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本篇译文基于「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 译制。

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资料来源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
报告卷属:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 15
页码范围:464页 – 501页
资讯参考:「FIGU. ORG」
后来(又)谈到了先前的一次私人谈话,其中揭示了‘permafrost/永久冻土’融化的真正转折点,这引发了‘climate change/气候变化’,然后,两人还谈到了(人类现有的)气候研究是如何忽视问题根源方面的。提到了…正如Sfath很久以前就已经解释过的那样:核试验造成了‘polar co-ordinates/极点坐标’的‘movement/运动’和‘wandering/漂移’,也就是说,(「Earth/地球」)轨道的晃动和‘climate refugees/气候难民’将不可避免地接踵而至。然后,他们在私人交谈中谈到了一种「Plejaren/普雷亚人」的新型仪器,该仪器可以记录下未来长达41天的内容。

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英版译者:Stefan Zutt
英版链接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」


… …

58. Which, unfortunately, I will not be able to because I can’t get into the Nokodemion storage-banks.
58. 在这方面,不幸的是,我(尚)做不到,因为我(尚)无法进入「Nokodemion」的存储库。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
You, resp. another personality of yours, will also one day have found this behaviour.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But now a question about the French Presidency; in fact, whether you already know something about whether or not everything is being conducted in the right way?
但是现在,我还有一个关于「French Presidency/法国(的)总统(任期)」的问题;事实上,你是否已经知道一些关于…一切都是否正在以一种正确的方式进行的…事情呢?

59. In this regard, a foresight showed that already from the first round of voting onwards a massive electoral fraud had been launched in favour of Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen, which will bring a fraudulent victory for Macron in today’s run-off election, whereby certain EU-dictatorship elements and French EU-dictatorship fanatics are the originators of the whole thing.
59. 在这方面,对未来的一次展望显示:从第一轮投票开始,就已经发起了一场有利于「Emmanuel Macro/艾曼纽尔·麦克龙」…但不利于「Marine Le Pen/马琳·勒庞」的…大规模选举舞弊,而这,将在今天的第二轮选举中,为「Emmanuel Macro/艾曼纽尔·麦克龙」带来一场欺诈的胜利,这其中,一些‘EU-dictatorship/欧盟独裁统治’分子和‘French EU-dictatorship/法国(的)欧盟独裁(统治)’狂热分子…是整件事的始作俑者。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Can’t be otherwise, but do you know anything in terms of terrorism, how things are developing?

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
You keep creating foresights in this regard, even if you no longer mention it, because it is useless if something is to be done to curb terrorist evils.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
You once told me that the Sonaer provided you with highly developed equipment and devices through which you are able to in a technical way gain sights into the future across all time and also record everything without having to make any personal efforts to foresee future things.


… …

151. Certainly.
151. 当然。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Thank you.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Recently you said something in the strictly private conversation that it would take only very little extra until the permafrost would thaw out for good.

152. That is true, because I said that the final and complete permafrost dissolution will occur if the global temperature continues to warm by just under 0.5 degrees.
152. 这是真的,因为我说过:如果‘global temperature/全球性温度’继续变暖…只要(再)超过仅仅0.5度,那么‘permafrost/永久冻土’就会发生最终的…而且是完全的融解。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Yes, that was it.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But you also mentioned that the climate has been unstable for quite some time and that the actual beginning of climate change started very early, thus not just in modern times.
但你也提到过:气候已经不稳定了很长一段时间,而且‘climate change/气候变化’实际上在很早以前就已经开始了,而不仅仅是在现代(才开始)。

153. This is also true, because climate change began already very early and caused a very slow but long-lasting increase in climate instability, and in fact from the 19th century, when the overpopulation had exceeded 1.6 thousand million.
153. 这同样是真实的,因为‘climate change/气候变化’在很早的时候就已经开始了,并导致了一种非常缓慢却又持久的…气候不稳定的加剧,且事实上,这从十九世纪就已经发生了,当时的‘overpopulation/人口过剩’已经突破了16亿。-[注]


154. Since then the whole thing has increased to this day, of which the enormously serious consequences have been openly recognisable for several decades in nature, the fauna and flora as well as the climate itself.
154. 自那以后,整件事就一直持续到了今天,几十年来,这些事(即:‘climate change/气候变化’)在大自然、动物界和植物界以及气候本身…所造成的极其严重的后果,已经为世人所知。

155. Today the time has come for the Earth and its humankind to face an inevitable mass destruction of life, which is already so far advanced that it is no longer possible to stop the whole thing.
155. 今天,让「Earth/地球」及其人类面对…一次不可避免的大规模生命毁灭的…时候已然来临,后者(的进展)到目前为止已经严重到如此地步,以至于(人类)将再也不可能阻止整件事(即:一场迫在眉睫的生态灾难)了。

