第 104 次接觸報告

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Contact Report 104/第104次接觸報告

接觸時間:1978 年 3 月 18 日,星期六,03 時 32 分




  • 這是一篇正式且經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 3




英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin


校對改進:Catherine Mossman, Joseph Darmanin



中版譯者:部分編輯自Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告


校對改進:Deepl Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第104次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)



本次接觸最特別的是:Billy Quetzal 經由時光穿梭去到了未來,觀察舊金山大地震後被破壞的現場,並拍下一些照片

此外在接觸中還談論了許多關於小組「中心」成員的表現與管理問題,隱隱顯示出 Billy 並不擅長組織的管理工作,而這種現象一直持續很長一段時間,加上他幾乎日夜顛倒的作息與高密度的工作,終至拖垮了他的身心健康而導致後來的崩潰。當然,畢竟他最終還是熬了過來…


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised and official English translation and may contain errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!

這是一篇完整的接觸報告。這是一個經授權且是官方的英文翻譯,但仍很可能包含錯誤。請注意,所有錯誤和失誤等將持續修正,這將取決於有關人員的可用時間(依照與比利/FIGU 的合約所訂)。因此,不要複製粘貼和發佈此版本在其他地方,因為任何改進和修正將會在這個版本中發生!


  1. First I have some things to discuss with you that are very unpleasant in nature, but for which you have been able to prepare for months.


  1. You have been told several times that …



… must go well if it lasts until the middle of the year.

… 如果能持續到今年年中,事情一定會很順利。


  1. That is of correctness, but it is already there.



I could figure that out for myself. I was even pretty sure that the blow would come today.



  1. It is very unfortunate, but the fault lies with the those concerned themselves, because they do not follow the instructions we give and do not follow the teaching in the form we expect them to.


  1. This leads them to ambivalence and hopelessness, where they also completely misjudge the truth of the matter and no longer seek that which is faulty in themselves, where it actually lies, but seek it without exception from others, which in turn leads to discord and false accusations.


  1. But I would like to discuss these issues with you without mentioning them later in the report.



That is fine with me, but you know, there have been differences regarding the last reports. For example, you get upset from different sides because you praised my Cannibal [Billy’s wife’s nickname] so much. But some of them got really excited about the report because you said that many of them could not understand the things you said about what happened that night when the Giza-twits wanted to smash our building.



  1. Such emotions are anchored in envy and incomprehension.



You may be right, but you know, several people accused me of only praising others, but not themselves.



  1. Praise can only be given where it is appropriate.


  1. When I therefore praise your Cannibal in several ways, it is based on a very good justification, as I think, although you occasionally judge everything differently when we talk about it purely privately, because you still have doubts.


  1. And as it must be, I praise her another time, for her achievements outstrip those of all others, and no one deserves such praise as she does.


  1. Her progress in every form exceeds our wildest expectations, and accordingly she shall be rewarded by my praise.


  1. But those who are therefore displeased with her are very far behind her and, according to your language, are not able to give her cold water.


  1. There is no excuse for the action of such a resentment, nor is there any excuse for the fact that thoughts reign over previous events, which are still very awake in some and should be the reason why these previous events are not forgotten.


  1. In recent months your wife has made progress that no longer justifies remembering old, negative events in such a form that they are considered unforgiving.


  1. But anyone who still sticks to these memories of all negative events, with the excuse that these things cannot be forgotten so quickly, is very timid, unknowledgeable and inhibited to progress.


  1. These persons take the right, which is not theirs, to live only for themselves and to make mistakes.


  1. But they are also the ones in your group who are the least subject to the rules we have given, and who thus create strife.


  1. There is evil dissatisfaction in them with themselves and with all outsiders.


  1. But perhaps the coming time will bring them improvement and change in this respect, if they stand aside from the group for some time and only receive what the events bring, so to speak, on the fringes.


  1. It was unavoidable for me to discuss these matters with Semjase as well, but despite her regret, she also found no other advice than that a temporary step aside is the only acceptable and valuable thing, but that this time should be used for a full transformation and change.



Well, I cannott say anything about that if you have that opinion. By the way, someone else said that it was very incorrect to speak of one or the other outflanking or outstripping the rest of the group in terms of progress. Besides, despite my love for my wife, I also have my doubts, as I have often told you in confidence, as you rightly mentioned earlier. And I have doubts, despite the visible successes, because I know her acting ability. So I only hope that you and all the others are not deceived.



