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Contact Report 144/第144次接觸報告

接觸時間:1981 年 3 月 26 日,星期四,03 時 16 分




  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4




英版譯者:Benjamin Stevens





中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第144次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)



本次會面,很令人傷感的是,這次是 Semjase 與比利近期最後一次的正式接觸會面

(根據資料記載:由於 Semjase 自 1981 年 3 月起一直到 1984 年 1 月期間,因要忙於別的任務而無法與比利正式會面。一直要到 1984 2 3 日,在比利 47 歲生日當天與比利見面,但也是最後的告別。這是由於她 1977 12 15 日在 SSSC 的一次意外事件,使她的腦部受到傷害,雖在當時曾返回母星治療,且於 1978 年 5 月返回地球繼續她的任務,直到本次接觸。但由於她的病況未完全康復,而 1984 11 月初開始惡化不得不被緊急轉送到 DAL 宇宙去作治療,預估治療時間需長達七十年

而譯者個人覺得有趣的是:Semjase 在這次會面,特別為比利展示了婚禮蛋糕型飛船似乎內心隱含某種心境… 這是純屬臆測,當作茶餘飯後的美談話題罷了…

另外 Prejaren 的「最高理事會」將努力透過影響地球上的政府,以避免第三次世界大戰。而第三次世界大戰是否會發生和美國有很大的關係,Prejaren 也不能確保不會發生第三次大戰。


Semjase talks about persons who will try to jeopardize the mission, and Billy takes photos and films of the “Wedding-cake" ship!

Semjase 談到了一些人試圖破壞任務。此外,比利拍了「婚禮蛋糕型」飛船的照片!

This is the entire contact. It is an authorized but unofficial translation and may contain errors.



  1. Today, I want to finish what was denied to me during my last visit due to lack of time.


  1. I said that it is now the time when you should finally try to search for a further mission dissemination beyond your homeland.



I remember it well, but you have said that traitors are now in my own ranks, who want to work against me and destroy our mission as well as our group members and me.



  1. Sure, I spoke of that.


  1. Nevertheless, things have expanded in the meantime and have formed organizationally, whereby now also the authorities cooperate.



I am not afraid of that; I told you this.



  1. Of course, but the intrigues against you are already at the stage where official, defamatory machinations can bring you danger.

當然,但是密謀反對你的行動已經處於官方階段、 誹謗的陰謀會給你帶來危險。

  1. And you know, nevertheless, that in this case, nothing can be done against it.


  1. The Swiss authorities have already been a nasty thorn in your side for decades, which has become, in the course of the last four years, an entire thorn enclosure.


  1. Even the Swiss military forces have already been working for some time against you because on the one hand, you have lived for four years in dangerous proximity to one of their rocket bases, and on the other hand, because they have already for years become very insecure with regard to your contacts with us.


  1. For this reason, you are also constantly and sharply observed by them and monitored, and they don’t even shrink back from monitoring your telephone calls and those of your group members.


  1. Of course, all of this will never be officially admitted, but this incontestable fact still remains.


  1. Some of the on duty elements of the rocket base have been unofficially assigned to monitor you and have been instructed always to deny all of your statements and evidences by untruths if you step to the public with new information.


  1. So, for example, the instruction was issued that if you show new photographic material, then it should be maintained by the officers on duty of the rocket base that they observed how you faked these pictures with a model, etc. (These statements were proven by the news service “Microfilm" in the year 1991.)

因此,如果你展示出新的照片材料,那麼指令下達應該由火箭發射基地的值勤官員出面,指出他們發現你是如何偽造這些照片和模型等等。(這些事已於 1991 年在《微縮影片》發布的新聞被證明了)。


But this doesn’t bother me.



  1. This should, however, because the time has come when you will come, through such lies, into harm.


  1. What has never been the case with all your personalities in your multi-millennial mission now appears with you, namely that special organizations have formed with the assistance of the authorities and governments, in order now, finally, to prevent the pervading and spreading of the truth by you and also to destroy you, all your group members, and the entire mission.


  1. Through the deliberate traitors, who are often paid for their shameful activities, or through those who are easily influenced or those who have become sick in consciousness, virtually all UFO-logical groups have become prejudiced against you and all our work, particularly in Europe but also in other countries, under whom also all of the fallible group members fall.

