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Contact Report 097第097次接觸報告

接觸時間:1977 年 12 月 28 日,星期三,20 時 08 分

接觸地點:瑞士 SCCC 附近



  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的 FIGU 出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 3

頁碼範圍:75 頁 –  82 頁



英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin

英譯日期:2019 年 09 月 27 日,星期五



中版譯者:James Hsu

中譯日期:2020 年 06 月 15 日,星期一

分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象第097次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)



在本次接觸時,Quetzal 向 Billy 解釋了為什麼他沒有及時趕來說明 Semjase 的情況,並進一步透漏了接下來他們要面對的狀況。
在最樂觀的情況下,Semjase 腦部傷勢的完全復原也需要三到四年的時間,但這並不代表她要等那麼久才能來到地球與 Billy 他們見面,只是暫時不能太過勞累。
Quetzal 在會面中還談到為什麼他們族人基本上不能以實體形式與地球人面對面接觸的原因,主要還在於進化層級不同而造成彼此的振動頻率差異太過巨大,如果雙方在沒有防護的狀況下直接接觸,就可能導致嚴重的後果。
至於與 Billy 的接觸沒有問題,自然是因為他個人自幼就被一直觀察,是個絕少而獨特的例外。
此外還談到他們的家鄉 Plejares 星系,其實是存在於我們的昴宿星團(Plejades)的平行世界中。因為後者對他們來說仍然太年輕而不適於居住。


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!

這是一篇完整的接觸報告。這是一個授權但非官方的 DeepL 初步英文翻譯,很可能包含錯誤。請注意,所有錯誤和失誤等將持續修正,這將取決於有關人員的可用時間(依照與比利/FIGU 的合約所訂)。因此,不要複製粘貼和發佈此版本在其他地方,因為任何改進和修正將會在這個版本中發生!


  1. Unfortunately, I was not given the opportunity to get in touch with you earlier, because the changes due to Semjase’s temporary failure took too much of my time.

真是抱歉,由於搶救 Semjase 一時無效,使我花了太多的時間在關注她,以致我沒有機會及早告訴你有關她的情況。


That’s understandable, but who should take her place now, and how long can you expect her not to be here?



  1. Isados has already taken up her position on behalf, probably for 6 to 7 months.

Isados 已經暫代了她的職務,這可能需要大概 6 到 7 個月。


Oh dear, then we have to wait for the girl?



  1. That won’t be the case, because Semjase will be back in two or three months.

情況並非這樣,因為 Semjase 將在兩、三個月後就能夠回來。

  1. Only she won’t be able to take over her job before the deadline.



Ah, that sounds much better. But do you assume that Isados will be up to his task? You know, he seems very ignorant to me in terms of his understanding and knowledge of us earth people etc.

噢,這聽起來就好多了。但你認為 Isados 能勝任這個職務嗎?你知道,他對我的瞭解有限,還有他對我們地球人的情況也所知不多。


  1. This is correct, because he is very ignorant about this, but not about his direct task.


  1. Because of his ignorance of you people on earth, he will not maintain any contact with you either, because the knowledge required for this is extremely deficient.


  1. It is therefore planned that Menara, Pleija and I will take over this task until Semjase is operational again.

為了這個緣故,我們準備由 Menara、Pleija 和我接替這項任務,直到 Semjase 能夠接管工作為止。


That’s fine with me too, I’ve only seen you very rarely anyway, especially Pleija. But what about all the letters and other things I received from different group members for Semjase, do you answer them now?

這對我來說,是蠻好的,我很少見到你們,尤其是 Pleija。但是,我這裡收到從各個小組成員那裡要給 Semjase 的信件和其他東西,這要如何處裡?你現在能代為回覆嗎?


  1. This will hardly be possible.


  1. Also it might be very difficult for Semjase in the future to get involved in such matters.

還有,Semjase 今後可能也很難處裡這類事情。


Do you mean that everything she has had so far may no longer be answered by her? That would be very unfortunate.



