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资料来源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
报告卷属:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 16
资讯参考:「FIGU Zeitzeichen」

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校对改进:Stephen Lane
英版链接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」


… …

Yes, I read the article (see “Zeitzeichen" No. 94, 2 May 2018) and find – as usual –, that you have made a great deal of effort and clarified what is important and of importance to the Earth human, because the facts mentioned are concealed and denied to the public.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Then I want to add the writing without further comment at the end of our conversation.

You can do, but the Article should also be published.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
I will do that, in the second May – Zeitzeichen, which will also appear on the Internet.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Unfortunately, there’s no other option because no public media would publish anything, because they’re all too cowardly, or they are narrow-minded or US power worshipers that would make the article disappear like they did in the 1940s , 1950s, and also in later years, when I sent them predictive warnings and related articles.
这很不幸,但我们别无他法,因为没有公共媒体愿意发表这些东西,他们都太懦弱了,或者是因为,他们都是些思想狭隘的主儿,亦或是「United States/美国」强权的崇拜者,他们会让这篇文章很快‘消失’,就如同发生在…(二十世纪四十年代、五十年代,以及在那之后的几年,也就是当我向他们发出预测性警告和相关文章的时候)…(所发生)的事情那样。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Even the authorities and governments that have been contacted have done nothing, and consequently have caused immense damage and irreparable destruction since then and even to the present day, as well as destroying more and more, faster and more devastatingly.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this is done in particular by the idiotic-crazy-bred overpopulation, which on the one hand no one wants to admit and therefore on the other hand is inexorably further and more driven up, resulting in further machinations and effects, the ever more mischief, strife, bondage, injustice, bring wars, crimes, misery and distress to the whole world and the humanity.
造成这一切的原因尤其在于人类‘idiotic-crazy-bred/愚蠢+疯狂+繁殖’(所导致的)人口过剩,一方面,这个事实并不被世人所承认;因此,在另一方面,事态反而被无情地加剧推动,由此引发越来越多的阴谋和(负面的)影响,从而给整个世界和全人类带来了前所未有的损害 、纷争、束缚、不公正、引发战争、罪恶、苦难和痛苦。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
For these consequences the whole main thing is based above all in the religions and in the lust for power as well as in the possession of money or wealth of the people, whereby these three factors are inseparably connected with each other and since time immemorial bring misfortune, as it will be also in the future in such a way and thus will continue.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And the fact that everything could come about in today’s global scale of destruction and devastation of nature and its fauna and flora resulted from the unstoppably growing overpopulation, for which innovations had to be created over and over again and machinations arose, which led to the destruction and devastation of many things.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
As a result, entire landscapes, forests, meadows, mountain slopes and fields, watercourses, riverbanks and beaches have been and continue to be destroyed and irreparably damaged, with everything being built up, asphalted and concreted as a result of the needs of the growing number of populations.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Inevitably, unavoidably and of necessity, the growing mass of overpopulation demands many innovations, such as new nuclear, hydroelectric and wind power plants, residential buildings, roads, school buildings, educational institutions, paths, recreation centres, airports, railway lines, cable cars, chairlifts and factories, etc., which must continue to be built.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
As a result, however, nature, its fauna and flora, inland waters and seas, the climate, the atmosphere and, as a result of the exploitation of the Earth’s resources, the planet itself is constantly, unavoidably, continuously and inevitably increasingly and irreparably destroyed and devastated in relation to the growing world population and its needs and machinations.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Due to the overpopulation madness, the production of natural gas and petroleum had to be increased enormously and the mining of coal, ores and other minerals, as well as the harvest yields of natural foodstuffs, had to be driven up excessively and immeasurably, which had only become possible through chemical growth propellants.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
However, this also made food crops increasingly susceptible to pest insect infestation and diseases, which in turn had to be counteracted with toxic chemical products produced by chemical companies that raised billions and billions in funds for this purpose.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This, while on the one hand the natural food is contaminated by all the chemical poisons and then eaten by humans, which caused many people to suffer, waste away and die, and on the other hand the whole nature with its fauna and flora, as well as the waters of all kinds and the atmosphere, were also poisoned.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This has affected many plant, animal, wildlife and other forms of life to the point of extinction, which has already decimated or even extinct various species and species of plants, animals, geese, insects, birds and reptiles.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This also applies to life forms of all waters, such as frogs, crustaceans and aquatic mammals, etc., as well as to various fish species in inland waters and seas that have been affected and poisoned by either overfishing or chemical poisoning, plastic, synthetic and other poisonous civilization waste and are already partly extinct.
这种情况同样也适用于所有生活在水体中的生命形式,比如:青蛙、甲壳纲动物-[注] 和水生哺乳动物等,不仅如此,由于过度捕捞或化学中毒、塑料、合成物以及其它有毒的人类垃圾…而遭受影响和毒害的…内陆水域和海洋中的各种鱼类,也已经部分灭绝。


