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Contact Report 357第357次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇不完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 9




英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin, Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg


校對改進:Joseph Darmanin


英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 357

中版譯者:Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告


編輯譯者:DeepL Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第357次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)







This is the entire contact report. Parts 1 and 3 are authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translations and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!


Billy and Quetzal discuss the public discussions regarding President Eisenhower’s alleged secret meetings and deals with extraterrestrials.


Part 1第一部分(英譯者:DeepL Translator)


Hello, this is a surprise. First of all, I was not expecting any of you, and certainly not that you would come here, my friend. And you are lucky too, because Eva has just gone over to Selina’s place and will probably stay there. But greetings and welcome.



  1. It is a pleasure to see you.


  1. I too offer you my greetings.


  1. I felt the need to visit you.


  1. I also come here because apparently there was a problem with your computer, as Florena told me.



That is right. Cuckoo knows why, but since I got this thing, it has crashed several times, erasing written data. It also happened several times that something completely different was written than what I typed in, which sometimes made the sentences express something completely different than they should. This has happened several times because suddenly wrong words were inserted or words that had already been written were simply missing in the printout, but were present in the computer.



  1. Florena told me about it, whereupon I contacted Zafenatpaneach.


  1. He will come to you in the near future and check out your computer, as you like to say.



You mean, he can rig this thing so that if my computer crashes again, I won’t lose any more data?



  1. That is correct.


  1. The same thing as the Mayan report will not happen again.


  1. You already retrieved it again, I suppose, because Florena took the data with her to send it to you again.



Yes, everything’s fine.



  1. Not quite yet, my friend.


  1. Here, look, there are still some mistakes in this report section that need to be corrected.



Then I will do it in the computer, if you will wait two minutes … what report you have got here – ah yes – wait a minute, I have got it right here. Please point out the errors.

那我就在電腦裡做吧,如果你願意等兩分鐘… 你這裡有什麼報告 —— 啊,對了 —— 等一下,我這裡有。請指出其中的錯誤。


  1. Here you can see the errors – here and here.

在這裡你可以看到這些錯誤 —— 這裡和這裡。


OK, I will just make the corrections … There, that is done. Did you find any other flaws?

好的,我很快就會進行修改… 好了,這樣就完成了。你還發現其他的錯誤嗎?


  1. No, that is all.



Thank you for your effort of control. But may I ask you now if you have already found out anything about the thing I asked you about some time ago? It just does not leave me alone, which is why I asked Christian Frehner to email me where I am looking for the connection.

謝謝你的用心檢查。但我現在是否可以問你,關於我前段時間問你的那件事,你是否已經發現了什麼?它就是不讓我安心,這就是為什麼我請Christian Frehner透過發送電子郵件給我,好讓我尋找在其中的關聯。


  1. You talk about it very carefully, dear friend.


  1. I guess you do not want to talk about it openly and do not want to mention any names, at least not yet.


  1. I will keep to that.


  1. Well, it is a fact that through mistakes and misinformation of some people you know very well, differences, slander and almost disputes have arisen, and the slander has even penetrated to the core group members.


  1. Unfortunately, we also agreed to shake hands with the slander in such a way that we assumed that it was true.


  1. This was again based on the fact that we were of the good opinion that the persons in question, as I will call the erroneous sides, had a clear and profound insight into all the relevant aspects of the matters involved.


  1. Unfortunately, however, we were misled by the statements of the persons in question, as was still very often the case with us at that time, as you know.


  1. Later on, when we were disabused by you and no longer got involved in certain machinations of the destructive forces, we decided to let everything rest from then on and not to try to find out more, because we were too often deceived by the wrong words and thoughts of the fallible ones, who spoke and thought differently from the truth.


  1. For this reason, because we could not understand the lying, because it was foreign to us, we unfortunately took all the wrong words and thoughts as truth and reality, until you taught us better.