  1. That is, on the one hand, thought and spoken by you very timidly, and on the other hand, the spoken words of the group members are incorrect, because if a group member really tries to make progress and also brings good success, then this happens not only in the interest of the person concerned, but to a very large extent also in the interest of all group members.


  1. The Earth-human, on the other hand, is still very biased in the arrogance of the status, which is why envy and irrationality are also still so great.


  1. Therefore, it happens that praise for a truly good achievement generates envy, although such praise is pronounced only if it is justified in any form connected with it.


  1. If it is mentioned that one group member has outperformed the other in progress, then this corresponds to a clear statement and fact, which must in no way arouse envy, but only joy for that member, who accomplishes this achievement, and on the other hand, it should also be an incentive for the others to emulate the powerful group member.


  1. If, however, this is not done in this manner, but is talked and thought ill-favourably of, then this testifies to the fact that there is still a very weak knowledge in this respect and no great observance of the rules, but that there is also a rather regrettable lack of understanding of love.



Well, that will not be very much appreciated, although I must confess that even your explanation seems quite plausible to me. But something different: What about lectures in Kloten when I go there to hold such lectures? You know, my dream of that time. Is the danger still there? You once told me that I could give lectures if they did not refer to ufology.



  1. That is of correctness.


  1. You can give lectures outside your centre again, but be careful.


  1. The danger you mentioned has not been removed, but you may dare to go to that region.


  1. Greater danger threatens you in your living area, which is why you should exercise much greater caution in it.



Well, then something else again: I do not know what it is about, but I should pay you Elsi’s dearest thanks, because, as she says, you have helped her a lot in the last few days.



  1. No thanks are necessary, but you should pass on my dear greetings to her.


  1. My thanks are also due to all the others who have made a special effort to carry out our mission.


  1. Thus Engelbert is to be mentioned, who is constantly striving very hard, as well as Elsa, Guido and your wife, who are always striving very hard for all kinds of concerns in connection with your centre.


  1. Engelbert deserves special praise for his hard work without complaints regarding the production of his writings, whereby his wife Mary and his descendants often help him in the final processing, and I would like to express my gratitude to them for this.


  1. However, Bernadette, to whom I would also like to express my gratitude, is also involved in many activities, as is Jacobus, although he often causes me and also Semjase and Ptaah serious worries, especially recently, which is why I also had to reprimand him recently.


  1. Nor should we forget Claire, who has distinguished herself here and there through manual activity up to now, but who has been causing us a great deal of worry for some time, and especially at present.


  1. She should make an extremely concentrated effort to change, because all evil lies in her alone.



I know that, my son, and I also explained it to her. It seems, however, that my explanations were fruitless, because now she is even deeper in the bind.



  1. Your explanations to them are known to me, for I tried to monitor them myself.


  1. It is very unfortunate that she does not follow your advice and does not accept your words.


  1. Mistakenly, she digs her thoughts into forms of remorse and fear, although I know you have explained everything very truthfully.


  1. But if she does not change very quickly and follow your advice and explanations, everything will collapse for her.


  1. In order to achieve success, however, she must become more truthful and not only build a feigned solution on third and half things.



It is pretty bad with her, but the mistake lies with her alone. Today I even expect her to absent herself from our regular group meeting with a half-truthful cancellation, because last night I caught such impulses. And I certainly was not mistaken, but, Quetzal, we would better talk about these things later.



  1. I already spoke about this at the beginning, but there is still something to say:


  1. Every group member should in future make a very strict effort, on the one hand, to strictly follow the given rules of order, but on the other hand also to make an effort to take up the teaching completely through an exact study and to live by it according to the given possibility.


  1. Only in this manner will each member of the group do justice to our entire and all tasks in the individual case and in the community.


  1. In every respect, much more attention should be paid to what I have to say and what I explain, and inappropriate speeches that I am too harsh in tone should be avoided.


  1. I know very well how things stand and what tone to apply; and if one were to be opposed to this and not accept it, then I would have to retreat and give in to the former urge that many of us wanted, namely that contacts should be broken off.


  1. It is not acceptable for reproaches to be made against us in relation to our tone and conduct when we are right.


  1. And I have often heard such expressions of different group members during occasional checks.


  1. The Earth-human, and also many of the group members, is not yet so mature that he would be able to act without decisive provisions, according to which it is urgently necessary that tougher demands be made, which will also happen from Semjase’s side when she returns here in the middle of May and continues her task.


