Contact Report 233

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  • 233rd Contact – Friday, December 1, 1989, 12:44 AM (Block 6, pages 172-182)


1. Once again, the time has come that we must report and announce to you unpleasant things, which is why I visit you today.

2. Actually, our intention was first to visit you again in February of next year and to give you pertinent information in accordance with your questions, but the latest events and incidents seem to us to be a reason to give you some knowledge already, which is only intended for you, however.

3. However, there is also information that can and should be handled publicly, particularly information relating to incredibly hypocritical and shameless and truth-offending intrigues of the earth-born, who don’t shy away from malicious fraud and deception and from the most brazen lies and from slandering and defaming the truth.

4. And as usual, these incredibly hypocritical machinations come from America, where malicious, mendacious earth-born people have the audacity to work shamelessly, unscrupulously, and truth-offensively and to deceive the whole world.


Once again, all sorts of evils seem to trace back to the Americans.


5. Indeed. –

6. Once more, it proves itself that our caution towards America is completely justified, so also our compliance with the stipulation given to us by the High Council, that we should never enter into contacts with the American people and should never transmit knowledge and messages to them, which we have always held ourselves to, as you know – with one exception, regarding a disgracefully failed experiment.

7. Thus, we still comply with the stipulation of the High Council to this day, and will do so far into the future, namely that we take up no contacts with Americans.

8. Our experiences here since time immemorial prove that all great and world-embracing lies and machinations have, for several hundred years, already gone out from liars and deceivers, swindlers, charlatans, and lunatics, with respect to newly arising cultic sectarianism and new crazy and confused thought directions that are foreign to the truth and similarly directed movements and organizations, etc.

9. The unbelievable and indescribable insolence that is displayed in hypocrisy, deception, and swindle by the liars and deceivers, who commit their dirty crimes against the truth, can in no way be put into words.

10. In any event, we, and in particular myself, lack the words to describe these mendacious and deceitful machinations of all those many Americans, who flood the whole world with their mendacious and deceitful assertions and writings, in which insolent and dirty webs of lies appear, with fraudulent assertions of unimaginable deceit, that they – even these swindlers, liars, and deceivers – would have contacts with us or with some spirit forms.

11. But we and the entire Federation, and I already stated this clearly and plainly during my visit on the 17th of November, we have and maintain no contacts with Americans, nor will we ever have such contacts.

12. In the foreseeable future, we also have no reason to change our opinion concerning America or to concern ourselves with the possibility of contacts with members of that country.

13. But this also applies to all other countries of the Earth and to all other people of this planet.

14. You are and will continue to be the only exception in this respect, and with good reason.


You’re excited, my friend. What has happened, then, that makes you so excited?


15. If I wouldn’t explain it to you now, then the following would come as a surprise to you:

16. In a short time, you will receive mail from America, namely from George Green, who is known to you.

17. In his letter to you, you will find two writings that bear the titles “SPACE GATE: THE VEIL REMOVED,” by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, as well as “AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” by I AM SANANDA.

18. Both hypocritical works are just two out of a whole series of nine works of lies, in which it is mendaciously and deceitfully maintained that a certain Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn – whose sign is Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet Ashtar Command: Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council on Earth Transition – has taken up contact with a person of the Earth, which refers, of course, once more to a person in America.

19. But concerning this, it is to be explained that this incredible and insolent lie holds no truth in itself because as I already explained on the 17th of November, we maintain no contacts with Americans – especially not with these – and also not with other people on the Earth, except for and with you.

20. Concerning the imaginary name Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, as well as the name Sananda (along with others), it is to be said that these are neither known to one of our peoples of the Pleiades nor to an allied people of the Federation nor anywhere else on any worlds or in any spirit levels of the far reaches of the Universe that are known to us, except on the Earth and in the brains of those swindlers, liars, and deceivers, who use these names for their lies and truth-offending fantasies.

21. And as for the name Ashtar, I refer to all the information that we already delivered to you several years ago for the public, from which it clearly and unambiguously follows that Ashtar Sheran has never had and still doesn’t have those contacts with Earth people that are ascribed to him by various liars and deceivers of the Earth.