  1. But it took years until then, and it is only since 1999 that we have had the laboriously acquired ability to critically and healthily oppose the words and thoughts of the Earth humans, so that we no longer simply consider everything that is thought and spoken as given truth.




  1. But that we have been able to learn and develop abilities in this way, the credit for this lies solely with you, my friend.


  1. And only through this acquired ability was it also possible for me to be able to make a real effort for your request, which you asked me to clarify, some time ago.


  1. So I found out that you had been misinformed by the aforementioned persons in various things in connection with your request, which resulted in apparent inconsistencies that led to differences between you and the other side.


  1. Of course I know that you did not want this and that you have always looked for a way to settle these differences, which you have now done through Christian, after I could give you the necessary information about who caused the disagreement.


  1. Of course, the persons in question will vehemently deny this, because they are too self-absorbed and imperious to be able to understand.


  1. All this, however, I have only found out through my recent investigations, in which I was guided by your advised guidelines, whereby I gained frightening insights into the fact that we were so much deceived by the persons in question and took their thoughts and words as truth, although they were false, autocratic, imperious and arrogant.


  1. Never again will we be deceived by such things.


  1. For your part, your trust was shamefully abused to drive a wedge between you and the other side, because the selfishness, arrogance and self-opinionatedness of the fallible persons did not allow them not to be in the first place in relation to you and not to play the leading role.


  1. You have often talked about this with me and also with Ptaah and always regretted very much and did not understand that these differences arose, and this despite the false information and the wrong advice that was given to you.


  1. And all of us, like you, have a very great need to settle the differences that have arisen through lies and deceit, and to ask for settlement and forbearance.


  1. Like you, we do not want to leave anything wrong, but to clarify everything and express our gratitude for the settlement and forbearance.


  1. It is very regrettable that everything turned out this way and that we too were involved in it and also wrongly instructed you to act according to the wrong words of the people advising you.


  1. If we had paid more attention to your words and thoughts at that time, we would have sought your advice even then and carried out the analyses in the way you advised us.


  1. Unfortunately, we did not do that, which is why we see ourselves both in your debt and in the debt of the other party, with whom you have been trying to get in contact via Christian for some time.


  1. May your efforts be crowned with success, because they would not only be pleasing for you and for the core group members as well as for the other side and a help in settling a tiresome matter, but also for us.



So nothing new has come up. But you know, Quetzal, the blame is also on me, because I should have been more critical about my trust, and I should have controlled everything before I gave my approval to everything without hesitation. I have learned a lesson from this and have been controlling everything very carefully for a long time before I gave my consent.



  1. No, nothing new has arisen, but what I could fathom should actually be enough.


  1. It is comprehensive and groundbreaking for everything that has happened in the matter.


  1. But the fault is also with us, because we too have let our trust be abused too much, apart from the fact that we did not listen to you and did not want to admit that the words and thoughts of Earth humans do not have to agree with the truth and therefore can be wrong and correspond to lies.



You are probably also right that it should be enough, therefore nothing more should be done than to try to make things right. I also think that at least the names of the other side with whom the unpleasant differences exist should be openly mentioned in our conversation reports in order to rehabilitate them when the conflict is resolved.



  1. That is so probably correct and also my opinion.


  1. Ptaah is of the same opinion, because I have initiated him into the matter today.



Fine, then everything is clear between all of us in this respect – then, when the time really comes, I only have to inform the core group members, although I do not want to name the guilty persons by name – just to keep the peace. For my part, I have good hope that everything will be sorted out, because I respect the other side as good friends and as reasonable and understanding people who do not hold grudges.

好吧,那麼我們大家在這方面就都清楚了 —— 然後,當時間真的到來時,我只需要通知核心小組成員,儘管我不想指名道姓地說出那些犯錯的人 —— 只是為了保持和平。就我而言,我很希望一切都能得到解決,因為我尊重對方是好朋友,是通情達理而不記仇的人。


  1. I think you will be right.


  1. At least that is how Ptaah and I see it.


  1. It’s just very unfortunate that such unpleasantness could arise.


  1. In fact, we did not expect such in this form because we were – as you say – too naïve about the honesty of certain people who gathered around you.

