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Contact Report 214第214次接觸報告

接觸時間:1987 年 2 月 3 日,星期二,14 時 39 分

接觸地點:SSSC 附近



  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。[中譯者註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
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資料來源:Future of Mankind

報告卷屬:Contact Reports volume: 5




英版譯者:v.1 Benjamin Stevens,
v.2 Dyson Devine, Vivienne Legg (gaiaguys)

英譯日期:v.1 2010年01月21日,
v.2 2005年12月



英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 214

中版譯者:Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第214次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)



Billy 50 歲生日這天,Billy 與 Quetzal 談論到眾多不同的話題,諸如:聖經歷史中「出埃及記」的狀況;有關 NGC 4636 星系(當時還未被人類發現);人體的疲勞是怎麼產生的;嬰兒猝死事件;關於娜芙蒂蒂(埃及豔后 Nofretete)的種種事實;有關鹽的形成與對人體的作用;太空望遠鏡的未來等等…。


Billy and Quetzal discuss the future of space telescopes, the continuing significant levels of unemployment and economic disintegration and the recovery of such in 2003 and 2006.

Billy 與 Quetzal 討論太空望遠鏡的未來,持續顯著的失業率和經濟崩潰以及 2003 年和 2006 年那樣的復甦。

This is the entire contact report.


Translation (v.1)/英譯(版本一)(英譯者:Benjamin Stevens)


Be also greeted, my friend. And be welcome. May I ask you, at the outset of our conversation, to answer some questions?



  1. Certainly.


  1. But later, I would like to discuss with you some concerns that are of a purely private nature.



Of course. Well then: since you concern yourself, among many other things, also with Biblical history, respectively Hebrew history, and since you call rather large areas of knowledge your own in this respect, you can surely tell me what’s up with the exodus from Egypt, in reference to the duration of the crossing of the desert. In the Bible, it is claimed that the great exodus wandering lasted for 40 years, until the entrance into the so-called “promised land” took place.

沒問題,那麼我的問題是:由於你在處裡許多其他事情之外,也關心過《聖經》的歷史,也就是希伯來人(Hebrew)的歷史,既然你認為你自己在這方面有相當多的認識,你肯定可以告訴我「出埃及記」(the exodus from Egypt)是什麼回事,關於穿越沙漠的持續時間。在《聖經》中,聲稱偉大的逃亡流浪歷時 40 年,直至進入所謂的「應許之地」(promised land)發生為止。

[中譯者註:「出埃及記」(The Exodus)是以色列人的創始神話。它講述了他們離開埃及,在聖經《西奈山》(Mount Sinai)中的啟示以及他們在曠野中直到迦南(Canaan)邊界的流浪。訊息指出,以色列人被他們的「上帝」耶和華(Jehovah;又稱 Yahweh)從奴隸中解救出來,因此按聖約屬於他。


  1. This assertion of the Bible does not correspond to the truth because the time of the entire exodus up to the invasion and occupation of the “promised land” only lasted for 40 weeks.

《聖經》的這個說法不符合事實,因為整個離開埃及直至入侵和佔領「應許之地」只持續了 40 個星期。


So 40 is true, but these weren’t years but rather only weeks. At the same time, when I consider the distance from Egypt to Palestine, then the reality hits even sooner, because where would the Hebrews have wandered around in the desert for 40 years and on what would they have lived and satisfied their thirst? Moreover, the Mediterranean Sea was always on the left side from Egypt to Palestine, by which the refugees could orient themselves and along which they also moved, alternating in the nearer distance and then again in the further distance. – Now, also regarding the death of Moses, statements are made that are not correct, as Semjase once explained to me. What is the truth concerning this?

所以 40 是真的,但不是年,而只是星期。同時,當我考慮到由埃及到巴勒斯坦(Palestine)的距離時,那麼現實問題很快就出來了,因為希伯來人在沙漠那裡徘徊了 40 年,那麼他們怎樣生存,如何解渴呢?此外,地中海一直在埃及到巴勒斯坦的左邊,因此,這些難民可以自行確定方向,時而靠近時而遠離,並沿著地中海移動。但同樣是關於摩西(Moses)之死,其中陳述是不正確的,正如 Semjase 曾向我解釋過。關於這方面,真相是怎樣的呢?


  1. Moses was murdered by Joshua and his accomplices.


  1. The reason for this was rather manifold.


  1. On the one hand, Joshua wanted to gain control over the Hebrews, which is why he later claimed that in this respect, Moses had determined this through God’s command, for it was even God’s will.


  1. And on the other hand, Moses became hated by many, as well as by the murderous accomplices, not in the least because of the fratricides of the unbelievers of God and of Moses, which were mercilessly committed against all those who were not of Moses’ view and who did not believe his words and who contributed to strife through this.



So that was it. Well then: on my great journey, it was shown to me by Ptaah, at a little more than 50 million light years away from the SOL system, a galaxy, in whose center an enormously gigantic explosion allowed everything to shake. I have told an engineer, Reiz, about this, but I no longer remember the name of the galaxy.

原來是這樣。那麼接著的問題是:在我的「偉大之旅」(great journey)中,Ptaah 向我展示了一個離太陽系略超過 5,000 萬光年之遠的星系,在這個星系的中心,有一場極其巨大的爆炸震撼了一切。後來我把這件事告訴了一位工程師 Reiz,但我已經不記得那星系的名字了。

[中譯者註:有關 Billy 的「偉大之旅」(great journey),指的是他在《 031 次接觸報告》中的那段經歷。]


  1. Semjase told me about that.

Semjase 告訴了我這件事。

  1. The name of the galaxy?


  1. We call it GLOBALUNG.


  1. Also on Earth, it will become well-known among the people, but only around the turn of the millennium; however, it will already be well-known to astronomers prior to this.


  1. Their designation for it will be NGC 4636.

他們會稱呼它為 NGC 4636


[中譯者註:NGC 4636 是位於室女座(Virgo)的橢圓星系(Elliptical galaxy)。它距離地球大約 5,500 萬光年,而 NGC 4636 的表面尺寸約為 10 萬 5,000 光年。它是由威廉.赫歇爾(William Herschel)在 1784 年 2 月 23 日發現的。NGC 4636 位於東次相(Delta Virginis)一個半度的西南側。(資料譯自維基百科英文版


Aha. – To view this galaxy was, for me, something especially remarkable. Yet since we’re already at it: if I remember correctly, Ptaah also explained to me that comet tails carry toxic substances with themselves, which are also essential ingredients for the formation of dwarf suns, from which larger stars can then develop.

啊哈 —— 觀察這個星系,對我來說是一件意義非凡的事情。然而,既然我們已經談到這方面,那麼:如果我沒記錯的話,Ptaah 還告訴過我,彗星尾巴自行攜帶的有毒物質,同樣也是形成紅矮星(dwarf suns)的基本成分,而那些紅矮星隨後會發展為更大的恆星。


  1. That is correct.


  1. The main toxic substance of this kind is hydrocyanic acid.

這種主要的毒性物質是氰化氫(hydrocyanic acid;又稱氫氰酸)。


Hydrocyanic acid… yes, I remember; Ptaah said hydrocyanic acid. This is, indeed, highly toxic to humans. Depending on the amount of hydrocyanic acid consumed, severe cramps, vomiting, shortness of breath, and then unconsciousness and death set in, namely as a result of respiratory paralysis. First aid can, in fact, only be rendered via fresh air resuscitation, and to be sure, only by a device, respectively by a suitable apparatus. Under no circumstances may mouth-to-mouth resuscitation be performed because through this, the helping person poisons himself through the rescue breathing and can even die, just because he, through the mouth-to-mouth breathing, inhales the poisonous breath of the poisoned person.

氰化氫… 是的,我記得;Ptaah 說過氰化氫。事實上,這對人類而言是劇毒。依據氰化氫的攝取量,嚴重的會導致痙攣、嘔吐、呼吸急促,然後昏迷,也就是由於呼吸麻痺所導致,並因而造成死亡。首要的急救方式,實際上只能透過輸送新鮮的空氣使其恢復知覺,並且要確保只能用設備,也就是用一個合適的儀器,在任何情況下都不要進行嘴對嘴人工呼吸,因為這種方式會使救助者透過人工呼吸毒害自己,甚至會導致其死亡,僅僅是因為他透過嘴對嘴呼吸,吸入了中毒者的有毒氣體。


  1. That is correct.


  1. A poisoning by hydrocyanic acid or its salts, particularly potassium cyanide, through the gastrointestinal tract, through the lungs or the skin, causes a blockage of the inner cell respiration.

由於氰化氫或其鹽類,特別是氰化鉀(potassium cyanide;俗稱山埃鉀)經過胃腸道、肺部或皮膚所引起的中毒,會導致細胞內部呼吸受阻。

  1. With the iron atom of the respiratory enzymes, an iron cyanide complex is formed, which impairs the oxygen combining capacity and the oxygen intake into the cells so severely that these functions fail and expire completely.

它與呼吸(enzymes)的鐵原子結合,會形成一種鐵-氰化物復合體(iron cyanide complex),這使細胞的氧結合能力和攝氧能力嚴重受損,以至於這些功能完全失效而消失。


You are, among other things, also a doctor and must know this exactly.



  1. That is correct.



I am still in outer space with my questions, and this time, with the asteroid Eros, which I was allowed to view on the Great Journey and which looks like a potato, littered with thousands of large boulders and covered in many places by blue dust or other blue material, whereby also many craters cover the surface of the space projectile. The largest crater, as Ptaah said, is about 7,500 meters wide, if I remember correctly. In addition, now the question that one asked me: over and over again, it is to be read that this asteroid could collide with the Earth one day, which would mean a global catastrophe and the end of all life on Earth, since Eros still has a size of about 35 kilometers. What should be thought of this, also with regard to other asteroids that also often come into the vicinity of the Earth? Is the anxiety justified concerning such a catastrophe?