  1. Unfortunately this will be the case, my dear friend, because for a very long time she won’t be allowed to burden herself much anymore, which is why it will be the case that Pleija in particular will become her sister’s constant companion for the next few years, for which she already works very strictly and prepares herself for this work.

很可惜,情況就是這樣,我親愛的朋友,因為在很長一段時間內,她將不能有太多的負擔,這就是為什麼在未來的這幾年,Pleija 將成為她姐姐的特定助手,為了這方面,她接受了非常嚴格的訓練,已經為這項工作準備就緒。

  1. Even though Semjase has not suffered any damage from the misfortune that has befallen her, she is still very attacked and needs a lot of relief over a long period of time, which is why she will only carry out tasks that point in the future, in the form that others have to carry out their orders in relation to her own task.

儘管 Semjase 沒有因為她不幸的遭遇而有什麼損失,但她仍然受到非常嚴重的創傷,這需要長期多方面的調養,這就是為什麼她今後只能執行表訂的任務,而其他的人就必須代她繼續執行其他有關的行動。

  1. Even though the Sonaer were able to save their brains through their very advanced science, the entire process of transforming the artificial protoplasm of the brain parts takes several years, during which Semjase must not suffer any overexertion.

儘管 Sonaer 透過非常先進的科技拯救了她的大腦,但大腦部分那些人工「原生質」(protoplasm)的整個轉化過程需要幾年的時間,在這段期間內,Semjase 不能過度勞累。

[中譯者註:這裡所稱的 Sonaer 就是 Sona 這個種族的人。]


I don’t quite understand, because this twit Isados told me that through a quick healing process everything was in perfect order again.

我不太明白,因為 Isados 這個笨蛋告訴我,經由一個快速癒合的過程,一切都會完美的復原。


  1. This is correct, but he has no further knowledge about the fact that the artificial plasma form of the new brain parts has to be transformed into physical plasma, which takes several years, namely three to four years.



This means that this artificial brain plasma has to undergo a transformation process in order to become a natural plasma form. But why is that, Quetzal?



  1. The brain forms of every form of life are at the same time the seat of the respective spiritual form of life, thus in two respects the direct control centre of the form of life.

每一種生命形式的腦部,同時也是其「靈性生命」(spiritual form of life;也就是「靈魂」)的所在,因此對物質與靈性這兩方面而言,這裡都是生命的直接控制中心。

  1. As such, as a control centre, it requires special maintenance and energy supply.


  1. This maintenance and energy supply now takes place through the cosmic-electromagnetic life energy, which as driving and maintenance energy as well as nourishing energy feeds, maintains and waits for the brain forms of material nature and spiritual nature in a neutral form.


  1. This means that only life-support impulses, nutrients, etc. are emitted from this energy, but no healing impulses and regeneration impulses.


  1. This means that no healing process can take place if this control centre is injured or simply damaged in any way.


  1. The brain cannot regenerate or heal itself if it is damaged organically or pathologically.


  1. If artificial plasma forms have been connected in Semjase’s brain, they still represent foreign bodies that would lead to the destruction of the brain in the long run.

那些人工血漿雖然注入在 Semjase 的大腦中,但它們在很長一段時期內,仍然呈現出是那些導致大腦受損的異物。

  1. Consequently, this artificial plasma form, which had to be created specifically according to all the properties of Semjase’s brain plasma form, was impregnated with equally special conversion impulses, which will result in the artificial plasma form, which represents an energetic life, transforming into natural plasma forms over a period of three to four years in cooperation with the cosmic electromagnetic life energy.

因此,這種人工血漿形式必須根據 Semjase 腦部血漿形式的所有特性專門創造,它孕育著同樣特殊的轉換脈衝,這將導致代表能量生命的人工血漿形式,在與宇宙電磁生命能量合作至少要三至四年,才能轉化為天然的血漿形式


You explained that so well that even I understand it, although I have no pale haze of understanding about such things. But now another question: You said that these Sonaer helped Semjase. Can you tell me more about them? I’d like to know how old they are, what race they are, what culture they have, etc.