事實上,我們沒有想到會有這種狀況出現,因為我們 —— 如你所說 —— 對於在你身邊某些人的誠實性過於天真。

  1. Had we listened to you earlier, much evil and calamity could have been avoided, and moreover, we would have come to better and more comprehensive knowledge of these matters earlier.



This is how it shall be done. – Look at this fantastic story. Ptaah, you and I have talked about this before, and you explained that it is nothing more than a fantastic story without truth. Please read it.

這就是該這麼做的。—— 但現在看看這個神奇的故事吧。Ptaah、你和我以前談過這個問題,你說這只不過是一個不實的虛幻故事。還是請讀一讀吧。


… (reads the uncorrected rendition of the e-mails received)


In fact, LIGHT’s version of events on the 20th of February 1954 is confirmed by various independent sources:


1954, summer. In his research, British UFO researcher Desmond LESLIE came across an air force member who confirmed that “President Eisenhower was on Muroc during his vacation in Palm Springs to inspect alien missiles that had landed. A ‘saucer’, a 35-metre-wide missile that had landed on a Muroc runway, was hidden in Hangar 27, heavily guarded. Men returning from leave were suddenly not allowed to enter the base, but were ordered to ‘disappear’. Some of them had their personal belongings brought to the gate without being allowed to enter the base. People who happened to be temporarily on Muroc at the time were not allowed to leave the base under any circumstances. In 1954, the writer Frank SCULLY, who had bought a log cabin above Edwards that year, learned from one of the carpenters who worked for him, who was a civilian employee of Edwards, that the President had indeed visited Edwards AFB ‘a few months ago’, and he ‘wondered’ that there was nothing about it in the newspapers the next day.

1954年的夏天,英國的UFO研究者Desmond LESLIE在他的研究中,遇到了一位空軍官員,他證實:艾森豪Eisenhower)總統在棕櫚泉Palm Springs)度假期間,在Muroc檢查已經降落的外星飛行器。一架“飛碟”,一架35公尺寬的飛行器,降落在Muroc的跑道上,被藏在27號機庫裡,有重兵把守。休假回來的人突然不被允許進入基地,而是被命令“消失”。他們中的一些人的個人物品被帶到了大門口,卻不被允許進入基地。當時碰巧臨時在Muroc的人在任何情況下都不允許離開基地。1954年,作家Frank SCULLY那年在愛德華茲Edwards)買了一間木屋,他從一個為他工作的木匠那裡得知,總統“幾個月前”確實訪問過愛德華空軍基地Edwards AFB),他“很奇怪”,第二天的報紙上沒有關於此事的報導。

… …


  1. … Where did you get this?

… 你從哪裡得到這份資料?

  1. The whole thing is confused and is written in a very imprecise language, which alone testifies that the author of the writing is not very educated.


Part 2第二部分(英譯者:Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg)


Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, through the Internet or some such, toyed with the question, whether the entire thing is based upon the truth.

Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer透過網際網路之類的工具在玩弄這個話題[中譯者註:指有關艾森豪總統與外星人交易等的話題],整件事是否基於事實?


  1. That is actually not the case, because everything corresponds to an untruth, because a contact between USA President Dwight David Eisenhower and any kind of being of extraterrestrial origin never took place.

實際上並非如此,這一切都是謊言美國總統艾森豪(USA President Dwight David Eisenhower)從未與任何一種外星生命接觸過

  1. These stupid fantasy stories have already circulated for a considerable time in circles which see extraterrestrial flying devices and beings as being behind everything and everyone, and which moreover are very gullible and criminally uncritical.


  1. Such stories, which are invented from beginning to end and make reality ridiculous, unfortunately circulate very much in the so-called UFO-circles, in which all nonsense is taken as ready cash, if I may speak with your words.