我還有些問題與外太空有關,而這是關於小行星厄洛斯(Eros)方面的,在「偉大之旅」中讓我看到那顆小行星,而它看起來像一個馬鈴薯,滿布著成千上萬的大石頭並在許多地方被藍色的塵埃或其他藍色的物質所覆蓋,表面還分布有很多由太空天體撞擊而造成的隕石坑。其中最大的隕石坑,如果我沒有記錯,如 Ptaah 所說,約有 7,500 公尺寬。而現在有人一再問我的問題,那就是說:這顆小行星有一天可能會撞擊地球,而這將意味著一場全球性的大災難,也將造成地球上所有生命的終結,因為厄洛斯畢竟有約 35 公里的大小。對於這方面,還有包含其他經常進入地球附近的小行星應該怎麼看待呢?關於發生這樣大災難的焦慮是否合理呢?


  1. In relation to the asteroid Eros, not in any way, unless upheavals in the SOL System would occur, through which a change could be brought about, as this would also be possible through influences that are foreign to the SOL system, such as by large comets or wandering planets, like the Destroyer, by which the asteroid could be thrown from its orbit and be directed towards the Earth, but this is extremely unlikely.


  1. The possibility that Eros could fall to the Earth in the foreseeable future is less than three percent.


  1. But on the other hand, there is a continuously ongoing possibility that impacts can occur on the Earth by other asteroids, but these do not exhibit as enormous proportions as Eros, yet they could still cause enormous catastrophes.


  1. However, these asteroids are small in size, namely from a few meters to a few kilometers.


  1. During the period leading up to the turn of the millennium, a number of such objects will arrive in the near vicinity of Earth, but without endangering the Earth directly, even if, at the same time, the distance mark of such an asteroid falls below the 200,000-kilometer mark from the Earth, and thus, the object passes closer to the Earth than the Moon.

在直到世紀之交的這段期間,會有幾個這樣的天體到達地球的附近,但沒有直接危及地球,雖然這樣的小行星距地球的距離標註在 20 萬公里以下,也就是該天體經過時,會比月球更接近地球。

[中譯者註:地球到月球的距離(天文學稱「月球距離」),平均值是 38 萬 4,401 公里。(資料來自維基百科)]

  1. Also, at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second year of the new millennium, an asteroid the size of a few hundred meters, which will still be unknown to the earthly scientists until then, will cross Earth’s orbit at a distance of a little more than half a million kilometers away, as this will also be the case several times with a small number of other asteroids until then.


  1. With a few exceptions, all of these objects will be discovered by the terrestrial scientists and amateur astronomers, when the time comes closer to the Earth.


  1. This also applies in relation to comets, which are newly discovered and which sometimes exhibit orbital periods that are thousands of years long, for they travel far beyond the Oort cloud in their orbits.

對於新發現的彗星也是如此,這些彗星有時會有幾千年之久的軌道週期,因為它們的軌道遠遠超出奧爾特雲(Oort cloud;又譯為歐特雲)之外。


Well, then to purely earthly problems, if I may say so. Actually, it is a problem, that the earthly fortune tellers, astrologers, and clairvoyants, etc. drive the people into anxiety and terror with their allegedly precise predictions. One of you once said that a clearly and rationally thinking person – if he considers, analyzes and, therefore, evaluates all facts precisely – arrives at a prediction rate of about 14 percent reliability, respectively accuracy, while the percentages for the clairvoyants, fortune tellers, and astrologers and similar stored nonsense-bringers are only at an accuracy rate of a maximum of 3 to 4 percent.

很好,那麼對於一些純粹世俗的問題,如果我可以這麼說的話。其實,這是一個難題,那就是地球上的算命師、占星師和千里眼等,以他們所謂的精確預測使人們陷入焦慮和恐懼中。你們其中一人曾經說過,一個清晰和理性思考的人 —— 如果他細想、並分析,精確地評估所有事實 —— 預測率可達到約 14% 的可靠性,也就是準確度,而那些千里眼、算命師、占星師與滿口胡言之輩(stored nonsense-bringers)的正確率百分比僅有最多 3% 至 4%。


  1. That, too, is correct.


  1. People who use their normal and healthy intellect to make a prediction of the future – on the basis of existing situations and events, facts, etc. and, thus, on the basis of past and present situations of any kind – usually arrive at an average correctness value of about 14 percent.

使用他們正常和健康的智力作出未來預測的人 —— 基於現有情況和事件、事實等,因此,根據任何種類的過去和現狀 —— 通常達到平均約 14% 的正確值。

  1. This, in contrast to all the flimsy, misleading, fanciful, senseless, and unrealistic projections and statements of clairvoyants, astrologers, and fortune tellers, etc., whose success rates lie at a maximum of 3 to 4 percent.

這相對於所有站不住腳、誤導性、天馬行空、毫無意義和不切實際的千里眼、占星師和算命等的預測和陳述,他們的成功率最多位於 3% 至 4% 之間。


Then at least 3 to 4 percent accuracy.

那麼至少有 3% 到 4% 的準確度。


  1. Unfortunately no, for this isn’t something that is based on a recognition of the future but solely on a stroke of fate, which is erroneously called “chance” by the Earth people, although there is no such thing in that sense, because chance is only given when, for example, something falls to a person, such as portion of a profit or, otherwise, a share of something.

可惜沒有,因為這並非一些以未來的認識為基礎的東西,而是僅憑走運(stroke of fate),這被地球人誤稱為「機會」,雖然在這個意義上說沒有這回事,因為機會只有當,舉個例子,一些東西落在一個人身上,諸如部分好處或者,要不然,一分某些東西。

  1. Only in this way can the term “chance” have its correctness, but not with respect to when something unexpected arises, which one wasn’t counting on and, therefore, which arises from the joining together of the given and complementary and interlocking relationships, and thus becomes a stroke of fate.



You explained that well. In truth, things, situations, and events, as well as occurrences, etc., simply fit themselves together and join into one another in such a way that a particular effect emerges from this, freely according to the law of causality, that is, the law of cause and effect. This will result in certain effects that, in turn, arise from specific causes, as I just explained. So strokes of fate are nothing other than occurrences, events, incidents, and situations, etc. that result from a certain joining together, in order to act as specific causes. So for example, if it happens that two people meet unexpectedly somewhere in a foreign country, then it cannot and should not be designated as “chance” but rather solely as a stroke of fate, for the causes of this are given that both people traveled to the same country and are staying at the same place, where they will then meet. So the one joins itself to the other and the one to another, from which then emerges the result, respectively the effect, even the stroke of fate.



  1. Another time, I must say that this, too, is correct.



Nice. – Good then. Here, I have another question from an eleven-year-old boy, who occupies himself with ornithology and, thus, with the study of birds. He asked me about how the birds know what they can eat. With this, he means, what is edible for them and what is inedible, respectively toxic, for them or how the birds know, in particular, what berries to eat, whether the fruits would be ripe and good for them.

很好。 —— 那麼好吧。這裡,我有一個問題來自一個 11 歲的男孩,他埋首他的鳥類學,因此,關於鳥類的研究。他問我鳥類怎麼知道牠們有什麼是可以吃的。對此,他的意思是對牠們而言什麼是可食用的,還有對牠們而言什麼是不能食用的,也就是有毒的,或者鳥類是怎麼知道的,特別是,吃什麼漿果,果實是否成熟和對牠們是否有好處。


  1. That is no secret.


  1. Mature fruits and berries store and reflect solar radiation, and when these are ripe, they emit light in the ultraviolet range, even when the Sun isn’t shining.


  1. This shortwave light is perceived by the birds, as well as by certain animals and insects, and it is the signal that the fruits or berries are ripe for digestion.


  1. This equally applies to the edibility of fruits and berries, grasses and leaves, etc., which emit a certain radiation that is perceived by the organisms and that informs them that the food which is important for them is nontoxic.



Thank you for the explanation; the boy will be happy about it. – With Semjase, I once observed an optical phenomenon in the Arctic, namely three Suns, which came about by the fact that the real Sun was reflected twice in the atmosphere, once to the left and once to the right of its actual location. What I want to ask is this: does this phenomenon appear every year? 謝謝你的解釋;那個男孩會因此很

高興的。 —— 與 Semjase 一起,我曾經在北極觀察到一個光學現象,也就是三個太陽,由於真正的太陽在大氣層被反射兩次這個事實而發生,在它實際上的位置的左邊和右邊。我想問的是:這種現象每年都會出現嗎?


  1. That is correct, yes.



As a doctor and physician, etc., you can surely explain to me how fatigue arises, right?



  1. I can do that. –


  1. In the nerve cells, the resting substance, adenosine, is formed, through which listlessness and fatigue arise.



And – can this actually be counteracted with coffee and tea?

還有 —— 這實際上可以用咖啡和茶來抵消嗎?


  1. The waking amine, caffeine, of coffee and the theine of tea can actually counteract the adenosine.


  1. If substances such as caffeine or theine, etc. are fed to the body while it is lethargic, tired, and in need of recuperation, then these will produce a counter-effect with respect to the adenosine, namely by suppressing or neutralizing this, whereby the maximum effect of the caffeine and theine or other similar waking amines will be achieved, but only about 1 ½ hours after their consumption.


  1. But soon, the effect of the waking amines will diminish again, which means for the body in need of recuperation and for its nerve cells which produce the adenosine that now, the resting substance must be increasingly produced, by what means listlessness and fatigue become apparent in an intensified form.



Lately, the question arises again and again as to what circumstances cause the so-called “infant death,” whereby there are many speculations about this. Can you tell me a few things about this?