22. As for the inglorious role that he had played, this is known to you very well, and moreover, his material existence expired, according to the terrestrial calendar in the year 1983, when he strove for things in the DAL Universe that did not fall within his competence.

23. Having fallen back into his former, wrong, and old conduct, he fled into the twin universe and attempted to seize power there over Asket’s people, whereby his aircraft was destroyed and he lost his life.

24. So he, as well as his spirit form, can in no way enter into contacts with Earth people, for on the one hand, his body was completely eliminated by the destruction, while his spirit form has no possibility of returning from the twin universe to our universe or to break through the barriers, which are insurmountable to any spirit form, of both buffering universes, in order to establish or maintain this kind of contact with the Earth people.

25. So all those lying and swindling Earth people, who maintain that they would have contact with Ashtar Sheran, are already punished by this fact.

26. These swindlers, liars, and deceivers still continue on, however, because in the mentioned deceitful writings, it is even maintained that Jmmanuel, also known as Jesus Christ, would personally transmit messages to the liars, swindlers, and deceivers, particularly to the lying person DHARMA and such.

27. But this also only corresponds to an incredibly insolent lie, as well as a swindle and deception beyond compare.

28. No one knows better than we do, that this mendacious, fraudulent assertion has no truth content at all.

29. Jmmanuel, who has mendaciously been given the name Jesus Christ, and you also know this very well, transmits no messages of any telepathic or otherwise similar form to the Earth people.

30. On the one hand, his is reborn at the present time in Europe as another personality – which you, like we, know very well – because we know his person, and on the other hand, he doesn’t concern himself with transmitting messages and the like, or even the Talmud Jmmanuel, to delusional believers or deceivers, swindlers, and liars in telepathic form, etc.

31. What is still offered further by these swindlers, liars, and deceivers is actually never to be surpassed, regarding the disgraceful impertinence and disrespect toward all spiritual levels and particularly toward the levels Petale and Arahat Athersata, since these filthy liars – I simply lack other and stronger words for them – and deceivers, swindlers, and truth-offending ones do not shy away from mendaciously drawing upon these levels of purity, with the dirty and maliciously deceptive and fraudulent assertion that even these would stand in contact with the liars and deceivers.

32. A lie and deception beyond compare, for the sole fact that the spirit form levels never take up contact with material levels, in order to communicate with these, punishes such a fraudulent assertion.

33. If such a contact takes place, however, then this only happens indirectly and over a way of several junction points, as this is very well-known to you.

34. However, I don’t want to name this way and this possibility; otherwise, liars and deceivers will want to snatch profits again through this.

35. But the spirit levels mentioned, Petale and Arahat Athersata, could come into contact with you, which has its reasons that are well-known to you, but these can’t be recognized by the swindlers, liars, and deceivers, and these also can’t be used by them.

36. However, I don’t explain this for your knowledge because you know these facts better than I do, but I only mention them for all those lunatics who are of the false assumption that a material life form could simply come into contact with any spirit form, as this is maintained by all those who have succumbed to delusional faith or who simply lie deliberately, cheat and deceive, or who are simply ill in a schizophrenic form and call themselves mediums, who can allegedly talk and communicate with the deceased, spirit forms, demons, and us extraterrestrials, through trance states and channeling and similar nonsense, in order allegedly to receive messages of major importance.

37. Yet all these assertions and machinations are nothing more than deliberate swindles, lies and deceptions, schizophrenic illnesses, self-deceptions, or delusional faith and the like.

38. In truth, such possibilities for such connections only exist in very small amounts and only in a spiritually, very highly evolved framework, and thus, only with very few people.

39. On the Earth, however, all those people who are equipped with such abilities are not of terrestrial origin; rather, they migrated from foreign worlds at earlier times.

40. The liars, swindlers and deceivers, however, the lunatics, the delusional believers, the self-deceivers and schizophrenics, who designate and call themselves mediums and channelers or the like, and this is clarified down to the last detail, are all clearly of terrestrial origin.

41. They are all earth-created and earth-born and have no connection at all to life forms of extraterrestrial origin.

42. Still, they all exhibit a very deep level of knowledge and an equally deep evolutionary state.

43. But just this fact misleads them to want to appear in front of and shine before their fellow human beings, as this is usual with the earth-born people, for they often suffer from inferiority complexes and from cravings for validity.

