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  • Monday, July 31, 1989, 7:16 AM


Thus, we have also discussed that. Then I can now ask my questions, right?


1. Certainly.


Once again, it concerns the “scrape pictures" [geoglyphs] of Nazca in Peru. You explained – it was the 6th of March, 1987, during the 216th Contact – that it concerned an enormous religious and astronomical calendar and garden. I explained this to someone, from which, of course, new questions arose, whose answers also interest me. Can you tell me more about the scrape pictures, their purpose and construction, as well as about the Nazca gods and the Nazca people?

*Translator’s Note: The following portion was translated by Christian Frehner.


2. I’d like to explain a few things:

3. Each one of the scrape pictures was portrayed by a non-interrupted, continuing line.

4. For their construction drawing patterns were used which were transferred and enlarged onto the ground, until the desired size was reached.

5. The Nazcans were perfectly mastering the necessary mathematical calculating.

6. With ropes that were attached to standing poles – that were held by people – with revolving straps, an improvised circle was built which served to scrape the spots, that had already been marked, with tools.

7. The light sediment layer under the desert’s surface was uncovered, and in this way the figures and lines were created.

8. The gigantic scrape figures – desert ground that was scraped away – were symbolizing gods that were revered by the Nazcans in those times.

9. At the same time, the scrape pictures were also an astronomical calendar and a huge astronomical garden, because the figures represented portrayals of the gods who, according to the Nazca people’s belief, were seen in the star pictures.

10. For the interpretations of the Nazca star pictures, animals and birds known to the people, and also geometric figures were used which were believed to be seen in the star constellations.

11. On the holy god day that was set at that day when day and night were of equal length, the entire people were walking in long marches over the scrape pictures and honouring the gods, and they performed rituals and ceremonies to the honour of their great and powerful gods.

12. In order to make their gods peaceful, “lower” human beings, like slaves, enemies and “unwanted people” etc. were sacrificed and killed in such a way that they were bound onto special altars, and a heavy wooden thorn or stone thorn was driven into the forehead and the skull, and a cactus thorn was driven through the lips, to shut up their mouth for all times and to silence them.

13. Those ceremonies were executed by the priests, who were “holy” men and who led a prosperous life.

14. The priests were also responsible for the performance of the “holy” rituals and ceremonies on the scrape pictures, that were permitted to walk on not only on the holy god day, but at any other time and (was permitted. to be used for private cultic actions.

15. As a rule, the Nazcans were people with high skulls, which means that their skulls showed an exceptional long skull form, which was not of original origin.

16. This skull form was artificially produced; as long as the skull was still formable, it was restricted and bound with grinded metallic, stony and wooden plates, forcibly leading to a skull of long form and resulting in an oblong deformation.

17. This procedure was even started with newborns when they were one week old.

18. Everything was not an ideal of beauty, but a tribute to the gods, to give them obsequious reverence.

19. Only those Nazcans were permitted to have and wear the oblong-skull-form who were of higher class, i.e. about 85 percent of the population.

20. The remaining 15 percent were “lower people” who had to perform slave duty and similar tasks, and who were looked upon as social misfits etc., and whose well-being or non-well-being and, therefore, their life was laying in the hands and will of the “higher ones” and especially of the priests.


This explanation should be enough. Thank you. Then here’s another question regarding the advanced culture of the Mayans and their extinction or downfall, respectively. Can you report about this? I suppose that you have knowledge about the history of the Mayans, don’t you agree?


21. I have, in fact, occupied myself with it and know some things about these concerns, at least the things that are known to us in general.

22. The Mayas are Indian people and language families in southern Mesoamerica.

23. I have provided you with information about it before, but obviously you want to know more about it.

24. Here it goes:

25. Maya as a language exists in Southern and North-east Mexico, in Guatemala, Honduras and Belize with more than 2 million people who are speaking that language.

26. If spatial-cultural criteria are taken into account, there must be differentiated between those people who live in scattered settlings in the woodland of the tropical lowland, and those people in the colonial-Spanish oriented village communities of the cool-temperate highlands.

27. The Yucatec belong to the first category and are living in the Mexican states Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Campeche as well as Lakandons and Chorti, etc.

28. Cackquels, Quiché and Tzutuhils are belonging to the second category.

29. Regarding the hierarchy of political offices it can be said that in the high regions there is a cult-brotherhood, while in the lowlands the organizational form is that of groups of relatives.

30. The (first. ones are pursuing a very intensive clearing through fire, whereby beans, pumpkins and maize are the principal crops that are cultivated.

31. Those who are living in the forests are oriented towards extensive agriculture.

32. The significant advanced culture of the Mayas developed since the year 2321 before Jmmanuel’s birth, and it formed the actual traditional Maya religion into the state religion.

33. Today’s Maya-Indian Catholicism is riddled with elements of their old-customary, traditional religion.

34. The Mayas’ descendants of today are still venerating the old gods of their ancient religion, which they elevate into a position of Christian saints.

35. Nevertheless, the doings of the distant descendents are still determined by “ghost powers”.

36. Shamanistic rituals regarding the healing of the sick, the sowing and oracle calendars still belong into the given order.

37. But if we view the time before Columbus, the following can be said:

38. In those times the Maya were the holders of very highly advanced culture whose heyday began about 300 years after Jmmanuel’s birth and was lasting for about 460 years, before they – because of climatic changes – were befallen by draught catastrophes that wreaked havoc over the land and claimed 14,392,108 lives in only as much as 150 years.

39. 1550 years after Jmmanuel’s birth, the Maya culture found its total end through the Spanish conquests, whereby the conquerors committed terrible inhumaneness, murder, crimes of all kinds and cruelties without an end.

40. And all of this was done in the name of the Spanish royal house as well as in the name of God and, therefore, in the name of the Christian religion.

41. Well, at that time there happened a spatial relocation of the cultural heyday from the South to the North, what lead to the last end of the classical Maya culture.

42. That actual relocation and the actual reason for the downfall of the Maya culture can be traced back to earlier causes that were not within the power of the Spaniards.

43. Actually, forces of nature were responsible for the final fall, i.e. gigantic natural catastrophes through droughts, but also through epidemics, famine and wars.

44. The most powerful causes were three drought periods; back in the year 754 after Jmmanuel’s birth the first one began, slowly developed and later – after about 50 years – became the first drought catastrophe that lasted about 10 years.

45. Because of the severity of that drought, famines spread over wide areas, which claimed many deaths.

46. No longer in control because of hunger, children and old people were killed to serve as food, as had also been the case in the land of Egypt, when droughts and famines ruled.

47. There were only about 40 years after the great drought, when the land and the people could recover somewhat, until another heavy drought covered the land and when the same evil became the order of the day again, as had been the case during the first drought.

48. This period of drought did not last as long as the first one, because after a little bit more than four years it ended.

49. But also during this drought many human beings died, and again human beings were killed and eaten, mainly children and old persons, as had been the case during the first drought.

50. As the land was recovering very slowly after the first drought and did not become fully usable for the cultivation of food, everything became even worse after the second drought.

51. That part of the soil that was still usable brought forth even less food, and so the people were living in want and had to live frugally during the following years and decades, until a third drought period broke over the land that lasted for another nearly seven years.