  1. So it would be pointless to want to include her in the scope that she would behave differently than me in the future, because all the very unfortunate events of the last months in your group by the partly quite evil treacherous machinations of the fallible ones require a much harder action, otherwise everything would be destroyed.


  1. The chaff will finally have to separate from the grain, and you will have to take this separation by your own hand, as you were told months ago.


  1. And the one who does not strive in a good and authoritative manner for teaching and rule-observance not only endangers the existence of the group, but also our entire and common mission, which is why it is no longer acceptable for them, the treacherous fallible ones, to stay longer in the group.


  1. But on the other hand, those fallible ones determine this for themselves, who do not strive for everything in an honest manner but only make demands, are treacherous and believe themselves to be privileged, which this is why they exclude themselves from our entire community and thus destroy their entire future for very many incarnations to come.


  1. For what is given to them by the Centre will not be given to them another time.


  1. Any member that departs maliciously, treacherously and slanderously from the group in the final sense for more than eight months shall not find any way back in this life in the future, for they may under no circumstances be accepted into the group, either now or in the present future.


  1. For if they do not prove themselves now and in the hardest time, they will not do so sometime later or in the future, for every day lost to them in the community removes them even more from it, and this difference can no longer be made up.


  1. This also applies to those who maliciously want to stand aside for a certain time in the future, so that after a period of eight months, if they do not return to the group permanently and from then on and following all the rules, they may not be taken back into the group again.


  1. This does not mean that their swinging-wave quanta will be erased in the Sohar centre, but it does mean that they cannot be given any more opportunity to ever make up missed swinging wave deposits in the present or in the future.

這並不意味著他們的「振動量子」(swinging-wave quanta)將在「Sohar中心」(Sohar centre)被消除,但這確實意味著他們不能再有機會在現在或將來補上錯過的振動沈積能量(swinging wave deposits)。

  1. Anyone who is so subject to that of the material [realm] and his/her own character weaknesses, etc. that he or she does not want to fully and completely commit themselves to the good cause at the present time will not be able to do so in the future either.


  1. It is very regrettable to have to state this, but an overview of the very disadvantageous changes in the last few years in some people has shown this.


  1. Time is pressing more and more and no consideration should be given to it in the future.


  1. Anyone who does not finally concern themselves with an effort to fit into the given rules of order and to use the given doctrine to the best extent in their studies cannot be given any further assistance, so it would be better for them to say, in Jmmanuel’s words, that a millstone will be hung around their necks and they will sink into the floods of the sea.


  1. It must therefore be the case in the future that the members of the group will become one, that the time has finally come when the chaff separates from the grain.


  1. Whoever is therefore the grain, will in future make a decisive effort to deal with all matters without contradiction, otherwise, it a departure from the group is inevitable.


  1. Only thus can the fulfilment of following the rules and fulfilling all our missions come about.


  1. But this means that a meeting of all group members takes place as in the earlier time, as it was given in the first mission time.


  1. Considering the present situation this cannot happen in exactly the same framework as at that time, that is understandable to us, but it should and must be in such a form that each group member appears in the centre more often and as far as possible, without untruthful evasions, in order to thus guarantee the unity of belonging together.


  1. For various group members it is given that they could come to the Centre more often than they do.


  1. It is solely up to their sense of responsibility towards our common mission whether they want to take the trouble or not, without untruthful excuses.


  1. This sense of responsibility is peculiar to only a few, who should also be named here, so Guido, Engelbert, Elsa and Maria.


  1. But all the others, except those who reside in the Centre, regularly invent excuses not to have to appear at the Centre and then feel disadvantaged and notice that they have lost the union with all the others, thereby building up offended emotions and becoming convinced that the others are to blame for it, although the fault lies solely and exclusively with them, the fallible ones themselves, without exception.


  1. In the future, I will be forced to give orders myself for work to be done, such as manual work and lectures, etc., and I will assign the work to certain members of the group myself, always according to their ability and mastery of the activity in question.


  1. You shall therefore draw up for me, from time to time, an activity plan on the work to be carried out, after which I shall give instructions as to who shall carry it out.


  1. For if it is finally to go ahead without greater obstacles in every respect, then no other way remains open.


  1. But those who refuse to observe my instructions are not honestly concerned with teaching, their own progress and our common task, which is why there can be no further stay for the respective group member in the group.


  1. For it is in no form a matter of only making profit out of everything, however, no relevant contribution of one’s own is made.


  1. Those who are aware of their full responsibility in every respect, and unfortunately these are only a few, first and foremost Elsa, Engelbert and Guido, followed by your wife, Maria, Jacobus and Bernadette.