  1. Because there are several reasons for this, it wouldn’t make sense to mention them all.


  1. However, it should be said that there is an erroneous view of the so-called “infant death,” which is also known as “sudden infant death syndrome” among the Earth people.


  1. This erroneous view consists of the notion that small children, primarily infants, are supposed to be placed on their bellies in order to be put to sleep or after a meal.


  1. This crazy view is based on the wrong acceptance that there is a lower risk of choking if the child would suddenly vomit or simply cough up what has been eaten.


  1. But when infants are placed on their bellies, they are exposed to the risk that the heart and lungs, as well as the other vital organs, will become impaired in their functions as a result of the pressure on the belly, which can lead to sudden death and also to the fact that the exhaled carbon dioxide is inhaled again, due to the infant lying on the belly, which can lead to a quick and deadly result.


  1. Another important point to be mentioned in relation to sudden infant death syndrome is found with the parents or parental guardians.


  1. And, unfortunately, precisely this fact to be mentioned is unknown to the doctors and medical professionals and to the courts and supervisory bodies on Earth, which is extremely regrettable.


  1. The reason why there are so many sudden infant deaths to be mentioned in all countries of the world, although mainly in the so-called civilized countries or industrial nations, is because sudden infant death syndrome is induced consciously and also unconsciously by a parent, or even by both parents, but also by parental substitutes, namely when these lose nervous control over themselves and uncontrollably maltreat the infants, shaking and abusing them to such an extent that deadly injuries to the brain arise, by what means sudden death occurs within minutes, hours, or a few days.


  1. Unfortunately, this fact will run rampant more and more, for the people – mainly those of the industrialized countries – become increasingly indifferent, addicted to pleasure, unsteady, unkind, and disliking among themselves and toward each other.

不幸的是,這個事實將會越來越猖獗,因為那些人 —— 主要是那些工業化的國家 —— 變得越來越冷漠,沉迷於享樂、不穩定、不友善,相互之間以及彼此討厭。

  1. But at the same time, they also strain their nerves as a result of this, which lets them get out of control very quickly, in order to commit thoughtless and uncontrolled actions as a further consequence, accompanied by fierce anger that can have deadly results, just like when young children are abused in the aforementioned manner, whereby sudden infant death is then the result.


  1. But unfortunately, research in this direction has not yet been performed by the Earth person, which is why no relevant findings will be made for quite some time, so also not with regard to other forms of maltreatment of small children by adults, by whom sudden infant death syndrome is induced.



That is horrible. How long will it take, then, until it has come so far that this form of sudden infant death syndrome is recognized and the respective uncaring parents are called to account?



  1. Unfortunately, on Earth, respectively with the Earth people, true justice is still written in very small letters, for there is still too much negligence, and thus, serious and very severe crimes are punished more mildly and more gently than small offenses.


  1. It often seems that the courts would have great respect for serious and very severe crimes and, therefore, would pass more lenient sentences for these than what seems to be the case with smaller crimes, for which no respect is given and which, thus, are condemned harshly.


  1. But to answer your question, I must say that it will still take a long time before the aforementioned criminal form of sudden infant death syndrome is recognized and punished.


  1. Before the start of the third millennium, this won’t be the case.


  1. So, in any case, it must be accepted.



So nothing else remains but to wait.



  1. There is no other possibility.



So just stick to it. Then another question: did Luke ever make a portrait of Jmmanuel? To my knowledge, such is attributed to him.

因此,只要堅持下去。那麼另外一個問題:Luke 有製作過以馬內利(Jmmanuel;也就是被稱為「耶穌基督」的人)的肖像嗎?據我所知,這歸功於他。


  1. That does not correspond to the truth.


  1. Luke in no way mastered the art of drawing, so he was also in no position to produce a portrait of Jmmanuel.

Luke 絲毫沒有掌握繪畫的藝術,所以他也沒有能力製作以馬內利的肖像。

  1. Such a portrait of Jmmanuel, which is attributed to him, comes from an artist of Italian origin, who never saw Jmmanuel and who also had no description with respect to Jmmanuel’s appearance.

那歸因於他的以馬內利這樣的畫像,來自出身意大利的藝術家,他從來沒有見過 以馬內利,而他也沒有關於以馬內利外觀的描述。

  1. His name was Alphonso Stranieri.

他的名字是 Alphonso Stranieri。


Then I have a question in reference to Queen Nofretete, who was the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who was also known as Akhenaten and who, to my knowledge, reigned in the 14th Century B.C., from 1364 to 1347. Where was Nofretete actually buried? Her real name, so I think, was Nefertiti, right?

那麼我有一個問題是關於娜芙蒂蒂(Nofretete)皇后的,他是法老埃赫那吞四世(Amenhotep IV)的妻子,該法老也被稱為阿肯那頓(Akhenaten),據我所知,他在公元前 14 世紀執政,從 1364 年到 1347 年。娜芙蒂蒂實際上埋葬在哪裡?她真正的名字,所以我想,是 Nefertiti,對嗎?


  1. That is correct.


  1. Nevertheless, a tomb of Nefertiti does not exist but rather only one of her double, who was the concubine of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, but this was kept secret and, thus, also wasn’t handed down in any records.

儘管如此,但娜芙蒂蒂的陵墓不存在,而只是一個與她酷似的人而已,她是阿肯那頓(Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten)的妃子,但這點受到保密,因此,也沒有以任何記錄被流傳下來。

  1. The name of Nefertiti’s double was Chepris, which meant “the powerful one,” while Nefertiti’s name meant “the beautiful one has come.”

娜芙蒂蒂的相似者名字是 Chepris,這意味著「強大的人」,而娜芙蒂蒂的名字意思是「美麗的人已經到來」。

  1. Nefertiti and Chepris were neither twin sisters nor in any way connected to each other in kinship, yet they were hardly able to be distinguished by those who were initiated.

娜芙蒂蒂與 Chepris 既不是孿生姐妹,也不是以任何方式彼此相連的血緣關係,但他們幾乎不能被那些新人所分辨。

  1. Thus, both of them alternately appeared before the people, who remained unaware of the fact that these were two different women who, moreover, hated one another until death.


  1. In consequence of this, then, it came to the murder of Chepris, who was killed by Nefertiti with snake venom.

然後,結果,導致了 Chepris 的謀殺,她被娜芙蒂蒂以蛇毒殺害。

  1. Both were boundlessly jealous of each other, even though Amenhotep IV, respectively Akhenaten, treated both of them equally.


  1. After the murder, Nefertiti naturally feared the revenge and punishment of Akhenaten, so she disguised herself and fled from the palace undetected, in order to board a ship with accomplices, which should have taken them to foreign lands.


  1. After several hours on the Mediterranean Sea, however, they were surprised by a heavy storm, by which the small ship was shattered and sank, together with Nefertiti and the whole crew, into the wild waters.


  1. That was the actual end of Nefertiti.


  1. After the murder of Chepris, Akhenaten let her be secretly buried and took as his wife her twin sister, who resembled her to the hair, and this was the one who henceforth lived at the side of Amenhotep IV as Nefertiti and as an Egyptian queen and who entered into history.

在 Chepris 的謀殺後,阿肯那頓讓她被秘密地埋葬,並把她的孿生姐妹當作她的妻子,她們兩人有幾分相似,而這就是那個從今以後以娜芙蒂蒂和埃及王后的身份生活在埃赫那吞四世身邊的人,並被載入史冊。


And the model bust made of painted limestone, which was found in Amarna during excavations, now represents the real Nefertiti?



  1. In addition to the bust mentioned by you, several unfinished ones still exist.


  1. But all of them do not represent Nefertiti but represent Chepris’ identical twin sister, Nephthe, as her name was.

但是,它們全部都不是在表現娜芙蒂蒂,而是 Chepris 的同卵雙生姐妹 Nephthe,按照她的名字。


Pretty obscure, this history. But it fits well with that time period. And since we’re in Egypt: how is it that so many archaeologists and grave robbers met sudden deaths while excavating or robbing the ancient Pharaohs’ tombs or else died within hours, days, or a few weeks?



  1. There are several reasons for that, but the two most important ones are the following:


  1. To protect the tombs against grave robbery, one method was that spines, which were thinner than hair and which were of the fruit of the Indian cactus, were soaked with deadly poisons, were dried, and were then painted onto bandages, with which the dead were wrapped.


  1. The deadly poisons of the kind that was used are extremely stable and are still effective even after thousands of years.


  1. Now, if grave robbers and archaeologists, etc. touched the bandages of the mummified bodies, then the poisonous spines penetrated into their hands, without this being noticed, because the spines of the cactus figs are much thinner than human hair.


  1. In addition, the insidious poison was of a different kind, so it was also different in the temporal effect, which could occur in either hours or days or only after two or three weeks.


  1. Another very popular and lethal means was the use of fungal spores that were cultivated specifically for the purpose of the quick killing of the grave robbers, so the bandages of the deceased as well as the Sarcophagi and the tomb walls, etc. were infected with these.


  1. Now, when grave robbers – or later archaeologists – entered the tombs, as a result of their entering and also by the work taken up, they whirled up dust that was loaded with deadly fungal spores.

現在,當盜墓者 —— 或以後的考古學家 —— 進入墳墓,由於他們的進入以及由於他們開始從事的工作,他們捲起載有致命真菌孢子的灰塵。

  1. The extremely toxic dust was inhaled by the grave robbers and archaeologists, and this quickly led to death, which came about very quickly or over days or over several weeks.


  1. These are the two main ways, by which the tombs and the treasures of the Pharaohs were protected against grave robbers.