52. And once again, as a last solution for the hungry people, they killed and ate their children and old people.

53. Finally this last great catastrophe led to the break-down of the advanced Maya culture and brought its final ruin.

*Translator’s Note: This concludes Christian Frehner’s translated portion. The following portion was translated by Benjamin Stevens.


Thanks, your explanation says more than I expected. Then I still have another question regarding CFCs. Concerning this, you once told me that certain gases, which are stored under the bottom of the sea and which rise up, cause even greater damage to the ozone layer than CFCs. Now, I no longer know what gas this was and out of what it arises.


54. It concerns methane gas, which is stored as methane hydrate under the sea.


At that time, you said that often enormous clouds of gas bubbles of this methane gas detach from the seabed, like, for example, in large masses in the Bermuda Triangle. These gas bubbles then rise to the sea’s surface, where they form huge whirlpools, through which ships sink into the sea when they run into them, as the ships, due to the numerous gas bubbles in the water, are no longer carried by the water. If the gas clouds then ascend over the sea and fly into airplanes, then the methane gas becomes ignited by the engines or nozzles, whereby tremendous explosions arise and tear the airplanes into the smallest pieces. Is this right as such?


55. That is correct.


I might have to ask about it again later, because since my breakdown, I forget some things again and again. But now, another question that also has reference to a natural phenomenon, namely to lightning. Although most flashes of lightning shoot out into the outer layers of the atmosphere and partly even into the outermost layers and beyond that – as I saw several times, when you took me far beyond the earthly atmospheric layers – about 5 percent or so still shoot down to the ground and cause all sorts of disaster. And since there are more and more people as a result of overpopulation, more and more people are also hit by lightning, which usually has deadly consequences, with few exceptions. Now, it is always said that lightning would hit the highest structures in each case because these would attract the lightning, so even trees, mountains, and buildings, etc. Also, it is said that a person in the open can protect himself against lightning by lying down on the ground or by putting himself into a squatting position in such a way that he pulls his knees up to his chest. Thus, a person should offer the smallest attack area to the lightning. Does this correspond to the facts, or is this an inane story, and are there actually different types of lightning, and how do these arise?


56. It is not correct, in terms of the fact that only high objects are hit by lightning, as it also isn’t correct that a person cannot be struck by lightning if he is lying on the ground or is in a squatting position.

57. It is true, however, that there are different types of lightning.

58. Thus, the following is to be explained:

59. When thunderstorms emerge, these take place in so-called thunderstorm cells, in which differently sized densities of space charge arise.

60. Once this concentration of space charge reaches a field strength that exhibits values of several hundred kV/m, which you can write as follows, as I have noted it to you here – 100 kV/m – on the basis of ice particles or water droplets, then leading discharges or conducting discharges form the leading flashes of lightning, thereby causing a reaction that triggers a discharge of lightning sparks.

61. If the flashes of lightning go from cloud to cloud, then this is called cloud-to-cloud lightning.

62. This creates a balance between positively and negatively charged cloud centers or thunderstorm cells.

63. Then there is the cloud-to-space lightning, which shoots out, under certain circumstances, into space and discharges there.

64. Then, the two types of cloud-to-ground lightning and ground-to-cloud lightning are still to be mentioned.

65. Ground-to-cloud lightning is easily recognizable because it descends from the clouds to the ground, and to be sure, with easily recognizable leading flashes of lightning which have many branches.

66. Leading lightning contains a so-called charge-tube, which descends to the ground and is filled with a negative charge of a cloud of the thunderstorm cell.

67. The negative cloud-to-ground lightning is the most frequently occurring lightning, apart from the cloud-to-cloud lightning and cloud-to-space lightning.

68. The positive cloud-to-ground lightning originates from the lower, positively charged area of the flash.

69. Positive cloud-to-ground lightning flashes, which originate from the upper, positively charged center, are relatively rare.

70. Such flashes of lightning occur almost exclusively at the end of a respective active phase of a thunderstorm cell.

71. The positively charged center only builds up when the negatively charged center is nullified.

72. Such a positive discharge results, then, through a single and very powerful lightning flash, which descends to the ground.

73. It is also to be noted that ground-to-cloud lightning flashes with branches shoot up into the clouds, whereby leading flashes of lighting shoot up from the Earth – from mountain tops, towers, and other tall buildings, etc. – into the clouds.

74. With cloud-to-ground lightning, a cylindrical tube shoots down to the ground from the negatively charged center of the thundercloud, which is filled with the cloud’s charge.

75. In addition, the tube varies in its diameter and can exhibit several tens of meters.

76. Moreover, connected to it is a very thin and approximately one-centimeter thick, highly ionized plasma core.

77. This leading flash of lightning shoots down to the ground in a jerky and zigzagging manner, and indeed, at a speed of about 300 kilometers per second.

78. The jerky pre-shootings of the leading flashes of lightning occur in steps of several 20-meters, whereby the interim times of a step move to others within the range of a microsecond.

79. Once the tip, the head of the leading flash of lightning, has reached a distance of between ten and several hundred meters, the electric field strength of the objects that are stationary on the ground – such as buildings, towers, and trees, as well as mountain tops – increases in such a way that the electrical stability of the air is exceeded, and then, so-called “catching discharges” go out of the objects, and the head of the leading flash of lightning shoots toward and meets with these.

80. With this, the point of impact of the lightning on the ground is also determined, namely a mountain top, a tower or tree, some building, an animal or a human, out of which the catching discharge has gone.

81. This also explains that even a human being emits such catching discharges, but with him, the fact still remains that he generates electromagnetic vibrations through his brain, which reach several meters of expansion, which send out catching discharges, and which form very strong attraction points for the head of a leading flash of lightning.

82. Thus, it is also of no use if human beings remain lying down or in squatting positions in open areas when thunderstorms occur, which are associated with lightning.

83. Real protection for human beings only occurs in caves or in enclosed buildings or in completely closed vehicles and aircraft, etc.

84. If the head of a leading flash of lightning and a catching discharge collide, then the catching discharge shoots into the leading lightning tube at about 100,000 kilometers per second and, within a few milliseconds, allows the stored charge of lightning to discharge to the ground or to the object, out of which the catching energy has gone.

85. This, then, is the moment when the actual lightning discharge becomes visible, which lights up very brightly and dazzles the eye.

86. The spark channel created by the leading flash of lightning is heated very strongly, by what means the main flash reaches a temperature of several tens of thousands of degrees Celsius.

87. At the same time, the pressure of the flash rises to about 100 times the normal atmospheric pressure and explodes, through which the crash of thunder arises.

88. Due to the sudden, main discharge of the leading lightning tube, a so-called surge current shoots, within milliseconds, into the object struck by lightning, namely a tree, a building or a tower, a mountain, a ship, airplane, automobile, animal, or person, etc.

89. The surge current of positive ground-to-cloud lightning has a similar course, but with its discharge from the upper positively charged center in the thundercloud, the surge current usually lasts about 10 times longer than with cloud-to-ground lightning.

90. Positive cloud-to-ground lightning also transports in itself a much greater energy charge than what is the case with the negative surge current.