  1. With Marcel, there are still various family matters to clear up, but also with Claire.


  1. With the others, the sense of responsibility is very deep, but so is the sense of togetherness.


  1. I am very sorry about the whole thing, but it turned out that no advice is successful and I, therefore, have to take over the necessary instructions.



That is all sorts of things, my son, but it will be like that if you say so. It is also really urgent that something should finally be done, otherwise our lot will rush between all the chairs and benches another time.



  1. That is correct.



Well, some will not be very happy. But tell me, Quetzal, can you also penetrate other dimensions with this old box?

好吧,有些人是不會很開心的。那麼 Quetzal,請告訴我,你可以用這個老裝備穿越到另一個維度(次元)嗎?


  1. Your question is not logical, what do you want to ask?



It makes me wonder whether you can also travel to the past and the future with Menara’s ship?

我很好奇,你是否也可以用 Menara 的飛船穿梭到過去與未來呢?


  1. It is possible, but why do you ask?


  1. When you ask such questions, there is a certain intention behind it.


  1. Do you want to ask me if I am going with you on a journey into the future or the past?



Exactly, my son.



  1. Soo – … that is why you brought this big photographic apparatus with you.

所以 —— … 這就是你帶著這些大型攝影器材的目的。


Exactly, son, but that is not as complicated a thing as you say, it is just a damn normal camera.



  1. That is the same thing.


  1. But – – – where do you want to go?

不過 —— 你想去哪兒呢?


To Frisco, my son, to San Francisco, but to the future. Namely, to the time when the city was destroyed by the great earthquake. I would be interested to know what everything looks like when the first heavy quake is over, and that is exactly what I want to photograph. That would be safe, would it not? And it certainly would not matter if I publish these pictures if they become something, no?

舊金山(Frisco),也就是三藩市(San Francisco),不過是到未來;就是在那個城市被地震摧毀後的那個時候。我想看看事情發生後的一切,就是首次發生嚴重地震之後,也正是我想要拍照的內容。這樣做是安全的,不是嗎?而且我敢肯定,如果照片洗出來不錯的話,我隨後還要公佈它們,這樣做可以嗎?


  1. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, because a lot of people would still leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere before the catastrophe comes.


  1. It would save a lot of lives.


  1. Of course, I agree with that, but it takes several hours if I want to go there with you.


  1. This old ship, I do not have another one available at the moment, needs a longer preparation time, after which you will only be back in normal time at dawn.



It does not matter, because you can bring me back at about the same time as you got me out of bed.



  1. That would be possible.



Well, then I could get some sleep, too. So let’s go.



  1. As you like, but we cannot have a conversation in the meantime.



Anyway, let’s go; I am tense like a string before it bursts.



  1. So be it.


  1. You are truly tireless.



  1. We are here about 300 kilometres from San Francisco.


  1. Down there you can see the fissures of the earth as they have existed for a long time.


  1. What you see are expansions of the so-called San Andreas Fault, which has bulged up to the Earth’s surface.

你所看見的,就是所謂的「聖安地列斯斷層」(San Andreas Fault)的延伸,已上升到地表來了。


Can I photograph that?



  1. There is nothing wrong with that, except that you could also put it on film at your present time in 1978, because the changes are extremely small and hardly noticeable on the photos.



Nevertheless, I would like to photograph it.



  1. Then do it.


  1. Come here, look – here this floor hatch, as you can see, after the plate has been pushed aside it releases this very finely dotted viewing plate, through which you can look directly outside.

過來這裡,看 —— 落地艙口這邊,你看,金屬板移開後,這裡打開了一個非常清晰的觀察窗口,你可以從這裡看到外面。

  1. You can photograph through it.



I do, Quetzal, but you know that when I take pictures in the ship, they are always very blurred and blurred afterwards. Is there no other possibility, do you know that I might be able to get off?



  1. You have the best overview from above, here from the ship.


  1. On the other hand this time you will bring sharp and clear pictures onto your film, because the propulsion of this ship does not affect your film by radiating.


  1. You just have to make sure that you do not photograph directly under the drive surface, because the very strong light radiation could affect the film.


  1. The slightest damage to the film could be that the finished images would appear to be illuminated by a light source.


  1. In the worst case an overexposure would occur.



Is it the light that goes so far down there and looks like a spotlight?



  1. That is correct. So make sure that these light masses do not reach your shooting range.



I will try.



