10个新问题以及Billy Meier做出的解答!

资讯来源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

采 访 者:Michael Horn
受 访 者:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
英版译者:Willem Mondria & Mariann Uehlinger Mondria(瑞士)
资讯链接:「Theyfly. Michael Horn」
中版译者:Leon Fung

Michael Horn: Below are 10 questions that Billy Meier (BEAM) recently answered for us during my May 2017 trip to the FIGU center in Switzerland.
Michael Horn:以下是2017年05月份,我在前往FIGU中心(瑞士)拜访时提出的十个新问题以及Billy Meier(BEAM)对此做出的解答:

1. How many IS “sleepers” and/or terrorists are there in the US?

What Florena has brought me regarding information from Ptaah, is the following, namely, that on December 31, 2016, the Plejaren had accurate knowledge that in the United States 1,407 IS Sleepers were present, while further information from the Plejaren regarding potential terrorists of other domestic and foreign groups, who do not belong to the Islamist State, were calculated to be well over 171,000, in which case these others were usually terroristicly indoctrinated lone perpetrators, as however also of a psychopathic and psychically confused nature.
Florena提供给我的来自Ptaah的信息显示,截至2016年12月31日,昴宿星人准确查明美国(本土)尚有1,407名IS“沉睡者”,不仅如此,昴宿星人还查到其他一些境内外团体潜藏在美国(本土)的恐怖分子的信息 这些人不属于“伊斯兰国”,总数超过171,000,这些人通常都是些被灌输了极端思想的变态狂或精神病,他们是践行恐怖主义的孤狼。

2. Was Sfath referring to the Yellowstone caldera in the 1948 letter?

Yes, but he never mentioned a point in time when the caldera would explode.

He only said that the time was long overdue and that the caldera was working towards a very gigantic outbreak which could occur at any time or not until 100 or 1,000 years.

3. Did Sfath get prophecies from Petale or by his own abilities, time travel, etc.?

Sfath had no prophecies from the Petale-level as he also made no prophecies.

He acquired his special work regarding the future cognitions through foresights into the future as well as through travelling into the future, which are referred to as foresights/predictions and have nothing to do with prophecies.

Prophecies consist of rational foresight and probability calculations concerning specific factors that must bring inevitably specific effects if in the already existing frame everything continues or continues to be done.

If, however, the existing frame is changed, then the effect also changes, thus a prophecy must not fulfil and a different effect arises if the corresponding decisive developmental process is changed.

Prophecies are. as a rule. made only with regard to evil, negative and bad effects – according to the causality cause and effect – that arise from specific evil, negative and bad existing causes, to encourage the human beings, so that they change and transform everything evil, negative and bad to the best, good, positive, right and valueful.

4. Can you tell us more about the binary sun, and the “dark wanderer"/incoming object?

The dark wanderer passed through our solar system many thousands of years ago and disappeared into the depths of outer space.

5. Is there an autism/vaccine connection?

The state of Plejaren scientific knowledge is that Autism Spectrum Disorder proceeds from a multifactorial model of origination, where the sole cause is not a vaccination – however depending on the given circumstances it can be.
昴宿星科学家对此的看法是,自闭症谱系障碍(ASS/ Autismus-Spektrum-Störungen)的病理源起于多因子模型,疫苗接种并不是唯一的原因,当然,这还取决于其它一些特定的情况。

The Plejaren know of no clear correlation between vaccination and ASD.

A common occurrence of vaccination and autistic symptoms shows no causal relation between the two, which means that a vaccination must not be the cause but can be under given circumstances.

Whether a human being, be it a child, adolescent or adult, shall be vaccinated or not, possible consequential damages can occur in either case.

All maladies and illnesses can have a very complicated progression, and also very serious consequences.

6. Are there ET artefacts, or an old Nazi base in Antarctica?

There are no ET artefacts in Antarctica, as well as no old NAZI-bases – apart from an old and extremely insignificant, small building that served for Arctic research.

7. Did something like a missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

No, what hurtled into the Pentagon on 9/11, was a passenger plane.

This plane was American Airlines Flight 77, which, as a morning flight, should have been flown from Washington Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport, however, on September 11, 2001, shortly after take-off, the plane fell victim to a terror attack, and was hijacked and abducted and then steered into the Pentagon, as a result of which all 64 people on board, as well as 125 people on the ground died.

8. Is it likely that the efforts to remove Trump from the presidency could cause the social unrest (turmoil), civil wars etc., resulting in what you said about the fate of the USA after 2020 (superpower USA ceases to exist)?

Up until now, Ptaah and I have not talked about that to such an extent that a clear answer could have been given.

And if I received an answer, then it would probably be given only in a private conversation and I would not be given the permission to state the answer.

9. What is known about the Farmington, New Mexico crash(es)?

According to information from the Plejaren, this is a charlatanry story.

10. Is there a need for special solutions for transgender issues that you would suggest?

The term transgender was originally a term for people who could identify themselves with their original biological gender assigned at birth only insufficiently or not at all and felt their biological sex as wrong.

Today, this is actually more likely to be referred to as transsexual.

Transgender (lat. trans, cross over, beyond, and also known as social gender) is a term for deviations from the social gender role or of the social gender characteristics.

The term transgender can absolutely be used as a positive self-description as well as a positioning in the social heteronormative space.

If human beings who don’t want – or for whom it is not possible – to clearly decide on a role as a man or a woman, then they usually describe themselves as gender-queer or non-binary (with non-binary gender identity, such as bi-gender.)

Transgender was and is an umbrella term for human beings, men and women, who live for a certain period of time in a non-genetic gender which means that, for example, a genetic man is internally or visibly a man or a woman for a certain time, just as it can be exactly the same the other way around, that a genetic woman can internally or visibly be a woman or a man for a certain time.

The human being is born as a girl or a boy, or the other way around.

If the human being is therefore transsexual, he/she has the feeling of living in the wrong body.

The biological gender is however completely different to the felt or desired gender.

What this means for transsexual human beings can be very different.

Fact is that transsexual human beings cannot choose their fate, because they are fundamentally born as transsexuals.

There are so-called female to male transsexuals, who are female and who would rather have a male body and who also more likely show a typical male behaviour.

On the other hand, there are male to female transsexuals who are male, but feel like a woman and show more likely a female behavior.

Especially for young human beings, a transsexuality is no easy life, because to live with the feeling to have been born in the wrong body, can trigger profound psychical problems and disorders and destroy the whole joy of life.

Many young human beings affected by the transsexuality show or realise their otherness very early, simply that, related to their feeling as man or woman, everything is completely different in comparison to their friends and girlfriends.

But until they can understand this otherness, name it, and are also able to accept it, usually a lot of time goes by.

And, what is more is that many transsexuals have to contend in many moments of their lives with the fact, that their especialness is not accepted by others due to a non-understanding or even a totally mis-driven disgust.

The need for special solutions for transgender issues is large and most extensive.

For the fundamental clarification of transsexuality, it is particularly important to speak with experienced professionals in this field.

Tip: If a human being is sure to be transsexual and he/she does not get his/her being transsexual confirmed by a professional (doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist), then it is necessary to obtain one or more further opinions of another specialist.

Fact is that not every specialist or not every doctor is open and competent for this specialness.

Psychologists, sexologists or specialised psychiatrist can be such professionals, and the fact is that it is usually really worthwhile to look for a such proven professional of female or male gender.

In doing so contacts with experienced hormone therapists and doctors can be then made for gender reassignment, such as through operations.

If there are psychological problems related to transsexuality, then female or male sexual therapists or psychotherapists can be advice-giving and helpful.

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