44. The few people on the Earth, however, who can actually maintain contacts with spirit levels or with higher, extraterrestrial human life forms, are, on the one hand, clearly accompanied by higher evolutionary stages and, moreover, are of origins that are not to be found on the Earth.

45. But the number of these people moves within a very small framework, so out of a billion people, there can only be found 1.03 of those who belong to this higher evolutionary stage and who are capable of such contacts.

46. Those who belong to this, however, wrap themselves in silence and do not reveal their secret, except that they have a task and mission of great importance to fulfill, as this is the case with you, you who has no other option but who is instructed to disclose to the people of the Earth your vast knowledge, which even surpasses mine in many ways, but also to disclose the fact of your contacts with us and with the levels Arahat Athersata and Petale, etc.

47. This, then, is inevitably associated with the fact that such people, so even you, offer the knowledge, the messages, and the teaching, etc. in a scholarly manner, which in no way acts in an inconsistent, uncertain, hesitant, or doubtful manner but rather in a certain, clear, honest, unerring, unequivocal and irrefutable, true, incontestable and absolute manner.

48. This in contrast to all those uncertain and revocable false teachings or teachings of partial truth, which are presented and offered by people who have not yet reached that evolutionary state and that level which would allow and enable incontestability in the teaching of the spiritual and creative interests.


You speak to me out of the deepest sense, but with what I have to expect from America, I have already counted on this for a long time. I’ve already known for some time that the American pack of liars, mediums, and channelers and all other lunatics, schizophrenics, selfish ones, self-deceivers and deceivers who are out for profit and swindlers are nothing other than the first and last dog-cunts of the Universe, in terms of contacts with extraterrestrials and spirit levels, who know neither good character traits nor decency, respect and morality, let alone reverence before the Creation and before the truth. Some time ago, I was told that a male liar or a female liar in America claims to have direct contact with Jmmanuel, namely with that person, in whom the former spirit of Jmmanuel is alive and reborn at the present time, who is alleged to have transmitted the Talmud Jmmanuel in the English language. This is probably the biggest and dirtiest, the meanest and greasiest lie, which an Earth person could probably only contrive in an insane and schizophrenically sick mind. But I still think that I don’t have to get upset because every swindler, liar, and deceiver will be held accountable sooner or later and will have to scrape clean his self-brewed soup of lies, and with certainty in this life, which is as certain as the fact that the Sun only appears during the day.


49. You express a true word so serenely, as it is so nicely and precisely said on the Earth.

50. But hear what I have to suggest to you yet another time:

51. Already at the beginning of our contacts, it was explained to you by my daughter, and also later by Quetzal and me on several occasions, that you would have to change some things with regard to your modesty, particularly with regard to your aversion to the fact that you shouldn’t perform your work free of charge, which you still haven’t changed and haven’t done until today, apart from some small and very small gifts that you only accepted after being pushed to do so.

52. At that time, it was already explained to you that every work is worth its wages, so including your works – and especially these.

53. It would now finally be the time that you change your attitude in this respect.


Good, good, I have, indeed, changed my attitude. At least, I’ve completed contracts with the Americans Lee Elders and Randy Winters, according to which I should receive a certain percentage from the two for anything and everything that should result in profit from my material and the teaching, etc.


54. Exactly, you say it correctly, you should receive your percentage, but just of this, there could be no talk until today, for particularly Randy Winters has cheated you and has used you in every respect, without you having appropriately revolted yourself against him or successfully demanding from him what is entitled to you, which you should still do.

55. But from now on, what I want to ask of you is that you will only spread all your materials and bring them among the people in such a way that you also receive some financial profit from it.

56. This also applies to the entire teaching of the spirit and to all other instructions that you give and bring to the people on this planet.

57. Moreover, this is an order that doesn’t come from us but that is based on the advice of the High Council and in the origin of the law that the presentation of the teaching of the spirit and the fulfillment of a mission is a work, and indeed, a tremendously difficult work that is just as worthy of the same wages, rather even much more than any other work.