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But that only refers to what has happened so far, because all this madness is going on in the same way and on an increasing scale, because the growth of the overpopulation is not being halted by a worldwide long-term birth stop and a globally controlled birth control, thereby drastically reducing the world population and bringing it to a planet-compatible and sustainable population.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But what is to be called the reason for all the degenerations of the people of the Earth, which has driven them to bring more and more disaster, discord, lack of freedom, injustice, war, murder and manslaughter, crime, misery and distress over the entire world and the entire humanity of the Earth since time immemorial, can be found in the religions in principle.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
All the malicious and catastrophic plagues that have lasted from ancient times to the present day and continue to rage into the distant future found their origin in the religions even in very early times.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But this does not want to be realized by the religious believers and religious representatives, nor by the rulers and the populations, and is therefore denied by all of them as well as by narrow-minded scientists and other wise men who want to know everything better.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So they all vehemently deny the effective fact of the following three facts, which bear the original guilt overridingly and primarily for all existing misery of all human species in relation to all malicious devastation, destruction, ravaging, ruination, degradation and annihilation of nature, its fauna and flora and thus all forms of life of every form of life and species, all waters, the atmosphere, the climate and the whole world:
因此,他们都强烈地拒绝/否认如下三个事实的‘effective fact/有效事实’,这些事实夸张且主要承载着…全人类所有现存(的)痛苦的…‘original guilt/源罪’,这涉及所有恶意的破坏、毁坏、劫掠、毁灭、堕落,以及对大自然及其动植物的湮灭,因此,也包括每一种生命形式和物种的所有生命形式,所有的水体、大气、气候和整个世界。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
1. No one or hardly any person – except a few intelligent minds and rationalists – thinks about it and also do not recognize that religions, power and money are in fact the most fundamental and welded together block of all evils, wars, all terrorism and every kind of degeneration prevailing on Earth and with Earthly mankind, whereby the religions to which believing people have become delusionally addicted stand fundamentally ahead of the whole.
1. 除了一些有识之士和理性之人外,没有人或几乎没有人,会对此进行思考,也不会认识到:宗教、权力和金钱其实是(上述)这些问题的根源所在,不仅如此,它们(即:宗教、权力和金钱)还与一切…(邪恶、战争、各种恐怖主义,以及普遍存在于「Earth/地球」之上以及「Terran/地球人」之中的各种退化因素)…紧密捆绑在一起,由此,那些‘believing/信仰’宗教的人已然变得妄想成瘾,并从根本上站在了全人类的对立面上。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Looking at the whole thing in relation to religions and thus starting from these, it can be concluded that religions, which are very numerous and extremely diverse on Earth, give rise to religious, xenophobic and racial hatred, disputes, wars, torture, murder and manslaughter as well as hatred and terror against law, order and humanity.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this because the respective alleged deity demands malicious punishment and revenge for crimes etc. up to the death penalty, as well as torture and war against other peoples etc., which is presented viciously and at the same time ridiculous as divine guidance and protection in love, whereby the irrational believers take all religious nonsense at face value and believe to have to cheer up their imaginary God and the false ‘love’ attributed to him.
这是因为,不同的所谓‘deities/神祗’要求对‘crimes/罪行’施加恶毒的惩罚和报复等,直至上升到死刑,连同酷刑和针对其他民族的战争等,这些(阴谋)被恶毒地呈现出来,但在同一时间里,却又荒谬地将其宣扬为‘divine guidance/神圣指引’和‘protection in love/爱之护’,其中,那些非理性的(宗教)信徒更是把这些宗教的胡言乱语摆上台面儿,并相信必须让那个他们想象中的‘God/上帝’振作起来,并为归咎于他的那份虚假的‘love/爱’而加油。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
That once considered and said with regard to the effects and impacts of religions in relation to the consciousness, influence of believing people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour by the suggestive religious nonsense of faith, which not only crushes down intelligence and lets neither mind nor reason come into its own, but impairs it to the point of uselessness and pathological stupefaction.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The way in which the majority of religious and sectarian believers really think and act in their faith has proved itself since the primaeval times when religions emerged.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It is an effective fact that has been observed since time immemorial in religious and sectarian believers and can also be observed in the present, but it will also be observed in the future, that the majority of believers are absolutely naïve, unrealistic, incapable of thinking for himself, susceptible, submissive, compliant, suppressible, immature and servile.
这是一个自古以来就已经在宗教和宗派信徒中被观察到的‘effective fact /有效事实’,如今这样的事实同样可以被观察到,未来亦是如此,即:大多数信徒都是绝对天真的、不切实际的、不会独立思考的、易受影响的、逆来顺受的、顺从的、可被压抑的、不成熟的和奴性十足的。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In this way they are helpless figures who become the very easy prey of religion and sect-trappers and believe their absurdities and then worship some higher power, like a God, Son of God, Saviour, Goddess, Almighty, All-Mother, All-powerful, All-Father, Creator, World-Director, a creator, World-Director or as all the religious and sectarian divinities are called.
如此一来,他们便成了无助之人,并沦为宗教和宗派猎手眼中…最容易俘获的猎物,这些无助之人(开始)相信后者(即:宗教和宗派)的荒谬之词,然后,崇拜某种更高(层面)的权力,像是‘God/上帝’、‘Son of God/上帝之子’、‘Saviour/救世主’、‘Goddess/女神’、‘Almighty/万能的神’、‘All-Mother/圣母’、‘All-powerful/圣权’、‘All-Father/圣父’、‘Creator/创造主’、‘World-Director/创世者’、‘a creator/创造者’、‘World-Director/掌世者’,又或是各种宗教和宗派所称谓的那种‘divinities/神祗’。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In the whole of religious and sectarian beliefs, the truth is that believers worship their deities and the like in submissive humility and self-abasement, following in certain ways the supposedly divine guidelines, laws, commandments and regulations and also trying to live by them.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This following and adherence is only oriented towards how the whole can be used for personal good and prosperity as well as for belongings and possessions and can be justified, but an increase that does not bring personal success and benefit is unacceptable and frowned upon.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this fact also proves itself with the religious and cult believers in the attitude, if some fellow human beings are in any way better off than the believers themselves.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
If others other than themselves have more goods and chattels, more wealth, less worries and problems, more peace and freedom or happiness, better earnings, a more expensive car or other things, etc., then discord, envy, greed and even hatred, etc. rise up in them.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This is denied, however, because these feelings and the outward behaviour in this respect cannot be reconciled with their faith, make a bad impression and reveal the whole hypocrisy of faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The whole of faith and the pursuit of the faith intentions of the majority of religious and sectarian believers usually only lasts as long as they suffer financial or other material damage by fellow human beings and are mentally or physically embraced.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
If this happens, then it proves, as has been known since time immemorial, that in such situations the majority of the faithful freaks out and practices hateful revenge and retaliation, up to murder and manslaughter – as is also the case with the majority of non-believers.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In this way the believers commit self-sabotage because they cannot reconcile their faith with the effective truth of reality and thus cannot solve the problems that arise.
通过这种方式,这些信徒其实是在自我毁灭,因为他们无法将自己的‘faith/信念’与‘reality/现实’中的‘effective truth/有效真相’相调和,因此,也就无法解决由此产生的问题。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Every realistic person who is gifted in understanding and reason knows that a person who believes in religion undertakes something in life, achieves something with his faith and how he behaves as a believer and what he wants to do.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But then something happens and hits him, which physically or psychologically harms him, possibly brings him financial damage, endangers his general life security, endangers his work, his well-being or his material prosperity, and then suddenly makes him take notice and deviate from his religious delusion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
All of a sudden, the will for self-preservation is stirring up in him, and he under the surface realizes that he is constantly standing in his own way with his religious, sectarian delusion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Although he does not think openly and not admitting to himself that with his delusional imagination he has succumbed to a false, erroneous and confused deception and is completely out of touch with reality, but for his own protection and self-support he suddenly begins to think and act contrary to his beliefs, becomes spiteful, falls into envy, greed, hatred, violence, revenge and retribution and in the end no longer shuns to kill and murder.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But all this goes on, when the government power ‘elites’ and their vassals instigate discord or even wars with other peoples and states, because even then the religious and cult believers interfere diligently, allowing themselves to be drafted into the military, arm themselves and then march against the ‘enemies’ built up by the rulers in order to murder them in war, usually still under the alleged protection and right of their deity, which is called upon and prayed for blessing by the military powers for a good success and the victory of the passages of arms.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It does not matter that under certain circumstances religious and sectarian faith prohibits killing, murdering and all other atrocities and crimes, because when it comes to one’s own skin, which must be protected, then faith and even the best intentions suddenly fall into oblivion and become null and void.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Then the old saying, “If you don’t want to be my brother, I’ll smash your skull in."

