Billy Swatting A Fly/Billy在打一只苍蝇

资讯源头:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

撰文作者:Claes Elmberg
资讯来源:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」
资讯链接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」
  • Billy swatting a fly. SSSC in 2005.
  • Billy在打一只苍蝇,2005年于SSSC:

I took this picture at the Freihof where the owners often hand Billy a fly swat to keep the flies off the table.

Because they have animals in the basement (ground floor) under the restaurant they have a fly problem at the guesthouse.

I asked Billy to pose for this photo so that I could perhaps write something about how dangerous the common house fly really is to our health.

I also found it quite funny how he would kill the flies with the swat.

In Billy’s book ‘Direktiven’ (which was one of the first books I bought from FIGU) Billy writes about health and hygiene and about the housefly and its danger to a humans good health.

Then also how important it is to keep animals and human living quarters a certain distance away from each other.

Billy suffered for 22 years from an infection called ‘Helicobacter Pylori’ that he got from flies that eats away in the intestines and makes the human sick.
Billy因感染‘Helicobacter Pylori/幽门螺杆菌’而忍受了22年折磨,这种病菌来源于苍蝇的排泄物,会在肠道滋生并使人类生病。

Often the doctors don’t know that many health problems comes from flies and lack of good hygiene.
You notice when staying and working a the FIGU center how well they keep the kitchen and toilets very clean with a daily cleaning routine.

There is also sticky fly tape and a fly swat handy in the kitchen.

All for good reason.

They are teaching by example.

Like Michael Horn says in his radio interviews there is a lack of pretense at the FIGU center.
正如Michael Horn在接受广播采访时所说的那样,FIGU中心不存在虚伪。

Most people don’t try to appear to be more than they are.

No one is trying to appear holy like I have seen at different ashrams in India.

Claes Elmberg, February 6th, 2006
Claes Elmberg,2006年02月06日

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