91. This is also the reason why positive cloud-to-ground lightning is much more dangerous than just negative cloud-to-ground lightning.

92. But that, dear friend, should suffice as an explanation.

93. In addition to this, there would actually be an entire course to explain in this regard.


That’s certainly enough, I think. I didn’t want to be instructed in such detail. Thank you very much.

*Translator’s Note: The following is FIGU’s authorized and official translation.

But now, I would like to ask you about Jeremia’s predictions and data, did you bring them along?


94. Everything is complete.

95. The biblical “handed down" data and stories are in truth based on legends, deliberate lies and falsifications, and on a deceitfully produced chronicle that is incorrectly arranged and wildly imagined.

96. This also applies to the dates of the ancient and genuine prophets Jeremia, Jesaia, Elia and Henoch.

97. Converted to the Christian calendar of today, the true dates of these prophets are the following:

98. Name:       born on:             died on:              son of:

99. Jeremia     Feb. 9, 662 BC     Sep. 3, 580 BC      the High-priest Hilkis (Hilkias) at Anathoth

100. Jesaia      Feb. 7, 772 BC     May 5, 690 BC     Amoz at Sidon

101. Elia      Feb. 5, 891 BC     June 4, 780 BC     Josias at Gilad (Gilead) Tisbitia

102. Elia was flown to Srinagar/Kashmir in India by a beamship on April 7, 842 BC)

103. Henoch   Feb. 3, 9308 BC   Jan. 1, 8942 BC    Kretan of the Plejaren

104. The prophets’ times of births were the following: Jeremia at 11:23 a.m., Jesaia at 10:44 a.m., Elia at 11:02 a.m. and Henoch at 11:01 a.m.


Thank you. But what happened to Jeremia’s predictions, which in fact are not prophecies?


105. I had to translate them into the German language of today’s understanding. They read now as follows:

106. When the prophet of the new time spreads his teaching in the new time, the time of the great transformation has begun. It will start in the second millennium, and lead far into the third millennium after the birth of the prophet Jmmanuel.

107. And when the second millennium ends and the third has begun, human beings will be blinded by gold and material values to such an extent that they will be counting talers* (silver coins) in all countries everywhere.

108. And even when human beings look up at the stars in the sky at night, they will see only gold, gemstones and talers.

109. They will build cult places for cults to worship and will pay homage to a non-existent god as well as saints who are human beings canonized by human beings.

110. The places for the cults’ worship of a non-existent god will become sites for merchants and moneychangers.

111. The lenders who lend various acquisitions, temporary dwellings and many inventions for a fee, will become avaricious usurers.

112. The judicial authorities will administer justice unlawfully, and no longer punish the wrongdoers for their evil deeds but reward them by imposing penalties that are insignificant.

113. Thus the huge fire of injustice will smolder and burn, and will lend its helping hand to fornication, whereby it is inevitable that every city and town will be a place of fornication, which is degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity.

114. And also the children and their children will live a life of degeneration in the worst form of inhumanity, and will become a cloud of blazing heat that burns and destroys everything.

115. They will raise the old flags dripping with blood, and spread terror and leave uncountable deaths.

116. The powerful of the world will ruthlessly abuse their power, and allow the killing of innumerable innocent human beings.

117. They will transform the building blocks of life into death-bringing weapons in order to destroy nature, and to kill human beings in vast numbers.

118. When the new time prophet appears, the unreasonableness of human beings will become rampant in such a manner through the procreation of descendants that the earth, the sky, the oceans, the forests, the prairies and the deserts, as well as the mountainous regions will be populated to such an extent that no human being is able to take one step unnoticed. Consequently quarrels between each and everybody will occur.

119. The human being will assert his power and command over nature and life, and at the same time he will aspire after the Creation’s power because in every respect he will tear down all boundaries and will ignore them.

120. But everything will not continue forever, for it will turn around in time and work against the human being.

121. Like a drunken ruler he will suddenly begin to shake and tremble, and will run in fear like a blind horse.

122. He will ride himself like a saddle horse, spurring and whipping himself onwards on a path into chaos and confusion, at which end it is dark, desolate and fatal, and leads irretrievably into a deep abyss.

123. It will be the time when gigantic buildings and towers reaching up high into the sky are being built in all countries of the earth.

124. And human beings will live and work in these towers and buildings.

125. There will also be cities of gigantic proportions where human beings eke out an existence, thus fertile fields will be left empty. But buildings and towers will be built on these fields because space to house the living will become increasingly in short supply.

126. And except for the individual’s own law and that of individual groups, not one true law will exist any longer.

127. Thus many who live in cities will turn into barbarians and terrorize the honest and upright human beings.

128. There will be so many human beings in this new time that there will not be enough bread for everybody, and also water will become increasingly scarce.

129. But a crazy foolishness will overcome the human being who will fanatically pursue many games, yet soon dissatisfied, he will take chances at various other games whereby life becomes the crazy fools’ plaything.

130. These death-bringing games will be like a deadly fire when kindled and when the human being carelessly puts his life at stake for them only to satisfy his crazy foolishness through means, which are meant to increase his excitement.

131. When the prophet of the new time appears, and the third millennium after the prophet Jmmanuel begins, very many human beings will be suffering from hunger and thirst.

132. While some human beings lose their lives due to extremely high temperatures, many others will turn blue due to extreme cold, and will be plagued by great waters.

133. In general the human being deteriorates into being afraid of events occurring in nature, and many would like to see another world.

134. And many lapse into fear because the world’s powerful rulers degenerate in a worst form of inhumanity, and wage wars in a viscous manner in order to seize countries and mineral resources.

135. They will be the hypocrites who are audacious enough to claim they act in the name and command of a god, in order to consolidate their greed for power.

136. At the time of the prophet of the new time, the human being will fall victim to various god cults, and consequently will completely lose his inner freedom.

137. The cults will become large groups of dealers, which will be established and led by human beings who are self-appointed to be god-like.

138. But in truth, they are only dealers of lies, fraud and illusions, and instill their dangerous and deceptive poison into the human being, whereby he becomes a believer of the unreal, and becomes dependent on it.

139. However, in the end the poison is extremely dangerous, for it destroys the thoughts and feelings, whereby the human being becomes indifferent and callous towards himself as well as towards other fellow-human beings.

140. And those who mingle this poison with their thoughts and feelings to the point of fanaticism will get to be like wild beasts.

141. They will threaten their fellow-human beings, kill, rape and rob them, or blackmail and torture them.

142. Therefore, this kind of human being will degenerate into the worst form of inhumanity to such an extent, that life for all other human beings will turn into a daily experience of never ending horror.

143. When the prophet of the new time is in the midst of accomplishing his work, the human being’s goal in general will be to achieve as much pleasure for himself as possible.

144. And man and woman will be engaged alike in this pursuit of pleasure and will degenerate in the worst form of inhumanity. And by outdoing each other, the husband will repudiate his wife as often as possible in order to remarry.

145. And he will willingly acquiesce to the homosexual and heterosexual nature of whoring thereby he will bring fatal epidemics to the world, and to all humankind.

