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资讯作者:Bernadette Brand
英版译者:由Vivienne Legg在Vibka Wallder,Adam Dei Rocini和Dyson Devine的帮助下译制;
英译者注:Bernadette是瑞士「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的秘书。
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中版译者:Leon Fung

Leadership Role of the Core-Group of 49
「Core-Group of 49/核心小组49」的领导角色

Originally, the idea of the study groups goes back, of course, to Billy, because, already in the initial years of FIGU, various core-group members, prompted by Billy, maintained diverse, little study groups which they led themselves.
最初,(组建)「Study Group/研学小组」的想法(当然)可以追溯到Billy,因为,在FIGU(成立后)的最初几年里,由Billy提名的各个「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」,(各自)维护着自身所领导的…各类「Little Study Group/小型学习小组」。

Thus, regular meetings, such as these, existed in Schaffhausen, Kloten, Winterthur, in Schongau, Konstanz und Munich, and not the least, in the Center itself.
因此,在「Schaffhausen/沙夫豪森」,「Kloten/克洛滕」,「Winterthur/温特图尔」,「Schongau/施罗瑙」,「Konstanz/康斯坦茨」和「Munich/慕尼黑」,以及(瑞士的)「Mother Centre/组织中心」(注:「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」),都会定期召开例会。

In the past years, a series of FIGU study groups then came about worldwide which, in the beginning, only loosely worked together with the core-group of 49 at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center.
在过去几年中,一系列的FIGU「Study Group/研学小组」出现在世界各地,最初,这些(分布在世界各地的)「Study Group/研学小组」只与「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的「Core-Group of 49/核心小组49」保持松散地合作。

In part, overseas study groups existed with only a few persons, about whom, at the beginning, we were not even informed, and who got together sporadically, or regularly, in order to read and study the spiritual teaching together, in the narrower or broader sense, or to translate it into their country’s language.
在某种程度上,海外的(各个)「Study Group/研学小组」(通常都)只有少数几个人组成,在最开始的时候,我们甚至不知道这些小组及其成员的存在,这些小组成员偶尔或定期的聚集在一起,以便在(某些)特定领域或是更广泛的领域(/层面),一起阅读和学习精神教义,又或是将(这些精神教义)翻译成他们本国的语言。

One of the first study groups which formed was the South German Study Group, which was founded by Günter Neugebauer und Andrea Grässl, however, before they made their way into the core-group.
做为最早成立的「Study Group/研学小组」之一,「South German Study Group/南德研学小组」由Günter Neugebauer和Andrea Grässl创立,然而,这是在他们进入「Core Group/核心小组」之前。

Soon followed, in Japan and the USA, the first official FIGU groups, which became “official” FIGU groups because of their federal laws, because they had to register as associations with their own statutes, in their respective countries.

By and by, further little study groups, and study groups, came about, which began to make efforts – extending beyond the study of the spiritual teaching – to do publicity work in some form or other.
伴随越来越多的「Little Study Group/小型学习小组」,以及「Study Group/研学小组」的出现,他们(或她们)不再满足于(单纯地)只是学习精神教义,而是积极地以某种或其它形式参与到(任务的)宣传中来。

These efforts then led to the first conflicts, because it was not understood that the spiritual teaching is not to be spread by missionising, rather that every human being’s personal freedom of opinion, and free right to to make a decision, must always be preserved.

From these first efforts, the core-group then worked out initial, simple rules which the study groups had to bear in mind, because we recognised that the mission could only be helped towards the desired success through an appropriate order and an efficient structure, that is to say, an appropriate system.
通过早期的这些努力(/尝试),「Core Group/核心小组」随后制定了最初的简单规则…从而对(各个)「Study Group/研学小组」加以约束,因为我们认识到…只有通过适宜的秩序和有效的构架(/流程),才能为实现预期中的成功提供帮助,也就是说,(我们需要)一个适宜的(工作)体系(/框架)。

At all times, the responsible core-group members stood by the side of all these study groups with their knowledge, and with moral and practical support, in order to help the study groups to sort their inner and outer structures into an appropriate framework.
在任何时候,「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」都有责任(和义务)…以他们的知识,连同个人品德和实际支持,为所有这些「Study Group/研学小组」提供帮助,进而促使其内外部构架…融入到适宜(任务整体)的框架中来。