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
A truly intelligent person never falls for faith, because people who believe in religion and sects are weak in intelligence and are not accountable in their reason and their mind, even if they hold a doctoral or professorial degree etc. and can prove a high IQ, because in reality titles and IQs are no more than noise and smoke.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Man must know, but not believe, and thus also be self-confident and also find out how self-confident he really is and thereby expand his valuable knowledge and his self-confidence more and more.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The world must be seen as it actually is in its reality of effective reality, but not according to religious and sectarian beliefs and convictions that lead to wrong decisions.
人们看待世界的正确方式,事实上(应该)是在‘effective reality/有效现实’的‘reality/现实’中看待这世间的一切,而不(应该)是根据宗教和宗派的‘beliefs/信仰’以及‘convictions/信念’(来看待这一切),后者往往导致错误的决定。-[注]

利昂注释:亦如那些无耻的、罪恶的、血腥的宗教,在人类历史上发起的…针对「Giordano Bruno」等人的火刑,而后,又出于虚伪和伪善的目的,公开地、故作玄虚地向逝者致歉。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Thoughts must not always be bad and negative, even when evil and unpleasant things happen in the world or in the personal sphere, because not only bad and negative things must be seen.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
If one only thinks that the world is a dangerous place, then thoughts and feelings are directed towards it and everything is only seen full of dangers.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The thoughts determine the feelings and the psyche and form a filter on how the world, fellow human beings, life and nature and their fauna and flora, are seen.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
If only the negative is seen, then the positive things are filtered out, while the negative things come into consciousness and create mental-emotional-psychological turmoil.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Evil, fearful, hateful and stupid thoughts already suggest to the subconscious everything degenerate for the future, as well as also to continue to fiddle around only with people who think equally in a negative way and are addicted to a faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And for this, man himself is really entirely responsible, because just as he sees the reality of real life, so he shapes and lives his life.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The importance we give to certain situations is crucial.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
People used to think that the Earth was a flat plate and were afraid that if they went beyond the horizon they would fall into a bottomless abyss.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Then someone came who wanted to know the truth and therefore investigated the matter and found out that the Earth is a sphere and can be walked around.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In doing so, he questioned all this and permanently refuted the entire confused belief system and the associated beliefs and convictions that had existed up to then.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And so it must be with the religious and sectarian belief systems and beliefs, which must be questioned, refuted and dissolved, so that people begin to think clearly again, to decide, to act and to become self-confident.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Only if they succeed in this will they be able to shape the world free of religions and sects in a peaceful, liberal and just manner and to have it directed by rulers who lead the Earth’s humanity into the future in all justice without any power conduct, exercise of power, hegemony, violence and coercion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But all people must be aware of one thing, namely that this is founded in the decision whether the power of religions and sects should continue to dominate people’s thoughts through a delusion, or whether they want to follow the effective reality of reality, free of any delusion and actually become independent, self-thinking, self-decisive and self-reliant.
但所有的人都必须意识到一件事,那就是:这(完全)取决于人类自己的决定,即…是否接受宗教和宗派的力量应该继续通过某种妄想来支配人们的思想;又或是人类是否想要追随‘reality/现实’的‘effective reality/有效现实’,从而摆脱任何(宗教和宗派)妄想的影响,从而让自己变得独立、自主思考、自主决定和自力更生。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But the people of the Earth are still slaves to religious delusion, because since their childhood they have been exposed to delusional and man-made ‘divine’ norms and dogmas, whereby they have lived their whole life as prisoners of their religious delusion and have mastered their lives very laboriously as delusional prisoners.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
However, the majority of religious-sectarian delusionalists do not notice how religions and sects as well as religiously oriented communities and politicians, state powers and their vassals, but also the secret services, the military and the economic powers. limit their lives, although it is already the case today that all these power ‘elites’ control almost every single person.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It also follows that every time a person tries to break out of his religious beliefs and free himself from any reasonable and logical suggestions, he fails.
这也就意味着,每当一个人试图摆脱他(既有)的宗教‘beliefs /信仰’,并从任何理性的、合乎逻辑的建议中解放自我的时候,都注定会遭遇失败。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And he fails and drives himself into stagnation, because he is not persevering and not courageous, powerful and willing enough to defend himself against all resistances of the religious beliefs hammered into him from childhood onwards and against the hegemonically oppressing power of religion acting on him from outside.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
As a rule, he is unsuccessful in realizing everything that leads man to question certain religious beliefs or to try something new as a result of nascent and well-founded doubts, personally identified insights or clarity created by clear indications of real reality or by his fellow human beings, because he crashes hard against a wall built up and thrown back by religions, sects, the power-obsessed statesmen, politicians and religious society.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So he remains trapped in his religious delusion and does not attain, use and live out his longed-for dreams, according to which he can realize everything and anything that he has ever dreamed of, because everything is outside of his religious and sectarian delusion in the reality of reality and effective truth.
所以,他仍将身陷于自身宗教妄想的困境,而无法获得、使用并活出他长久渴望的梦想,而根据这些梦想,他是可以实现其一直以来都梦寐以求的一切东西、任何东西的,因为在‘reality/现实’和‘effective truth/有效真相’的‘reality/现实’中,所有这一切都在他自身的宗教和宗派妄想之外。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But this cannot be understood by an individual religious believer in his faith imagination, let alone by the large mass of the majority of those who are obsessed with faith, who languish in their prison as prisoners, although they want to free themselves from it deeply unconsciously and profit for themselves from the reality of reality.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But this is not possible for them because of their religious madness, because the whole of reality in relation to reality is so far beyond their delusion that they cannot possibly achieve what they want.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Many people struggle their whole lives with their faith and the actuality of reality, but they cannot overcome the border or wall they encounter when they want to break out to make their dreams of freedom, peace, truth and justice and self-determination come true.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But most religious believers fail in this respect because they are completely fanatical and in a pathological delusion with the wrong beliefs and convictions – so fixed and connected that they cannot deliberately detach themselves from them.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So they continue to live exactly as they have done since childhood, whereby they remain imprisoned in their religious delusion – and believe that they live in a comfort zone or ‘safe’ way and are guarded and protected from all evil, negative and bad by their deity through their delusion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So in their madness, they continue to believe what they have always believed, and so everything remains as it was, is, and will always be.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So the majority of religious and sectarian believers will hardly or never turn away from their religious delusion and will also not align themselves with reality and its effective truth.
所以,大多数宗教和宗派信徒都很难…又或是永远都不会脱离他们的宗教妄想,也不会将他们自己与‘reality/现实’及其‘effective truth/有效真相’结合在一起。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But this means that in this relationship there is no rethinking for the better, good and positive and consequently no learning to act sensibly and realistically.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This is because the religious believers simply thoughtlessly and irresponsibly want to continue to live in their delusions of imagination and thus stand up to the striving and the realization of the good and positive, with which they give no chance to peace in the world and among all people.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This, just as they do not open a way to freedom and justice, nor do they consider the need to strive for the ineffectiveness of the state leaders and their vassals, secret services, military and economic elites in order to end their domination and power-seeking actions.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And since this does not happen, through them all absolute hatred, all revenge, retribution and profit and all war behaviour will continue to be driven on, all true democracy will be prevented and poverty, misery, discord, lack of freedom, injustice, war and destruction will be brought upon the world and the humanity on Earth.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this happens to all religions and sects when they worship their man-made deities and idols, begging for victory and salvation for their war crimes and war murders, rape, torture and destruction.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Effectively, it is the decision of every single person who believes in religion or sectarianism – as well as every person who believes in a religious delusion – what he makes or wants to make of his life.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So everyone has to decide for himself how, what and why he wants to believe something, defend it and stand up for it.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
From a religious-sectarian point of view, however, this is illusory, because one’s own decision is only apparent when man falls for a religious faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And that is because through the religious-sectarian suggestive influence – whether orally or in writing – on an unstable person, self-decision is thoroughly denatured and he becomes subservient to suggestive judgement.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
What is absolutely clear, however, only arises in a person who is prone to a lack of self-decision, self-determination or self-decision instability and pathologically foreign opinion and belief, whereby when he falls into the delusion of opinion and belief, he can no longer direct his thoughts towards the reality of reality and its truth and only believes what he is accused of as the food of faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The belief-guided thoughts then form the feelings and the psyche, after which he changes his life through the mad, crazy religious madness and convictions and their effective untruths in delusion to the world, unreality of reality and inability to live.
这种由‘belief-guided/信仰操纵的’思想随之形成了当事者的情感和‘psyche/心智’,在那之后,他便透过疯狂的、发疯的宗教疯狂和‘convictions/信念’,以及他们在…(对这个世界,以及‘reality/现实’之中的不现实,还有无力生活的)…妄想中编织的‘effective untruths/有效谎言’之中,改变了他的生活。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
For a person who is sharp, correct and closely observing, analysing and realistic it is very astonishing to observe and determine with what ease many people – also many with doctor and professor titles and high IQ etc. – change their world of thoughts, feelings and psychics, their opinions, behaviour, their way of life and their work in existence, in a way that is alien to life and disadvantageous to life when they are trapped by a religious delusion of faith or are attacked by one.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
What man has accepted and believes to be true through an unprovable conviction in a way of faith does not have to be correct – and usually it is not, but especially with regard to everything religious and sectarian and the resulting pathologically conditioned delusion of faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Only that which is based on the reality of irrefutable reality and its truth, respectively on reality and its truth, is ever in its form provable as real and true and thus a provable certainty and correctness.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And that is, no matter what is thought about it, always the absolute reality, which in its reality is indisputable and the only truth.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
There is no truth other than that of reality and its reality, and it can never become any other.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Only reality and its actuality correspond to the truth and can be proven at any time in every and all things, because for a reasonably healthy and realistic person they are intellectual, ingenious, clear-sighted and rationally comprehensible, while any religious or other faith is based only on blind and unprovable suppositions and, contrary to provable reality, is based only on things, hypotheses, claims, deceptions and suppositions that reflect the sick, stupid, unrealistic and absurd building of religious delusion of man lost in faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The religious beliefs and convictions that determine the life of the person affected by the delusion and the state of his understanding of reality, actuality and truth block exactly this understanding by delusion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Consequently, the believer shapes his life only in such a way as he has to lead it according to his religious beliefs and convictions and believes that he is happy, successful, satisfied and healthy.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So he does not decide for himself whether he lives effectively happy, successful and healthy and is also satisfied because nothing of his faith is true and every belief and every conviction only reflects what faith pretends and, for the believing person, becomes his own created false reality.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Thus he does not see the whole world as it really and actually is, but sees it through his own delusion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
A religious belief and a religious conviction do not correspond to any knowledge, any specific situation or fact or any certainty and no proof as to how this is the case with reality and its actuality and truth.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
While beliefs and convictions can inspire the unstable insecure man in his life, they truthfully hinder him in every respect to tap into certain resources and sources of reality and its reality and truth that would help him to achieve results that would be of tremendous significance and importance to him in terms of consciousness development, intelligence, understanding and reason.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Every doctrine and every conviction are never based on a firm foundation, consequently they do not give any certainty and no knowledge that would support the doctrine or persuasion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So they are also not based on experiences and lessons learned from the past or present, as they are not stored in the brain and cannot serve as a reference experience causing one to believe something.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
As a result, they are completely irrelevant and useless, whether they are lying, defamatory, hypothetical or just stupid and moronic.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Religious beliefs and convictions – like many others – can be changed without exception, namely by tearing out their old or individual elements and replacing them with new and better ones, whereby man forms his own reality in every case, but in this way there is no such thing as reality at all.

