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Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Tuesday, March 16, 1982, 11:31 PM
Lately, we’ve had to meet again rather often, but unfortunately, it is unavoidable that I rob you of your time because of this. Somehow, it’s just strange that from time to time, situations arise again and again, which accumulate upon themselves, allowing old problems to arise anew. Heaven knows, but I just don’t understand why human beings always have to fall back into their old ways and suddenly forget all good intentions and progress. But perhaps it wasn’t good that you spoke highly of the progress, which I did already predict to you. The Earth human being is just such that he immediately decreases in all his efforts again, as soon as one praises him.
1. We talked about this several times in detail, that’s true, and we also know very well that praise shouldn’t be expressed because it leads to the inhibition of efforts and to the inhibition of progress.
2. But strangely, the Earth human being seeks after such praise because he mistakenly feels encouraged by this to strive even further.
3. A fact that is completely contrary to nature and that also truly brings no success, as we have to find out again and again.
4. The Earth human being demands praise for his efforts and his progress, even though all his efforts and progress, etc. are to his personal advantage and benefit.
5. Paradoxically, he still selfishly wants to be praised for his harvested fruits, which completely contradicts every healthy way of thinking.
6. Now interestingly enough, it arises from this absurdity that the Earth human being, if he is met with praise, maneuvers himself into a euphoric state, in which he is of the faith to strive further for progress.
7. But truthfully, he only revels in the praise expressed to him for a while, but then, he already stagnates again and acquires no further progress anymore.
8. This state then continues for some time, after which the efforts then slowly decline in their course and eventually fade away again completely.
9. With that, the state of the complete lack of effort and interest is reached again, which brings no more progress, according to which the old states also break through again.
10. Differences appear again, falsehoods across from person to person, false accusations, unkindness, egoism, and all other evils.
With that, we are already on the subject that I still wanted to address. Here, I received a letter this evening, which refers to certain things of the house rules and ordinal rules. However, the same was already said to me twice during the last two days, but I’m just so tired of having to mess around with these things. This is also the reason why I wanted to talk about it with you, so that you can clarify these things. It would be best if you’d read through this letter here once.
11. Yes, let me…
12. I wanted to speak with you about these concerns that are described here anyway because during the last few months, they’ve appeared on my control elements over and over again.
13. It is necessary here that you again suggest to the group members that they, once again, thoroughly call to mind the ordinal rules from Semjase, which she transmitted to you in 1977 and which we painstakingly worked out specifically for the group members.
14. This, on the one hand.
15. On the other hand, even other ordinal rules are given, and if I remember all the points correctly, then the ordinal rule of page 15 from the 15th of September, 1981 states that core group members not residing in the Center do not have access to the storage rooms and also not to the kitchen utensils room and not to the cooling devices.
16. Now, if Ingrid, nevertheless, enters these rooms or uses the devices there, then she violates the given ordinal rule that regulates these matters clearly.
17. So it cannot be permitted to Ingrid that she may enter these rooms or use them in any way, and neither may she handle any of the devices situated or set there.
18. If she needs a cooling device, then such is accommodated for this purpose in the threshing floor area, if I remember correctly.
19. Regarding entry into the remaining rooms, like bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilet rooms, as well as the cellar room and remaining rooms, etc., it is to be explained that these issues are regulated by the ordinal rule of page 15b from the 22nd of September, 1981, which states that Ingrid is entitled to the right of entry into these rooms if she is authorized by the various persons responsible for this, so in this case, by your wife and Eva.
20. However, this applies to the cellar room only if a job requires that things must be brought into this room or be retrieved from there.
21. The same is also valid for the kitchen utensils room.
22. The supply room, however, may not be entered by Ingrid under any circumstances.
23. So if your wife isn’t feeling well and, therefore, asks Ingrid to do some work for her, which requires entering private rooms or working in private rooms, then those are matters that only concern your wife, Eva, and Ingrid, as it is clearly regulated by the ordinal rules.