你解釋得夠清楚了,即使我能明白,但我對這些事情還是沒有什麼概念。但現在另一個問題:你說這些 Sonaer 幫助了 Semjase。你能告訴我更多關於他們的事嗎?我想知道他們的歷史有多久了,他們是什麼種族,他們有什麼文化等等。


  1. I am ignorant about that.


  1. Only this much I know about them is that they are a human race of the DAL universe, whose average age of 1,360 Earth years is far superior to our life expectancy.

我對他們的瞭解只有:他們是 DAL 宇宙中的人類,平均壽命是 1,360 地球年,超過我們的壽命很多,就這些。

  1. Their body size is 175 centimetres according to earthly masses, whereby their skull form is much higher and longer than ours, as I could determine.

根據地球質量計算,他們的身高為 175 公分,我所能確定的是,他們的頭骨形狀比我們的更高且更長。

  1. The length of the head is about 25% more than that of us and you.

頭部的長度比我們和你們要多出約 25%。

  1. Their race is called Sona in a language unknown to me, and their overall development in technical and medical terms corresponds to 4,000 years more than ours.

他們的種族被稱為 Sona,用我不瞭解的語言,他們在技術和醫療方面的整體發展比我們先進 4,000年。

  1. That is all I know about them.



Thank you very much. But tell me, why do you say that they are 4,000 years ahead of you? Isados said that this was true for Asket’s people.

謝謝。但告訴我,你為什麼說他們比你們先進 4,000年?Isados 說,這是指對 Asket 他們族人而言的狀況。


  1. This is correct, but we have now reached the same level with the help of the TIMARS.

沒錯,但我們現在經由 Timars 的幫助下已經與 Asket 的族人達到了同樣的水準。

  1. Sorry, I promised myself with 400 years in relation to the Sonaer.

對不起,我承諾過他們,在與 Sonaer 方面的關係要保密 400 年。


Who is that again?



  1. These are the people, from whom Asket originates.

這些人是與 Asket 同一族的人。


Aha, I didn’t know that before either, because I never asked her for the name of her people. But while we’re at it: Do you know what these Timars call our universe?

啊哈,我以前也不知道,因為我從沒問過她的族人是什麼名字。但既然我們談的這個:那你知道這些 Timars 是如何稱呼我們的宇宙嗎?


  1. That’s no secret.


  1. They call it DERN universe.

他們稱之為 DERN 宇宙。


And what do you call it?



  1. Our universe is also called DERN universe.

我們的宇宙被稱為 DERN 宇宙


That’s how we talk about the DERN universe in the future. But now another question: If these sonaers can already renew brains, isn’t there the possibility that people can live much longer and reach higher stages of evolution?

所以也就是我們將來要談論的 DERN 宇宙。但現在有一個問題:如果這些 sonaers 已經能更新大腦,難道他們不能增加自己的壽命,並使他們達到更高的進化層級嗎?


  1. You know very well that your question is unusually illogical.



Of course I know that, but this question doesn’t come from me either. I know very well that it is possible, through such brain interventions and manipulations, whose forms etc. are incomprehensible and unknown to me, to prolong the life of a human being by centuries or millennia, but only up to the point where the body becomes barren of any regeneration. Such manipulation, however, cannot lead to the life of the life form in question becoming endless, or even only relatively endless, because leaving the mind out of the body must inevitably take place sooner or later if an evolutionary process is to take place. This is because everything collected in life must also be transformed into knowledge and wisdom in a spiritual form, i.e. in the realms beyond. If this change process would suddenly fall flat, then the material consciousness would one day become stupid and the spiritual form would stagnate. It must therefore be the case that every form of life has a certain and corresponding life span only depending on the state of its knowledge and the possibility of evolution.



  1. This is very correctly expressed.



Thank you. But now again a question regarding the Sonaer, who are so highly developed: What’s their technique?

謝謝。但現在又問了一個關於 Sonaer 人的問題,他們如此高度發達:他們的技術是什麼?