利昂注释:这里的意思是,如果每一个人都能基于自身的“beliefs/信仰”和“convictions/信念”而生产某种对“reality/现实”的观点和看法, 也就是他本人基于宗教性的“reality/现实(性)”时,那存在于“reality/现实”之中的真正的“reality/现实(性)”,也就不存在了,因为那些自我构建起自身“reality/现实(性)”的人,已经全然忽略了它。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
A ‘reality’ created in this way can only be judged in such a way that it is always in the eye of the person who imagines it and therefore believes it in an absurd way.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So if man changes his beliefs and convictions, then he also changes the factors which he accepts as facts, and thus he also forces their results in his life.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Basically it is the case with beliefs and convictions that – because they are always based on hypotheses, lies, defamations and suggestive beliefs etc. – man always finds a confirmation for every sentence and every conviction, in whatever form, and in every case in such a way that everything is confirmed as correct, because it must be simply like that in terms of faith.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The fact that the whole of these confirmations or proofs are of a purely delusional and therefore conceited nature is not accepted by the believer, according to which every believer, no matter what he believes in, always feels confirmed.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Thus every mad believer with all his beliefs and convictions rises to a status of rightness and self-conviction, which for him is as bomb-proof, correct and indisputable as to a fanatical believer of fortune-telling nonsense.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In beliefs, as in convictions, which are the same as persuasion, the pain is the same as in fortune telling, for in every relationship the positive is always a blessing and helpful for everyone, while the negative is exactly the opposite.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And thus – because the believer has set his faith and believes in the beliefs that have influenced him and continue to affect him – he sabotages his own consciousness and thus his own intelligence, his mind, his reason, and thus also his life.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
2. The might and thus also the power conduct of man emerges fundamentally from religions, because man, as a reckless and not self-thinking imitator, mimics that which is pretended to him with the alleged power of God as the supreme power and is accepted and imagined by him as an unprovable reality and false truth as reality and truth.
2. 人类的强权以及人类的权力(行使)行为…从根本上都来源于宗教,因为人类作为一个鲁莽的和不懂得独立思考的模仿者,(只会)摹拟那些…以所谓(的)至高无上的‘God/上帝’之权为名…而假装赋予他的东西,并将这些无法证实的‘reality/现实’和虚假的‘truth/真相’…接受并想象为…‘reality/现实’和‘truth/真相’。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This results in man letting the supposed power of his sham god rub off on him, he completely thoughtlessly and consciencelessly claims this power for himself and exercises it over his fellow human beings and even over the fauna and flora.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This inevitably results in coercion and violence, oppression, enslavement, exploitation and malignant degeneration, as well as a pathological addiction to power.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It can be said that power is extremely diverse and already begins in the family, depending on whether a patriarch or a matriarch rules and thus whether a man or a woman exercises family power or family rule.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In a very special way, however, power prevails where rulers and their minions are at work, but also where government officials exercise their power over the population, or where military and secret services maliciously control and rule.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Through power, which also includes violence, isolation and coercion, man is held down, whereby also the absolute personality with corresponding behaviour is a means of power, as for example when sexuality is abused as a means of power to humiliate women or men.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In this respect, too, power is a relationship that has raged between the sexes for millennia and is nothing more than an exercise in control over the relationship.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Through might respectively the exercise of power, both in relation to the individual person as well as to a grouping, the population or the whole humanity, the individual person or the mass of people is despised and exploited by those exercising power.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
On the difference between people having or exercising power and people under power, all distinctions with regard to the above and the below are based: The distinction between rulers, power subordinates, classes, races, skin tones and age, north and south, wealth and poverty.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In the beginning was a thinking of equality and equal value as well as equality among all people.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But then the first imagined religions came with the delusionally imagined deities, to whom a supreme power over life, death, existence and destiny was ascribed, in what man began to believe and at the same time also claimed for himself the power, which was delusively subjugated to the non-existent deity, to rule over his own kind and nature as well as over its fauna and flora and wield power by might and coercion.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In the beginning the deities were often only of a feminine nature, i.e. goddesses, because the feminine was regarded as the bearer of life, nature and all existence, but this delusion of imagination and faith changed when the male world emerged by seizing power over their families, the women, action and doing and also over other people, groups and peoples and thus powerfully emphasizing patriarchy.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Through this seizure of power by men, it was easy and only a trivial matter to break the power of the divine foundresses and to take the step to a male deity and ultimately to a single God power holder and thus to monotheism, which in turn led to the sole dominion or sole power of man.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this power has led him over thousands of years to the present day, using it with malicious, murderous and warlike violence to expand his sphere of influence and rule the nations with bloody massacres and conquests.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this happens again and again, so also in the 21st century, and will happen also beyond, whereby the whole of this power has since time immemorial concealed the truth of reality with regard to the peace of the true human innermost being and changed with time in such a way that the majority of men of the Earth fell into the lust for power and it became his own and lived out by him.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This in particular by the majority of all those elements which can be elected by the peoples as rulers and their vassals with lies and false promises, but which then, as soon as they are in government power and in their vassalage, indulge to the contrary in their election promises etc. of their own power.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
They then unrestrainedly live out their lust for power and harass the peoples, instigate strife and wars and thereby carry out massacres on millions of innocent people who want to live in peace, freedom and justice.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But through the power and lust for power seized by men, a catastrophic abstraction has arisen among all people from the early reality of the thinking of equality, equivalence, gender equality, love and peace and freedom given at the beginning.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this abstraction took place in the sense that all the high values of life attained an extremely negative meaning and consequently have no more obvious connection with the concrete facts of the original equality, equal value, equivalence, love, peace and freedom among all people.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
On the contrary, the primordial values are detached from this and are directed towards greed for power, which holds everything that is conditioned by power, just as all degenerated evil, negatives, bad as well as murder, manslaughter, devastation and irreparable annihilation.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The power emanating from man, the power that controls him, is one of religions – abstraction in relation to the reality of the original human thinking regarding equality, equality, equality, love, peace and freedom among all people.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It has long since grown beyond the power of the divine mother imagined by man to become a male and monotheistic deity, but this must no longer be understood in the original religious sense.
很久以前,它就已经超越了人类想象中的‘divine mother/圣母’的权力,并演变成了一个男性和‘monotheistic/一神论’的‘deity/神祗’(形象),但这个形象,必须不再被(世人)以原始的宗教观念去理解。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this is not because man has elevated himself to the actual God-dominator and graspable God of power and made him his own creator of power.
但这并不是因为人类已经将他自己抬升到了一个…真正的‘God-dominator/上帝之统治者’和‘graspable God of power/手握权力的上帝’的…层面,从而让他自己成为(某种)‘creator of power/权力的塑造者’。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The whole has degenerated into a belief in power and in this respect into abstract thinking, thus becoming the basis of patriarchy, or the social order, in which every man in power has a privileged position in state and family and in which the male line is decisive in succession and social position.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So it is no wonder that women have remained and will remain foreign in the sacred halls of thought since time immemorial and even in the present and for a long time to come, or have had to deny their identity and reality as women, and must continue to do so today – although there have been, are and will be few exceptions throughout time.