58. So much in this regard.

59. Furthermore, I have to point out to you another time that at the very beginning of your activity, you were entrusted with the fulfillment of the mission, and you are responsible for ensuring that this time, the teaching of the spirit is spread and the mission is fulfilled in such a way that no more misunderstandings and falsifications can appear.

60. Notwithstanding this, if falsifications of the teaching, the writings, the truth, the materials, and the mission should still appear, then you should, immediately and without any mercy, order a stop to such activities and should reclaim all material, all writings and lessons, etc. and deprive those people again, who would make themselves guilty of the falsifications, etc.

61. Clearly and plainly, it has been said and explained that you would equally have to do this everywhere and all over the world, no matter how, when, and where such would arise.

62. Your duty was and still is to carry out this request to its consequence and to stop everything immediately, if such arises.

63. Thus, you again have to take away all material and all writings, information, and lessons, etc. from all those who made themselves guilty and who still make themselves guilty of the offense against the mission and its rules and of the falsifications of the teaching and writings as well as explanations and interpretations, etc.

64. This has happened in a great and bad measure, and of course, again in a particularly degenerate form in America, whereby Randy Winters, Roberta Brooks, and Dr. F. B., along with the falsifying of the Talmud Jmmanuel and many others, are to be mentioned in the first place.


That’s easily said, that I should again take away all material and the teaching and writings from these forgers, schemers and thieves, sneaks, and whatever else they all are that is otherwise evil. They are altogether so maliciously evil, nasty, and dirty that they couldn’t care less for what is right, for respect, truth, and justice, and they all step into depravity with their feet. I have, indeed, demanded everything back from all of them, but just unsuccessfully. One might almost think that all of America is animated and inhabited by such degenerates, but it proves itself time and again that in this country, there are still people who truly and honestly deserve the designation of person, even though these people seem to be rather scarce. But they are actually there. And because they are there, in addition to the dog-cunts, sneaks, crooks, deceivers, liars, and swindlers, I can’t simply cram everyone into the same dirty hat; rather, I must differentiate and at least provide our material and the teaching of the spirit to those who are deserving, who honestly and also sincerely search for the truth and for the light and who are willing to recognize the truth, to acknowledge it, and to follow it. But this refers not only to people who are Americans but also to citizens of other countries, out of which swindlers, liars, deceivers, and the like emerge, in terms of alleged contacts with you or with other life forms from other planets or alleged connections and alleged contacts with higher spirit levels and so forth, whereby especially Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, and South American countries stand out, besides America. But by the fact that I and we ourselves must take a stand against all of these liars and deceivers, schizophrenics and lunatics and other insane people using harsh words, we waste a lot of strength and initiative, which we could use for better things, and above all, for the spreading of the teaching of the truth and for the fulfillment of the mission. Nevertheless, we must try to reach all those people who truly strive for and search for the effective and actual truth, but who are misled by all the liars and deceivers, etc. and who, therefore, often follow the wrong paths, namely because instead of the truth, webs of lies, as well as filthy and vulgar lies and distortions of the truth, are served to them as tasty morsels by the lunatics, delusional sick people, charlatans, liars and deceivers, by the schizophrenics, megalomaniacs, and the validity addicts, and by the crazy and unbelievable scum, by what means those who are sincerely endeavoring are misled and sometimes even driven to insanity, not to mention that they must still pay exorbitant sums for the mendacious and fraudulent machinations of the greedy liars and deceivers, etc. and that they are exploited to the bitter end.


65. That’s right, and your words correspond to the sad truth.

66. But as I assessed, you use and keep repeating these words and terms for the incredibly primitive and deceitful machinations and for the liars, deceivers, and swindlers, etc., as this is also true in my case.

67. Obviously, you also can find no other words and terms, in order to mention and to present the facts even more concisely, if I disregard one such word that is unknown to me.


You probably mean the designation of “dog-cunt?”


68. Yes, that’s the word.


Well, the value of this word is actually grounded in a vile devaluation of the character of the person who is given this designation. By this, it is meant, if I may put it gently, that the character of a person who is designated as a “dog-cunt” is mean, despicable, worthless, without any decency, cowardly, dirty, morally reprehensible, intolerably bad, and extremely pathetic. The word itself is a composition of “dog” and “cunt,” which refers in a derogatory manner to the sex organ of a bitch, which is then used in the aforementioned manner as a swear word for a lousy, sleazy character.