24. All the rules issued in this regard for the secondary members and passive members are, of course, valid first and foremost for the core group members, which actually should be clear without any further explanations.
25. Regarding the use of the bathrooms, shower rooms, and toilet rooms, in accordance with the house rules, the conditions are such that these rooms may not be used by outsiders because the earthly legal guidelines prohibit this.
26. For core group members, however, these rooms must be accessible, as it was also clearly determined during the monthly group decisions, because core group members are regarded as close friends of all other core group members living in the Center, which also couldn’t be any different because the total number of all core group members should be seen and grounded as a single, large family.
27. Those objecting to these issues should, from time to time, seek to study the given ordinal rules again and again, after which no further misunderstandings can appear.
28. On the other hand, it is still to be mentioned, unfortunately, that there still prevails in many group members that which, according to my knowledge, you designate as a “group spirit," which leads to the fact that certain core group members always aren’t accepted very long or at all as internal group members or members of the large family, whereby they are downright outcasts in the group itself and in the friendly and familial sense.
29. If everything is to function at last, as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the mission, then the fallible ones finally have to align themselves to the right forms and also pursue the necessary study and truly learn in the matters of the ordinal rules and sense of family and brotherly love.
30. As long as repulsion and personal animosities as well as refusals still exist toward other human beings, so long will the whole group not be able to connect.
31. These errors, however, also include certain accusations and suspicions as well as intrigues, as they have already been underway for some time against your wife, who, in my view, is honestly striving to bring her negative issues into the correct and proper paths of the positive.
32. The fact that secret allegations of theft of clothing, etc. and the like are made against her, this probably corresponds to more than just a vile and unwarranted suspicion but rather to an extremely irresponsible and even group-destructive machination.
33. But whether this is, in fact, the case, I could not clearly determine from my control elements.
34. But such serious accusations are, indeed, brought against her, along with various other incidents that burden her, which made me turn pale with shame while checking the control elements.
35. The suspecting ones, no matter whether they are right or not, should thoroughly work through their own issues once, after which they would then, for their part, recognize that their accusations, though these might not be taken out of thin air, are nevertheless inappropriate and psychologically destructive and, moreover, destructive to the group and the mission, and that their own dissatisfaction, selfishness, dishonesty, as well as arrogance toward others gives all occasion for them to keep quiet and work on themselves most thoroughly and resolve their own existing faults, before they presume to see a possibly existing beam in the eye of their neighbor.
36. It is extremely unfortunate that I must say all this using these harsh words, but the recent falling back of the group members into their old and destructive machinations and into their own arrogance makes it unavoidable.
37. Slowly, certain group members drift back toward an evil abyss, into which they will inevitably fall if they don’t preserve themselves from it very quickly by true love and justice, and that within only a few weeks and months.
38. I still don’t want to mention the names of the fallible ones, but if things shouldn’t return to normal again within a very short time, then I will be forced to point out the individual names, together with all the faults that are inherent to these people, after which I could then no longer permit it that you cover over certain negative or other concerns relating to this in our contact reports, even though these are overall group matters that should be brought to the attention of all.
39. Still, I can be lenient in this regard and can tolerate your arbitrary action, but this can’t continue any longer if the objectionable matters don’t turn very quickly to the positive again.
40. Regarding the covering up of certain things in the contact reports, I must reprimand you, however, because it is not of correctness.
41. Doing so can lead to the fact that over time, the fallible ones will simply think that their wrong actions will no longer be brought to the attention of the whole group and that they, therefore, wouldn’t need to continue to strive.
42. That is, however, a fallacy, for I won’t allow such, according to which I will lay on you, if the objectionable matters aren’t resolved very quickly, that you have to refrain from removing certain discussions and recordings of faults.
I know that with this, I’m doing something that I really shouldn’t do, but I thought that the individual group members would be helped more in this way and would learn something from it.