156. And all the blame for this lies with Earth’s humankind itself as a result of its overpopulation, who does not listen to your and our warnings and continues to push the overpopulation onwards to an ever-increasing extent.
156. 所有这一切,都归咎于「Earth/地球」人类自身的…‘overpopulation/人口过剩’…所造成的恶果,他们不听从你的…还有我们(即:「Plejaren/普雷亚人」)的警告,并继续推动‘overpopulation/人口过剩’到达一个全所未有的增长程度。

157. All research conducted in relation to the climate always focuses only on the corresponding consequences of climate change, in the same way as the real cause is sought in false origins, just not where it actually lies, namely in overpopulation, whose machinations in relation to the destruction of the nature, the fauna and flora and the planet itself have caused the climate change.
157. (人类)所有与气候相关的研究,始终只是关注在‘climate change/气候变化’(带来)的相应后果上,这等同于在错误的源头…寻找真正的原因,而不是在问题实际的源头,也就是在‘overpopulation/人口过剩’中…寻找(问题的真正原因),后者(即:‘overpopulation/人口过剩’)涉及大自然,动物界和植物界以及行星体本身(的)毁坏的(人类)阴谋,才是引发‘climate change/气候变化’的真正元凶。

158. And it is in that regard also a fact that the total use of resources on the planet as well as the irresponsible and over 2000 nuclear tests of various states have triggered an unusual pole movement, as a result of which the magnetic poles are shifting and are also contributing to climate change.
158. 在这方面,还有另一个事实,即:「Earth/地球」资源的总体使用,以及各个国家不负责任的…超过2,000次的核试验,已然触发了一场不同寻常的极地‘movement/运动’,由此造成的结果是:‘the magnetic poles/磁极’正在发生‘shifting/迁移’,并进一步加剧了‘climate change/气候变化’。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
That is what your father Sfath already foretold in the 1940s, when he also spoke of hundreds of thousands and even millions of human beings having to leave their native countries, consequently becoming “climate refugees” who would no longer be able to find a way to live in their homeland.
这正是你父亲Sfath…在二十世纪四十年代就已经‘foretold/预言’的,当时他还谈到:数十万甚至数百万的人类,将再也无法找到(继续)生活在他们故土的办法,而不得不离开他们的祖国,并因此沦为‘climate refugees/气候难民’。

159. I know this from his annals, and his coined expression “climate refugees” will also come up again in today’s time and come true in an evil form, because the climate refugee system has already become reality.
159. 我(也)是从他(即:Sfath)的编年史中得知这些事的,而且他塑造了‘climate refugees/气候难民’这个表述,后者会在当前时代再次出现,并以一种邪恶的形式…成为现实,因为‘climate refugee system/气候难民体系’-[注],已然成为现实。

利昂注释:这里的意思是,会不可避免地造成‘climate refugees/气候难民’持续出现并不断增多的…人类已然无法阻止的…‘climate change/气候变化’进程,已经形成。

160. But now, Eduard, I have a few things to discuss with you that are not supposed to be official.
160. 但是现在,Eduard,我(还)有几件事要和你讨论,但这些事不应该出现在正式的报告里。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
That is fine, because I too would like to raise one or two more questions about your latest apparatus, which can record the future of 41 days.

161. Of course, but now listen to me…
161. 当然,‘but now/但现在’听我说…

162. But now, Eduard, dear friend, it is time for me to say goodbye again.
162. ‘But now/但现在’-[注],Eduard,亲爱的朋友,到了我要再次说再见的时候了。

利昂注释:这里出现的两个“but now/但现在”,并不存在“语句重复”的问题,而是为了在语言(逻辑)层面,完成此次接触的“正式部分”。事实上,在经历了前期的一些磨合之后,Billy与联邦使者后来的每一次接触,都包含了两个部分,一是可以发布在「Contact Report/接触报告」上的“正式部分”;还有就是不能发布在「Contact Report/接触报告」上的…“私人谈话部分”,所以,Billy和Ptaah等联邦使者…早已形成了某种默契,在他们需要结束“正式部分”的谈话时,他们会提出必要的、符合语言逻辑的结束性用语,从而为后续的接触报告提供一个完整的、有开始有结束的谈话记录,但在现实中,这并不意味着那次接触的完全结束,只是接下来他们将要谈论的内容…是不会公开的“私人谈话”。

163. Be well, my friend.
163. 保重,我的朋友。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
See you, Ptaah, I too wish you well-being.

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