69. Such swear words are unknown to us, but according to your description, this term applies to the core of things.

70. The same also applies to all of those who – out of selfishness and other negative values, like out of greed for profit, desire to be great, and inferiority complexes, etc. – deny the truth of the fact that your photos taken of our aircraft and other aircraft and your other materials and proofs are genuine.

71. At the same time, envy plays a very great and decisive role, as well as other primitive inclinations of all those Earth people who try to drag everything into the dirt by incredibly dishonest means and who accuse you, as well as us, of lying, as this is once again done worldwide in great measure by Americans, such as by a certain “Von Keviczky”, whose intelligence, however, is rather inferior and whose reasoning and understanding only equal the value that an averagely-developed, earthly youngster exhibits at the age of about 22 years.

72. Same or similar grades of data come from many others, who strive diligently around alleged analyses of your materials and our contacts, but without being able to call the skills for such analyses their own; thus, they create and invent insults, defamations, and false analyses through incredibly dirty lies and through just as dirty deceit, in order, on the one hand, to make a great name for themselves among all those idiots and misdirected ones, to be celebrated as a hero and to be placed in the limelight by those who are ignorant and credulous enough to lend their ears to such pseudo-scientists and to accept their lies and frauds unchecked.

73. But on the other hand, all these liars and deceivers are greedy for profit, without any doubt, because all their slanders, lies, frauds, false analyses, misrepresentations, and distortions, as well as defamations, they know how to convert into hard cash, for they sell everything at incredibly high prices to their believers and make enormous profits, as this is also the case with all those who steal and distort your writings for their own profit and wrongly translate them into other languages and wrongly interpret them, as this is particularly blatantly the case with those truth-offending elements of the Americans, who have no respect at all for life and truth, let alone that they would exhibit just a tiny bit of propriety toward the truth, love, life, and the Creation.

74. A fact, from which also that origin is evident, which leads to the fact that a human life is of no importance at all to these elements, once they can knock out profits for themselves, but for them, it is of no importance whether human lives are destroyed in small or large numbers by this.

75. Only their own profit is important to them, as this is can also be seen with the entire national leadership of the United States of America, which knows no shame or scruples in its political operations, in order to interfere unduly, secretly, murderously, schemingly, or openly martially in the affairs of foreign countries and invade these if necessary and occupy these with murder and death, if this should be of use for America or for some authority, as this is also the case with the Israelis, who are strongly supported by America.

76. And that this is the case will quite clearly prove itself again in a very short time, but the rest of the world will remain silent about this, as usual, apart from a few pro forma objections of some countries, which will only want to preserve their image and, thus, their appearance and which won’t want to ruin this with the USA superpower, for they are dependent on America.


Those are dangerously open words, Ptaah, which bad creatures can charge to me again, in order to finish me.


77. If you want, then we can omit this part of the explanation during the transmission.


No, that wasn’t meant in such a way. I think that you should calmly mention the truth and that you don’t have to cover your mouth. You also have freedom of speech, even if it doesn’t fit different people.


78. Then it should be that everything is left in such a way as I have explained it with my words.


Exactly, it would be quite wrong if we would leave out just one iota of your explanations. Do you still have something else to explain, or have you said everything that needed to be said?


79. My explanations should likely be sufficient, regarding the interests that I had to talk about.


That’s also right with me; then could you, perhaps, answer one or two questions for me, if you still have time for this?


80. I’m not in a hurry.

81. Thus, state your questions.


Good. As you explained to me some time ago, Quetzal has undertaken a great and responsible task that, for the time being, keeps him from coming here to the Earth and to me. If I understood you correctly, he is operating somewhere far away in a large system of your Federation, where he should even prove himself, in order to attain the title of Jschwisch.


82. That correctly corresponds to my information that I gave to you.

83. Quetzal is working to attain the title of Jschwisch, which is why he isn’t available for the next, longer time and cannot come to the Earth.

84. With us, things behave differently with respect to the appointment of a person into a particular field of operation, so thus into a profession, through a final examination for an occupation, as this is called on Earth.