Interesting. – What do you think about meddling in other people’s cultures, respectively in their interests, etc.? By this, I mean not only interfering in foreign cultures of foreign planets and civilizations, but specifically what is common on Earth, especially in connection with the religions, and I think especially of Christianity, which has sent its henchmen, representatives, priests, and missionaries to foreign nations since ages ago, to natives and to other faiths, in order to convert these to the Christian faith and to the civilization of the white man, either peacefully or very often by forceful proselytizing, by what means there have always been many deaths over and over again, when the foreign nations, natives, and those of other faiths did not follow the sense of the missionaries, etc. Through the criminal activities and actions of these “men of God,” there were destroyed, and there are still destroyed, the old traditions and customs as well as the old beliefs of the natives by the missionaries, who harassed them and who took from them their very own freedom and way of life.

有趣。 —— 你怎麼想,對於干涉其他人的文化,也就是他們的興趣等?由此,我的意思是,不但干涉外星和文明的外地文化,而且特別地在地球上很常見,特別是宗教方面,而我覺得特別是基督宗教,自很久以前就已派出其心腹、代表、牧師/神父和傳教士到外國,對當地人和其他信仰,以轉換這些成為督教信仰以及白人的文明,無論是和平或很多時候透過強力的傳教,由此,總是有許多反反覆覆的死亡,當外國的當地人和其他那些信仰沒有遵循傳教士等的道理時。透這些「上帝的子民」罪惡的活動和行動,古老的傳統和風俗以及當地人的信仰被傳教士破壞,仍然繼續在破壞,他們騷擾他們,剝奪他們擁有的自由和生活方式。


  1. Those are not only senseless machinations but even criminal and felonious ones that should never appear.


  1. With us, such interventions and interferences are strictly illegal in every form and, thus, are prohibited by appropriate directives.


  1. This equally applies to interventions and interferences in the private matters of each person, so also with respect to all matters of families, friends, acquaintances, and communities, etc.



I find that to be good and humane, but unfortunately, one cannot say this in reference to the actions of the religions and their missionaries. Criminal and felonious are actually the right labels for their irresponsible actions. But now, tell me what social status Simon Peter had – I mean the disciple of Jmmanuel?

我覺得這很好而且人道,但不幸的是,人們在關於宗教及其傳教士的行動上不可以說這個。對於他們不負責任的行動,罪惡和極惡實際上都是正確的標籤。但是現在,告訴我,西門彼得(Simon Peter)有著什麼社會地位 —— 我的意思是以馬內利的門徒?


  1. He was of the “status of the haves" and, thus, was very rich.


  1. It was he who constantly donated from his own wealth, for the implementation of the mission and for the spreading of Jmmanuel’s teaching.


  1. If this wouldn’t have been so, then everyone would have had to live a more frugal life than what was, in fact, the case.


  1. While there were other wealthy ones among the disciples, who also contributed their part to everything, it was Simon Peter, however, who was the main donor.



And Matthew, the tax collector?



  1. He was also quite wealthy.



Then another area: it is well-known to me that salt is very important for humans, as it also naturally is for animals and plants. But now, what interests me is when, in fact, the first large salt deposits formed on the Earth and, furthermore, how the balance of salt affects the person. You should, at least, be able to answer the last question, as a physician.



  1. That is correct.


  1. And since I also deal with geology, I can also answer the first question for you.


  1. The first large salt deposits on Earth formed around 340 million years ago, but the main ones first formed 240 to 270 million years ago.

地球上第一個大型鹽礦床形成大約在 3.4 億年前,但是最主要的那個在 2.4 至 2.7 億年前首次形成。

  1. In relation to life forms, salt is very important.


  1. But if I should speak of humans alone, then the following is to be explained:


  1. Salt is an extremely important component of the blood.


  1. Normally, between 45 and 50 grams of sodium chloride flow through the veins of the person in a solution as sodium and chlorine ions.

通常,45 和 50 克之間的氯化鈉以鈉和氯離子溶液在人的靜脈流動。

  1. This concentration of salt must remain constant.


  1. If there is too little of it in the blood, then there arises an excess pressure in the red blood cells, making them burst.


  1. But this, then, has the consequence that no more stimuli can be transmitted to the heart muscle; consequently, the heart ceases to function and, thus, stops beating, respectively stops pumping blood through the veins.


  1. However, salt not only flows through the veins but through the whole body.


  1. Without salt, the human body would be immobilized because no cell could function.


  1. Every single somatic cell is surrounded by salt water and swims about freely therein.


  1. If the salt of this liquid dwindles, then the pressure ratio alters itself in the cell so dramatically that the cell membrane disappears and the cell receives no more nutrients.


  1. Only when the salinity, respectively the concentration of salt, remains constant in the body can the heart, muscles, and nervous system of the person function smoothly.


  1. Each day, the human body loses salt, through the urine, through tears and sweat, which is why it is vital to supply the body with salt again, along with the necessary amount of liquid, but this differs depending on the person and his physical constitution, so no uniform or general measure can be mentioned.


  1. Thus, one person needs several liters of fluid per day, while another, during the same period, gets by with very little, perhaps only one, two, or three deciliters.


  1. In addition to the properties of the body and all its organs and to the loss of fluid, climate conditions and physical strain and motion naturally also play an important role, as well as the drinking discipline and the mental and volitional attitude of the person.


  1. Excessive drinking is unhealthy because too much salt is removed, so new salt must be supplied to the body, which means that more liquid, respectively water, collects in the body than what is necessary healthwise, which can cause damages through overhydration.



For my part, I drink very little, sometimes no more than two deciliters per day.



  1. That is known to me.


  1. However, you won’t suffer any harm from that because you’re one of those people who only need very little liquid.


  1. When it becomes necessary, you automatically drink some more because you then perceive a thirst feeling.


  1. This also applies to certain substances that your body needs, like even salt, sugar, vinegar, lemon juice, or orange juice, etc.



Yes, that is actually so. As a rule, I eat what I feel an urge to eat.



  1. So I said.


  1. And you do well with that, since you simply don’t let yourself be tempted by uncontrollable cravings.



You’re right, I don’t. But now, a question that refers to Izmit, respectively Izmir, and to Mustafa Kemal Tascha, who later received the name Atatürk,…

你說得對,我不知道。但現在,一條關於伊茲密特(Izmit)的問題,也就是 Izmir,以及穆斯塔法.凱末爾.阿塔圖爾克(Mustafa Kemal Tascha),他後來接受了這個名字 Atatürk,……


  1. Yes, in 1964, you shot a revolver bullet between the eyes of his portrait when, after your serious accident at the customs station of Reyhanle and in your delirium, you demolished the main office of the police and customs station.

是的,在 1964 年,你在他的肖像的兩眼之間射了一發左輪手槍子彈,在你在雷伊漢勒(Reyhanle)的海關站的嚴重意外和你的精神錯亂之後,你拆毀了警察和海關站的主要辦公室。


I first found that out and realized that two months later, when I returned from Kuwait and investigated all that I had done during the 29 days of my delirium. Fortunately, the customs officials had already known me very well for several years and had also read in the newspaper about my serious accident in Iskenderun; otherwise, they certainly would have shot me – at least, that’s what they said when I asked them about it – as I raged around and fired away with my revolver. Solely because they knew me well and saw that I wasn’t in my right mind, they kept their distance, left me alone, and didn’t shoot me down.

兩個月後,我才第一次發現並意識到,當我從科威特回來,並調查在我精神錯亂的 29 天所做過的。幸運的是,海關人員已經認識我好幾年了,也讀過關於我在伊斯肯德倫(Iskenderun)嚴重意外的報紙;否則,他們肯定會開槍打我 —— 至少,這就是當我問他們此事時他們所說的 —— 因為我四處肆虐,並用我的左輪手槍射擊。僅僅是因為他們很清楚我,而且看到我不正常,他們保持了他們的距離,讓我獨自一人,沒有把我射倒。


  1. I know the story very well.



Good, then to the question: in the twenties of this century, the city of Izmir burned down completely, and the cause of the fire was never clarified up to this day. Do you know anything about this? The Greek population of the city then fled and was taken up in the ship’s harbor by the garrisons of the allied crews and was brought to Greece. The city burned for three days. It was the year 1920, 1921, or 1922.

好,那麼回到問題:在本世紀二十年代,伊茲密特市完全燒毀了,而起火原因至今從未澄清。你知道這事嗎?該城市的希臘民眾隨後逃離,並被盟軍人員的駐軍安置在一個船舶的港口,並被帶到希臘。城市燒了三天。那是 1920年、1921 年或 1922 年。


  1. That is also known to me.


  1. The purpose of the fire, which was secretly arranged by the Turkish military leaders, served to drive out the Greeks, against whom Mustafa Kemal had fought with his army and was victorious over them.


  1. Thus, the fire of Izmir served as an ethnic cleansing during the Greek-Turkish War.



And who was the evil one, or who were the evil ones? I mean, who had ordered the fire?



  1. It was a joint decision of the executives around Mustafa Kemal Tascha.


  1. He himself had nothing to do with it.



Then now, I turn to something else, namely to elephants, since I know that you are well-versed in zoology and, thus, also in the area of wildlife. In reference to elephants, I would just like to know if I still remember Sfath’s instruction correctly, for I was just asked about this. Sfath explained to me that elephants have an extraordinarily advanced instinct-consciousness, as well as a highly advanced instinct-psyche, and as a result of this, an instinct-relationship also exists among their equals and, to a lesser extent, also with other life forms, including humans, if they can directly deal with elephants in a loving way. The communication of the elephants among themselves takes place in a similar way as with dolphins and whales, etc., whereby at least these two life forms are also predisposed in a very similar way, with respect to instinct-consciousness, instinct-relationship, and instinct-psyche. The elephants communicate among themselves using these forms mentioned, but also through touch, gestures, scents, and sniffing, as well as through audible sounds and infrasound. Is my memory right in this regard?