43. Your thoughts on this subject are good, but we have learned that such trains of thought, though they are logical, drove more to the negative than to the positive, due to the illogic of the Earth human beings.
44. So I must insist that you distribute the full contact conversations among all the group members again, if the objectionable matters aren’t resolved very quickly.
Okay, okay, then it should just be; on the other hand, I do, indeed, know that you’re right with your words. But can we now drop this subject?
45. Yes, at least for today.
Aha, then even more is to be expected. I can already tell, it slowly beings to tear at my nerves again. For weeks now, it has been happening again that at practically every one of our meetings, a stink comes up again. My nerves are already starting to go crazy again, and I fear that my collapse will still come before the year is over.
46. This time, before it comes so far that you suffer nervous damage, which very quickly affects your otherwise already poor health in each case, this time we will break off our mission definitively.
47. This is one of the conditions that the High Council has recommended to us, in the event that some other time, the group members would irresponsibly engage in the old machinations and make no further efforts.
48. And as things stand today, the whole thing is actually running slowly toward that again.
Then it would probably be best if we put an end to everything already today.
49. I know that this would have been very opportune for you and that you only do your work because you’ve made a relevant promise, but not because you are still strongly interested in the fulfillment of the mission.
50. That is no longer the case, however, for even at that time, you hadn’t seen a way of the improvement of the group members any more than we ourselves had decided for a continuance on our own responsibility.
51. But on our part, we still see a possibility that everything will still take a turn for the better, even though it currently appears again that we are letting ourselves be deceived.
I told you all at that time that I will still do my work for as long as until you yourselves throw down the pickaxe, and just like you promised me, you no longer let it come as far as what was always the case before.
52. That is of correctness, and after everything that has happened in the negative again in the last months and weeks, the measure is already half-filled again.
Well, then this time, I can really hope that I won’t still ruin my last remnant of health. Let us wait, then, and turn ourselves to other things that actually interest me more. This evening, I watched a show on television that dealt with the fact that in about a week, with the recent launch of the Space Shuttle, a plant experiment is also to be made. It is to be tested here whether earthly plants in weightlessness cease or continue to generate their lignin production. Lignin, so the scientists say, only exists in plants that grow out of the surface of water, while pure water plants wouldn’t have this substance, which they, moreover, presumably call the skeleton of the plant. Now to this end, it would be interesting for us to know whether the plants not borne by water also produce this weight-bearing substance, lignin, in weightlessness or not. I say “weight-bearing substance" because I see the things in such a way that this lignin exercises such a function in the plants, and to be sure, in that this substance gives the plants the actual strength to be firm structures that can independently stand up out of the water level and towards the Sun and, therefore, towards the light, without collapsing into themselves, like the pure water plants do when they are removed from their element.
53. Your supposition is of correctness because the lignin substance isn’t a skeletal material but rather a pure weight-bearing substance that supplies the actual plant skeleton with that power which strengthens the skeleton in such a way that it is able to bear weight, as it is also the case with humans and animals.
54. Depending on the type of plant, whether it be a water plant or an air plant, i.e. a pure Earth plant, it either develops this weight-bearing substance mentioned by you or else doesn’t develop this because it doesn’t need this.
55. No pure water plants are in need of the weight-bearing substance because they couldn’t raise themselves without this weight-bearing substance.
56. For this reason, all their programming is geared toward stretching towards the light, in order to develop the aforementioned weight-bearing substance – even in the so-called weightlessness.
57. I say “so-called" weightlessness here because this only apparently exists for the Earth human beings in their spacecrafts, for they still aren’t in a position to measure that these missiles also have a small attraction force, which can’t be measured yet, however, by the primitive instruments of the Earth human beings.
58. And even if only a very small attraction force exists, then plants dependent on the weight-bearing substance do, in fact, also develop the necessary weight-bearing substance, in which case, however, it can then happen that the weight-bearing substance decreases, but always only to the extent that is allowed by the attraction forces.