146. The woman will be just as unrestrained as the man, for she will lustfully walk through the alleys of cities, and will take any man coming along.

147. Yet, not only will whoring be beyond measure but also lack of reason and ignorance, which will also encroach upon children.

148. Thus, not only adult women will give birth to children without knowing or naming the father, but also children will give birth to children.

149. Thus, there will be no father or master who will be able to instruct, teach, educate and guide the respective child.

150. All decency and respect, all sense of reverence and all tradition, as well as every custom and honor will get lost.

151. The human being becomes estranged from the human being next to him, and will be alone in spite of being among the great masses of humankind.

152. The standing rules and regulations and the laws of honor will be forgotten as though never having existed.

153. But also the ancient proclamation will be forgotten that the human being is able to turn into a savage again should he forget all human values, and all the values related to life.

154. And with the coming of the prophet of the new time, fornication will become rampant to such an extent that the father abuses his daughter in acts of indecency and incest, and the mother her son.

155. Fornication between man and man and between woman and woman will shamefully gain ground, and also the old and the young will abuse and rape the child.

156. And all this will happen in front of every human being’s eyes, but the legal authorities will hardly undertake anything against this and instead will impose insufficient and lenient penalties.

157. Thus in time, the blood of families will become unclean through incest, for the evil will spread from bed to bed.

158. And many illnesses and epidemics will spread through fornication, and thus human bodies will absorb all the earth’s putrefactions, faces will look troubled, and limbs will be emaciated.

159. It will not be spoken of true love any longer but of carnal and sexual love, whereby the word love will become the greatest threat for all those human beings who in regard to their self-cognition are only able to perceive it through the flesh (carnality = relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites).

160. When the prophet of the new time speaks of codex as well as oath and law, only a few loyal ones will gather around him, and most human beings will not want to listen to him.

161. At first, only a few human beings will hurry to pursue the truth when he spreads the teaching of the spirit, for to the many human beings his voice and teaching will go unheard as if in a desert.

162. But contrary to this, the obscure and powerful waters of the world-encompassing god cults, which are incorrect, delusional and fanatical, will spread. And the bogus and so-called messengers of god, god-like and exalted beings, masters, liberators, and kings of salvation will do their ruinous work through falsehood and fraudulence with deceitfulness, fanaticism, greed for gold and charlatanism, and will gather around themselves innumerable mindless believers.

163. And many of the misled and fanatical believers will carry weapons as never before, and with these they will kill and murder countless numbers of human beings, while other fanatics will be driven by their delusional belief to seek to commit suicide as individuals, or in small or larger groups.

164. During all of this the word of the prophet of the new time will go unheard as if called out in a desert, when he speaks of law, of the teachings of the truth and the spirit, true love, peace, freedom, harmony and justice.

165. And he will teach with scorching and sharp words that fallible human beings will incur their own punishment through their delusional campaigns.

166. When the prophet of the new time comes, and human beings from the stars pay respect to him, a thunder of death will rise over the world, and deadly weapons will thunder in all countries.

167. Fanatical human beings obsessed with terror, who will gather in large groups, will be pursued by legions of soldiers.

168. Fear and terror will reign, and the mighty and powerful rulers of the countries will embrace the use of terror and turn into despots and tyrants.

169. They will be all barbaric, disloyal, revengeful, evil and violent, while the deniers of the truth will carry on with their sinister doings in their cult’s houses in the cities, and when the cult’s powerful ones in the heart of the large city in the land of the boot will have the audacity to let themselves be worshipped as representatives of god, and as holy.

170. These powerful ones lacking all knowledge of truth will have great power over their believers and will exploit them, and lead them endlessly astray.

171. And through these cults the time will come, when no regulations and rule will exist, and hatred and cult fanaticism will spread like a blazing fire around the world.

172. Legions of soldiers and fanatics obsessed with terror will massacre innumerable innocent human beings, and the cult believers will persecute and strangle anyone who seeks and recognizes the truth.

173. Hatred and delusional belief in god, vindictiveness, cruelty, mercilessness and vandalism will be a part of each and everybody.

174. The world will reverberate from a powerful and merciless war cry, and cities will be destroyed, and the blood of human beings will flow in streams.

175. And the reward for the prophet of the new time’s exposure of truth will be, that he, as all prophets in all times, will not be recognized. He will be slandered, denied, his life treacherously threatened and attacked, and he will be slandered and hindered in spreading his words of truth by evil machinations.

176. Also many evil persons, liars and frauds will steal his words of truth and his teaching, alter and falsify them in their favor as never before a prophet had to endure.

177. The ones, who lack any sense of honor will belittle his honor, lay claim to this honor themselves, and unlawfully gain a big profit from this.

178. When the prophet of the new time begins his work, human beings will no longer search for the truth, and no longer judge according to the truth, for influenced by the laws and beliefs of the god cults, they will only judge according to their own blood and their belief.

179. Human beings will no longer listen to the complaints of old people, or to the crying of suffering children.

180. Old people, women and children will be disrespected; the old ones will be hidden in houses for the aged, and women and children will be abused and driven to whoring. And nobody will be there to protect them, neither from slave drivers and pimps nor from legions of soldiers nor from the terror fanatics who will attack them.

181. Hatred and vindictiveness will flood the earth, and human beings will live with the delusional belief of a doubtful peace, which they hope in vain to attain, for a worldwide war will inundate the earth, and nobody will be spared; not the old, not the women and children, not the sick and the injured, and not the just and the peaceful.

182. Legions of soldiers and terror fanatics will destroy houses and roam through countries and cities, and murder, sack, pillage and plunder, and will destroy and kill everything getting in their way.

183. When one of them has left, the next one will appear and cause even more havoc.

184. And the eyes of human beings will be kept shut in order to avoid seeing the abused and raped women and children.

185. The prophet of the new time will know what has happened, happens, and will happen everywhere on earth.

186. He will indicate that men, women and children in many countries are starving to death, that their bones break through their skin, and that inflamed eyes and open ulcers mark their bodies, offering a feast to masses of flies and other poisonous vermin.

187. He will also point out that human beings are hunted like mangy dogs and rats, tortured and beaten to death, dismembered, or put to death in some other way.

188. Only a few will listen to him, for the majority of human beings do not want to see all the atrocities, and therefore, they will turn their faces away and dismiss the words of the prophet.

189. Yet he will be imperturbable, and will speak powerfully to carry his word of truth into the world.

190. But only a few human beings will hear his voice in its full scope and align their thoughts and feelings with his words, because at the time of the prophet of the new time, the human being will be extremely hostile toward his fellow-human being and life itself to such an extent, that he will care only about himself.

191. As alms he will give his fellow-human being a tiny part of a split taler while he sleeps on bags filled with gold and talers.

192. Yet even the tiny part of the split taler which he gives with the one hand, he will take back with the other hand manifold, for he will not give away anything for nothing.

193. However, should the point of his giving not be for profit, then it will still be for the pacification of his guilty conscience.

194. So in the new time the human being will make a business of everything, thus nothing will be given away without compensation.

195. Each thing, even the tiniest, will have its price, the grass growing on the ground, the animal, the water, and even the human being himself who will be judged according to his performance.