85. With us, the rule and order prevails that the corresponding activity should be thoroughly learned in theory and in practice over the necessary years of apprenticeship, which is also a very big difference in relation to the mode of learning that is used, for example, in Europe.

86. Then, after many years of developing what is necessary in theory and in practice, a 7-year completion of a journeymanship takes place, as you call this.

87. Only after this does the actual process occur that leads to the awarding of that title, as you called it.

88. In addition, the process of this is grounded in the fact that already through a variety of theory, practice, and experience, the tested person must reasonably exercise his learned activity on his own responsibility, but if necessary, counseling forces from the outside can be consulted at any time.

89. This is the time of proving, which lasts for a period of 3 years of the earthly calendar, while the suitability of the person concerned for the respective activity is examined and evaluated, and after this, in the case of suitability and continuance, is the awarding of the title, so with Quetzal, the designation or rather the title of Jschwisch – that is, King of Wisdom.


A long development, but I hope that Quetzal makes it. He should receive my best wishes for it.


90. He will be happy about that.

91. But you can rest assured because there aren’t any difficulties or disadvantages close to him, which could be impediments for him and which could keep him from his goal.


That is pleasing. – Ah – you know, I think that our current conversation will create all sorts of turbulence and will fling up dust all over the world. Neither you nor I have expressed kind words about all those Americans who are thieves, liars and deceivers, delusional believers, lunatics and schizophrenics as well as other crazy people. In particular, your long and blunt speech – which you presented in an unusual manner and with such harsh words and expressions, as this is normally only my style – will quite harshly offend all those who can’t handle the truth or who are directly addressed by it.


92. With certainty, everything will be as you say, but still, these words and explanations had to be said once and had to be delivered, so all those who weren’t addressed by this and who have nothing to do with this shouldn’t feel concerned.

93. They are, however, only human, and so, this must be clearly said for those who have nothing to do with any claims of alleged contacts.

94. All of those – who can truly say that they have contacts with other life forms of a different kind but, in truth, only via impulses – are silent about this and don’t appear in public in order to publicize this fact, for their task isn’t rooted in such activity but rather in fulfilling their mission for humanity in silence and in different kinds of beneficial forms.

95. But their impulse-contacts, as I already explained, are in low numbers, so only 1.03 people out of a (1) billion people.

96. Among these, however, there are actually none to be found who claim all over the world that they would have contacts with any extraterrestrial, otherworldly, or higher life forms.

97. Out of all of those who truly have contacts in this manner, there are only two who, at the present time, consciously fulfill tasks that take place in the public domain, if I disregard you, who has a separate, special and, moreover, the most important task and who is also obligated to a very important and the most important mission of all, which you have to fulfill.

98. Among all those who spread their webs of lies about alleged contacts with extraterrestrials or higher powers and life forms of other kinds and so on, there isn’t to be found one of those two people, whom I just mentioned as actual contactees, neither is there anyone to be found among them who must be counted among the remaining contact persons of a true form.

99. First and foremost, these true contacts mostly take place through impulses and in unconscious forms for the people concerned, whereby the actual contact persons have no conscious knowledge of the fact that they receive any impulses from us or from other life forms of extraterrestrial origin or even such impulses and messages from higher levels and, thus, from high spirit forms.

100. Therefore, the true contact persons have no conscious knowledge of this truth, so they can only guess if this ever happens.

101. This is the rule, apart from which there are only very few exceptions, such as those two whom I have mentioned and obviously you, who can’t be classified into any of the categories mentioned and who has a special form to show in all things that can’t be measured using the given and normal standards, due to your unusual origin and your age-old mission obligation, through which you alone are predestined to bear this burdensome mission and also actually to lead it and to fulfill it.

102. But how you have been able to do this so far, this is mysterious to me and all others.

103. Just how you were able to exist at all – due to your actual origin – among the people of this world until now, this is inexplicable to us.

104. In any case, we all agree, and this is very especially my opinion, that we would neither have the strength nor the necessary stamina just to live among humans of this kind, let alone to fulfill, among them and with them, another mission, whose scope and hardship is of such great magnitude that it couldn’t even be apprehended, borne, understood, mastered or even tolerated at all by a normal human being.


