资讯主题:The process of Death, Afterlife (life of the Spirit in the Spiritual Realm) and the Rebirth Process./死亡的过程,死后(灵性领域中的精神生命)以及重生的过程。

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The location of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Spiritform is in the human brain, it is in the Colliculus Superior, from which it penetrates the whole body, both factors, the CCB and the Spiritform are connected in the human.
「Comprehensive Consciousness Block/综合意识块」和‘Spiritform/灵魄’位于人类大脑的「Colliculus Superior/上丘」之中,并透过「Colliculus Superior/上丘」贯穿人体全身,‘CCB/综合意识块’和‘Spiritform/灵魄’这两种因素都与人类息息相关。

Jacob Smits, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth, April 2004
Jacob Smits,死亡、死后与重生,2004年04月

What is Death?

There are several definitions, but there is one real death.

1. Clinical Death:
1. 临床死亡:

This is not a death, this is a state of life in which all vital functions are reduced to a absolute minimum, beyond the range of detection, the heart doesn’t beat, the lungs don’t get oxygen, but the Spirit and it’s Comprehensive Consciousness Block are still present in the body, and the material consciousness is in a state of deepest unconsciousness.
这不是(真正的)「Death/死亡」,而是一种生命的状态,在这种状态下,所有的‘vital functions/生命机能’都被降至最低限度,甚至超出了检测的范围,心脏没有跳动,肺无法获取氧气,但是「Spirit/精神」及其「Comprehensive Consciousness Block/综合意识块儿」仍然存在于身体之中,‘material consciousness/物质意识’处在一种极度无意识的状态之中。

The brain still has some electrical activity.

2. Brain Death:
2. 脑死亡:

Brain death is defined as the irreversible loss of all functions of the brain.
「Brain Death/脑死亡」被定义为大脑所有功能的、不可逆转的丧失。

It can be determined in several ways.

First – no electrical activity in the brain; this is determined by an EEG.
首先 – 大脑中没有(脑)电波活动;这可以通过「EEG/脑电波图」加以确定。

Second – no blood flow to the brain; this is determined by blood flow studies.
第二,没有血液流向大脑;这可以通过‘blood flow studies/血液流动研究’加以确定。

Third – absence of function of all parts of the brain – as determined by clinical assessment (no movement, no response to stimulation, no breathing, no brain reflexes.)

When a person is brain dead then he is actually dead, all bodily functions are sustained by machines which enable breathing, blood flow, intravenous feeding, etc.
当一个人「Brain Dead/脑死亡」时,他实际上已经死亡了,所有的‘bodily functions/身体机能’只能由机器加以维持,使其能够呼吸、血液流动、静脉喂养等。

The person is actually dead.

Real death is instantaneous, which means that the CCB and the Spirit leave the body with lightspeed and in an irreversible way.

Once the Spirit and the CCB have left the body they can’t return, that is impossible.

The Spirit does not have a desire or wish to return to the body or has any negative feelings and emotions, this is simply impossible, since the human spirit lacks a conscious-spirit consciousness and does not think about it’s former body or life, there is simply no consciousness in the Spirit as of yet to generate any conscious thought.
「Spirit/精神」并没有返回身体的欲望或意愿,也不具有任何负面的情感和情绪,(因为)这是根本不可能的,因为人类的「Spirit/精神」缺乏一种‘conscious-spirit consciousness/有意识的精神意识’,而且不会思考其前世的身体或生活,因此,「Spirit/精神」之中根本就没有「Consciousness/意识」,因为还未产生任何有意识地想法。

When people see tunnels or loved ones when they are in a life threating situation like a heart attack or stroke, or anything else, then its nothing more then a lack of oxygen, or imbalance in the hormonal make-up of the brain which causes the Material consciousness and Material subconsiousness to generate tunnel effects, ‘Jesus’ and god experiences, just like the way people have lived and thought all their lives.
当人们身处某种生命(遭遇)威胁的情况,像是心脏病发作或者中风,又或是其它什么状况,(进而)看到隧道或者亲人时,这不过是一种(大脑)缺氧(的反应),又或是大脑的荷尔蒙构成发生紊乱,这会导致(当事者的)‘Material consciousness/物质意识’和‘Material subconsiousness/物质潜意识’产生‘tunnel effects/隧道效应’,体验到「Jesus/耶稣」和‘god/神明’(的存在),就像是(在一瞬间)经历人们一生的生活和思考那样。

Religious people will often see helper-spirits, god, jesus, Mary, etc.

There are as much near-death experiences as there are people.
有多少人,就(会)有多少的‘near-death experiences/濒死体验’。

In conclusion, true Death is final and very fast, the parting Spirit and CCB don’t have the desire to return to the body or ‘miss’ the people they left behind, it is normal to up an extent to have a fear of death, Jmmanuel was one of the most ‘famous’ people to express this, just before his crucifixion and near-death.

He stated that the ‘Flesh is weak and the Spirit is strong’, he meant that the Psyche, which is a part of the human body, the Physe, feels fear and horror for death, and that even a highly developed person knowing about Death will have to deal with these responses of the Psyche.
他说道:‘Flesh is weak and the Spirit is strong/肉体是软弱的,但精神是坚强的’,他的意思是说,「Psyche/心灵」,是人类身体一部分,「Physe/生理」,对「Death/死亡」感到害怕和恐惧(…是很正常的事情),即便是一个高度进化的、了解「Death/死亡」的人,也不得不应对「Psyche/心灵」的这些反应。

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