所以,自古以来,甚至是如今和在这之后的很长一段时间里,女性一直…并仍将身处于‘the sacred halls of thought/神圣的思想殿堂’之外的情况…也就不足为怪了,又或是不得不否认她们作为女性的身份和‘reality/现实’,直到今天也必须继续这样做,虽然在过去、现在和将来的时间里,总会有一些例外发生。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The historical extent and the immense degenerated abysses of the lust for power, the exercise of power and the dominance of those people on Earth who, as state leaders and their vassals, have led and continue to lead peoples into war, misery, distress and ruin from time immemorial and into the present and future time, is immeasurable.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The fact is that men who have been obsessed with power for millennia and millennia – with a few exceptions women, in governments and dictatorships etc. as well as in families, groups and peoples – are usually in a degenerate lust for power, punctuated by an excess of masculinity madness and fascism according to a power leader principle – terrorized the populations and the world with murderously organized, undemocratic, misanthropic, hegemonic, racist, religious and egomaniacal as well as selfish ideologies with wars and destruction and terrified everyone.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So far some in relation to the power that has been exercised by men since time immemorial and has always brought death, ruin and destruction to the Earth and its humanity.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
3. Religions and power were and have always been connected with money and wealth, for when the whole thing is thoroughly examined and analysed, it can already be seen in its origin that the first religious ritual acts and the resulting religions and sects have already demanded material gifts from the faithful.
3. 宗教和权力,过去和现在总是与金钱和财富联系在一起,因为,当整件事被彻底地检查和分析时,从它的起源就已经可以看出来:最初的宗教仪式以及由此产生的宗教和宗派…(在当时就)已经在向那些信徒索要物质礼物了。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In its primitive and simplest form, two goods were directly exchanged against each other in this way, so firstly the faith against an offering, or the good of religious ritual action with the associated delusion against the good of the gifts, which was given or sacrificed as equivalent.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this happened only by sacrificing fruits, stones, tinkered figures, meat, animal bones, animals, creatures, objects of value etc. and even human lives to the goddesses and gods in the delusion of faith.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Already the first religious cult, ritual and ceremony leaders demanded ‘free’ material gifts from their followers and believers, on the one hand for the purpose of ritual sacrifices, but on the other hand also all kinds of material values were demanded for the personal maintenance and the own enrichment of the ceremony leaders, not least however also for the building of cult, ritual, sacrificial and religious assembly places, as in the course of time also for the accumulation of material values for the developing religious groups and organizations.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
While at first it was only trivial objects etc., living beings of various types and kinds as well as human sacrifices, everything changed in this regard with the expansion of the cults of faith to effective religions and sects resulting from them.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Consequently, with time the first ‘voluntary’ offerings for sacrifices became more and more demanded, for later came also life – maintenance of the ceremonial leaders transformed into priests, as well as more and more demands for the preservation of places of assembly, places of prayer and places of worship and for the accumulation of wealth for the developed religions and sects.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And these were particularly driven upwards by the advent or invention of money, whereby the believers were leached away more and more money from the religious and cult leaders for their own and for religious and cult enrichment.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Many hopeless believers of religions and sects very often lived in poverty and misery, but in their religious delusion they did not dare not pay the amounts of money demanded by the religions and sects because they feared divine punishment.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So they preferred to starve and die when the ‘voluntary’ gifts, which in reality were and still are unscrupulous exploitation, were not given to religions and sects, together with special gifts, which were and are given as mites into the sacrificial offerings.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Well, over time, the system of enrichment of religions and sects was understood by the faithful and realized that they could accumulate their own mites and attain wealth.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This just then, when they applied the money cashier strategy of religions and sects for themselves, however, in the way that they themselves handled their belongings, goods and money better, more sensibly and more sparingly and saved everything unnecessarily to be acquired and thereby could put back a nest egg, some savings or savings penny and a money reserve.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So they did it like the enrichment systems of religions and sects, saving their own wealth and working with it.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Their accumulated accounts and their monetary capital, their assets in turn helped them to achieve financial freedom and to realize that they could not only live in prosperity through their capital possession and other material values of their belongings and other possessions but also gained a lot of power over their financially underprivileged fellow human beings.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Furthermore, all their wealth enabled them to assume positions of state government and to exercise their hegemonic power today and in the future.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
What I also want to say refers to the powerful of the world, be they the state powers and their like-minded minions, such as their advisers, the secret services, the military, economic magnates, the influential, domineering, authoritarian, commanding ‘elites’ of the rich, as well as all those from the populations who are inexperienced and pathologically obedient to them.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
With few exceptions, they have all succumbed to the power they exercise in some way towards their fellow human beings and even entire peoples, often in such a way that disaster arises from the way violence and coercion are exerted on them or wars are waged, for which very often perfidious and insidious reasons are sought.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this happens in connection with religions, power and money, because from this block again and again quarrels, envy, greed, hatred, violence and coercion arise, just as in the whole world and among the entire humanity of the Earth, no peace, no freedom and no justice can be created and not arise, but only war and terror.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It must also be said that the whole of peace, freedom and justice would also demand that all leaders of the state should be deprived of their autocratic power and replaced by people who are human and people-friendly as well as committed to true democracy.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And when I think of the United States, which in this respect is the worst form of war-monger, then, thanks to the presidential oaf Trump, it is once again in the foreground and in the very first place.
每当我想到「United States/美国」,这个国家在这方面(绝对)是形式最恶劣的战争贩子,然而,‘感谢’愚蠢的「Donald John Trump/唐纳德·川普」总统,它让「United States/美国」在这方面的排名再一次靠前,并处在绝对第一的位置上。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And this is because this irresponsible US State Premier has been muttering about three years ago, as has Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Persia and Iran must be warred and destroyed, because this country is a danger to US-America and the world with alleged nuclear weapons and must not possess nuclear weapons – but, on the contrary, America and Israel do.
这是因为…这个不负责任的‘US State Premier/美国国家总理’(即:「President of United States/美国总统」)就和「Israeli Prime Minister/以色列(的)总理」-「Benjamin Netanyahu/本杰明·内塔尼亚胡」一样,从大约三年前就一直在嘀咕:「Persia/波斯」,也就是「Iran/伊朗」必须被打击和摧毁,因为这个…不得发展核武器却拥有了所谓(的)核武器的…国家,对「United States/美国」和全世界而言都是一个威胁,然而,与之相反的是,「United States/美国」和「Israel/以色列」却一直在这么做(即:大力发展核武器)。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
All other nuclear powers are also likely to be involved in this by oaf Trump and firecracker Netanyahu, about which the two remain silent.
其它所有的核大国…也可能由于愚蠢的「Donald John Trump/唐纳德·川普」总统和钢炮儿的「Benjamin Netanyahu/本杰明·内塔尼亚胡」而(被迫)牵扯其中,对此,这两个人却(始终)保持着沉默。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So US presidential oaf trump wants to terminate the so-called nuclear deal with Iran for this reason – as already happened as a result of blind suspicion in Iraq – but the effective true reason for this is not the stated assumption that Persia is carrying out weapons-grade uranium enrichment in order to produce atomic bombs and attack the USA.
所以,「United States/美国」愚蠢的「Donald John Trump/唐纳德·川普」总统正是出于这个原因,才想要终结与「Iran/伊朗」签订的所谓‘nuclear deal/核协议’,就如同已经发生在「Iraq/伊拉克」的盲目怀疑的结果一样-[注],然而,‘effective true/有效真实’的原因却并不是他们所声称的那些假设,即:「Persia/波斯」正在执行武器级铀浓缩活动,以制造出原子弹并袭击「United States/美国」。