  1. Are you finished with your work?



I am, my son. Maybe I was not careful enough about the light. Somehow it seemed to me as if I had always seen a glimmer of light in the lens.



  1. Then try again.



No, let’s go to Frisco first; I only have one film with me and a normal negative film.



  1. As you like.


  1. Move away from the hatch.


  1. – So – good, it …

所以,—— 好了,這裡…


Man, that is crazy, look, everything is burning up ahead.



  1. There’s San Francisco.


  1. Well, here we are, now take your pictures.



Man, Quetzal, that looks a lot worse than I thought. But listen: Somewhere there must be a structure known as America Building or something like that, take me there. That is what I want to photograph above all, so that no one can come and claim that I took pictures of the last big quake at the turn of the century.


[中譯者註:1906 年 4 月 18 日清晨 5 點 12 分左右,舊金山曾發生芮氏規模為 7.8 的大地震。(詳請參閱維基百科《1906年舊金山大地震》)]


  1. Here we are, my friend, but this time pay more attention to the light source.



I will try to.



Thanks, Quetzal, that is enough, just go back a bit. … Well, yes – – – Moment. … Good, now fly over there to the right – – – Good, thank you. Man, that is gigantic, the horrible destruction. … Thank you, Quetzal, I have some pictures again. That should be enough. Please fly back again to the funny bulges of the San Andreas Fault.

謝謝你 Quetzal,這樣就夠了,再開回去一點… 好,行了 —— 稍待… 好了,現在再飛右邊一點 —— 好,行了,謝謝。老天爺,這真是恐怖的大破壞。… 謝謝,Quetzal,我再來幾張照片,這也許應該夠了。那麼,請再向「安地列斯斷層」那裡怪異隆起的地方飛回去。


  1. As you like, but keep in mind that we are already exceeding our time and I have to make the preparations for the return journey.



All right, Quetzal, you can start as soon as we get there. I want to see everything again. How quickly half an hour passes in the future.



  1. The time is the same; it only appears to you much shorter through what you have seen.



Of course, I know that. Ah, here we are. Just do your job now.



  1. So, my friend, here we are again.


  1. We are here about 30 minutes earlier than you left your warm bed.

距你離開溫暖被窩的那個時間,我們大約早了 30 分鐘。


Then we can use the rest of the time to discuss those issues you wanted to keep secret.



  1. That was also my intention.



Well, then I have two or three questions before: First, about Koni. What about his times in the Centre?

好吧,那我之前有兩三個問題:首先,關於 Koni。他到中心是什麼時間呢?


  1. My calculations gave him very extraordinary data, according to which he had to follow every second day for two months for the duration of 3 hours and 58 minutes of the power release.

我的計算為他提供了非常特別的資料,根據這個資料,他必須在兩個月內每隔一天都要進行一次持續3小時58分的能量釋放(power release)。

  1. In case of a failure he would have to make up 19 whole periods.


  1. The times are calculated from today, from 00.45 o’clock.



Man, that is all sorts of things. Is it really that bad with him?



  1. Unfortunately yes, because he did not trouble himself to learn everything.


  1. On the one hand, he lacks the necessary initiative and energy, and on the other hand, he is so bound to material interests that this part is much more important to him than his life.



I thought something similar, and especially in this respect, I am sure that he will not come again today, with [he will have] some kind of lazy excuse. And if that is the case, then he can give me as long as he wants, because then I will let him go. Let him then see where his next incarnation and the following ones will lead him. If he already has to catch up 19 times for a missed time, and that within only two months, then that means that he will not be able to do that, because with certainty he is already absent today, as I already said.



  1. Slowly you also seem to become reasonable in certain things.






  1. That you no longer unnecessarily go into the unreasonableness of those who do not strive for everything in an honest form.


  1. You should really be less indulgent, but show a certain hardness.


  1. You would have much less trouble and worry to cope with.



In the meantime I have recognised that and I will behave more according to your advice from now on. But now my second question: Regarding work performance: Are you really convinced that it is unavoidable that you give the necessary instructions yourself?



  1. That is not a question, because it is our unanimous decision.


  1. Unfortunately, there are only a few group members that I can exclude from these orders, because they truly become aware of their duties in a remarkably good form and with a great sense of responsibility themselves and, as a rule, unsolicited, such as Elsa, Engelbert, Guido, your wife and Maria; furthermore, Bernadette, Jacobus and Claire are also educated in this respect in good form.