196. The exchange of goods will be abolished, and truly, nothing anymore will be given away, for each and everything will be integrated into business and sold.

197. And the human being will lose his individual value, namely, the value of being a human being, whereby his value will be only that of his possessions, and that of his body’s weight of flesh and bones.

198. Everything that makes him to be a human being will be taken from him, for nothing of him will be sacred any longer, neither his life, nor his thoughts and feelings, nor his body and blood.

199. When he dies, not only will his material belongings become the object of dispute but also his mortal frame, his blood and viscera, for everything will have its price in this field in the new time as well.

200. Thus human beings will be slaughtered like animals, and shredded and defiled like carcasses for the sake of their blood and viscera.

201. The prophet of the new time will mourn, for the human being has altered and destroyed the face of the earth, and will be approaching total annihilation.

202. But he will also point out with harsh words of truth that the human being is neither the master nor the feudal lord of the earth, nor of its mountains, brooks, rivers, lakes, oceans, meadows, fields, pastures and forests.

203. And he will indicate that for the purpose of profit, the human being dangerously and in a rampant manner ploughs through the earth and sky with powerful machines, and also cuts furrows with big ships in rivers, lakes and oceans, in order to wage wars worldwide and to transport large masses of human beings to other countries, and to wipe out all aquatic creatures for the purpose of procuring food.

204. Thus also illnesses and epidemics will spread throughout the entire world, carried by innumerable travelers who will be spreading in all countries.

205. Various species of animals and plants from many countries will spread in like manner throughout the world through the transportation of foodstuffs and goods of trade, and will take root in foreign countries and will disturb, and negatively influence the course of nature.

206. Yet a far worse time is still to come, because through the human being’s fault, large parts of the earth will become barren and unproductive.

207. The huge forests will fall victim to the human being’s greed for gold and money, and the air will burn, because the air will be destroyed through the human beings’ production of artificial materials.

208. The waters will turn brackish and poisonous as well as foul smelling, and drinking water will become scarce.

209. The human being will unrestrainedly, unscrupulously and irresponsibly exploit the earth’s treasures, and exhaust the wealth of the earth’s resources down to the last bushel.

210. The entire world will be polluted through various kinds of filth, which causes all life to wilt.

211. And the human being’s hatred will grow beyond all bounds, and also in his own family it will not be any different.

212. Gradually, the human being will come to be like a lonesome and wild animal that stalks after the life of its victim.

213. When the new prophet appears 1,937 years after the birth of the prophet Jmmanuel, the time will begin when children will be abused and sold for fornication, for many who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity will find pleasure in their young skin.

214. Many children will be driven into whoring, or will be strangled after being indecently abused or killed by poison or weapons.

215. But there will also be very many homeless children who are living on the streets, where they fall into the hands of dealers who kill and gut them like animals for the sake of their viscera.

216. Other children will become targets for the authorities’ murderous henchmen, and others will be treated like submissive animals.

217. The human being will become rough and violent, and in his indifference towards the weak he will also forget the untouchable nature and weakness of children, and will exploit them through work and violate them by fornication.

218. The secret of the children’s unblemished integrity will be forcefully broken into and destroyed, thus for various reasons of greed for profit, they will be trained like little dogs, and led onto the sacrificial slab like lambs, where they will be slaughtered and bled to death.

219. The human being will no longer know mercy and justice but see only his own profit and advantage, and only proceed along a life of cruelty.

220. The human being will be a prisoner of his own point of view, his own thoughts and feelings; and he will be intoxicated by his own speech, and not realize that he is more and more approaching delusion and ruin.

221. He will regard the lies, images and reflections of the god cults, and those of their rulers and servants as the truth of the world, for he will be like a patient and dumb sheep that can be led around as desired.

222. Yet consequences will not fail to follow, for the fanatic and accursed believers of one cult will indiscriminately round up the fanatic and accursed believers of another cult like predatory animals and birds in order to make easy work of driving them into the abyss and to their death.

223. And it will be that one human being will be incited against the other in order to rob and skin him for the only reason to get hold of his personal belongings.

224. Yet should he survive, he will then be robbed of his thoughts and feelings, as well as freedom and peace, and often even of his mind and reason.

225. When the time of the new prophet comes, kings, emperors, and all the other rulers and powerful ones of the god cults will have no real knowledge about the Creation and its laws.

226. In a fraudulent and deceitful manner they will wickedly and bloodthirstily govern and control the innocent, idle and ignorant masses of human beings.

227. Falsehood and deception will be their handiwork, and when they are in front of their faithful subjects, they will conceal their true faces behind masks and keep their true intentions a secret.

228. But the time will come when they will be overthrown.

229. Yet it will be that they determine the human being’s destiny and everything connected with his life, and the ordinary human being will be excluded from the innermost assemblies of their own establishment’s rules and regulations.

230. Thus it is no longer the human being who will make decisions as a group but only the uppermost at the top who will have the power and control, and let themselves be paid horrendous sums for their disgraceful deeds.

231. Although the individual human being believes to enjoy freedom he will no longer be free but will live in bondage to the rulers and the hierarchy.

232. Only those from uncivilized areas will revolt who are not enslaved to a belief of a non-existent god, and are not in bondage to a hierarchy.

233. But at first they will be cursed and damned, and accused of delusion, and some will be conquered and burned alive, or killed in some other way.

234. When the prophet of the new time has come, then the human beings on earth will become as numerous as ants in an anthill.

235. And if a stick is driven into the colony, then they will run around, and trample and grind each other to death like annoying vermin.

236. And human beings will mill around like confused insects, and large groups of them will drift from one location to the other, either keen to travel, or fleeing from war, death and terror.

237. The races of human beings will intermingle unbridled and breed human beings of mixed blood. Thus many diseases, epidemics and all kinds of human ills, as well as vices and malice will spread around the world.

238. Some god cults will lure the believers of other cults, or mix among each other.

239. God cults and their hierarchies, as well as their rulers and believers will preach and promise freedom, love and peace, yet everywhere their talk will be lies and deception, for in their hearts they are only out for hatred and revenge, retaliation, robbery, pillage and plunder.

240. The god cults and their believers will become enemies and wage war against each other.

241. Human beings will go beyond all boundaries; and the young will have grey hair just like the old.

242. The human being will abandon the path of nature, and families will be torn asunder.

243. They will scatter all over the world, and they will no longer be able to unite.

244. The world will be completely different in the new time, and the human being will be without security and support.

245. Without real guidance, the human being will go off in all directions, and evoke upon himself misfortune upon misfortune.

246. And he will no longer have stability, and will be in danger of falling into an abyss, at which edge he is constantly standing.

247. At the time of the new prophet in the second millennium after the birth of Jmmanuel, the human being will no longer live according to the Creation’s laws until far into the third millennium, but will subjugate himself to unreal laws and even far more unreal gods and their cults.

248. As if riding a horse, the human being will try to control his life and will want to determine the children’s sex in the women’s womb.

249. Likewise, he will kill all the children in the woman’s womb that he does not want.

250. The human being will consider himself to be the Creation, and especially the rulers as well as many mighty ones holding power will demand eternal life.