經由那些付費雇用的自願叛徒,或透過那些意識易受影響或那些已經患病的人,幾乎所有理性的 UFO 團體對你和我們所有的工作已心存偏見而抵制,特別是在歐洲,而其他國家也一樣。受了他們的影響,其他那些等而下之的團體也都紛紛跟進。

  1. In particular, just the traitors Hans Jakob, H., and his brother K. bear the guilt for the fact that these slanderous intrigues were started against you and were brought into being, for which an evil fate will still redound to them, however. (Since this time, mission-destroying and slanderous machinations have appeared against Billy from various UFO organizations around the world, like, for example, MUFON, etc., proving the statements made here by Semjase.)

尤其是叛徒 Hans Jakob、H. 和他的兄弟 K.,他們最該承擔這些誹謗陰謀以及隨之而起反對你的罪責。然而,邪惡的命運仍將反噬他們。(自那時起,破壞和誹謗陰謀團體已從世界各地,例如像 MUFON 等這類不明飛行物組織,都出現反對比利的行為,正如同 Semjase 在此所說的情況。)


But still today, I just don’t understand why H. has begun to work against me in this manner. With K., I know the reason, because he is absolutely enslaved by his brother and hopelessly influenced by him, so he is no longer able, in this connection, to think and act freely or logically. He is practically the consciousness-slave of his brother, while Hans Jakob has, on the one hand, gotten into the devil’s kitchen via sectarian conflicts and, on the other hand, because he couldn’t cope with the fact that it was denied to him to take my place, which he wanted to gain by all means.

但直到今天,我只是不明白為什麼 H. 會以這種工作的方式來對抗我。至於 K.,我知道原因,因為他是絕對受制於他的兄弟而無可救藥地受他影響,因此在這方面他已不再能自由或邏輯地思考和行動,他實際上是他兄弟意識的奴隸。至於 Hans Jakob,一方面,他已經透過宗派的衝突而進入了魔鬼的廚房;另一方面,因為他不能接受他想盡一切手段都無法取代我的這一事實。


  1. These really are the facts of the truth.


  1. With H., the reason is a little more complicated.

在 H. 這邊,原因是複雜的多一點。

  1. He has built his whole life on lies and deception, which he also demonstrated during his group membership.


  1. On the one hand, he worked in a scheming and mendacious manner for you and our mission, but on the other hand, he simultaneously worked treacherously for hostile-minded elements, who only worked with regard to destroying you and the truth.


  1. These treacherous actions toward you and the mission brought H. into the severest conflicts of conscience when he suddenly realized with absolute certainty who you are in truth and that everything you offered corresponds to the absolute truth.

這些對你和任務的背叛行為,當他突然清楚意識到你的所作所為都是在提供絕對真理的事實真相,這將使得 H. 陷入良心上的重大矛盾

  1. These conflicts within him finally led him to the case because through his steady insistence of getting in touch with me, I allowed myself to be led to approach him in my ship so far that he came into my personal vibration field.

這些矛盾導致他最後持續不斷堅持要和我見面,後來我同意了,並引導他接近我的飛船,到目前為止,他曾進入到我個人的振動場域」(vibration field)之內

  1. Thus, he suddenly became aware of the true love and peace, which seemed like a paradise to him.


  1. But disaster immediately fell upon him when I went away again and he fell out of my vibration field.


  1. It seemed like the end of the world to him, which made him deal with suicidal intentions, from which I was able to prevent him only with great difficulty.


  1. For this reason, I tried to influence him to the better through my own vibrations, but this was clearly wrong because he only responded to any attempt to help him on my part by starting to pity himself more and more, and at last, a dangerous hatred built up inside of him against everything that has to do with rest, peace, and love, as well as with truth.


  1. He worked it out in such a way that it committed itself as a delusion inside of him, from which he is also no longer able to free himself by all external assistance.


  1. He fortifies his lies today with such hatred that he accepts them as truth and, therefore, can no longer make a distinction between lie and truth.


  1. He has become a fanatical believer of his own lies, from which he cannot escape any more, particularly because his material consciousness was damaged by everything, by what means he is no longer accountable.


  1. Today, he exhibits impairment of consciousness and psychopathic forms, which cannot be repaired any more by earthly means.