遺憾的是,只有少數小組成員我可以排除這種作法,因為他們真正意識到了自己的職責,並有很強的責任感,而且通常會主動執行任務,例如 Elsa、Engelbert、Guido、你的妻子和 Maria;此外,Bernadette、Jacobus 和 Claire在這方面的狀態也很好。


So this means that you want to exclude the aforementioned from your orders?



  1. This is correct, because their sense of duty is very well developed, except for Claire, who has to make a lot of effort, and not only in these matters.


  1. However, her sense of duty begins to work, which is why I also had to name her.



I think that is very fair, my son. But listen, you twit: Our dear Elsa is not Elsa with us, but simply Elsi. Please also call the girl that. You know, Elsa sounds so strange.



  1. I am happy to comply with your wish, so Elsa is Elsi.



Well roared, lion. Elsi will also be happy about it, but so will my Cannibal and everyone else. And if I am already with Elsi: Do you have any idea how the name Kalonka or Kalanka could be related to her?

說的好,孩子。Elsi會很高興,而我的母老虎和其他人也會很高興。如果已經改稱Elsi了,那麼你知道Kalonka 或 Kalanka這個名字與她有什麼關係嗎?


  1. You ask me about things you should explore yourself.



I did, because otherwise I would not know that name.



  1. – – – ?

– – – ?

  1. I do not understand?



Is that really not understandable? I just told you two names, and I figured them out myself.



  1. Oh, of course.


  1. You confused me.


  1. The name Kalanka is correct.


  1. About two thousand years ago this was a nickname for the personality of Elsi at that time.


  1. This is an old Russian-Greek name, and it is not pronounced with the written ‘K’, but with the letter ‘G’.


  1. This nickname was given to her because the family of her father was called Kalanka.


  1. Her own name at that time was Magdalena-Elisabeth-Maria.

她當時的名字是 Magdalena-Elisabeth-Maria。


I know that, thank you, but you confirmed it to me anyway. You know, I should have been doing research on everyone’s earlier data for a long time, but I just have not found the time yet.



  1. By the middle of this year you should nevertheless manage it.


  1. But you are running out of time, so I will help you.


  1. Therefore, make sure that you have the necessary life data from all group members by the 3rd of April, then I will assist you.



And if I do not have this data, by which you mean the curriculums, by the 3rd of April, then what?



  1. But of those who have no data by that date, no research will be done, with no exceptions.


  1. We must finally be consistent in all things.



Quetzal, is that your last word?



  1. No doubt.


  1. But now hear what I have to say to you:


(Here Quetzal gives explanations that Olgi and Margreth will leave the group soon, however, Claire and Marcel will also leave).

(此時Quetzal 說明了 Olgi Margreth 將很快離開小組,但 Claire Marcel 也將離開)。


I really expected that, Quetzal. I remember very well that you, Semjase and also Ptaah told me that it would have to go well if it was to be mid-1978 before it happened.



  1. You said that already, but go now and sleep for a few more hours.


  1. Goodbye, my friend, and before I go:


  1. I would like to send very dear greetings in loving solidarity from Semjase and Ptaah to all group members, whereby also the fallible ones shall be included.

我將代 Semjase 和 Ptaah 向所有小組成員 —— 包括那些犯錯的成員在內 —— 致以誠摯的問候。


Thank you, Quetzal, thank you very much. Bye now, and let us not wait so long for you again.



  1. We will see.


  1. Goodbye, and do not worry too much about what is coming, not even about those of this evening, because despite everything this currently very regrettable matter will still result in good fortune.



Bye, my friend, you are a damn nice guy.



  1. Especially pay my dear greetings and wishes to your Cannibal.


  1. She was very brave and did a wonderful job.


  1. And what I still want to say:


  1. I also greet Elsi and Bernadette lovingly and I thank them, whereby especially Elsi very well knows for what.


  1. But Engelbert and Jacobus should not be forgotten either, nor Mary, who stood by you that night as …



Man, shut up. So you have said that right again. But what do you actually say to that, huh?



  1. It is very remarkable how you are constantly working day and night, seemingly without getting tired.



Is that all?



  1. That is all I have to explain.



You just accept it?



  1. Why should I not, you have done a job that serves all our missions, and it was your only solution.



Quetzal, you are just a piece of gold. But why do you know about this not exactly easy work?



  1. Engelbert did not keep his thoughts under control, which is why I was able to register them.


  1. He thought too much about me.



Okay, then everything is clear.