251. They will be the ones who get hold of all the positions in high offices and the best land, as well as all the most beautiful women and men, in order to make them their immoral objects of pleasure.

252. The poor, the old and the weak will be treated like inferior livestock, and their miserable huts and buildings for the old and the sick will be like evil smelling prisons, where they will lie in a stupor and decay.

253. And profound fear will, like poison, consume their, as well as every other human being’s thoughts, feelings, hearts and heads (consciousness).

254. All of this will also rest on a craving for profit and power and a craving to practice usury, for this will be an obscure and secret society controlled by laws and regulations, and its laws will be hatred and revenge, and its weapon will be the poison, through which comes the craving for gold and money, belongings and possessions, lust and vice, as well as pleasure.

255. This poison will spread as a controlling power around the earth, and its servants and henchmen will be connected to each other by a poisonous and bloody kiss that forges them together.

256. The poor and the old, the righteous and the weak will be at their mercy and obey them, and, therefore, involuntarily or naive, they have to be submissive and of service to the rulers and the powerful ones of the lands and the god cults.

257. The only laws will be those dictated in their realm of shadows by rulers, kings and emperors, and other powerful ones, as well as by the ones at the top of the god cults’ hierocracy.

258. Thus, this poison will reach every single human being, and will poison him and force him into a delusional belief of a god.

259. And this poison of the god cults will be manifold and spread around the world to such an extent that the human being will soak it up through the soles of his feet when travelling around the world.

260. When the new-time prophet begins with his work, then it will be the time when many human beings will watch all the happenings in the world with inactivity and insensibility.

261. Many will sit there with crossed arms, and will walk around with empty eyes and deaf ears, without knowing what is going on around them, and what they see and hear.

262. They will have no more wise ones to educate them in knowledge and in wisdom, thus they will be like a smith without a smithy where they could forge their iron.

263. And they will be like fieldworkers who no longer have a field to till.

264. Human beings will be like a seed, unable to find fertile soil to take root and sprout.

265. They will lose hope and wander aimlessly around, humiliated and deprived of honor and rights.

266. The youngest and the oldest will be homeless, and live their lives in misery and hardship on the street.

267. The only way of salvation for many of them will be to terrorize, and to rob the fellow-human being of his belongings, to deceive and to cheat him, or to go to war.

268. And because of all their misery and hardship they will hate their lives, and viciously fight against each other.

269. This will also be the time when human beings are threatened and afflicted by evils that come from animal diseases and from the human beings’ wicked experiments, but also from the diseases of the water and earth.

270. But the human beings will also rush with strange wagons into the sky, and will bring back deadly diseases to earth.

271. And through war and terror, as well as through greed for power and unreasonableness, the human being will destroy a great deal of the earth.

272. Yet he will let everything rise again, and will want to preserve everything that has escaped destruction.

273. But it will be that a fear will seethe in human beings of the days that lie ahead, for they promise to be severe.

274. But it will be too late for fear, for an enormous destruction will rage, and the earth will be covered far and wide with desert.

275. And there will also be mighty waters that become deeper and deeper, and at certain times and days, the waters will flow violently to such an extent that, like a deluge, everything will be swept away, destroyed and annihilated, and the lives of innumerable human beings will be claimed.

276. Through the human beings’ destructive rage, the air and sun will become poisonous and dangerous, and for this reason the bodies of the weak will be burned.

277. When the prophet of the new time is born, a worldwide war will cause the earth to tremble, and will claim so many human lives as never before.

278. From this time onward, wild waters will increasingly rise, volcanoes will cause enormous devastation, and earthquakes will shake many lands, and destroy large cities.

279. The weather will assume apocalyptical proportions, and the number of human beings killed at these incidents will be uncountable.

280. Therefore, everything that was not built under the guidance of the wise ones, or fitted with safety measures will be threatened and destroyed.

281. Mountains will collapse, and mudslides on mountain slopes and in valleys will bury villages, animals and human beings and all their belongings, while at other places the ground breaks apart from deep within the earth.

282. But the human being will not devote himself to wisdom, and will deny that the blame for very many of these incidents will be traceable to him.

283. Therefore, he will continue to govern without reason and understanding, for he will be stubborn and obsessed with pride.

284. He does neither listen to the warnings shouted at him by the prophet nor to the warnings shouted at him by the earth.

285. Thus the evil will continue for a long time, and massive fires and tremors from the depths of the earth will destroy cities and villages.

286. And it will be just like during a war, when in spite of the legions of soldiers, the poor and the barbarians will plunder all the belongings and treasures left abandoned by human beings.

287. The eyes of the soldiers will be blind to the plundering, for they will be plunderers themselves and are up to abuse.

288. When the prophet of the new time is born, artificial materials invented by human beings will reach the air and destroy its upper layers.

289. Therefore the sun will burn the earth, and afflict human beings with the black corrosion, causing many to die.

290. The air will no longer be able to protect the earth and its life from the sun’s heat and fire, for the air will be a curtain full of holes. Thus the sun’s burning light will consume the human being’s skin and eyes, and consequently, they will lose their eyesight, or die.

291. Lakes and oceans will bubble and foam like boiling water, and rivers will dry up, and cities will be buried.

292. Cities, villages, meadows and forests will fall victim to the human being’s mania when he artificially dams up huge rivers and lakes in order to gain power.

293. And he will not consider that by his actions he torments and oppresses the earth, which will defend itself through earthquakes, turbulent waters, raging volcanoes and violent storms of all kinds.

294. Entire landscapes and countries as well as islands, and even entire continents, will disappear.

295. But human beings will have only a short memory, thus they will flee to higher grounds, and will start to rebuild everything again.

296. They will forget very quickly what has happened and will continue in their old ways.

297. The human beings will let themselves be blinded by illusory images, which they awaken to become reality, so they believe to touch something that does not even exist.

298. Thus they will walk on paths that only the eyes can see but not the mind and reason.

299. And this path will be a dream that will become reality.

300. Therefore, the time will come when human beings will no longer be able to distinguish between what exists and what does not.

301. Many false labyrinths will open up to them, in which they go astray and get lost.

302. Many god cults and groups thereunder will form, and they will lead the believers into delusion and exploit them.

303. And those who are able to devise and awaken all these illusory images for the human beings, will deceive and cheat the fools and credulous ones, and play an evil game of deception with them.

304. Indeed, there will be many human beings who become enslaved to the illusory images of the god cults and their hierarchy, and become dependent on them, and consequently, they will be like submissive dogs.

305. When the time of the new prophet has arrived, the number of human beings will grow increasingly and become uncountable. The human being will no longer beget descendants in the natural way but will intervene in the woman’s capability of becoming pregnant, and of bearing and giving birth to descendants.

306. Thus the human being will create new human beings from the human beings’ infinitesimal parts, and he will do the same with animals.

307. Human beings and animals will cry out for large amounts of special foods and meat.

308. And species of the same kind will eat each other when human beings transform the flesh and bones of human beings and animals into fine substances for the production of feed.

309. And as the animals will eat their own kind through this process, the human being will consume his own parents and siblings when eating the meat of animals.