利昂注释:这里的意思是,「Donald John Trump/唐纳德·川普」如今对「Iran/伊朗」铀浓缩活动的质疑,与「George Walker Bush/乔治·沃克·布什」之前对「Iraq/伊拉克」持有大规模杀伤性武器的质疑如出一辙,都是在自编、自导、自演一个借口/由头,从而为军事打击、入侵和占领该国(进而霸占该国石油资源),提供一个冠冕堂皇的“战争法理依据”。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The whole thing is based on a typical US American insidiousness – if it does indeed terminate the Atomic Deal Treaty – namely that a tremendous stink can be launched and raised with Iran in order to then allow the US army to invade Persia during the war, to seize the oil deposit and to bring the country under US control or even to annex or even forcibly take possession of it.
整件事基于一个典型的‘US American/美国式’的阴险,如果它确实终结了‘Atomic Deal Treaty/核协议’,那么换言之:一场巨大的‘stink/恶臭’-[注] 将会降临并出现在「Iran/伊朗」,这是为了让「US Army/美国陆军」随后在战争中入侵「Persia/波斯」,夺取那里的油田并将整个国家(即:「Iran/伊朗」)都置于「United States/美国」的控制之下,又或甚至是吞并…再或甚至是强行占领该国。

利昂注释:这里的意思是,「United States/美国」和「Israel/以色列」针对「Iran/伊朗」发起的首轮正式军事打击,也就是空袭。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And it should be absolutely clear that the Israeli head clown firecracker Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shouting his pros and cons to this, which would make the world just as alarmed and howl up as if Presidential oaf Trump actually terminates the nuclear deal treaty with Persia and thus brings the entire world economy into trouble.
人们应该很清楚:「Israeli/以色列(的)」头号小丑…钢炮儿的‘Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/总理本杰明·内塔尼亚胡’正叫喊着他自己针对此事的利弊分析,而这,会让全世界都惊慌失措并发出怒吼,就好像愚蠢的「Donald John Trump/唐纳德·川普」总统真的终结了与「Persia/波斯」签订的‘nuclear deal treaty/核协议’的话,就会使整个世界经济陷入困境一样。