You speak of things that you really shouldn’t mention and for which it may also not be intended that the Earth people learn of them. Certain things have been a secret since ages ago and have remained so until today. As it has been, so it should also be for the present and for the near and distant future, which is why you should be concerned that you don’t speak of them.


105. Excuse my words; if I should have said too much, this was in no way in my mind.

106. It is obviously correct, what you say; although, I think that no one on Earth, except those whom you have initiated, could grasp and interpret or explain the connections.

107. But your word is an instruction to me, which you are entitled to in any case and which I have to follow.


I don’t want to give you any commands or impose any guidelines on you. That is far from me.


108. But you’d be entitled to do so, even though over all the time since our contacts officially began, the impression may have arisen in those who are uninitiated that we would be the authoritative forces over you, who lead you, guide you, mentor you, and who commission you for the continuance and fulfillment of the mission.

109. But that is not …


But please, Ptaah – what is going on with you today? You talk too much, my friend. – Please. Secrets must remain secrets.


110. I was trying to justify you, as well as the truth of your words and actions, for you never even make the slightest attempt to justify yourself and your actions on your own.

111. You always allow all evil – which is done to you with bad words and slander, etc. – to issue all over yourself, simply without any opposition and without any excitement.

112. This makes me ashamed and hits me very deeply, for just your age-old venerability and honest love for all life forms – so even for the Earth people, and to be sure, even for those who slander you and revile you – demands one to give you all recognizable respect and also all recognizable reverence.

113. But if the Earth people are not capable of this, then I’ll do it, for to me, you are not just _____, but rather the age-old and wise and reincarnate reverence and venerableness himself.


Please, now that is really enough. I will have to consider whether I shouldn’t simply leave out these words of yours in the contact report if you transmit them to me.


114. That would grieve me very much.

115. You know that my words are sincere.

116. They are also intended to ensure that the people of the Earth learn, at least once, that I and all of us stand toward you in a completely different relationship and respect than what it appeared to be during the course of the last 15 years.

117. This is also the wish of all others of our association, even the wish of the High Council.

118. From all this, it is hoped that clarity will be created, by what means the incredible lies should be recognized as such, which come from those who abuse you and us and also the levels Arahat Athersata and Petale for their own avaricious purposes, through lying and swindling and through claiming fraudulent, non-existent contacts, while accusing you of lying and charlatanism, fraud and deceit, etc., without them having any clue that you – in your sincere and all-embracing love and respect for all life and all things, and above all, in your wise awesomeness – wouldn’t be capable of any such things and machinations.

119. And now, please say nothing against this, for these are exactly the words in the sense of the High Council, as I should tell them to you.


Oh no, can I now say nothing more against it?


120. You know that it would be inappropriate because everything corresponds to the truth.

121. This knowledge also concerns the powers from your origi…


Now it is enough, my friend. I admit defeat.


122. How do you say on the Earth?

123. Signs and wonders still happen!


Yes, within the context, but you don’t have to shout that from the rooftops because the fact that I have a hard skull, I myself know this well enough – along with many others who also know this. But just this hard skull might be responsible for the fact that I am still here and am still doing that which is my task. But I can also only do this because many stand beside me, especially the family and the group members, who are actually those forces that carry out the major work, for they carry everything and every one of my letters, every writing and every instruction, every word and every deed into the world and carry out all the searches, in order to talk with them and teach them in and of the truth.


124. Of course, the truth of your words cannot be doubted, but as usual, in your modesty, you ignore your own work, which is, moreover, the most important and most extensive, as well as the most burdensome and most difficult.


Without my family and the group members, I would be groomed and dressed; they really carry out the major work.


125. I am of a completely different opinion, and your family and the group members will also surely be of the same opinion as me.


Let’s leave this, however; there’s no point to it. It is opinion versus opinion.


126. We must also finish our conversation for today because it’s getting late.

127. You should also go to bed.


You’re not wrong there because at 7:30 AM, I must already be on the move again, which means that I must get out of bed at 7:00 AM.


128. Then you don’t have much time to sleep.

129. It’s already 4:10 AM.


Thus, it just goes. The time runs away constantly.


130. Then now, I want to leave you.

131. Until we meet again – and if nothing else arises, then we won’t meet again until the month of February of next year.


Bye, my friend. Then until February of 1990.


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