The core-group of 49 was thereby confronted with the most varied problems and country-specific circumstances, for which solutions had to be sought and found, for which we offered assistance – appropriately, and within the structure – as is determined by the statutes and rules of FIGU.
因此,「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」(总是)面临各种各样的问题以及(某些)特定国家的情况,对此,「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」必须在(任务整体)框架内…寻求和找到解决(这些问题)的方法,正如FIGU章程和规则所确立(/规定)的那样。

Since the legal regulations in regard to associations are not the same in every country, let it be explained here that, in Switzerland, and in other countries, statutes externally describe the legal basis of an association.

Statutes are, for example, submitted to the authorities, legal persons, other associations or private persons, who want to, or must, be informed about the sense and purpose of an association.

The rules, on the other hand, are the regulatory factor which internally forms the association in its essential inner structure, and which does not have to be announced outwardly, rather it only serves the internal order.

The rules must, of course, be aligned with the statutes – that is to say – move within the rule of the statutes.

Put another way, the rules are an internal interpretation or precise rendering of the statutes.

The rules and statutes of FIGU are absolutely unique worldwide because they have not been drawn up by the founding members of FIGU.

Their fundamental development, and their necessary expansion up until now, do not only lead back to Billy, but also to Quetzal und Ptaah, together with their team of advisers concerning terrestrial matters.

Especially Quetzal decisively contributes in regard to the rules and statutes and is, for that, the responsible one from the Plejaren side, just as he is for the core-group handbook which guarantees order and function within the core-group.
(这里)需要特别指出的是,在这方面,做为Plejaren(人类文明)的负责人(/代表),Quetzal在规则和章程的制定方面做出了决定性的贡献,亦如他在「Core Group/核心小组」手册(/守则)中所做出的贡献一样,后者(手册/守则)确立(/明确)了「Core Group/核心小组」的工作秩序(/流程)和功能。

That guarantees that the statutes and rules of the FIGU core-group are extremely far-sighted and progressively constructed and that, in their essentials, they comprise and implement the creational-natural laws and recommendations as far as that is at all possible in accord with terrestrial, or, more exactly, Swiss, legislation.
这使得FIGU「Core Group/核心小组」的章程和规则极具远见卓识且能够循序渐进(注:可以做到因时制宜的持续优化和稳步完善),不仅如此,在其基本要素中,还蕴含并贯彻着创造性的自然律法和戒律,并尽最大可能的使其符合地球,或者更准确地说,是(符合)瑞士国家法律(的现实)。

The statutes and rules are thereby absolutely independent from the mentalities and value-concepts of nations or those typical of peoples, because they are worked out such that they alone take into consideration the real, and inner, mentality and value of the human beings.

Thus it follows that the statutes and rules of FIGU are oriented towards absolute longevity and already predetermine the entire scope and structure of FIGU as it not only presents today, but as it will also present in many hundreds of years.

Already established in the essential features is the association’s entire wordwide structure of which, in the course of the coming centuries, only insignificant things will change, and which is directed towards growth and success.

Naturally, room is given for necessary adjustments and expansions, which will prove unavoidable.

But that does not mean that anything will, or can, change regarding the principles, because, after Billy’s death, and the final stopping of the contacts from the Plejaren side, the then existing set of rules will, in all their parts, remain such and be maintained as they are, unless it proves, in the course of time, that certain expansions to the existing basis become necessary.

The core-group of 49 at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center has, for years, already recognised and learnt – as a result of Billy’s instruction and the practical implementation of the statutes and rules, as well as the consistent application of the rules in the core-group’s handbook – that, from it, emerges peace, cooperation and effective success which is not only lasting, rather it vehemently increases and intensifies.
「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」多年来已经认识并学到,借助Billy的指导以及对(FIGU)章程和规则的实际执行,连同「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」对「Core Group/核心小组」手册(/守则)的一致性执行,和平,合作以及有效的成就…被不断地催生出来,不仅持久,还(呈现出)强烈增长和强化(的态势)。

In the context of the implementation of the statutes and rules, very much room is provided for the personal develpoment of individual core-group members and their interests, talents and skills, however this fulfilment always happens in the context of the common good of the association and its members.
透过对(FIGU)章程和规则的执行,每一个「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」的个人发展,及其兴趣,才能和技能(等)也都获得了巨大的空间,这里需要指出的是,这种情况通常只会发生在…基于组织/机构及其成员的…共同利益的…前提(/背景)下。

