Contact Report 475

Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Excerpt from the 475th Contact Conversation
  • Date/time of contact: Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 2:16 PM

Translator’s Note: The original German article that corresponds to the translation below can be read here:

Regarding Alcohol Consumption


… But now, a question that has been directed towards me with respect to beer, a beverage that is drunk in large quantities, especially by the people in the industrialized nations of our world. Are you also aware of this brew? Many people of the Earth are beer-drinkers, both men and women alike, but especially young people, who get drunk on this to the point of unconsciousness, as they also do so with other alcoholic drinks, and who organize drinking orgies.


About that, I am oriented. With us, however, no beer is brewed and, therefore, also none is drunk. About this drink, it is also to be said that it is very health-impairing if more than one deciliter of it is drunk per day, for it contains toxic materials that damage the liver, the heart, and the other organs, as well as the cellular tissue. In addition to this, the toxins also have a destructive effect on the brain, by what means the consciousness is also damaged. Moreover, vision is also impaired by beer and other kinds of alcohol because the toxins also damage the retina of the eye. Beer also makes people lax and can evoke the development of fat, alcoholic fatty liver hepatitis, and obesity. In the context of the damage of the consciousness, it also impairs the rapid functioning of the intellect, intelligence and, consequently, the thoughts and feelings, as also physical reaction and mobility. Like any alcoholic drink, including alcohol-reduced drinks, i.e. the reduction that is propagated by non-alcoholic drinks, beer is also a large factor with regard to liver cirrhosis (Billy’s Note: atrophy of the liver). This is a chronic disease of the liver, which is marked by the destruction of the liver cells and the reconstruction of the organ structure. In this process, there arises a reconstruction by the progressive scarring of the connective tissue, i.e. a transformation of the liver, i.e. a parenchymal reconstruction. Once this reconstruction has occurred, a restoration of the normal liver function and liver architecture is no longer possible.

This means that the liver function is impaired, by what means all kinds of physical suffering appear, which can lead to the impairment of consciousness and to dementia, as well as to delusions, which you once referred to as “boozer’s delirium.” Beer is, in this respect, as dangerous as wine or liquor, and this even in small quantities, if these are drunk regularly. Chronic alcoholism is already given when alcohol is consumed several times a week, where I speak of a twice to three-times consumption of alcohol in small quantities, for this already leads to the damage of the liver and causes all sorts of ailments, like also the damage of the consciousness and the damage of the freedom of reaction and the freedom of movement of intelligence, intellect and, thus, also of the thoughts and feelings. The consumption of alcohol of any kind, with beer occupying an especially harmful position, leads to malnutrition and the lack of nourishment, whereby small quantities already lead to mild inflammations of the liver, which are recognized, as a rule, neither by the alcohol-drinkers nor by any consulted earthly doctor. The fact is that any kind of alcoholic drink, especially beer, whether strong or weak in alcohol, evokes metabolic disturbances and also destroys, to a great extent, the physical balance of bases*, which leads to pain, discomfort, and nausea and so on. In addition to the aforesaid, those who enjoy alcohol must also count on the fact that they will experience seals of their bile ducts and be hit by many other health-impairing evils. That is to say, in brief, what the consequences of beer consumption and other alcohol consumption are.

*Translator’s Note: “bases," here, refers those substances that are associated with acids.


I didn’t know that, but I have always regarded beer as a sad brew.


Also other alcoholic drinks of all kinds are health-impairing in the same or similar manner, depending on the intensity level of the alcohol and the amount that is consumed.


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