那麼現在,我轉向別的東西,也就是大象,因為我知道,你是精通動物學的,因此,同時在野生動物領域。對於大象,我只是想知道,如果我還正確地記得 Sfath 的指導的話,對於我剛才所問的這點。Sfath 向我解釋,大象有一個非常先進的直覺意識,以及非常先進的直覺心理,因此,一種直覺關係也存在於牠們的平等當中,在較小程度上,對其他生命形式也一樣,包括人類,如果他們能夠以一種充滿愛的方式直接地對待牠們的話。大象牠們自己之間的溝通以一種類似海豚和鯨魚等的方式發生,由此至少這兩種生命形式也傾向於以一種非常類似的方式,關於直覺意識、直覺關係和直覺心理。大象使用這些提到的形式在牠之間溝通,而且還透過觸摸、動作、氣味和嗅探以及透過可聽見的聲音和聲波。我在這方面的記憶對嗎?


  1. It’s all remarkably accurate.



We’ve talked about asteroids and comets, and you said that several of these will appear in the coming years or up to the beginning of the third millennium and that many new ones would be discovered. Can you tell me what will probably be the most spectacular in this connection?



  1. It won’t just be several asteroids that will be discovered up to the beginning of the third millennium but rather dozens each year.


  1. But an object that will really be something special for the Earth people, a comet, will be discovered in the month of July of the year 1995 by two American amateur astronomers named Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp, which is why the comet will then also be called the “Hale-Bopp Comet.”

但有一個物體,對地球人真的會是很特別的東西,一顆彗星,將會在 1995 年 7 月 l 日由兩個名為艾倫.海爾(Alan Hale)和湯瑪斯.博普(Thomas Bopp)的美國業餘天文愛好者發現,這就是為什麼那顆彗星隨後會被稱為「海爾博普彗星」(Hale-Bopp Comet)。


And why will this comet be something special? What form will it have, then, and how large and how broad, I mean how long and how wide, will it be, and how close will it come to the Earth and to the Sun?

那麼為什麼這顆彗星是特別的東西呢?那麼,有什麼會從它而來,還有它有多大和多闊,我的意思是多長和多寬, 以及它會多接近地球和太陽?


  1. The length of the comet is 38,432 meters and its width is 36,781 meters, which already explains that the object is oval-shaped.

彗星的長度是 3 萬 8,432 公尺,而它的寬度是 3 萬 6,781 公尺,這已經解釋了那物體是橢圓形的。

  1. The closest point to the Earth that the comet will reach will be a distance of approximately 197 million kilometers away, and the closest point to the Sun will be approximately 136 million kilometers away.

彗星離地球的最近點將會達到約 1.97 億公里的距離,而離太陽的最近點大約會是 1.36 億公里遠。

  1. This comet will exhibit a double tail and will pull a reddish-yellow and approximately 152 million-kilometer-long cloud of particles behind itself.

這顆彗星將展示出雙重的尾巴並會拖著一條紅黃色且約 1.52 億公里長的顆粒雲在其身後。

  1. About two years after its discovery, on April 1st in the year 1997, it will reach its closest distance to the Sun, under whose influence it will expel large amounts of water vapor, along with large amounts of toxic hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide.

大約在其發現的兩年後,在 1997 年 4 月 1 日,它會抵達離太陽最近的距離,在其影響下,它會排出大量的水蒸氣,伴隨著大量的有毒氰化氫和一氧化碳。

  1. The actual plasma tail will exhibit a bluish, gleaming form and will be 98 million kilometers long.

實際的等離子體尾巴將會呈現出藍色、閃閃發光的形態,並有 9,800 萬公里長。

  1. The age of the comet amounts to 5.24 million years.

彗星的年齡達 5 億 2,400 萬歲。

  1. It will be discovered as a result of its great brightness, which it will already exhibit at a distance of about one billion kilometers away from the Sun.



Fantastic. And when will this comet come so close again that it can be seen again from the Earth?



  1. That will take a long time, namely around 2,400 years.

需要很長的時間,即大約 2,400 年。


And, will this comet also be able to be seen from the Earth with the naked eye, like with Halley’s Comet?

還有,這顆彗星也可以在地球上用肉眼看見嗎,就像哈雷彗星(Halley’s Comet)?


  1. Yes, that will be possible.



And in sectarian circles, this will probably again be an occasion to make a doomsday scenario, as this will certainly also be the case with the solar eclipse appearing in Europe on the 11th of August, 1999, about which even Nostradamus has written, but which is misunderstood, unfortunately.

至於在教派圈子中,這大概會再次有機會變成末日的場景,肯定就像 1999 年 8 月日蝕出現在歐洲的情況一樣,關於此事,甚至諾斯特拉達姆士(Nostradamus;著名預言家)也有寫下來,但這是誤會,很不幸。


  1. Unfortunately, your words will prove to be true in a sad manner because our predictions for these two events – along with others – unfortunately testify of great disaster, which will evoke delusional believers and religiose sectarians.

不幸的是,你的話將會以一個悲哀的方式被證明是真的,因為我們對這兩件事的預測 —— 連同其他的一起 —— 遺憾地證明了巨大的災難,會激發妄想的信徒和狂信的宗派主義者。

  1. So unfortunately, in certain sectarian communities, it will come to mass murders and mass suicides, namely in Switzerland, in France and Canada, as well as in America and in other countries.


  1. Numerous individual suicides will also have to be lamented, and indeed, especially through the fault of the so-called psychics, fortune tellers, star-interpreters and, thus, astrologers, who make absurd prognoses and who generate just as great anxiety in their believers and in the pseudoscientific dreamers of an esoteric, UFO-logical, and para-scientific character, and so on.


  1. These culpable ones will also be the ones who will coin the term “Black Sun” for the solar eclipse.

這些有罪的人也會成為那些為日蝕杜撰出新術語「黑太陽」(Black Sun)的人。


I already imagined something like that, but the people still aren’t more clever and aren’t willing to acknowledge the facts of the effective truth and to think rationally when they are told the truth. They continue to walk along in their crazy beliefs, confusing themselves more and more, just through the influence of the sectarians, star-interpreters, and fortune tellers, as well as through the esoteric and pseudo/para-scientists, etc. But may I ask what you meant recently when you said that in 1999, one of my friends will finish his way?

我已經想像到類似的東西了,但人們還是不夠聰明和願意去承認實際真相的事實,以及在他們被告知真相時去理性地思考。他們繼續與自己的瘋狂信仰同行,日益迷惑自己,僅由於宗派主義者、星際傳譯者和算命者以及秘傳和偽/準科學等的影響。但是我想問你最近所說的是什麼意思,在 1999 年,我的其中一個朋友會走完他的路?


  1. It surprised me that you haven’t already asked about it, since otherwise, you aren’t reserved with your questions.



It was simply because I wanted to find out for myself as to what you could have meant with your words. Nevertheless, a result remained refused to me.



  1. Then I want to give you the necessary answer:


  1. In Jordan, you gained a friend, who was also your patron.


  1. It…



That was King Husain II.

那是國王 Husain II。


  1. That is correct.


  1. My insinuation referred to him.


  1. Thus, I want to clarify and tell you that his years are numbered, for on the 7th of February, 1999, he will finish his life.

因此,我想澄清,並告訴你,他的年齡有限,因為在 1999 年 2 月 7 日,他將完成他的一生。


He is not only a good friend of mine, but he is also a remarkable and very good man who, like me, has already survived many assassination attempts on his life. But even he will have no choice but to go his way and will have to finish this, as you said.



  1. That will be so.



Then to something else. You once told me that the religious sectarians will increasingly take on more blatant forms and will claim many human lives, for in the name of God or Allah, etc. many murders should be committed and many wars should be conducted. That this will come more and more is clear to me because everything in the world, indeed, also points to this. But now, will everything actually be laid out in such a way for sectarianism to flare up again?



  1. Unfortunately, that will actually be the case, by what means in the future, many wars, murder and mayhem, as well as suicides, mass suicides, and mass murders will belong to the general and global affairs of the day.


  1. Also, sectarianism will try to fight against homosexuality, in spite of all industrial and national efforts to make this acceptable in the form that homosexual and lesbian couples can form allied partnerships with each other.


  1. On the one hand, great efforts will be made in the future to recognize homosexuality as a natural form and to decriminalize this form which is still often criminalized until now, but at the same time, everything will be ruined again by excessive sectarianism.


  1. This, especially through the religious, fundamentalist, Islamic, and Christian sectarian fanatics, who will even demand the death penalty for homosexuality and lesbianism and who will also enforce the death penalty by themselves in various ways.


  1. And all this in the name of God, Allah, Jesus Christ, and love and justice.


  1. Concerning this, a particular Christian sect will spread itself worldwide, which has existed since 1955, tracing back to the insurance broker Arthur DeMoss, who demanded that after his death, his big dollar fortune should be used for sectarian, respectively divine, purposes.

關於這一點,一個特定的基督教教派將會自行蔓延全球,其自 1955 年以來一直存在,追溯至保險經紀 Arthur DeMoss,他要求在他死後,他的大額財富應該被用於教派,也就是神聖的目的。

  1. Arthur DeMoss was an American – how could it be otherwise – and the DeMoss Foundation traces back to him, and around the turn of the millennium, this will be responsible for the fact that prominent people, such as politicians, sports heroes, and actors, etc. will make use of sectarian propaganda in public media, like in television and so on, in order to find new believers for sectarianism and the Christian religion.