  1. An unbelievable number of deceivers, swindlers as well as liars assert that they are in telepathic, personal, or perceptible or some other kind of contact with extraterrestrial intelligences, whereby, however, as a rule, everything is only pure invention, corresponding to profit-making, a delusion or effective schizophrenia.


  1. Quite especially in regard to us Plejaren, respectively Pleiadians, as we called ourselves in the terrestrial German language at the beginning of our contacts, very many lies, swindles, deceptions and frauds are put into operation on the Earth, and indeed through male as well as female Earth humans.


  1. Actually, however, with the exception of yourself, from all our peoples of our great federation, which encompasses a measure of distance of 48,000,000 light-years, no personal, telepathic, perceptional or other contact at all with Earth humans exists in the form that they could be perceived, whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.


  1. In our entire federation, impulse contacts only exist coming from we Plejaren, in the form of help with the evolution of Earth humans, who, however, have not the slightest notion of them, and they exclusively pertain to people who are active in developmental research.

在我們整個聯盟中脈衝接觸」(impulse contacts)這種形式幫助地球人演化的,只有我們Plejaren脈衝接觸僅是針對那些活躍在開發研究領域的人,然而,被接觸的對象卻對此沒有絲毫的察覺。

  1. Firstly, all those who assert that they would be in any kind of connection, respectively, would maintain contact, with us or with any kind of being, do not belong to that, and secondly they would also be incapable of maintaining any kind of contact with us because all prerequisites for that are lacking in them.


  1. And thirdly is to say, that all who claim to be in any kind of form of contact or other connection with us, are either pathologically delusional, pathologically imaginative or schizophrenic, if they have not quite knowingly fallen to lying, fraud, deception and swindling.


  1. We have already often explained that to you, thus, also, that you are the only one who possesses the necessary prerequisites to maintain various forms of contact with us.


  1. Among all humans on the Earth, you are the only one who, for quite certain reasons, is capable of that.


  1. They are capabilities which all other Earth humans lack and will still not have been able to achieve in even a thousand years.


  1. Yet you know that, indeed, better than I.



You talk too much, Quetzal, my friend. Let us, from there, talk once again about the American Moon landings, even if we have already often done that. I have here a book with the title “Die dunkle Seite von Apollo" [The Dark Side of Apollo] by Gernot L. Geise, which was published by Michaels-Verlag in the year 2002. It has the ISB-Number 3-89539-607-9. The research which the author undertook is astonishing and likewise expresses that the US Americans, respectively, NASA, undertook the greatest swindle of all time and has deceived the entire world in order to win the Cold War and the race to the Moon, and so forth, against the Soviet Union. In addition to that, I am able to recall that earlier, once the talk was that NASA, subsequently, under certain circumstances, after the alleged first conjured up Moon race landing on the 20th of July 1969, carried out manned or unmanned Moon landings, whereby all objects and so forth were then set out on the Moon which were supposed to have been left behind by the alleged first landing on the Moon. The reason for that was supposed to have been, as I remember it, that it could later be “proven" that the first Moon landing, and also further ones, was actually supposed to have come about on the 20th of July 1969. You have further explained that the Moon landing lie will also be vehemently contested in the new millennium and everything will be undertaken to create “proof" and indeed again in the form that new fraudulent pictures are to be manufactured, in which allegedly, the first Moon landing’s “left-behind" objects and so forth, will be able to be “sighted" on the Moon through a new telescope and will be broadcast worldwide through television as a new fraud. The whole thing can eventually actually come about through a new type of telescope, always with the prerequisite that real materials were set out on the Moon, yet it could also be that then everything is only a studio set-up, as with the alleged first Moon landing. For this, indeed in suitable areas, hundreds of craters were created by means of underground explosions of blasting agents, and, with construction equipment, heaved-up hills were created, which finally looked like a Moon landscape. These areas, alongside special film studios, were then indeed also used for the lavish so-called training of astronauts. The decisive machinations for the entire Moon landing swindle lead back fundamentally to Werner Freiherr von Braun and Walt Disney, who, together as good friends, already established everything earlier. Walt Disney, as movie special effects specialist, suited NASA perfectly. But, unfortunately, he died two and a half years before the execution of the swindle, on the 12th of December 1966, if I remember correctly. His ideas and those of Werner von Braun, who indeed died in 1977, I think that it was on 16th June, were then however still realised. Besides, there was still Werner von Braun’s co-worker, with whom I was permitted to have a short conversation in Semjase’s beamship, as she flew with me to America and she beamed the man into her ship. Naturally, he was completely perplexed and could initially not understand what had happened to him and he was suddenly in our ship. His name was Ernst Stuhlinger (Note from Billy of the 24th of September 2005: E Stuhlinger was Werner von Braun’s right hand man and he said, among other things, “It was the lie of the millennium, a fraud of the millennium without equal, NASA’s and the USA’s best specialised deceit spectacle ever"), and he came from Germany like Werner von Braun. First he wanted to dispute the Moon swindle, but Semjase’s irrefutable presence with her ship and her explanation led to him confessing to the incredible swindle. But he then therefore begged that we should not publish his name and the conversation we had with him for the time being, rather first then when he is dead. Today the man would have to be over 90 years old. If he is dead, I do not know – if he still lives, then I want to openly speak of the short conversation I had with him, and his name. Is it then possible that I can keep the notes that I have received from you?