  1. It already corresponds to forms that we ourselves cannot yet understand.


  1. They are far superior to us in the control of space and time, but also in all other things.



How, for example, do they master time and space to reach Erra, and how do they master the passage through the barriers of the universe?

例如,他們知道如何掌握到達 Erra 星的時間和空間,以及如何掌握穿過宇宙障礙(barriers)的通道,是嗎?


  1. They no longer need space-hurrying aircraft for this, because their technology is already anchored in the transmitter area and deeply penetrated.



Oh dear, once again I don’t understand anything about that. Only Herbert has told me about it several times.

哦,老天,我又不明白這一點了。我只聽 Herbert 跟我說過幾次。


  1. If you like, I will teach you to the best of my knowledge, but the part of my knowledge is not very big either.



Sure, it will be a lot for me. But now that I am ready with my questioning: Recently, to my astonishment, I have discovered that I know various things as knowledge, which are described in a utopian series of writings. For example, I could explain several things to Herbert without ever having read this literature. There are many things in my memory which I know very well but which I cannot classify anywhere. Is it possible that you can give me information about it?

當然,不過這對我來說卻已足夠了。但現在我還有個問題:最近令我驚訝的是,我注意到我知道的許多事情,竟然在那些神話(utopian;烏托邦)故事中都描述過。例如,我從未讀過這些作品,但卻可以向 Herbert 解釋這些事。似乎有很多事情縈繞在我的記憶中,雖然很清晰,但卻不能將其作有效的分類。你能給我一些關於這方面的訊息嗎?


  1. Unfortunately this is not possible for me, because this part of your life and your personalities in former existences falls exclusively into the range of Semjase’s tasks.

抱歉,我不能這麼做,因為你生命的這一部分和你前世的個性方面之事,完全是屬於 Semjase 的任務範圍。

  1. You would therefore have to ask them personally at a later date.


  1. If you want, then I could try a little bit, but I would need some information.



No, just leave it; then I will wait until Semjase is here again. But tell me, does the 30-kilometre ban imposed on me still exist?

不用了,那就別管它了;我會等到 Semjase 回來再說。但告訴我,之前限制我不能離開「中心」30 公里範圍的禁令仍然有效嗎?


  1. Either way, I wanted to tell you today that this restriction has been lifted for you for a few days, so you can move freely again, but only under appropriate protective measures.


  1. You should not move further away from the centre without arming yourself appropriately.


  1. Furthermore, I have to explain to you that you can move the centerpiece of the centre and therefore do not have to wait until February.

此外,我還要告訴你,你現在就可以移動中心的「核心部分」(centerpiece),不必等到 2 月後再動手。

  1. In a much shorter time than expected, I succeeded in developing the corresponding equipment and installing it in the monitoring disk, so that you can now perform the relocation without having to install any further aids.

在比預期短得多的時間內,我已經成功開發了適當的設備並將其安裝到「監測光盤」(monitoring disk)中,這樣你現在就可以進行傳輸,而不需要再安裝其他的輔助設備。


Man, you’re relieving me of a gigantic worry. Thank you so much. It will be much more comfortable for me if the showpiece is no longer hanging directly in the centre. But now I have another question: weeks ago Semjase wanted to explain to me why you don’t just get in touch with us earth people, especially not in physical form. Somehow their words sounded like a danger to you?

老兄啊,你幫我解決了一個好大的麻煩,非常感謝你。如果「展示品」(showpiece)不必再直接掛在「中心」,我會感覺舒服得多了。但現在我有另一個問題:幾星期前,Semjase 想向我解釋為什麼你們不能和我們地球人接觸,尤其是面對面直接現身。而這些話聽起來,在這方面似乎對你也是件危險的事,是嗎?


