe-shaped, opaque apparatus, which is why I was only able to see her face exactly. She was indeed completely lifeless, and her brain without any reaction. There was truly no doubt, and I cannot be deceived, for spiritual consciousness can never be deceived in any form. But now you come here and dare to say that Semjase is well. How dare you make such an assertion?

好吧,至少現在我知道了,那麼繼續聽我說:我把我的「靈性意識」傳送到了 Erra 星,在那裡我發現了一座相當奇怪的建築物,它神奇地吸引了我。於是,我走進了一個房間,在我看來,這就像一個超現代的手術室,裡面有各種各樣的容器,依我看,就像是座玻璃聖殿(glass shrines),而其中配備了各種可能和不可能的設備與儀器。所有容器都是空的,但有一個容器內有人。有人的那個,我看到 Semjase 完全赤裸躺在裡面,她顯然已被深度冰凍,呈現死亡的狀態。她的頭躺在一個不透明的馬蹄形裝置內,這就是為什麼我只能清楚看到她的臉。她確實完全沒有生命,她的大腦沒有任何反應。毫無疑問,我不會被騙,因為靈性意識永遠不會被任何形式所騙。但現在你來這裡竟然說 Semjase 很好,你怎麼敢這麼說?


  1. You convince me by describing the space.


  1. It saddens me very much that you have seen these concerns.


  1. The following time until now must have been very hard for you.


  1. Now I really understand your aggressive behavior towards me, which only results from your very deep sadness.


  1. It saddens me that you had to take these very difficult hours and days on yourself, and this only because from our side too little attention was given to your feelings.


  1. If this had not happened, you would also have been much better informed about the state of true concerns.


  1. Obviously, however, no one expected that you would undertake a spiritual migration of consciousness through space and time into our dimension, in the deepest concern, in order to give you clarity.


  1. But be confident, for I did not come here to tell you untruths, but to inform you of the present state of affairs.


  1. Semjase does not dwell in the afterlife, as you say, but she is doing very well again and …

Semjase 並沒有如你所說的,待在死後的世界裡,而是她現在恢復得很好,而且…


I don’t understand. Say that again, I guess I misheard?



  1. Your understanding was very good.


  1. Semjase is among us, and she is doing very well under all circumstances.

Semjase 和我們在一起,她在任何情況下都表現的很好。


Man, is that really the truth? You’re making me … man, if that’s the truth. I’m going crazy.

老兄,這是真的嗎?你讓我… 天哪!如果這是真的話。那我快要瘋了!


  1. It’s the whole truth.


  1. But listen:


  1. It is of correctness, in every detail, what you have gained in knowledge through your spiritual wandering of consciousness.


  1. Only, the concerns behave somewhat differently than you suspected to recognize them.


  1. It is the truth that Semjase was dead when you found it.

Semjase 在你發現她時確實已經死了。

  1. Her brain was so badly injured that there was no hope of being able to sustain her life.


  1. Our scientists were also unable to help her, which is why her physical existence was slowly being marked by death.


  1. She was therefore placed in a deep coma in the container you found her in only a few minutes before her life was finally extinguished.


  1. Through the intravenous supply of various substances, her body was put into a rigid and deep-frozen state in a few fractions of a second, which immediately extinguished her physical life, but only for a predetermined period of time during which her spiritual form did not escape from her, for in this state of resurrection possibility, the latter clings in a stagnant form to the organic locality assigned to her, namely in the brain area.


  1. Only after the resuscitation of the body does it automatically put aside its stagnation and push itself back to activity.


  1. While Semjase was prepared for a later resuscitation, her father Ptaah tried to help her in the DAL universe with Asket, whom you should know.

在為 Semjase 準備後續的復甦,她的父親 Ptaah 與你認識的 Asket 在 DAL 宇宙中設法幫助她。

  1. But this help was not able to give that people in the other universe either, which is why Asket sought help from a human life form race in her universe that was 4,000 years more advanced, which she actually found and received there.

但是,這種幫助無法提供給另一個宇宙中的人,這就是為什麼她需要向她的宇宙中更為先進 4,000 年的人類種族尋求協助,而實際上 Asket 是在那裡發現並接受過這種幫助。

  1. From there several scientists came to Erra and took Semjase.

一些科學家從那裡來到 Erra 星,帶走了 Semjase。

  1. In lengthy work, the destroyed brain parts of Semjase were removed, the frozen brain acids were inserted into artificially generated plasmaprotonal new brain parts and directly reconnected to the brain, after which a rapid healing process allowed the artificial and natural plasmas to grow together and the skull could be closed again, which was then regenerated by a rapid process.

在漫長的手術中,Semjase 破壞的腦組織被移除,冷凍的腦酸(brain acids)被注入人工血漿質子的(plasmaprotonal)新腦直接重新與大腦接合,然後經由一個快速癒合的過程使人工和天然的血漿(plasmas)一起生長,接著將頭蓋骨再次閉合,然後受傷的腦部會通過一個快速的過程再生。

  1. This made everything the same as before and nothing ever again indicates that these events clouded many things.


  1. Semjase will have no memory of it, not even of the 42-hour duration, since she was dead.

Semjase 將不會記得這些事,甚至在她死後的這 42 小時期間,也沒有記憶。

  1. Her knowledge only reappears there when she has awakened after the intervention, but also where she fell to the ground according to your quetzal.

她的記憶只有在手術後醒來時才能恢復,而且根據你們 Quetzal 的說法,之前就停在她跌倒的那一刻。

  1. Everything will be as it has always been, her knowledge and perhaps also all her ability will be the same, and she will perhaps have neither disadvantages nor any losses.


  1. Only the time and events between the beginning of her coma and her reawakening will not be familiar to her.


  1. Unfortunately, however, it will be the case that she will not be allowed to make any efforts in the near future, which is why she will not be able to come to earth, which may take several months.


  1. This action was also only taken on her because she is trained for special and very long-term tasks and has not yet completed a third of her life.


  1. A new education and preparation for her task would take too much time, and there would also be deficiencies that could not be remedied because only Semjase has stored these particular concerns in her knowledge.

新的教育以及為她的任務作準備需要太多的時間,而且還有一些缺失是無法彌補的,因為只有 Semjase 在她的知識中儲存了這些需要特別關注的事項。

  1. Now console yourself with the fact that she lives and that you will see her again, without any change.


  1. For the time being, however, she needs extreme calm, which is why you should not urge her to reunite with you.



Man, I’m not doing that. I’m already happy, happy and content that everything is all right again. Even if she may not come here for many months, as you say, that does not change anything. The main thing is that she is there and lives. Man, you bring me news, that is fabulous. Man, that is so wonderful. Tell her my dear greetings and assure her …



  1. I have saved everything so she will hear your voice.



Man, you’re good, you’re doing great. Greet her very dearly from me, but also from all our group members who also cared a lot about her. How do you think they will all be so happy about this fantastic good news? I will write Semjase a long letter. Man …

老兄,你很棒,你做得太棒了!向她致上我最真切的問候,同樣也致上我們所有小組成員的誠摯問候,他們也非常關心她。你想他們對這個好消息會是多麼的高興?我會給 Semjase 寫一封長信。天哪…


  1. You are overwhelmed, it is probably better if I leave now.



Do that, I have to tell the others as soon as possible. Goodbye.



  1. You are very strange in your feelings.


  1. You give free rein to your feelings so openly.


  1. It is to me …



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