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‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This, along with the fact that the whole people of Iran will then also howl and no longer refrain from resuming uranium enrichment and building nuclear weapons.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In addition to that, however, if the Israeli clown of the upper state Netanyahu continues his hate speech against Persia, it will inevitably be inevitable that around the world in right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi areas – especially in Germany and the USA – the hatred against Judaism, which has been boiling up again for a long time, will boil up even more and lead to malignant degeneration against the Jewish faithful.
除此之外,还有就是…如果「Israeli/以色列(的)」国家顶层的小丑「Benjamin Netanyahu/本杰明·内塔尼亚胡」继续他针对「Persia/波斯」的仇恨言论,那分布在世界各地的‘right-wing extremist/右翼极端主义’和‘neo-Nazi/新纳粹’区域,特别是在「Germany/德国」和「United States/美国」,已经再次蠢蠢欲动了很长时间的…针对「Judaism/犹太人」的仇恨,将不可避免地更加沸腾,并导致针对「Jewish/犹太(的)」信徒的恶性退化。-[注]


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
And it really comes as no surprise that the Israeli machinations against the Palestinians in the Arab world are also constantly heightening hatred against Israel and thus against the Jewish faithful.
「Israeli/以色列人」针对「Palestinians/巴勒斯坦人」的阴谋诡计,同样会在‘Arab world/阿拉伯世界’持续加剧那里的人们针对「Israel/以色列」的仇恨,由此,加剧对「Jewish/犹太(的)」信徒的仇恨,这真的一点儿也不奇怪。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
It would, therefore, be desirable for the leaders of Israel and its vassals and military forces, etc. to stand down and seek peace and solutions with the Palestinians.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
The perverse religions and sects must not play any role in this, as they should not play any other role in the whole world; consequently, no person should harass, attack and harm another person as a result of his religious-sectarian attitude and faith, because every faith must be a personal private matter and must not have any influence with regard to the way people are treated.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
If a person believes the ludicrous nonsense of a religious or sectarian doctrine and wants to worship any deity and thus feels committed to a faith, then this is absolutely and solely his personal and private matter, which is nobody else’s business and thus must never lead to a hatred of religion or belief and race.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Therefore, if a person has become addicted to a religious faith, then he should not and must not be despised or oppressed as a person, but, if he is a righteous person, a good human contact with him should be cultivated, he should be appreciated, honored and his faith and his relevant opinions should be left to him.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Despite a religious delusion, a human being is a being to whom respect, dignity and honour are due, and it does not matter to which religion or sect the believer belongs, according to which he may not be harmed or psychologically harmed, if he goes along righteously, leads a proper, lawful life, does not offend himself in any way and thereby separates himself from the norm of righteousness and from society.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
There is never a reason for hatred against people who have become addicted to a faith of the various religions, which all would have to be listed, which is why only a small number should be mentioned to gain an impression of the diversity of religions.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So never should a person be harassed for the sake of his faith in any way belonging to any religion or sect,

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
as for example Christianity, Judaism, Islam, an oriental religion such as Yezid, Mandaean, Yarsan, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, a Central Asian and Far Eastern religion such as Confucianism, Neoconfucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Kalasha religion, Siberian or Korean shamanism, African religions such as the religion of Yoruba, Religion of the Ga, voodoo and religion of the Akan, an indigenous religion of South America, North American religion, a religion in Oceania such as Cargo Cults, Ngara Modekngei, Papua religions, a Polynesian religion or one of the many others as well as the almost countless and indeed hundreds of sects that have emerged from these religions.
就例如:「Christianity/基督教」;「Judaism/犹太教」;「Islam/伊斯兰教」;‘oriental/东方’宗教,比如:「Yezid/雅兹迪教」、「Mandaean/曼达因教」、「Yarsan/雅赛教」、「Zoroastrianism/琐罗亚斯德教」、「Hinduism/印度教」;‘Central Asian and Far Eastern/中亚和远东’宗教,比如:「Confucianism/儒家」、「Neoconfucianism/新儒学」、「Daoism/道教」、「Buddhism/佛教」、「Kalasha/卡拉沙教」、「Siberian or Korean shamanism/西伯利亚或韩国萨满教」;「African/非洲」宗教,比如:「Yoruba/约鲁巴教」、「Voodoo/伏都教」和「Akan/阿肯教」;「South America/南美洲」的土著宗教;「North American/北美洲」的宗教;「Oceania/大洋洲」的宗教,比如:「Cargo Cults/货物崇拜」、「Ngara/雅拉尔德」-「Modekngei(教)」、「Papua/巴布亚」宗教、「Polynesian/波利尼西亚」宗教,又或是许多其它宗教中的一种,以及从(上述)这些宗教中延伸出来的几乎数不清的甚至数以百计的宗派。



Yarsan或Ahle Haqq(库尔德语:یارسان,Yarsan,波斯语:اهلحق;“真理的人”),是由苏丹萨哈克于14世纪晚期在伊朗西部建立的一个融合宗教。


卡拉沙宗教在一些观察家眼中,被视为“animism/万物有灵论”,但其他人则将其视为“ancient Indo-Aryan religion/古代印度-雅利安宗教”的衍生物,被将其描述为“a form of ancient Hinduism/一种古代印度教的形式”。

360百科注释:「Siberian or Korean shamanism/西伯利亚或韩国萨满教」



阿肯人(英文: Akan)西非民族之一,大多保持传统的自然崇拜,崇拜创世主以及树木、河流、山石等,还有各种图腾崇拜和祖先崇拜。

360百科注释:「Cargo Cults/货物崇拜」
货物崇拜(英文:Cargo Cults,又译货物运动)是一种宗教形式,尤其出现于一些与世隔绝的落后土著之中。当货物崇拜者看见外来的先进科技物品,便会将之当作神祗般崇拜。




‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But there are also many other religions, such as the ethnic religions of Europe, the neo-ethnic religions of Europe, syncretism, African American religions, Indian-Christian religions, Buddhist-shintoist religions, European paganism and neopaganism and Scientology as well as diverse and very numerous historical religions, which also include mythologies and very numerous world views.
除此之外,还有许多其它的宗教,比如:‘the ethnic religions of Europe/欧洲的民族宗教’、‘the neo-ethnic religions of Europe/欧洲的新民族宗教’、‘syncretism/融合主义’、‘African American religions/非裔美国宗教’、‘Indian-Christian religions/印度基督教’、‘Buddhist-shintoist religions/佛教神道教’、‘European paganism/欧洲异教’和‘neopaganism/新教’,还有「Scientology/科学论派」,以及形形色色的、数不胜数的、历史上的宗教,这其中还包含一些神话和数不清的世界观。

科学教正式名称为山达基教(Scientology),又称科学神教和科学教派等,新兴宗教之一,由美国科幻小说作家L·罗恩·贺伯特(L. Ron Hubbard)(1911年-1986年)于1952年创立,在中国大陆为不合法宗教!

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Cryptochristianity and the underground churches should also be mentioned, and consequently a number of things must also be said in this respect, such as that in cryptochristianity the Christian faith is practised in a hidden way, but at the same time a public confession to another religion is revealed, according to which cryptochristians are people who probably follow Christian customs and traditions, although they formally belong to another religious community.
这里还应该提到‘Cryptochristianity/隐秘基督教’和‘underground churches/地下教会’,在这方面也必须说明一些事情,比如:在‘Cryptochristianity/隐秘基督教’中,「Christian/基督教(的)」‘faith/信念’是以一种隐藏的方式执行的,但与此同时,这种‘faith/信念’也被揭示为…是对另一种宗教的公开忏悔,据此,‘cryptochristians隐秘基督徒’是那些很可能会遵循「Christian/基督教(的)」风俗和传统的人,尽管他们在形式上隶属于另一个宗教团体。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Similar practices exist in other religions and sects, but are generally not publicly known.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
What can be said about underground churches can be explained by the fact that they are secret Christian places for religiously motivated gatherings of communities which are founded on the basis of state or ‘clergy’, theologians, religious servants, clerics, priests or worshippers, etc…
关于‘underground churches/地下教会’,可以说的是:这可以被解释为是一种用于…基于宗教动机的团体聚集的…「Christian/基督教(的)」秘密场所,这些团体是在‘clergy/神职人员’、神学家、宗教仆人、神甫、祭司或礼拜者等的基础上…建立起来的。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
They are subjected to repression and persecution and are therefore forced to meet secretly in secret places and in private houses for God’s services and meetings.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
This was already the case with various early religions, including Islam and Christianity, as well as with the French Huguenots and with reference to the ‘Bohemian Brothers’, the early cult followers of the Kali goddess in India, who roamed the country and strangled and robbed wandering merchants and many other people with a seven-knotted silk noose.
这种情况适用于早期的各种宗教,包括「Islam/伊斯兰教」和「Christianity/基督教」,以及「French Huguenots/法国胡格诺派」, 和所谓的‘「Bohemian Brothers/波希米亚兄弟」’,还有在「India/印度」的‘Kali goddess/迦梨女神’的早期狂热崇拜者,后者(即:这些早期狂热崇拜者)在乡间横行,并使用一种‘seven-knotted silk noose/七爪丝套’勒死和抢劫(各地的)游商和许多其他人。

360百科注释:「French Huguenots/法国胡格诺派」

360百科注释:「Bohemian Brothers/波希米亚兄弟」

360百科注释:「Kali goddess/迦梨女神」

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
So believers, who as such were exposed to repression and persecution, could only organize themselves in a secret way after the beginning of the persecutions.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
In Christianity in Ireland from the 16th to the late 18th century public worship and all historical church buildings were reserved for the Anglican ‘Church of Ireland’, according to which Catholicism could only be practiced in secret.
从十六世纪到十八世纪末期,在「Ireland/爱尔兰」的「Christianity/基督教」中,公开的礼拜和所有历史上的教堂建筑都被保留给了「Anglican/英国圣公会」的‘「Church of Ireland/爱尔兰教会」’,根据该教会的法令,「Catholicism/天主教」只能以秘密的方式执行。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
After 1945, the ruling communism in the Eastern European states also had secretly acting Christian faith communities playing with their freedom because they resisted the atheism decreed by the state.
1945年以后,在‘Eastern European states/东欧国家’执政的‘communism/共产主义’,也曾秘密扮演过「Christian/基督教(的)」‘faith/信念’的团体角色,以此玩弄后者的自由,因为后者抵制由官方颁布执行的‘atheism/无神论’-[注]。


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
To this day, North Korea has an underground church that operates in secret and has about 300,000 Christian believers.
直到今天,「North Korea/北韩」仍有一个秘密运作的‘underground church/地下教会’,并拥有大约30万「Christian/基督教(的)」信徒。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Underground churches can also be found in small networks in Islamic countries, such as Persia and Iran, as well as in Afghanistan and Somalia.
‘Underground churches/地下教会’还可以在‘Islamic countries/伊斯兰国家’的小型网络中找到,比如:(在)「Persia/波斯」和「Iran/伊朗」,以及在「Afghanistan/阿富汗」和「Somalia/索马里」。

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Mostly the faithful consist of Christian converts from Islam, who pursue their cults and religion underground in secret places, because they cannot participate in services of the traditional churches, otherwise they are harassed, as for example in Iran, where leaders and members of Christian house churches etc. are regularly arrested and sentenced to hard prison sentences.

With this you have again created some clarity and mentioned facts about which, to my knowledge, the majority of the Earthly people have little or no knowledge and therefore do not know how widely ramified, diverse and numerous the religions and sects are among the Earthly peoples.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Unfortunately, on the one hand people do not care about such facts, live only for themselves and think about things and world affairs no further than to the top of their noses, while on the other hand nothing is taught in normal schools and in religious schools and nothing is made known in the public media.


You can really say ‘unfortunately’.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Unfortunately, however, this can certainly also be used for the near future, for which I believe that nothing will change for the better, good or positive in terms of global and country policy.

Unfortunately, this will be inevitable, because so far there are no signs that anything would change for the better, good or positive.

Our forecasts have not yet given us any indication that there will be any positive changes in the foreseeable future either.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
That’s not to be expected.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
But how long do you look into the future or to what extent do you look into the future?

Foresight has been made for the next 1000 years, but due to the unpleasantness of what is to come we should not talk openly about it and avoid fear and negation, but as far as our foresight is concerned, it is only a few decades, but it is also very unpleasant, which we should not talk openly about either.

In addition, you yourself know much that will happen in the future and bring much misery, suffering and distress for the Earthly people.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
Sure, of course, it does not have to be that details are brought up, so something else should also be mentioned.

… …

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