310. Animals will no longer be under the protection and care of human beings, for human beings will breed animals in large numbers under degrading conditions, and finally slaughter them in a miserable manner.

311. The human being will alter animals according to his will, and also create hermaphrodites from them, inflict unending pain on them, and not care about their never ending suffering.

312. The human being will intervene in the animals’ nature, and shape them to his liking.

313. He will change the laws of life, and in doing so, he will also change himself.

314. The human being, who formed out of his origin a life form of progress, will no longer be the image of himself but a creation of terror.

315. And terror will also be a reality for the human being’s children, for terror, poison and hopelessness will lie in wait for them, for the human being will want children only for himself and as his personal property, and no longer for the sake of life and the children.

316. Many children will become only a commodity, and their bodies will be sold for work, fornication and self-enjoyment.

317. Others will be hounded, tormented, beaten and killed by their own parents and siblings, or by child abusers who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity.

318. But even those children who are protected by their own parents and siblings will be threatened.

319. And they will be lacking in thoughts and feelings, and will be without knowledge, for they will live in a world of illusory games and images that will seduce them, because no master stands at their side who could instruct them in knowledge and wisdom.

320. Thus nobody will teach the children to hope and to act, and to turn towards the knowledge of the real truth.

321. Therefore, the human being will be arrogant and consider himself to be the Creation, although he will never be any more than what he was at birth, namely a human being.

322. And the human being is in dire need of knowledge, thus he must learn a lot in order to free himself of his ignorance and lack of wisdom.

323. But he will not be willing to learn, and will turn a deaf ear to the teachings of the prophet of the new time, thus his words will go unheard as if they are called out in a desert.

324. Thus, the human being will continue in his old ways, and only a few will follow the words of the prophet.

325. Therefore, the human being will continue to regard himself to be the Creation, and will ever more strike out, and let himself be overcome by wrath and anger, vengeance and hatred, greed for power, injustice, greed for profit and jealousy.

326. But through the power and control that he will have seized over animals and nature, as well as over life and human beings, he will feel strong and will continue to strike out like a wild barbarian, and destroy everything around himself.

327. Thus he will remain a small dwarf in his thinking and feeling, as well as in his understanding and reasoning, although in many areas of advancement he will possess the strength of a giant.

328. And in this manner he will stride forward like a giant but will not know which path he should take in the days to come, because he will be lacking all the necessary knowledge and wisdom.

329. In fact, his head will be very heavy from the great amount of knowledge that he has acquired, yet it will be a useless knowledge, because its value is not based on the value of the spirit, and is not uniform with the laws of the Creation but is based only on human laws.

330. Thus in spite of all his knowledge, the human being will be miserably lacking in true knowledge, for he will not know the reason why he lives and dies.

331. Thus he will remain to be the impetuous one as he always was, the one who furiously and ignorantly waves his arms about and utters delusional words, or softly whimpers like a child who is not yet able to speak.

332. Already in the second millennium following the birth of Jmmanuel and still before the birth of the prophet of the new time, a worldwide war will cover the earth, and it will also be so two years after his birth.

333. But that will not be the end, because like in the past, there will be new, larger and smaller wars everywhere, and this will continue to be the case until far into the third millennium.

334. In all the four corners of the earth, entire countries will become the spoils of war for the power-greedy who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity, and thereby innumerable human beings will be put into the hands of death as well. And innumerable human beings will also be put into death’s hands through the god cult that will incorrectly, and through a crazy foolishness emerge out of the teachings of the prophet Jmmanuel, for they will fall victim to an unimaginable falsification.

335. Human beings in their own countries will be at war with each other and cut each other’s throats; and wars will rage between countries and the believers of god cults.

336. The Hebraons will become Jews; and twelve tribes of them will branch off, and will be believers of Allah.

337. The Christian cult will emerge from Jmmanuel’s teaching, and they as well as the Jews, and the believers of Allah will not stop fighting each other until far into the third millennium after Jmmanuel’s birth.

338. Every place on earth will become a bloody battlefield, and one of the reasons for this will be that each god cult believes to be the right and better one than the others.

339. Therefore, the believers of all god cults will wrongly imagine they alone have the sole purity and true belief, and will want to defend their delusional belief.

340. Thus the believers of the various god cults will confront each other with force and doubt, with hatred and revenge, as well as with suspicion, treachery and with the intention to murder, and therefore death will inevitably spread everywhere.

341. And through all this evil, very many human beings will be excluded from human rights and life, and will have neither bread nor shelter, for every right will be taken from them.

342. They will be the poorest among the poor and will have to go around naked, and will have only their bodies to sell.

343. They will be the outlaws and the outcasts, and exist far away from all those who live in joyfulness, magnificence and abundance.

344. And those who live in this manner of affluence will grumble in their guilt, threaten the poorest whose land they occupy by force, and unrestrainedly reproduce themselves.

345. And they will hear perfectly well the harsh and just words of the prophet of the new time, yet they will be indifferent and have no fear of retaliation.

346. But their arrogance will one day break down when the masses of people become barbarians and seize everything by storming, destroying and plundering the palaces of those who are rich, who are governing, who are in top positions, as well as those who are powerful and are the cults’ rulers.

347. When the work of the prophet of the new time begins, the human being will already have entered an impenetrable labyrinth of fear, destruction and degeneration of the worst form of inhumanity.

348. His fear will close his eyes and shut his ears, thus he will no longer be able to see and hear what is happening around him.

349. His reflecting and trying to act will be overshadowed by suspicion and anxiety, and fright will accompany each of his steps.

350. Yet he will not be granted any rest, for he is driven forward constantly.

351. The voice of the prophet of the new time will be forceful, harsh and just because everybody must hear it.

352. And those who shut their ears and pretend to be deaf will also hear his voice.

353. And many will even hear the voice, yet deny it, because they will want to continue accumulating more and more possessions. Thereby they will lose their heads to the illusory images of the god cults, and to those who want to be their master through falsehood and deceit.

354. Thus the human being will be deceived by those who call themselves their “shepherds" – yet there will only be bad shepherds.

355. When the millennium in which the new time prophet dies draws to an end, and when 800 years pass after his death, human beings will have come so far to open their eyes and ears that they will be capable of seeing and hearing.

356. But this will be, because the power of the prophet’s word will begin to take effect over centuries, and will permeate the feelings and thoughts as well as the reason of human beings.

357. It will be a very arduous work that the prophet and his loyal supporters will have to accomplish; however, their dedicated efforts will not fail to be successful.

358. And slowly, the human beings will free themselves from the god cults, and turn toward the truth of the spirit and the Creation.

359. Their heads will no longer be trapped in the delusional teachings of god cults, and they will have their eyes and ears open, thus they will be able to see and hear from one end of the earth to the other, and will be able to understand each other from now on.

360. They will have become cognizant that each blow that strikes the fellow-human being will hurt and injure him.

361. Human beings will form a large community in which each one is a part of the other.

362. True love will create peace and freedom, and will unite humankind.

363. And there will also be one special language beside the many that exist, which will be understood and spoken by all human beings.

364. And this will finally be the start of the birth of the new, the real and true human.

365. And when the end of the millennium draws near, the human being will have conquered the sky (space), and will fly toward the stars.