59. However, also of great importance is the light itself, which is authoritatively involved in the production activity of the weight-bearing substance.
60. Artificial light, for example, is able to disadvantage the development of the weight-bearing substance, through which this becomes less developed than in natural sunlight, which does, indeed, give special saturation substances to the plants, as well as with respect to the development of pigment in relation to the colors.
61. On the other hand, it is also to be taken into account that certain plants are so-called half bears of the weight-bearing substance, which adapt themselves very quickly to a new habitat, which means that certain plants cease or very strongly reduce their production of the weight-bearing substance within a few hours if they are brought into an environment, in which the plant no longer needs this substance.
62. That’s why the planned test can’t lead to a generalization with regard to all plants, for there are too many different species that are also diverse in their related production of weight-bearing substance.
63. The rule is, however, that non-water plants of the Earth also continue to hold to their production of the weight-bearing substance in great weightlessness, with which your question should actually be answered.
That’s enough for me as an explanation. Now here, I have something again, which concerns the large cloud that circles around the Earth and that comes from Io, whereas the scientists stubbornly continue to be of the opinion that it is of earthly volcanic origin.
64. That is nonsense; although, more than two dozen chemical plants have, in fact, been destroyed by explosions in the elapsed months around the world – even in Switzerland and in Germany, etc.
65. All of these, however, had never had the gigantic force to create this Earth-comprehensive cloud.
Read the article once, and then tell me what you think of it.
66. Thanks…
67. This is really all nonsense – even the weight measurement doesn’t correspond to the truth because the cloud has an overall weight of 1.37 million tons.
68. Moreover, it is to be noted that when analyzing the substance of the cloud, one is to pay attention to the fact that certain substances have already been separated out by space and by the various protective layers of the Earth, according to which some substances can no longer be found in it today.
69. On the other hand, the Earth scientists rightly suppose, according to this article, that there could be a danger for the Earth – in reference to the damage of vegetation and the waters, although also the human and animal life forms were forgotten – if the cloud substance would crystallize and rain to the Earth.
70. Nevertheless, this would have to be in a concentrated form and, moreover, without new changes of the cloud substance, which would automatically be subject to new changes, however, if it would fall down to the ground, after which the danger values would then be changed and reduced.
71. The rule with such phenomena, however, is that through the penetration of the Sun’s rays, such clouds become evaporated and removed upwards.
72. In addition, the idea that the sunlight becomes reflected back into space by the sulfuric acid crystals and that long-term climate changes could appear on the Earth, as it is claimed in this article, is sheer nonsense, because just the solar radiation itself is, as a rule, that which dissolves such cloud formations from above and absorbs them, by what means worlds are preserved from major damage if parts of these still fall down, whereby new chemical changes then take place in fractions of a second, through which, in turn, further greater dangers are avoided.
73. It is very unfortunate that the earthly scientists repeatedly make such mistakes and misinterpretations of things, which lead to such headlines in newspapers, which needlessly spread fear and terror.
74. But truthfully, an irresponsibility of the scientists must be spoken of here, who, on the one hand, needlessly cause fear and terror but, on the other hand, play down other very dangerous incidents and circumstances, such as presently in South Africa, where the plague has now also spread, resulting in a large number of victims.
Oh no, now also with these?
75. There are still some other countries that are irresponsibly silent about this, so there is the danger that the earthly World Health Organization won’t become aware of this and won’t be able to take the necessary measures to contain the dangerous disease, which can spread very quickly to an epidemic by only a little bit of carelessness.
76. Admittedly, this danger only exists on a small scale, but in any case, it is given.
Irresponsibility is found on this planet simply everywhere.
77. That is of correctness, but now, we will end our conversation because your appearance isn’t pleasant.
I know; I have a fever and still a few things in addition.
78. Lie down in bed, and I’ll go now.
79. Till we meet again.


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