  1. It is indeed the truth, and I too can explain it to you:


  1. Of all the reasons you have already given for this, none is as important as the one you have just mentioned.


  1. Semjase has talked to me about this, which is why I am oriented towards it.

Semjase 和我談過這個問題,這就是為什麼我對這方面已經有所了解。

  1. The reason that we cannot connect with you earth people in physical form is this:


  1. The levels of vibration between the human being on earth and us are so fundamentally different and pronounced in the forms of the negative and the positive as well as the balanced that this can lead to serious consequences if they touch each other.


  1. As a rule, these human vibrations reach up to 90 meters, which is why it must be ensured that this distance is not undercut, i.e. that terrestrial humans do not reach us under this distance mark.

通常,人類的這種振動頻率範圍可以達到 90 公尺之遠,這就是為什麼我們必須確保與人類至少保持這個距離,也就是說,地球人類不能在這個距離以內接近我們。

  1. Our oscillations are very highly sensitive, and we ourselves react equally highly sensitively to oscillations that penetrate our oscillation range.


  1. In contrast to the terrestrial humans, we are very high in our conscious overall development, 20-35 million years ahead of the terrestrial humans, which is why our entire oscillation system has been refined.

與地球人類相比,我們在意識方面的全面發展,比地球人類早了 2,000 萬至 3,500 萬年,這就是為什麼我們的振動系統已經整體向上提昇的原因

  1. If the vibrations of the much less sensitive human being on earth were to strike us now, precisely because earthly human and thus also quite unbalanced and negative vibrations would penetrate into the area of our vibrations, then this would amount to a very strong vibration structure vibration, which in reality also embodies it, which would have the consequence that the strong external influence would lead to an instantaneous uncontrollability of all reactions, thoughts and actions in us, which would at the same time trigger uncontrolled feelings of fear.


  1. This means that when the vibrations of an earth person meet us, who unfortunately still emits very negative vibrations today, we would be affected in many respects in momentary speed and start to act uncontrollably, which was also the case with Semjase when she fell in the centre and suffered the severe injury.

也就是說,當我們遭遇到一個目前仍然發出非常負面振動的地球人時,我們將在許多方面受到頓時無法匹配其振動頻率的影響,並開始無法控制自己的行為,而 Semjase 中心摔倒並受了重傷,就是在這樣的狀況下導致的

  1. As a rule, when we go among terrestrial people, which is very rarely the case, we use a device that protects us from terrestrial human vibrations.


  1. But this was never necessary for you, because you are single to these vibrations through all your knowledge and balance, according to which it comes very close to ours.


  1. In the center now a certain protective ring, a small protective screen, was established, which keeps away such oscillations of the terrestrial humans.


  1. This protective shield, however, is only of limited strength, so only directly for the center itself, but in the lower space still weak radiation from outside can enter, if someone goes directly to the entrance or to the outer wall.


  1. Now, when Jacobus was at the outer door, his vibration penetrated to semjase and produced in it the fear and uncontrollability I described earlier, which drove it to an uncontrolled action.

當 Jacobus 站在門外時,他的振動滲透到 Semjase 身上,於是產生了我前面描述的那種恐懼和無法控制的狀況,這導致她有不受控制的行動。

  1. The consequences of this are known to you.


  1. These vibration structure vibrations, which are dangerous for us, together with our strict directives, are the main reason why we are not allowed to engage in physical contact with terrestrial humans.


  1. Even with our telepathic or even only inspirational impulse-wise contacts we have to exercise extreme caution, because also thrown back impulse-wise vibrations have similar effects.



Then you are quite susceptible.



  1. You are speaking a true word, but our sensitivity in this regard is not only based on our evolution, because our homeland is also a very important factor in this, because our homeland itself is highly sensitized, which does not remain unimpaired on us human forms of life.



I don’t quite understand that, Quetzal, but I’ve been trying to fathom it for a long time. Semjase once made a rather strange remark to me. This led me to speculate, which is why I assume that you live on your Plejades in a differently dimensioned form. By this I mean that you are probably up there in our universe and in our time, as Semjase once explained to me, but that you are dimensionally shifted, namely in a parallel system of our Plejades. Am I right in assuming this? Unfortunately, even on my great journey the facts of the matter were not explained to me in detail, so I still see certain things unclear.