366. He will also create stars in the deep and dark expanses of the sky where stars are gleaming.

367. He will fly through the air, and travel through space with large ships of shining metal, and will set out on long journeys to search for a new home somewhere out in the far and distant sky.

368. And the human being will be the master of the waters, and will build large cities upon the oceans, and his nourishment will be the fruit of the oceans.

369. And this will be the time when nothing will be prohibited for him any more, because he lives in accordance with the laws of the Creation.

370. The new time will bring about that human beings will be able to communicate with each other without having to use a verbal language, or megaphones, for with their thoughts, feelings and heads they will be able to receive and understand all messages, which another human being thinks and feels.

371. And it will be that human beings will share their dreams with each other, and live long lives.

372. Their life will be as long as those described in the old handed-down texts, who reached an age of one thousand years.

373. And it will be the time when human beings know the secret of all things, thus the body of human beings and animals, the secret of gems and waters, and the look (eyes) of each other human being.

374. He will penetrate all secrets, and will be cognizant of them, and consequently will be able to push open one door after the other into the realm of new life.

375. The human being will be a powerful, productive and bubbling source of new life, and every human being will acquire the knowledge connected with the Creation.

376. The children of the earth will look up into space with reverence, and will be more successful in probing into its secrets than anybody before them.

377. The human being’s body will be stronger, taller and more agile, and his thoughts and feelings as well as his head will embrace all things, and understand and integrate them.

378. But all of this will already begin during the lifespan of the prophet of the new time, for his work will be a valuable contribution in this regard, although it will be denied by many who are jealous or want to know it better.

379. And he will also do much so that the man will no longer be the sole master, for early in his life he will work and be effective so that the woman will come, in order to take hold of the scepter and change the world for the better.

380. Thus, the woman will be the master of the future times, for she is vigorous and powerful, and will impose her will upon men, and will create a better and more harmonious world in peace and freedom.

381. In the third millennium after Jmmanuel’s birth, the woman will rise to become the mother of the millennium.

382. The woman will exude gentleness, love, harmony and peace of the true mother, and will be the perfect beauty and love after the ugliness of barbarity and the death-bringing wars.

383. And the teaching of the prophet will contribute much to that end, whereby the new time in its evolutionary path transforms into a time of ease, in which human beings will sincerely and truly love and share, dream together and make dreams come true.

384. And when this second birth becomes reality for the human being, thoughts and feelings and the head will get hold of the majority of human beings who, in loving their fellow-human being, are altogether one.

385. That will be the end of barbarity, the end of wars and the end of evil.

386. A time of knowledge and wisdom will dawn, and bring near to human beings the true meaning of life, which the prophet of the new time will unwaveringly teach and carry into the world, in spite of treacherous attacks on his life.

387. Through his teachings happy days will begin for human beings from the new time onward, when human beings find the path of peace, freedom, and the teaching of the spirit, and walk on it.

388. Then the earth will again have its standing rules and regulations.

389. At the beginning only a few courageous ones will follow the words and the teaching of the prophet whereby their path will be quite tough and strenuous.

390. So at first, only a few loyal ones will distinguish themselves and toil for their reward, yet the time will come when they quickly multiply, and will be in large numbers around the world.

391. Already at the time of the new prophet, many roads will lead from one city to another, and from one end of the world to the other, and soon roads will also wind endlessly through the sky.

392. The withered green of meadows and forests will recover, waters will be clean and pure again, and water will be brought into the deserts, where everything will then sprout and bloom.

393. And soon the earth will be like a new garden, where the human being will respect everything that grows, blooms, moves around, crawls and flies.

394. He will put his heart into scrubbing, and keeping clean everything that he has soiled, and will look upon the earth with love and joy, and consider it to be his new home.

395. Love, harmony, knowledge and wisdom will become his obligation, and he will think of knowledge and wisdom all of his life, all of his following lives, as well as every day and every morning.

396. Each human being will think and act in the same manner and he will know more about his body and head, his thoughts and feelings, as well as about the laws of life and of the Creation than was the case ever before.

397. And there will also come the time when diseases and sicknesses will be recognized and healed before they are able to manifest.

398. And the human being will learn that he is able to prevent and to heal many of his own diseases and sicknesses.

399. He will also learn, however, that he has to stand by and help the poor and the weak, 400. not only out of necessity but for the sake of love toward the fellow-human being, and in order to sustain the entire nature of being a human being.

401. Thus the human being will also open his heart and purse to the poor and the destitute, and leave behind the regrettable times of barbarity, greediness, and reticence.

402. And when finally the new time is dawning, the human being will finally understand to be in the correct way the true guardian of human conduct in accordance with statutes and regulations, and understand in the correct way to be the true guardian of life, of the earth and its nature, including all living things.

403. For in this far and distant time to come, the human being will have learned to give and share, and to give up the taking for the purpose of satisfying his greed for profit.

404. The human being will finally be a human being, and will no longer be alone among the many.

405. His loneliness will be gone, and he will finally become cognizant of the real truth and the laws of the Creation and life, and of dying and death.

406. All human beings will acknowledge each other, and will no longer make a difference between various races, god cults, and between the rich and the poor.

407. But all this will only happen when the worldwide wars and firestorms, the evil cruelties of human beings, and all the apocalyptic catastrophes triggered through nature and the earth have ended.

408. Then new buildings and towers will grow out of the charred rubble of cities and villages, but an iron fist (strong hand) will be necessary to bring back the standing rules and regulations into the chaos created by human beings.

409. And it will be of utmost necessity that the prophet of the new time let his powerful word ring out and bring the teaching of the truth and the spirit, for this will be the power that enables the human being to find the right path again.

410. And through the new prophet’s teaching, the human being will become cognizant that not only he but also all living beings are bearers of the spirit and the light, and are creatures that must be respected.

411. And when the human being knows that, then he will create new cities on earth, upon the waters, under the waters, and in the sky where he will travel with silvery gleaming, metallic ships.

412. Thus, the human being will remember what once was, and he will also know how to probe into the days and times to come.

413. He will learn to understand procreation and birth, as well as life, dying and death, and will lose all anxiety and fear of it, because he will turn toward the teaching of the prophet.

414. And the human being’s age will be that of several lives, because his lifespan will be extended, and he will become cognizant that light never extinguishes, and that life also continues in death and in living again – for his knowledge will become all-encompassing wisdom.

415. These, my friend, are the predictions of Jeremia for the second millennium that comes to an end and the coming third millennium.

*Translator’s Note: The rest of this Contact Report was translated by Benjamin Stevens.


These actually aren’t prophecies but rather predictions, which will, therefore, fulfill themselves under all circumstances. Do you know whether there are also predictions or prophecies of other prophets, which we here on Earth do not yet know or no longer know, because they have been lost?


416. Yes, there are such.


Could you also make these accessible for me?


417. Perhaps once at a later time.

418. For today, anyhow, it must be enough, for my duty calls me again, which is why I must go now.

419. Until we meet again, my dear friend.


Until we meet again. But when will you come back?


420. It will take some time because I will be away for two months.


Then until then.


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