Arthur DeMoss 是一個美國人 —— 不然還能是什麼 —— 而 DeMoss 基金會追溯至他,而且大約在世紀之交,這將會是這個事實的原由,也就是突出的人如政治家、體育英雄和演員等將會用作教派在公共媒體的宣傳,像在電視等,為了為宗派主義和基督信仰找到新的信徒。


You’ve actually told me things of the future again, and this already for quite some time, even though you actually didn’t want to talk about it any more.



  1. The reason for this, I already explained to you some time ago.


  1. Moreover, I confine myself mainly to things and events that will first appear at or after the turn of the millennium.


  1. But this falls outside of what we had planned.



So this means that your prophecies, which you no longer wanted to explain, only shouldn’t be given any more for the remainder of this century?



  1. That is correct, but this doesn’t concern all things but only those things, for which there would actually be an opportunity for the Earth people to change them, namely through better and rational actions, such that as a result, negatives could be prevented.



So prophecies, respectively things that must be regarded as such.



  1. That, too, is correct.


  1. We hold ourselves back from these, namely for the reason that until now, we’ve had the experience that all the prophecies, which were expertly made, bore no fruit and, thus, brought no change for the better.


  1. This is the reason why we release no more information in this regard but only limit ourselves to predictions that, as you know, will arrive in any case, for they are unchangeable since they are based on a previewing.



I see. But you could have told me that already at the beginning, when you decided to give me information in this way – in agreement with Ptaah, if I remember correctly. Well… so in the future, I may surely ask you for predictions that are based on a preview and that are unalterable, if I correctly interpret your words in this form?

我明白。但你在開始的時候已經可以告訴我,當你們決定以這種方式給我信息的時候 —— 與 Ptaah 達成共識,如果我沒記錯。很好… 所以在未來,我可能會問你基於預視的預測,而那是不可改變的,如果我以這個形式正確地解讀你的話?


  1. That also lies in the meaning of my words.


  1. You judge my explanation correctly.



And how does it stand with things of the past?



  1. Nothing stands in the way of a response to these, when you have appropriate questions, always provided that I possess the necessary knowledge for a pertinent answer.



Then I would like to ask you this: last year, namely on the 21st of August, 1986, over 1,700 people died – in addition to a lot of beasts, wild animals, and birds – when in the Central African Cameroon, a poisonous gas cloud spread itself out. Unfortunately, the media gave no further information about this, which is why one stumbles around in the dark in relation to this. Do you know something more about this?

那麼我想問你此事:去年,也就是 1986 年 8 月 21 日,超過 1,700 人死亡 —— 除了大量的野獸、野生動物和鳥類之外 —— 當時在中非喀麥隆(Cameroon),一種有毒的氣體自行傳播出去。很不幸,對此媒體沒有給予進一步的信息,這就是為什麼人們對此事要在黑暗中跌跌撞撞的原因。關於此事你知道更多嗎?


  1. Yes. –


  1. The poisonous gas cloud escaped out of a volcanic crater lake, which is approximately 2 square kilometers in size and over 200 meters deep, and beneath this, deep inside the Earth, there are still immense magma chambers of the not-yet-extinct volcano, but the volcano does not make a superficial appearance.

有毒氣體雲從一個火山口湖中釋出,該湖大約有 2 平方公里大小並超過 200 公尺深,在此之下,深入地球內部,還未滅絕的火山的巨大岩漿房,但是該火山並沒有表面的外觀。

  1. On the date mentioned by you, a poisonous gas cloud explosively escaped out of the volcanic crater lake, which is named Lake Nyos.

關於所提到的日期,一種有毒的氣體雲從火山口湖中爆發性地釋出,那個湖被稱為尼奧斯湖(Lake Nyos)。

  1. The village lying next to the lake is named Buabua, and in this, practically all life was extinguished by the poisonous gas.

那個位於該湖旁邊的村莊名為 Buabua,而在裡面,幾乎所有的生命都被有毒氣體滅絕。

  1. But that wasn’t all, because within a radius of 25 kilometers, virtually the same thing happened, for all humans, birds, and animals were killed.

但是,這還不是全部,因為 25 公里半徑範圍內,幾乎同樣的事情發生了,所有的人類、鳥類和動物死亡。

  1. Around 20,000 people – including many children – were seriously injured and were taken to hospitals. –

約 2 萬人 —— 其中包括許多兒童  —— 嚴重受傷並被送往醫院。

  1. Lake Nyos is situated in the middle of a volcanic chain of northern Cameroon.


  1. And as explained, the volcano under the lake isn’t quite extinct yet, and the bubbling liquid magma is constantly releasing carbon dioxide, but this toxic gas doesn’t escape into the atmosphere; rather, through the high pressure of the masses of water at 200-meter depths, it combines with the waters, from which carbonic acid develops.

而且如所解釋的,湖下的火山尚未完全消失,冒泡的液態岩漿不斷釋放二氧化碳,但是這種有毒的氣體不會洩漏到大氣中;反而由於在 200 公尺深處的水的高壓,它與水結合,從而發展為碳酸。

  1. Thus, a gigantic deposit of carbonic acid grew on the bottom of the lake for years.


  1. Then, when this had reached the critical mass, respectively size, there was a chain reaction, whereby the deposit, during an explosion, shot through the water of the lake as a huge bubble of carbon dioxide and shot high into the atmosphere.


  1. In the fateful night of the 21st of August, 1986, approximately 1.7 million cubic meters of poisonous carbon dioxide gas escaped from the subsoil of Lake Nyos, and as a deadly cloud, it set itself like a carpet above the Earth, within a radius of about 25 kilometers, and all life suffocated.

在 1986 年 8 月 21 日災難性的夜晚,大約 170 萬立方公尺有毒二氧化碳氣體從尼奧斯湖的底土釋出,並成為一團致命的雲,它自行變成一張覆蓋地球的毯,半徑約 25 公里內,所有的生命窒息而死。

  1. But with this, the danger for the future wasn’t banished because by the turn of the millennium, an enormous deposit of carbon dioxide will once again accumulate under the lake, which will then be twice as large as the one in the explosion within the last year.


  1. If it comes to a new outbreak of poisonous gas in the new millennium, then the consequences will be even more devastating than they were a little more than half a year ago.


  1. From our side, however, we will send some more impulses in order to influence the earthly scientists to find possible means and ways, on a technical basis, to diffuse the poisonous waters at the bottom of Lake Nyos, namely in the form that these poisonous waters are transported above the surface of the lake in a controlled and harmless manner and are made safe.



And how does this agree with your directive, which says that you may in no way interfere in the affairs of other peoples and civilizations?



  1. This can be reconciled because we interfere in no affairs at all; rather, we only send out impulses to certain scientists, who can encounter solutions with these and work on them, without them even having the slightest notion of the fact that they have received impulses from us.


  1. So they will be of the opinion that the impulses come from themselves, and they will ascribe all insights and successes to themselves.


  1. It must be said in this connection that we offer no solutions through these impulses; rather, we only transmit impulses, through which suggestions for ideas result in certain directions and so on.



You promote my understanding. But since we’re already talking about volcanism: How is it, actually, in Italy with Mount Vesuvius? To my knowledge, this is still active, and if it comes to an eruption, it will presumably come to a worse disaster than what was the case on the 24th of August, A.D. 79, when Pompeii was completely destroyed by the enormous eruption of Vesuvius and was buried. The hot, liquid magma under the soil of Vesuvius is hundreds of square kilometers in size and even extends beneath the city of Rome, as I know from you.

你增進了我的理解。但既然我們已經談論火山:實際上,意大利的維蘇威火山(Mount Vesuvius)是什麼回事?據我所知,這座火山仍然是活躍的,如果它爆發的話,大概會有一場比公元 79 年 8 月 24 日龐貝(Pompeii)被維蘇威火山的巨大爆發毀滅和焚燒的情況更加糟糕的災難。維蘇威火山的泥土下炙熱、液態的岩漿有數百平方公里的大小,甚至延伸至羅馬城下,按照我從你們那所得知的。


  1. That is correct.


  1. Under the volcano, at a depth of approximately eight kilometers, there is a huge lake of magma, which has a total area of 523 square kilometers, and from this, several vents flow out of the flanks and out of the crater of the mountain, and occasional masses of magma rise just beneath the crater’s surface.

火山之下,在大約 8 公里深處,有一個巨型的岩漿湖,其具有 523 平方公里的總面積,由此,幾個噴口從側面流出,以及從火山口出來,偶爾大量的岩漿上漲至僅在火山口的表面之下。

  1. And if it comes to an eruption of Vesuvius, and I mean a really tremendous eruption, there will be a catastrophe of enormous proportions.



Then a question: through the fault of the person, the Aral Sea is drying up, as well as the Dead Sea. Will this actually continue in such a way, and will one have to expect that the irrationality of the person will actually lead to the disappearance of these two bodies of water on the map?

那麼有一個問題:透過人為的過錯,鹹海(Aral Sea)正在乾涸,以及死海(Dead Sea)。其實會否以這樣的方式繼續下去,還有人們是否可以預測到由於人的非理性實際上會導致這兩個水域在地國上的消失呢?


  1. Unfortunately, this must be expected.


  1. If everything continues in such a way with the abuse of the water, like through the emptying of it and through the inhibition of new inflows, then probably in no more than 100 years, neither the Aral Sea nor the Dead Sea will exist.

如果一切都繼續以這樣的方式濫用水,像是透過它的排空和透過對新水流的抑制,那麼可能在不超過 100 年內,無論是鹹海抑或死海都不復存在。


Recently, I was asked for the reason why the so-called Franklin Expedition had failed and why all the participants had died? It was a pole expedition.

最近,有人問我為什麼所謂的富蘭克林遠征隊(Franklin Expedition)失敗了,還有為什麼所有參與者都死亡?這是一支北極探險隊。


  1. That is well-known to me.


  1. Without exception, the participants of the expedition died as a result of lead poisoning, which was brought about by canned food, for the cans contained high concentrations of lead that poisoned the contents, which were then eaten by the people, by what means they fatally poisoned themselves.