我不太明白,Quetzal,但我已經想弄明白它很久了。Semjase 曾經對我說了一句很奇怪的話。這導致我猜測,這就是為什麼我假設你們以一種不同維度的形式,生活在你們的昴宿星團(Plejades)[中譯者註:正確來說,應該是 Plejares 星系]中。我的意思是,你可能在我們的宇宙和我們的時代,正如 Semjase 曾經向我解釋的那樣,但你在維度上是偏移的,也就是在我們的昴宿星團(Plejades)的平行世界中。我假設這一點是對的嗎?遺憾的是,即使在我「偉大的旅程」中,事情的真相也沒有對我詳細解釋,所以我仍然對某些事情不是很清楚。


  1. How were you able to fathom this?


  1. These concerns should be explained to you only in 1979 exactly and in the necessary details.

這方面的事情只準備在 1979 年後才會向你作詳細的解釋。


I told you: Semjase once made a rather funny remark, which led me to this assumption.

我告訴你:Semjase 曾經向我作了一個相當奇怪的論述,這才讓我有了這個假設。


  1. She shouldn’t have done that.


  1. But now that you’re talking about it, I want to explain a few things to you.


  1. I …



It wasn’t her intention either, because how many times did I get something out of her without her wanting to give me any information about it? So she didn’t even know that she was giving me an answer to something I was interested in.



  1. I understand you’re a master at this.


  1. Well, if you already know:


  1. It’s like you say.


  1. But this doesn’t change anything, because we are just as compact and present in this dimension of ours as we are in that of our Plejades systems, because we are descended from this dimension and also from your dimension.

但這不會改變任何事情,因為我們和我們的 Plejares 星系一樣密實而存在於我們這個維度中,因為我們是這個維度的後裔,也是來自你們的維度

  1. Why we live in a parallel dimension on Erra and in our Plejades systems in general is due to the fact that the Plejades systems are not habitable for us in this dimension, your dimension, and could not be made habitable by our ancestors either, because the system for habitation is still much too young for us in this dimension.

為什麼我們生活在 Erra 星和我們 Plejares 星系這個平行維度上,是因為昴宿星團在你們的維度中不適合我們居住,而且也不適合我們的祖先居住,因為那個維度對我們來說仍然太年輕而不適於居住。


Your explanation is plausible, but what is the nature of the Plejades system in the other dimension? Is it as solid as our Earth?

你的解釋很有道理,但另一個維度的 Plejares 星系是什麼樣的狀態?它像我們的地球一樣,是固態的嗎?


  1. It’s a parallel dimension, that’s what I said, therefore matter is also of the same strength as the Earth’s matter.


  1. The dimensions are simply different in their structure, but not in time and space.



I don’t understand that.



  1. Your knowledge of this is not enough to make it understandable to you.



Okay, let’s just drop it. It doesn’t make sense after all. I only understand the main station, but at least I’m smart enough to understand the shift.



  1. You really wouldn’t understand.



All right, Quetzal, it’s not that bad. There’s only one thing I can’t figure out yet: When you said that you were so susceptible to vibrations, I forgot something that I didn’t realize until now and that I don’t understand. When my cannibal was once in the centre, Semjase appeared there after she had put cannibal into deep sleep. Apparently Semjase was not affected by the presence. Can you tell me why or why not? It doesn’t quite make sense to me, and somehow there seems to be a contradiction in your explanation.

好吧,Quetzal,還不算太糟,只有一件事我還不明白:當你說你們極容易受到振動的影響時,我忘了一些事情,直到現在才意識到,我不明白。當我的“母老虎”(cannibal)曾經在「中心」時,Semjase 讓母老虎處於深度睡眠狀態之後就出現了。顯然,Semjase 並沒有受到她(振動)的影響。但你能否告訴我為什麼會這樣或為什麼不會嗎?這對我來說沒道理,不知何故,你的解釋似乎有些矛盾。


  1. It’s just an apparent contradiction, as you rightly note.


  1. You completely forget that this ‘cannibal’ was in the actual centre itself, which is also completely shielded from the bottom, i.e. in the descent opening downwards, and therefore nothing of vibrations and the like can penetrate downwards.