The means for that is the communication between the members, which we in the core-group were able to learn and which should also be learnt in the study groups and national groups.
(所以…)要达成这一切,离不开成员间的彼此沟通,在这方面,我们「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」有能力学会(这些技巧),与此同时,其他的「Study Group/研学小组」和「National Group/国际分支」也应该对此加以学习。

In all FIGU groups, one’s own opinion shall, and is permitted to, be held without punishment and consequences, and it shall not only be accepted by the other members, but is mostly also really understood.

The FIGU members all sit in the same boat, and all work together and for eachother, which basically constitutes the success of FIGU.

There is no room at all for little personal power plays, for highhandedness, arrogance, selfishness, pressure, Gewalt and controlling, as well as suggestive, goings on in regard to the manipulation of other FIGU members in view of one’s own wishes, ideas and desires.

Members who tend towards such faulty behaviour are, however, not to be schoolmastered by other members, rather are to be taught in a neutral and rational form, in that they hold an allocated place within their groups, in which the opportunities are taken away from them for a degeneration in the mentioned form, whereby they can learn to overcome their failings and find their way to new forms of communication and cooperation.

The fundamentally most important factor of FIGU membership is the equal value and equal standing of all members as human beings.

Once that is recognised, and this value is implemented in practice, then very many problems and animosities thereby fall away, as do difficulties with communication; and the need to want to rule over others rapidly decreases and ultimately dissolves.

The matter of FIGU itself, therefore the mission of the worldwide spreading of the truth, must stand in the first line as the foremost interest of FIGU members.

Personal wishes, bad habits, egoism and power-lust only hinder the mission, destroy its credibility and ultimately lead to personal problems, because the egoistical wishes and endeavours cannot be translated into action.

As determined by the statutes and rules, and as a result of that which the current core-group members were able to learn during more than 30 years in hard discussions, untiring work and through Billy’s patient, never-waning instruction, the core-group has, today, taken on the task – as the core-group as a whole, as an unanimously deciding collective acting consistently within the statutes and rules – of taking on the leadership role for all existing, and still emerging, FIGU groups, as in study groups, and national groups, from which, at a later time, core-groups for each country will then emerge.
依据(FIGU)章程和规则之确定,以及当前的「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」在过去三十多年时间里…通过艰苦讨论和不懈工作所学到的,还有透过Billy耐心的…永不停歇的指导,今天,「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」(终于)承担起了这项任务,并作为一个整体,始终如一地坚持在(FIGU)章程和规则框架内保持统一行事,并对所有那些已经存在的,以及崛起中的FIGU小组,诸如「Study Group/研学小组」和「National Group/国际分支」…发挥领导作用,而在随后的时间里,那些「National Group/国际分支」亦将(逐步)崛起为其所在各个国家的「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」。

FIGU Switzerland, therefore the core-group of 49 of the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, as actual support, responsible entity and mother-group for FIGU world-wide, is, on the basis of its statutes and rules, always, and in every case, authorised to give instructions to ALL study groups and national groups in the whole world.
「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」,也就是在「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」主持任务的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,作为实际主导FIGU在全球范围内推进任务执行的“实体” -[注-1] 和「Mother Group/中心组织」-[注-2] 的责任主体,在其章程和规则(的)基础之上,始终,并在任何情况下,都拥有对(位于)世界各地的所有「Study Group/研学小组」和「National Group/国际分支」发出任务指示的权力。


“实体”,即隶属于「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的一切物质资产。


「Mother Group/中心组织」,意同「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」、「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」和「Core Group/核心小组」。

Its obligation is the great and difficult, responsibility-laden task of building up FIGU as a worldwide association; of preserving it, and leading it into a successful future in that it creates the basis for a fundamental turn-around in the thinking of all human beings of this planet, and in that it also maintains this foundation.
其(「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」)宗旨,是透过推动那伟大且艰巨,(同时又包含着)无尽责任(和义务)的任务的执行…将FIGU建设成为一个全球性的组织;…维护它,并领导它进入一个光明的未来,届时,这个全球性的组织…将为生活在这颗星球上的全人类…塑造出…使其思想获得一次根本性转变的…基础,不仅如此,在(这个)过程中,它也将(始终)维护这个基础。