  1. And those, who did not die directly from lead poisoning, miserably perished by freezing to death.



Aha, then to another matter: the alleged Moon-landing of the Americans – why the alleged Moon-landing participants maintain, in spite of the solid evidence to the contrary, that they had actually been on the Moon? One could make these ones talk by truth serums, nevertheless, and could uncover the Moon-landing lie that fools the world.

啊哈,那麼另一件事:美國人聲稱的登月 —— 為什麼儘管證據確鑿,據稱的登月參與者還堅持他們實際上曾到過月球?不過,人們可以用吐真劑令這些人說話,並可以揭開愚弄世界的登月謊言。


  1. That would hardly be possible because all the alleged participants were placed under heavy drugs and hypnosis without their knowledge, after which they were then subjected to a post-hypnotic brainwashing, and in consequence of this, all artificial memories of non-realized experiences and adventures – and, thus, of the faked Moon-landing – were dictated to them, which they then adopted into their waking consciousness, whereby they became of the belief of their alleged experiences and adventures.

這幾乎不可能,因為所有涉嫌的參與者都在不知情的情況下被下了重藥和催眠,之後,他們遭受催眠後的洗腦,由此,所有人工的非實現經驗和冒險的記憶 —— 以及,因此,偽造的登月 —— 對他們有決定性的影響,他們隨後吸收進他們清醒的意識中,因此,他們變得相信他們所謂的經驗和冒險。

  1. The drug-induced and hypnotic blockade, through which nothing should be betrayed, is so strong that it can be penetrated by no means, and such attempts could sooner have a deadly consequence than that the truth could be squeezed out.



Oh, so I see. – You once said that the Incas sacrificed children, in order to appease the cult-gods. Where, then, were these children sacrificed?

噢,我懂了。 —— 你曾說過印加人(Incas)以孩子為祭,為了安撫邪教神。那麼,那些孩子在哪裡被獻祭呢?


  1. At various places, but often on a high mountain – Intihuatana.

在不同的地方,但經常在一座高山上 —— Intihuatana

[中譯者註:Intihuatana 是南美的一種儀式用石,與印加人的天文鐘或日曆有關。它的名字來源於當地的克丘亞語(Quechua language)。最值得注意的是 Intihuatana 位於秘魯聖谷的考古遺址馬丘比丘(Machu Picchu)附近。(資料譯自維基百科英文版)]


In Egypt, falcons were regarded as sacred birds and were also given as mummifications to the deceased, as additions to the graves. Where did the Egyptians get so many falcons? Did they breed or import these specifically for this purpose?



  1. Neither, for actually, falcons were only rarely killed, mummified, and given to the deceased as additions to the graves.


  1. In truth, there prevailed in ancient Egypt an active falcon-mummifying swindle, which rested on the fact that mummified forms of falcons were produced in great quantities, but these contained no falcon bones but rather animal bones, such as cow bones, etc.


  1. Many thousands of such false mummifications of falcons were produced, which were then sold at prices that were high at the time.


  1. Often involved in this commercial swindle and commercial fraud were the priests, who obtained great wealth through this.



Then a question in reference to mercury. Here, it is used in ointment medicine. What other purpose does it have?



  1. Mercury is highly antibacterial.



Then I would like to know what will be developed by the terrestrial astronomers and scientists, etc. as a further consequence of the Hubble telescope, this in reference to further surpassing this coming telescope, which should be positioned in Earth’s orbit, namely around the year 1990, as you once said?

那麼我想知道有什麼會由地球的天文學家和科學家等發展出來,成為哈勃望遠鏡的進一步結果,這個未來的望遠鏡關乎於進一步的超越,它應該被放置在地球的軌道上,也就是大約 1990 年,按照你曾說過的?


  1. First, a similar but better telescope will be built, which will be stationed on the Earth.


  1. In the new millennium, however, plans and developments will continue on, and then, the so-called interferometer will be developed.



What must one understand by that?



  1. It will be a telescope that will consist of a whole series of other telescopes that are grouped together, which will reveal undreamed-of and unexpected new impressions and insights about the universe to astronomical science.



I can’t imagine that, when I think of how narrow-minded these scientists are in part.



  1. With that, you are right, unfortunately.



Semjase once talked about Earth’s oil reserves, just about those which were known at that time and which should last from then until another 25 years or so. But in the meantime, several other stocks of oil have been found, and this still continues to occur. How will this look, however, in the new millennium? Semjase

曾經談到地球的石油儲量,就是關於那些當時已知道,以及應該從那時起持續多額外的 25 年左右。但在此期間,其他幾個石油庫存已被發現,而且這仍在繼續發生。然而,在新的世紀這將會如何?


  1. The terrestrial oil reserves, which will become known by the turn of the millennium, should be sufficient in relation to the increasing world population and its consumption of Earth’s oil, from the time mentioned until about another 70 years.

地球的石油儲量,在千年之交會變得眾所周知,相對於不斷增加的世界人口和地球石油的消耗,應該足夠由所提到的時間直至額外約 70 年。

  1. But at the same time, it should be noted that this will concern only the quantities of Earth’s oil reserves that are known up to then.


  1. Actually, a portion of the petroleum extracted from the Earth is constantly renewed by natural, internal processes of the Earth, as well as by natural plant deposits, animal deposits, and human deposits, due to the processes of decay and transformation, with their death and decay.



That is to be well understood. But how will the further situation of the world develop, with regard to the economy and unemployment? You previously talked about unemployment and the economic collapse, which will be carried well into the third millennium, whereby only after the years 2003, 2006, and in some cases even later, will improvements and, thus, positive changes occur. Does this negative prognosis still remain valid?

這是眾所周知的。但現在進一步的世界局勢會怎樣發展,就經濟和失業而言?你之前說過有關失業和經濟崩潰,將會被帶進新的世紀中,由此僅在 2003 年、2006 年後以及甚至稍後的一些情況,改善和正面的改變才會發生。這負面的預報仍然有效嗎?


  1. Unfortunately yes, because through mismanagement in all economic sectors and industries, as well as in the governments and in all their administrations, unemployment, as new previews have proven, will be carried far into the new millennium by incompetent managers.


  1. This also applies to the indebtedness of the States, firms, and corporations, by what means many of these will change their entire structure through mergers and detrimental sales, and many will fall into bankruptcy and be dissolved.


  1. More and more, incapable, inexperienced, irresponsible, reckless, and wanton elements, which are out for their own profit, will, unfortunately, seize power in the firms, corporations, and governments, and these elements will be too young, too naive, and absolutely unfit to be able to fill in their positions responsibly.


  1. More and more, too young and simple-minded people will be launched into high and responsible positions, to which they cannot do justice, however.


  1. Thus, positions of power will be occupied by those who do not know how to handle them responsibly, and they will abuse these positions just for their own advantage and according to their confused thoughts and ideas, namely up to treason, and they will drive everything into ruin through this.


  1. And this will be valid for the governments, as well as for the firms of the economy and for the small and large corporations.


  1. In addition, this will likewise be valid for the health care system, particularly for the hospitals and their doctors, as well as for the free doctors of a medical and dental form, who, more and more, will conduct themselves entirely for profit and will pursue mismanagement, by what means premiums for health insurance will necessarily increase to a great extent.



So you also know a lot about our health insurance system.



  1. Of course – that is correct, for we deal with all aspects of Earth humanity.

當然 —— 正確,因為我們處理地球人類的各個方面。


Of course, because you must be oriented over everything. But now, I have a question regarding the entity, or the giant star, as one always wants to say, which is called Betelgeuse. If I remember correctly, Ptaah told me, when he showed me the entity on my great journey in 1975, that this is about 620 times the diameter of our sun. In addition, Alnitak, also such an entity or star, should have a luminosity that is 19,000 times that of our sun. Is this right, for I explained this to someone who asked me about it? If my information that I provided is wrong, then I would have to apologize to the man for it and rectify it.

當然,因為你們必須面向一切。但現在,我有一個關於某個實體(entity)或巨星(giant star)的問題,一般稱之為參宿四(Betelgeuse)。如果我沒有記錯,Ptaah 告訴我,當他在 1975 年偉大之旅中向我展示該實體時,那是我們太陽直徑的大約 620 倍。此外,參宿一(Alnitak),同樣的這樣一顆實體或恆星,應該有我們太陽的 1 萬 9,000 倍亮度。對於我對某人問我關於此事的解釋,正確嗎?如果我提供的資料錯誤,那麼我就必須向那名男士道歉,並糾正它。


  1. You can rest assured because your remarks were correct in the form mentioned by you.



Then a question about the coming world events. Is there something special to say there?



  1. Old and new rulers, as well as dangerous terrorists and entire countries, will shape the future in such a way that it will, unfortunately, be very negative and be marked by suffering, pain, death, and destruction.


  1. Many deadly elements, such as crazy rulers and terrorists, will be able to live freely in their madness and insanity and be able to cause tremendous harm throughout the whole world.


  1. Among these, there will be many, whose names will enter into the history of mankind, such as the coming President Bushes in America, Milošević in Yugoslavia, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Ceaucescu, Osama bin Laden, Karadžić, and many others who will criminally appear in the next 15 years, but soon others will follow, who will in no way be better.

當中,會有很多,他們的名字將會進入人類的歷史,例如在美國的未來總統Bushes(兩位布希,也就是老布希與小布希)、在伊拉克的薩達姆(Saddam Hussein)、Ceaucescu、賓拉登(Osama bin Laden)、Karadžić 和許多其他將會在未來 15 年罪惡地出現的人,但很快其他人將會跟隨,他們無論如何也不會變得較好。

  1. Thus, many malicious, degenerated people will become a talking point worldwide and will bring untold suffering throughout the world, even under the guise of peace, freedom, and the fight against terrorism and against evil in general, as this will especially be the case with the American President Bushes, when father and son seize power at different times.