你說得太多了,Quetzal好友。讓我們換個話題,來再談論一次美國的登月行動,即使我們已經談過許多次了。我這裡有一本書,書名是「Die dunkle Seite von Apollo」《阿波羅的黑暗面》,由Gernot L. Geise所著,在2002年由Michaels-Verlag出版。它的ISBN是3-89539-607-9。其中作者進行了驚人的研究,他同樣也表示,美國的NASA(太空總署)曾進行了有史以來最大的騙局他們為了對抗蘇聯,贏得冷戰以及登月競賽,竟欺騙了整個世界
關於這方面,事實上在合適的地區,透過爆破專家的地下爆炸方式,就可以創造出數百個隕石坑,而且經由架設的結構,也能作出隆起的山丘,最終看起來像月亮的景觀。這些地區與特殊的電影製片廠,同樣可用於太空人豪華的“訓練”場地。整個登月騙局決定性的陰謀,從最初可追溯自華納.馮.布朗(Werner von Braun)華特.迪士尼(Walt Disney)兩位好友,他們在一起在更早的時候已經建造了一切身為電影特效專家的迪士尼,完全配合了NASA的演出

他的名字叫Ernst Stuhlinger(來自2005年9月24日Billy的註解:E Stuhlinger是馮.布朗的得力助手。他曾說到,在其他類似的案件中,「這是件世紀謊言,一個無可匹敵的世紀騙局,一項NASA與美國有史以來最專業的欺世奇觀」)。他跟馮.布朗一樣,都是來自德國。在一開始,他還想就登月騙局進行爭論,但Semjase及其飛船無可辯駁的存在,導致他供認了令人難以置信的騙局。但隨後,他懇求我們不要公佈他的姓名以及當時我們與他的對話,而在他死後再公佈。今天,那個男人應該已經超過90歲了。假如他死了,我不知道 —— 或者他還活著,那麼我想公開談及我與他的簡短對話,以及他的名字,這樣可以嗎?[中譯者註:Ernst Stuhlinger已在2008年5月25日去世]那麼從你那裡接收到的接觸報告,我可以保有這段紀錄嗎?


  1. Naturally.


  1. And indeed no further word must be spoken about all that which you have explained.



If you still have time, then I would still like to bring forward a question in regard to the Third World Fire.