  1. Nevertheless, you should only work so hard in emergencies.



These are absolute exceptions in this crazy form. Engelbert was completely exhausted after work and soaked with sweat, that is how he worked.



  1. This is also understandable.


  1. I myself would not be able to do such a hard job, which is why I would use my equipment.



You have a good talk. But we still have to use quite primitive tools. But now bye, I am dog-tired.



  1. Goodbye, my friend.


  1. Enjoy a restful sleep.


The San Francisco Earthquake Photos by Wendelle C. Stevens

Wendelle C. Stevens 所提供的舊金山地震照片

〄... 接觸報告「Contact Report」_104#_Sanfran左.jpg
Left-side of 2 page spread, Nr 9, September 1977 issue of GEO Magazine
《地理雜誌》 1977 年 9 月號,分為兩頁的左頁部分
〄... 接觸報告「Contact Report」_104#_Sanfran右.jpg
Right-side of 2 page spread, Nr 9, September 1977 issue of GEO Magazine
《地理雜誌》 1977 年 9 月號,分為兩頁的右頁部分
〄... 接觸報告「Contact Report」_104#_Sanfran.jpg
中譯者註:《地理雜誌》 1977 年 9 月號,兩頁的合併
〄... 接觸報告「Contact Report」_104#_SFBest.jpg
Closest matching photograph Larry Driscoll could find circa December 2013
約在 2013 年 12 月,Larry Driscoll 所能找到最接近可匹配的照片

The mysterious “time" photos of the future destruction of San Francisco in a great earthquake have always been highly controversial. We, that is, Lee Elders, myself and Brit Nielsen, were at the farm in Schmidruti one evening in 1978 when Mr. Meier mentioned time travel and a “trip” he had taken with the Pleiadians to view the great San Francisco earthquake predicted for the future, which he said he had been allowed to photograph with his own camera. We of course insisted on seeing the photographs, and continued to do so until Meier left the room and came back with one of those photo shop [store] return envelopes in his hand. It contained the pictures still in it, together with the negatives. He had taken these pictures on negative film in contrast to his earlier photographing of the spacecraft on ASA 100 positive slide transparency film.

有關舊金山未來發生大地震而摧毀的神秘“時光”照片,一直備受爭議。1978 年的一天晚上,我們幾個人(Lee Elders、我自己和 Brit Nielsen)就在 Schmidruti 的一個農場,當時邁爾談到時光旅行,並提到他曾與 Plejaren 預測未來而作過一趟查看舊金山大地震的“時光之旅”,他說他被允許用自己的相機拍了些照片。我們當然堅持想要看到這些照片,於是邁爾不得不離開他家去照片沖洗店,回來時在他的手上拿了個信封袋,裡面裝了那些照片連同底片。他曾將這些照片放在底片上,與他早些時候在拍攝飛船所用的 ASA 100 幻燈透明膠片上作比對。

He opened the envelope and spread out eleven colour prints on the kitchen table there. He said that they were pictures of the future San Francisco quake. Then he passed them around the table one by one to all of us to examine. There were at least nine to ten people sitting around that table at that time, which included his wife Kalliope, Engelbert and his wife Maria, Jacobus, Bernadette, and a couple more whose names I do not remember.

他打開信封,在廚房的桌子上擺出了 11 張彩色照片,他說這是未來舊金山地震後的照片。接著他沿著桌子將照片一張接一張傳給我們所有的人來檢視。那個時候當場至少有九到十個人坐在那張桌子四周,包括邁爾的妻子 Kalliope、Engelbert 和他的妻子 Maria,Jacobus、Bernadette 和一對夫婦等人,他們的名字我不記得了。

I carefully studied each picture as they came to me, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, and any prominent new structures I had never seen before. I looked carefully at cars shown in the streets below for style and any configurations not familiar at the time. I did see smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, and some of these had half-glass and others full-glass cabin tops, making them look more like bugs than boxy cars.


I saw the World Trade Center Building cracked through its steep pyramidal shape from upper right to lower left, from the viewer’s angle, and another big rectangular building with higher rectangular towers on either end, collapsing in the middle and taking the two towers down with it. There was shooting flame, black and light smoke, and water and gas spewing from broken pipes, and there was a lot of dust roiling out from the collapsing rectangular building.


We passed the pictures around a second time and we all studied them again, and then Mr. Meier collected them up, put them back in the envelope, and took the envelope back out of the kitchen once more. We were all in shock at what we had just seen, and discussed it only briefly before that meeting broke up and all went to bed for the night.