Ah, that’s plausible, I forgot all about that.



  1. Right, you just forgot.


  1. But, my dear friend, I can only guess who this ‘cannibal’ is, which is why I mentioned your allusion earlier.


  1. As far as I know, Semjase was with you only once, when at the same time someone in the centre also completed his time.

據我所知,之前 Semjase 只和你在「中心」待過一次,而當時「中心」裡有人也完成了他的工作。

  1. I find that you use quite unusual names for those you are very fond of.


  1. But this is your way and speaks for itself.


  1. Nevertheless, I would like to hear from you who you call ‘cannibals’.



Gladly – yes, just grin –, I call my wife that, because I find that this designation for her from my side …

有意思… 是的,這只是個玩笑,我這樣稱呼我的妻子,因為從我這裡,我發現這個稱呼…


  1. Hahaha, that, haha that is really humorous, besides …



Just grin, you monster, and make fun of it until I pull your ears out.



  1. It’s really fun how you show your affection, only that’s why I’m amused.


  1. Don’t be upset about it.



Certainly not, my son, I already understand a joke.



  1. I like it, the name is really gorgeous.


  1. May I call it that?


  1. I would really enjoy it.


  1. By the way, the name goes well with her when I think about all things.



I’ll ask her and then tell you. Maybe she doesn’t mind. Apparently you’re following in Semjase’s exact footsteps, huh?

我會問過她之後後告訴你。也許她不介意,很顯然你在學 Semjase 的作法,是嗎?


  1. Maybe.


  1. Slowly I understand better why Semjase has changed so much since she is in contact with you.

慢慢我開始理解為什麼 Semjase 自從和你接觸後,發生了這麼多的變化。

  1. Her humour, which she had never known before in its present form, seems to come from you.


  1. It’s obviously a special characteristic of yours, and if I acquire some of it myself, then it’s probably only for my benefit.



Look, look, now you’re getting selfish.



  1. No, my friend, definitely not, but I know from Semjase that she is very comfortable with your jokes.

不是的,我的朋友,絕對不是,但我從 Semjase 那裡知道,她對你的搞笑功夫很能適應。

  1. But now you should go back, because my time begins to push and I have to go.


  1. What I should explain to you is that Semjase let me know that when she is back with us, she will not seek her contacts with you again in the centre for the time being.

我要向你說明的是,Semjase 讓我告訴大家,當她再回到我們這裡時,她暫時不會在「中心」與你們的接觸。

  1. Unfortunately, the event led to a change in her meaning, but also in my case, according to which you will have to travel long and long distances again in the future to reach us.


  1. Unfortunately, the danger is too great if someone should again try to penetrate into the centre when we are there.



That’s a pity, but I understand you already. Somehow I expected such a decision from you already. It’s really very unfortunate, but I don’t want to penetrate you to change your mind. I accept your decision.



  1. We expected your understanding and we thank you for it.


  1. Finally, I have a joyful message to convey to you and to all the members of the group, because I am to send you all very, very dear greetings from Semjase, which she sent to me for you this afternoon.

最後,我要向你和小組所有成員轉達一個愉快的訊息,因為我要代 Semjase 向你們大家致上非常、非常親切的問候,這是她今天下午要我傳達的。

  1. Now, farewell, my dear friend, and send greetings from me to all of you.



Also greet Semjase from all of us and tell her that all of us wish her the best and hope that we will hear from her again soon. Bye, Quetzal, goodbye.

同樣向 Semjase 致上我們所有人的問候,告訴她我們都祝願她一切順利,並希望我們能很快再次聽到她的消息。再會,Quetzal,再見了。


  1. Goodbye, and I will transmit your words to Semjase.

再見,我會把你的話傳給 Semjase。


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