如果你還有時間的話,那麼我還想提出一個問題,關於「第三次世界之火」(the Third World Fire)。


  1. You can ask, then thereafter I want to converse with you privately.



Naturally. – Now, when the talk is about the Third World Fire, then the humans of the Earth always mean, that thereby the Third World War is meant, and indeed a Third World War that is like the First and Second World Wars. But as I know from you, you also then talk – as also do the ancient prophets – of a world fire or world war in a quite different form. The Third World Fire or the Third World War, as I understand your exposition anyway, can very probably be the unbelievable chaos that exists on the Earth at the present time. I mean, thereby, the terrorism organised through religious and political extremism, as well as governmental and militaristic terrorism, for example by Osama bin Laden, Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat, as well as George W. Bush and Tony Blair and their military and allies and so forth. I further take into account, additionally, the worldwide sexual degeneration among humans, the pornography that evermore takes the upper hand, the outgrowth of child sex abuse, the mistreatment of women and children, discrimination against women, sexual rape, the climbing criminality, and violent crime. But in the same way I also add to that the entire commercial criminality, the destruction of companies and businesses as well as the exploitation of companies and businesses through administrative advisors and managers. Further to name is the worldwide unemployment, the ceaselessly growing overpopulation and the apathy of the humans to one another, the ever faster disappearing of good interpersonal relationships and the mistreatment of children. Also the defencelessness of children, the addiction of the humans to drugs and alcohol belong to that, I think, as also marriage, which is thoughtlessly and senselessly entered into and, from the start, is doomed to divorce. There is also the greed for power, avarice, imperiousness, as well as the lying which has become habitual to the humans, their underhandedness, falseness and swindling, alongside jealousy, the addiction to retribution and hate. Dishonesty is likewise everywhere, as also mistrust, envy, jealousy, evil, intolerance, all badness and an absence of virtue. Also to note are thereby, right around the world, the very many sites of war in the different countries, where thousands upon thousands of humans are miserably slaughtered and bestially murdered, alongside those who wretchedly starve, die of thirst or from plagues, the origins of which often lie in the fault of the humans themselves. All that, as well as many other evil things which are still to be named, which, however, would take too long to list. And when I take, together, all the goodness, love, and positive, in opposition to all the preponderating evil and all wretchedness of the Earthlings, as it has already predominated for quite a while with practically the entire humanity and gets worst every day, then I think, that quite probably it can be a Third World Fire, respectively a Third World War. The many wars of all kinds all around the world alone already reinforces that. But I do not thereby say that indeed a collective world-enveloping Great War will not still develop from all that, and then can be described as an effective Third World War. What is your opinion about that?

當然。現在,當談到關於「第三次世界之火」時,地球的人類總是解讀成「第三次世界大戰」就像第一次和第二次世界大戰一樣的模式。但我由你得知,而你也那麼認為 —— 就像古老的先知們一樣 —— 將以一種頗為不同的形式,來解讀這一場世界之火或世界大戰。
第三次世界之火或第三次世界大戰,無論如何,如我所理解你的論述,很有可能就是目前存在於地球上令人難以置信的混亂我指的是宗教和政治極端分子組織的恐怖主義,以及國家和軍事恐怖主義,例如奧薩馬.賓.拉登(Osama bin Laden)、艾里爾.夏隆(Ariel Sharon)和亞西爾.阿拉法特(Yassir Arafat)以及喬治.沃克.布希(George W. Bush)和東尼.布萊爾(Tony Blair)與他們國家的軍隊和盟軍等。


  1. You are perfectly correct and you have listed a large part of the terrifying scenarios which already have existed for quite some time, which actually still spread out ever further and intensify, whereby the World Fire finally can get completely out of control, which is unfortunately to fear.


  1. The path to avoidance has often been explained, yet the humans of Earth are like stubborn cattle, who, with seeing eyes and open senses, run to their own ruin.


  1. In this regard an effective stupidity of the humans must be spoken of.


Part 3第三部分(英譯者:DeepL Translator)

  1. But now, dear friend, I would like to turn to the private matter …



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