  1. All of these rulers, dictators, and terrorists won’t be normal, reasonable, and responsible thinking, feeling, and acting as truly powerful people; rather, they will be caught in their hatred as well as in their vindictiveness and lust for power; consequently, they will only indulge in evil, destruction, and annihilation and, thus, in terror and murder to a great extent.


  1. In their thoughts and in their feelings, they will be cold and merciless; in their lust for power, they will commit crazy and inhumane and, thus, degrading acts and will evoke power-hungry and retaliatory wars, and unfortunately, they will still be praised for this by their idiotic followers, who will be found in many governments of many countries as well as in whole populations; consequently, they will be able to carry on their inhumane and outrageous activities against humans under their protection and applause.

在他們的想法和他們的情感中,他們會是冰冷和無情的;在他們的權力欲中,他們會犯下瘋狂、不人道、可恥的行為,並會喚起渴望權力和報復性的戰爭,而且很不幸,他們仍然會被他們白痴的追隨者因此而稱讚,這些人會在許多國家的許多政府以及在整個人口中被找到;因而,他們將能夠在他們的保護和掌聲下繼續他們對抗人類的不人道和無恥的活動 。

  1. Especially through U.S. foreign policy, terror and war will increasingly occur to such an extent that in unreasonableness and in pathological craving for power and world domination, an American-styled, dangerous, and deadly game with fire will be operated worldwide, by what means, especially in the Islamic countries and elsewhere around the world, an enormous hatred against America will flare up more and more, which will be unspeakably rife with much suffering, pain, death, and destruction.


  1. Through the guilt and actions of the Americans, not only will entire countries be destroyed, in terms of their facilities and buildings, but also their economies, wholly apart from the countless dead ones, who will call for the U.S. military machinations and terror machinations.


  1. And just the destruction caused by explosions, bombs, and missiles, etc. will be such that countless billions of sums of money will be required and necessary for the reconstruction, in order to repair what was destroyed or to rebuild it.


  1. An unparalleled insanity, when one considers that billions of sums will be spent to destroy and annihilate everything, in order to rebuild everything destroyed and annihilated by additional countless billions of sums.


  1. In fact, this corresponds to a crazy way of thinking, which only those who are crazy are capable of.


  1. Like already for a long time, and also in the future, the Americans constantly make wrong connections with powerful figures, terrorists, countries, and organizations, in order to train these as war specialists and terror specialists, and also as Secret Service agents and spies, etc., without noticing in their megalomania that all these forces, again and again, place themselves against freedom and humanity and, in the end, also against their trainers and against the Americans as a whole.


  1. In its self-glory, the USA isn’t capable of grasping the damage it inflicts as a whole – not in the least to itself – and that it acts completely illogically and immoderately.

在其自負中,美國無法掌握其造成的整體破壞 —— 對其自身而言絲毫也沒有 —— 其行動完全不合邏輯而且無節制地。

  1. Their megalomania and their selfishness, as well as their self-glory, will be more and more a farce in the coming time, namely for the whole world, which will prove itself in the coming time all over the world.


  1. What is explained, however, only represents a few facts that will influence and shape the future.


  1. And also in the new millennium, the USA won’t act differently than before and, thus, will cause much disaster around the world, by what means thousands of people will die, and tremendous destruction, much suffering and pain, and great distress will come upon the world.

而且在新千禧年 ,美國並不會不同於以前地行動,因此,會在世界各地造成太多的災難,由此,成千上萬的人會死亡,還有巨大的破壞、更多的苦難和痛苦,而巨大的危難將會來到世界上。

  1. Yet even in America itself, a tremendous amount of suffering and hardship will likewise appear, whereby also very many people will die as a result of the wrong American foreign policy.


  1. But the American domestic policy will also cause much harm, distress, and suffering, to which the criminal and inhumane death penalty will also contribute.



Terror attacks, regarding lines 216. to 233. showing excellent correlation since 1987, when this conversation between BEAM and Quetzal occured. Notice Poland and Romania, which have thoroughly different policy arrangements and note the religiosity of the various cluster’s locations. The clusters however west of Great Britain and Russia, i.e. Ireland and Eastern Ukraine are apparently caught up in other unrelated matters too. This can all be boiled down to the doings, actions and goings on of religion and politics, it’s more like evidence actually.

恐怖襲擊,關於 216 至 233 行,顯示自 1987 年 BEAM 和 Quetzal 之間的這段對話發生以來的極好相關性。注意波蘭和羅馬尼亞,這兩個國家的政策安排完全不同,並注意到各個集群所在地的宗教信仰。然而英國和俄羅斯以西的集群,即愛爾蘭和烏克蘭東部顯然也被其他不相關的事情所困擾。這都可以歸結為宗教和政治的做派、行動和去向,其實更像是證據。


Then there aren’t exactly nice prospects to be expected for the future.



  1. Unfortunately no.


  1. But now, that should be enough questions for today.


  1. Farewell and until we meet again.



Bye, my friend. Bye.


Translation (v.2)/英譯(版本二)

Alternative translation of Contact Report 214 by gaiaguys (partial)

由 gaiaguys 翻譯的不同版本(部分內容)


Then I want to know, what would be developed by the Terrestrial astronomers and scientists as a further consequence of the Hubble telescope, in regard to further surpassing the coming … and as you said once, and about 1990 …. telescope positioned in Earth orbit?

那麼我想知道,有什麼會由地球的天文學家和科學家開發,作為哈勃望遠鏡的進一步結果,關於未來的進一步超越… 正如你曾說過,大約 1990 年… 望遠鏡定位於地球軌道上?


  1. Yet first a similar, even better telescope would be built that would be stationed on the Earth.


  1. However, in the new millennium the plans and developments will go further, whereby then the so-called interferometer* will be developed.



But how will the further situation develop in the world regarding industry and unemployment. You have earlier spoken about unemployment and industrial disintegration which should draw far into the third millennium, whereby improvement and therefore positive change will first come about after the years 2003 respectively 2006 and partly even later. Do these negative forecasts apply further?

但是,在產業和失業方面世界上的進一步局勢會如何發展。你早前說過關於失業和產業的瓦解,這應會拖進去第三個世紀,由此,改善和正面的改變將會分別在 2003 年和 2006 年後首次到來,而部分甚至更晚。這些負面的展望進一步適用?


  1. Unfortunately yes, because through maladministration in all areas and branches of industry as well as in the governments and all their administration, unfit responsible ones carry unemployment far into the new millennium, as new looks into the future have established.


Benjamin Stevens Notes

Benjamin Stevens 的註解

Translator’s Note: The following article was taken from: http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2001/0144/


NGC 4636

 (Referring to lines 7 to 13 of contact report)

(參照接觸報告的第 7 至 13 句)

Hot Galactic Arms Point To Vicious Cycle



Credit: NASA/SAO/CXC/C.Jones et al.

資料來源:NASA/SAO/CXC/C.Jones 等

Chandra’s image of the elliptical NGC 4636 shows spectacular symmetric arms, or arcs, of hot gas extending 25,000 light years into a huge cloud of multimillion-degree-Celsius gas that envelopes the galaxy. At a temperature of 10 million degrees, the arms are 30 percent hotter than the surrounding gas cloud.

Chandra的橢圓 NGC 4636 圖像顯示,延伸 2 萬 5,000 光年,形成一個籠罩星系、巨大、數百萬度攝氏的炙熱氣體壯觀的對稱旋臂,或弧形。達 1000 萬度高溫,其旋臂比起周圍的氣體雲再熱上 30%。

The temperature jump, together with the symmetry and scale of the arms indicate that the arms are the leading edge of a galaxy-sized shock wave that is racing outward from the center of the galaxy at 700 kilometers per second. An explosion with an energy equivalent to several hundred thousand supernovas would be required to produce this effect.

其溫度跳躍,與旋臂的對稱和規模一起表明,旋臂是一個星系大小的衝擊波的前沿,由星系中心以每秒 700 公里向外疾行。一場有著相當於幾十萬顆超新星大爆炸的能量才能產生這個效果。

This eruption could be the latest episode in a feedback cycle of violence that keeps the galaxy in a state of turmoil. The cycle starts when a hot gas cloud that envelops the stars in the galaxy cools and falls inward toward a central, massive black hole. The feeding of the black hole by the infalling gas leads to an explosion that heats the hot gaseous envelope, which then cools over a period of several million years to begin the cycle anew.


Fast Facts for NGC 4636:

NGC 4636 的信息速查:

Credit                            NASA/SAO/CXC/C.Jones et al.

Scale                            Image is 5 x 4 arcmin across.

Category                      Normal Galaxies & Starburst Galaxies

Coordinates (J2000)    Dec +02° 41′ 17″

Constellation                Virgo

Observation Dates       January 26-27, 2000

Observation Time         15 hours

Obs. IDs                        323

Color Code                   Intensity

Instrument                    ACIS

Distance Estimate        50 million light years

Release Date               December 19, 2001

資料來源                       NASA/SAO/CXC/C.Jones 等

規模                               影像是 5×4 弧分交叉

類別                               正常星系與星爆星系

坐標(J2000)             赤緯 +02° 41′ 17″

星座                               處女座

觀察日期                       2000 年 1 月 26-27 日

觀測時間                       15 小時

觀測識別碼                   323

色碼                               強度

儀器                               ACIS(Advanced CCD imaging spectrometer)

距離估計                       5,000 萬光年

發布日期                       2001 年 12 月 19 日


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