You mean that he is, therefore, “cuckoo?”



  1. I understand your allusion.


  1. Yes, that is so.


  1. He isn’t of sound mind in our interests any more and neither are those who give him faith because they have become subservient to him through his perfected lies and work for him against you, us, our entire mission, and against the group members.



You actually mean that also these people have material consciousness damage and, thus, can no longer think clearly or understand clearly, which is why they also can’t recognize the truth in our cause?



  1. Sure, but the harm to the majority of these people could be repaired by themselves.


  1. So it is still curable.


  1. Their consciousness damage only rests in a single cell of their brain, in which consciousness-confusing acids have formed, which create a dependent bondage and which exclude the capacity to distinguish truth and falsehood.


  1. Neutral thinking without any prejudice would dissolve and eliminate these harmful acids in the aforesaid cell again.


  1. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t happen, then everything will ultimately lead to the same end, to which H. is hopelessly fallen.

無論如何,如果不這樣做,那麼這一切最終都將導致同樣的結局,H. 已是無可救藥。


A hard thing.



  1. Indeed, but in the end, they will bear all the guilt themselves, for it is easier for them to let themselves be cheated than to operate intellectually and logically, in order to own the truth for themselves through this.


  1. For the Earth people, thinking requires a lot more effort than just blindly giving themselves over to a faith that is built on lies and deceit.


  1. And all those, who are subservient to the lies and deceit of Hans Jakob and the brothers H. and K. and all others, who want to destroy you, the group members, us, and the entire mission, they all are not capable of logical thinking because this work is uncomfortable for them and because not having to think spares them from any effort and also seems to them to relieve them of any responsibility.

而所有那些屈從於 Hans Jakob、H. 和他的兄弟 K. 之謊言與欺騙的所有其他人,他們都想要破壞你、小組成員、我們以及整個任務。他們都不具備邏輯思考能力,而這項工作讓他們不舒服,因為沒有免去他們任何辛勞並緩解他們的任何責任。

  1. But they deceive themselves very much in this because with their wrong behavior, they place an unusually heavy burden, load, and responsibility on themselves, which will one day collapse on them and which they will have to bear with difficulty.


  1. That still hasn’t reached all of their consciousnesses, but these effects that are very vicious and sometimes even dangerous for them are already at hand; it’s just that they don’t know this yet.



There, I can probably also do nothing against it, in order to help these poor dogs? You know, somehow, I just think that I should, nevertheless, have an enlightening influence on them.



  1. That is neither your task, nor would it be effective, for it has already been determined by themselves in an unalterable form.


  1. Thus, pay no attention to them, but give the necessary attention to yourself, your group members, us, and the mission, so that you finally take that path underfoot, which we’ve encouraged you to take for the sake of spreading the mission for a long time.


  1. In regards to this, I’ve brought you some data for your orientation, which you can have a look at, after which you should then go and clarify everything and prepare for the reception of the mission.


  1. And remember, you as well as all your group members, that the time now begins to hurry and that also the group members themselves are determined for this, even then, if they would separate from the core and deny everything.


  1. But on the other hand, we ourselves will not remain inactive and will try everything to avert impending evils from you and the group members, as we have been striving for some time on advising the High Council also to influence certain developments in earthly politics, in order to prevent, through these influences, the Third World War, which still glimmers threateningly in the earthly fate sky, or at least to be able to alleviate it.


  1. But whether we will manage all this, time will prove, because in certain matters, our hands are tied, so we must take very arduous paths, of which we cannot calculate with certainty whether they will be successful.


  1. This has arisen in such a way because dangers have suddenly appeared that could allow the earthly Third World War to expand into a global catastrophe.


  1. But despite everything, there are still good prospects that everything will still turn to the good.



Once again, this is news. Why that now – I mean the global catastrophe?

再問一次,這可是大新聞。為什麼現在 — 我的意思是,會發生全球性的大災難嗎?


  1. For now, I still don’t want to talk about that officially.


  1. It would be too dangerous; plus, everything is still in the open and, particularly, in the hands of America.



Then just unofficially. Is that possible?



  1. Sure, but later.



Okay, girl. – And in the morning, when the day breaks, I can finally take the first photos?