A few days after that, Meier was summoned to a new contact and was asked to bring the photographs with him which he did. The visitors wanted to have their scientists look at the pictures, too, and they took the negatives and prints with them. When Meier tried to get the pictures back, he was rebuked for showing them to us without their approval, and against their instructions not to do so until after the event. Those pictures have never been returned to him. Thus, today we do not have any solid evidence that those pictures were ever taken.


A year later, on another trip to Switzerland, our attention was called to an article in a copy of the European edition of GEO Magazine, which carried a painting of the future destruction of San Francisco that was remarkably similar to one of Meier’s photographs, the one showing the steep pyramidal World Trade Center building coming down. I was amazed at the close similarity to the one I had seen in Meier’s house the year before, but could not re-visualize the detail seen well enough to make a valid comparison. I later obtained copies of the GEO magazine and then remembered that the article there only one painting of the destruction bled over two pages whereas I had seen eleven pictures in Meier’s house. Now, where did he get the other ten if, as his accusers say, “He copied the pictures from the GEO magazine article”.

一年後,在另一次瑞士之行途中,我們注意到一份《地理雜誌》歐洲版的一篇文章中,有一幅舊金山未來被摧毀的圖片,與邁爾之前照片中的一張異常相似,圖中顯示陡峭的金字塔型世貿中心大廈正在倒塌。我很驚訝一年前曾在邁爾家看過極類似的照片,但就是無法好好重新想像所見的細節,以作更有效的比對。我後來得到該《地理雜誌》的副本,然後想起文章內的圖片是一張被分割成兩頁,而在邁爾的家裡我一共看過 11 張照片。如果像原告所說的:「圖片是他從《地理雜誌》文章裡複製的」,那麼其他 10 張在哪裡?

When Meier asked the Pleiadians about this, they said that any artists or real sensitives seeking such information could tap into the same reality and get the same pictures, because they do now exist in our future time.

後來邁爾向 Plejaren 問及此事,他們是說:任何藝術家若真正具有特異體質,在尋求這類資料時,可以進入同樣的現實並且得到相同的圖片,因為那些場景,現在確實是存在於未來的時間之中

I don’t think a great many people actually saw those dozen photographs in Meier’s house, which looked very real to me, like real photographs, not photographs of paintings, and maybe no more than the few around the kitchen table that night. All others would very likely come to the conclusion that those pictures were one and the same. But there are at least ten people who do know otherwise and I am one of these.


Mr. Meier sincerely believes that he took a trip in time during this contact, but this was not the first, and so he was not entirely unfamiliar with the phenomenon of time travel.


There are two schools of thought concerning this exotic condition. One is that time is a structured, inflexible, linear phenomenon that cannot be altered or changed. Those will choose to believe that if this is not an outright falsification, then it is at best a manipulated condition like the virtual realities we are just beginning to experiment with, or that it is a very real projection from stored memory using quite sophisticated 3-D viewing systems.


The other concept is that time indeed is a flexible, non-linear phenomenon that is navigable like space, and that once we know what time is and how to use it, we can really go backward and forward in time and perceive events there.


In another discussion of time and space, Mr. Meier was told that just like there are milestones in space, there are confluences in time; and just like we can get to a given destination in space by many routes, we can get to a given point in time by different confluences.


It was suggested that space and time are opposite aspects of the same phenomenon, like matter and energy, and that once we understand the phenomenon we can navigate time as we now do with space. When we learn its nature we will be able to convert space to time and time to space as we choose. In fact, it was suggested that an understanding of this phenomenon will be necessary before we can really undertake interstellar travel. We live between the extremes of time and space, and we cannot travel in one without influencing the other. When we move in space it takes time, and any movement in time shifts space.


A new book, “ASTRO-METRICS of Undiscovered Planets and Intelligent Life Forms" by Dr. Yuri Danjo and Col. Ron Blackburn (USA Ret.) attempts to apply new formulas to understand these relationships and other exotic phenomena such as size and other apparently limiting conditions. You will need to be a very good mathematician to understand these concepts.

一本由 Yuri Danjo 博士和 Ron Blackburn 上校(美國退役)所著的新書《未被發現的行星與智慧生命的「天文度量」》(ASTRO-METRICS of Undiscovered Planets and Intelligent Life Forms),試圖運用新的計算公式來瞭解這些關係,以及其他諸如尺寸大小與其他表面受限的不尋常現象,而這些概念都將需要一個非常優秀的數學家來理解。


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