Contact Report 227

Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Saturday, March 11, 1989, 06:48 AM


It’s nice to see you again so unexpectedly, my friend. As always, be sincerely welcomed.


1. Be greeted.

2. Very especially, I am also to give you greetings from Semjase, Asket, and Nera.

3. For my part, I was with them for a visit.

4. All three were very happy when I told them about you.


Thanks. Hopefully, you also paid my greetings!


5. I have very well done that.

6. But with what do you occupy yourself here?


This is an inquiry that I have to answer. I have just made another note for this and am now finished. Sorry.


7. There is no reason for that because as I see, I have disturbed you in this work.

8. Thus, I have to apologize for my unexpected appearance.


There is also no reason for that because it is really a very great joy for me to see you.


9. My coming also has a certain importance because I have to report the following to you:

10. Your ongoing, unofficial contacts with Ptaah – so it was decided – will again be in such a way, starting from the coming month of November, that you can mention them openly again to the group members and to the public.

11. Also, you will write down the contact conversations with him again and will be allowed to make them publicly accessible.

12. From then on, Ptaah will be your main, official contact person, but also several others will appear, who will then maintain the contacts on behalf of Ptaah.


But the further contacts should still be continued again by Asket.


13. That is correct.

14. The whole thing was made impossible, however, through your health collapse, and especially for the reason that your telepathic abilities took damage through your very serious health and even life-threatening collapse on the 4th of November, 1982, in the way that you are now severely impaired in these abilities.


But I’m still always trying to bring everything back in order; consequently, everything also goes again quite orderly.


15. As usual, you understate, because what you have accomplished in terms of restoring your health and your telepathic ability as well as ability to work was not just an effort but an inhuman exertion and achievement, as I would like to say.

16. Only very, very few of the group members, namely only Eva, Bernadette, and Engelbert, have truly perceived, appreciated, and recognized, in fundamental and affecting astuteness, that you have accomplished an inhuman achievement.

17. And that this was and is so, represents an undeniable fact because for many years, you have actually been closer to death than to life, and still, you’ve accomplished an immeasurably valuable achievement.


You make me embarrassed, my friend, because I have only behaved and acted in such a way as any sensible person would do, who clings to life and who still also has to fulfill a task.


18. You know that this doesn’t correspond to the truth, what you say.

19. In fact, there are only few people who are both capable of such exertions and achievements and who are also able to raise such a tremendous willpower and energy, not only because of their will to live but also because of their sense of duty in terms of their task fulfillment.



20. It is good that you are silent and do not contradict me.

21. My words actually correspond to the truth.


Nevertheless, let’s leave this, Quetzal, and talk about something else. Tell me: if I remember correctly, you told me some time ago that there are different so-called black holes, and these would vary from small to enormous. I talked with a visitor about the black hole of our galaxy and was then asked how big the actual core of the black hole of our galaxy, i.e. our Milky Way, is. This one specifically asked about the actual core and not about the total extent or total size. So I gave the answer, which I had recalled in accordance with your explanation, that the diameter amounts to 17 light hours. One told me that this probably had to be a mistake because black holes, if these should actually exist, would have to be much bigger and would comprise light years. But the black hole of our galaxy, as you said, comprises only 17 light hours in the core, while only the outer and radiating area is to be measured in light years.


22. Your answer was correct.


I’m glad about that. A wrong answer would have probably led to the fact that one would have accused me that I had made up something.


23. Now, my friend, I have to discuss things with you, which are intended for you alone, if you have no more questions?


I still have some questions, but these are of a purely private nature. But I can still ask these once we have discussed what your concern is.


24. It will, however, take up a lot of time.

25. Moreover, it is necessary that we go into my aircraft and leave the Earth for several hours.


It will be a pleasure. Then fire away at once – or do we have to leave immediately?


26. Yes, we will immediately go into my aircraft.


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