  1. That you can.


  1. I will be here.


  1. But now, I must go back, because in the meantime, I still have some tasks to do.


  1. Until we meet again.



So then – bye. At 5 AM, I’ll be waiting for you.

那麼再見了。清晨 5 點,我會等著你。

Note from the translator:英文譯者說明:

below are some color photos that were taken on April 3rd after this contact occurred, most of which appear in this conversation of Block 4 of the German Contact Reports. Concerning the event connected to the first three photos shown below, the following caption appears in Volume 4 of the “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Conversations":

以下這些彩色照片,大部分是 4 月 3 日所補拍的(這些刊出在德文版接觸報告中),而有些則是在這次接觸會面(已是 3 月 26 日凌晨時分)當天清晨所拍,例如以下的前三張照片就是,其中還有些插曲,這個小故事曾刊登在“昴宿星/Plejaren 接觸對話”第四卷中︰

Semjase’s “wedding cake” beamship in a photo demonstration in Säckler of Dürstelen. Billy said that already at around 5:00 AM, the first jogger appeared, which is why filming or taking photographs wasn’t possible. Nevertheless, he set up his apparatus in a hurry and shot 14 pictures, but of these, only four were usable.

Semjase 婚禮蛋糕”飛船 Dürstelen Säckler 照片中展示過。比利表示,當時(3 26 日)已經是大約清晨五點了,有第一個慢跑者出現了,這就是為什麼拍攝或拍照已有困難。不過,比利還是在匆忙之中設定好相機,當時一共拍攝了 14 張照片,但最後只有 4 張是清楚的。

Semjase, who became extremely nervous with agitation, almost rammed into his trailer, so that the entire tractor was magnetized, and Billy could no longer start it. Since Semjase couldn’t help him, he had to wait until around 10:20 AM, before Quetzal had time to demagnetize the tractor with various devices and apparatuses. At 10:50 AM, the tractor was functioning again, but Billy found out during an inspection that all the video films had become unusable.      Quetzal took the video films for study purposes.

當時 Semjase 非常緊張,差點撞到了比利的拖車上,但結果還是導致整個拖車被磁化而比利無法再啟動它。由於 Semjase 幫不上忙,比利不得不等到上午 10 20 分,直到 Quetzal 前來使用特殊設備把拖車反磁化,到了上午 10 50 分,比利的車才可以重新啟動,但同時比利發現他的錄影膠片都無法使用了,於是 Quetzal 只好把膠片拿回去研究了。

At 5:10 PM, he told Billy telepathically that the radiation of the ship is so strong that it completely destroys the films during an approach of a ship within 471 meters. Also, slide and run movies would be adversely affected by too great a proximity, through the strong magnetism, which allows the air to tremble and vibrate, like a very great heat, so as a result of this, the photos and films exhibited wavy distortions of the ship’s contours, and these looked asymmetrical. Even Billy’s movie box, which he had lined, as a precautionary measure, with 6 mm thick lead plates, was completely ineffective according to Quetzal’s information. This problem was fixed by Quetzal two days later. At 11:15 AM, Billy left the far and remote Säckler, where Quetzal was also constantly kept from his work by the walkers and farmers who were going about their work.

直到下午 5 10 分,他(Quetzal)通過心靈感應告訴比利,由於飛船在 471 公尺範圍內的輻射太強,所以膠片和錄影徹底被毀了。所幸,比利的攝影箱由於事先按照 Quetzal 所知的方式,用鉛板擋住而沒有受到輻射影響。當然這些問題 2 天后就被 Quetzal 解決了。在上午 11 15 分,比利離開了偏遠的 Säckler。而 Quetzal 在修車的時候還是時不時被一些農民和步行者打斷他手頭的工作。

During the 30 minutes, when Quetzal was working on Billy’s tractor, he had to teleport with his devices into the ship and fly away three times, before he could return minutes later and continue working.

30 分鐘內, Quetzal 在為比利的拖拉機工作時, 他不得不將他的設備傳送到船上, 然後飛去三次, 然後他才可以在幾分鐘後返回繼續工作。


Photo 1: March 26, 1981, 6:18 AM

圖片 11981 3 26 日,清晨 6 18


Photo 2: (not in block 4 of German Contact Reports)

圖片 2:(不在德文版接觸報告的四卷中)


Photo 3: March 26, 1981, 6:19 AM
All Photos: “Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 31981 3 26 日,清晨 6 19
所有照片擁有者:比利" 愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾

Concerning the next three photos, the following caption from Volume 4 of the “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Conversations" applies:

接下來三張照片的說明資料,出自於昴宿星/Plejaren 接觸對話”第四卷:

Auenberg-Egg/Girenbad at Hinwil: From treetop to treetop.

Auenberg-Egg /Girenbad 在欣威爾(Hinwil):從樹梢到樹梢。

Taken by Billy, who sat at a height of about 40 meters on a second ship.

照片由比利坐在高度約 40 公尺高的第二艘飛船上拍攝。


Photo 1: April 3, 1981, 1:10 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 11981 4 3 日,下午 1 10 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾


Photo 2: (not in block 4 of German Contact Reports)

圖片 2:(不在德文版接觸報告的四卷中)


Photo 3: April 3, 1981, 1:10 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 31981 4 3 日,下午 1 10 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾

Concerning the next three photos, the following caption from Volume 4 of the “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Conversations" applies:

接下來三張照片的說明資料,出自於“昴宿星/Plejaren 接觸對話”第四卷:

Auenberg-Egg/Girenbad at Hinwil: From treetop to treetop.

Auenberg-Egg /Girenbad 在欣威爾:從樹梢到樹梢。

Taken by Billy, who sat at a height of about 40 meters on a second ship.

由比利坐在高度約 40 公尺的第二艘船上拍攝。


Photo 1: (not in block 4 of German Contact Reports)

圖片 1:(不在德文版接觸報告的四卷中)


Photo 2: April 3, 1981, 1:11 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 21981 4 3 日,下午 1 11 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾


Photo 3: April 3, 1981, 1:10 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 31981 4 3 日,下午 1 10 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾

Concerning the next three photos, the following caption from Volume 4 of the “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Conversations" applies:

接下來的三張照片說明資料,出自於“昴宿星/Plejaren 接觸對話”第四卷:

Auenberg-Egg/Girenbad at Hinwil: Ship in front of a young, approximately 15-meter high weather fir.

Auenberg-Egg /Girenbad 在欣威爾:飛船在一棵大約 15 公尺高,新種植的冷杉前面。


Photo 1: (not in block 4 of German Contact Reports)

圖片 1:(不在德文版接觸報告的四卷中)


Photo 2: April 3, 1981, 2:30 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 21981 4 3 日,下午 2 30 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾


Photo 3: April 3, 1981, 2:30 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 31981 4 3 日,下午 2 30 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾

Concerning the next three photos, the following caption from Volume 4 of the “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Conversations" applies:

接下來三張照片的說明資料,出自於“昴宿星/Plejaren 接觸對話”第四卷:

Auenberg-Egg/Girenbad at Hinwil: Ship in front of a young, approximately 15-meter high weather fir.

Auenberg-Egg /Girenbad 在欣威爾:飛船在一棵大約 15 公尺高,新種植的冷杉前面。


Photo 1: April 3, 1981, 2:31 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 11981 4 3 日,下午 2 31 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾


Photo 2: April 3, 1981, 2:30 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 21981 4 3 日,下午 2 30 分;“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾


Photo 3: (not in block 4 of German Contact Reports)

圖片 3:(不在德文版接觸報告的四卷中)

Concerning the second of the next two photos, the following caption from Volume 4 of the “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Conversations" applies:

下兩張照片的說明資料,出自於“昴宿星/Plejaren 接觸對話”第四卷:

Auenberg-Egg/Girenbad at Hinwil: Ship, photographed from the roof of the trailer.

Auenberg-Egg /Girenbad 在欣威爾:飛船是從拖車的車頂拍照。


(The first photo does not appear in block 4 of the German Contact Reports)

圖片 1:(第一張照片不在德文版接觸報告的四卷中)


Photo 2: April 3, 1981, 2:33 PM; “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

圖片 21981 4 3 日,下午 2 33 分;比利愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾

[Photos courtesy of Wendelle Stevens’ CD-ROM of “UFO Photographs in Color: Volume 5 – Best of Meier UFO Photos]

[照片感謝 Wendelle Stevens 的《彩色飛碟照片光碟第五卷 —— 邁爾最好的 UFO 照片》所提供]


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