The core-group of 49, of the mother centre – Semjase-Silver-Star-Center – deals exclusively in the interests of the success of FIGU and thereby in the interests of the mission to which it is loyally bound.
位于「Mother Centre/组织中心」,也就是「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,仅专注于FIGU(任务)的成功,因此,也就仅专注于与那些…与此正向相关的任务。

Study groups or national groups, which do not want to follow the instructions of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre, can, based on the statutes’ articles, be disbanded, and the fallible members are excluded from the passive-group of FIGU Switzerland, which can naturally also be done with refractory members of the study, and national, groups if they refuse to follow appropriate and practical instructions from the core-group.
那些不愿服从「Mother Centre/组织中心」(注:「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」)的…「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的…任务指示的…「Study Group/研学小组」或「National Group国际分支」,「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」可依据章程条款,将其解散,并将那些易犯错的成员,从(其所在的)隶属于「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」的「Passive Group/被动小组」中除名,不仅如此,「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」也自然可以对那些拒不听从(/服从)来自「Core Group/核心小组」适当且可行的指示的…「Study Group/研学小组」和「National Group/国际分支」成员…进行处置。

This way of proceeding does not correspond to a threat or to Gewalt, with which the unwilling members or groups are to be held in check, rather it simply guarantees the smooth functioning of FIGU, which, in consideration of the size of the task, must be secured in any case.
(然而…)这种处置方式并不等同于一种威胁或是强制,从而使那些不受控的成员或小组受到压制,相反,这么做只是单纯为了维护FIGU(任务)的顺利推进,因为考虑到任务的(整体)规模(注:全局性), 我们需要为任务提供全方位的保障。

The concept of FIGU is very good and is forward-looking in its construction, and it provides for the forming of study groups, which are unrestricted in their number, in every country of this Earth.
FIGU的概念非常好,并且在框架(设计上)极具前瞻性,由此,它为…在地球上的每一个国家中…组建数量不受限制的「Study Group/研学小组」…提供了前提条件。

A single study group from among these study groups can distinguish itself such that it becomes the responsible national group, which, after its founding, overtakes the leadership of its country’s study groups, within the framework of the national group’s statutes.
(同在一个国家的)「Study Group/研学小组」中的某一个,可以被提升为其所在国家的「National Group/国际分支」,以此区别于(本国内的)其它「Study Group/研学小组」,在其成立之后,可在「National Group/国际分支」的相应章程框架下,超越(本国内的)其它「Study Group/研学小组」(的责任权限),从而领导该国范围内所有的「Study Group/研学小组」。

The distinguishing process succeeds, on one hand, through the daily commitment of the study group in the context of the mission, and, on the other hand, by means of a group-majority resolution, of all members of the relevant study group, that it wants to become the national group.
一方面,该“区别”过程(注:被提升的过程)需要通过相关「Study Group/研学小组」在基于任务背景条件下的日常承诺(及其履行);另一方面,该「Study Group/研学小组」的全体成员,必须通过少数服从多数的全体成员表决,明确多数成员期望…将其所在「Study Group/研学小组」…提升为「National Group/国际分支」。

The study groups are very freely organised and only have a few conditions that they must bear in mind.
「Study Group/研学小组」的组织性是非常自由的,成员只需要牢记很少的一些条款。

Thus study groups meet once a month, in each case on the 2nd Saturday of every month, and they consist of an external group in which, together with visitors and interested persons, the spiritual teaching is studied to the fullest extent, and a meditation is carried out.
在这方面,(要求)「Study Group/研学小组」每月开一次例会,具体时间是在每个月的第二个周六,参与者(还)可以包含一个圈外小组,比如访客或是对FIGU(任务)感兴趣的人士,以此在最大范围内学习精神教义,并进行冥想。

In the inner circle of the study groups, in which only declared study-group members are allowed, who must also be passive members of FIGU Switzerland, predominantly the publicity work is organised and carried out, as, for example, information stands in various cities, lectures which are organised by study groups, Internet contributions by the study groups or publicity activities, also in cooperation with the national group, as for example, readers’ letters, interviews on radio and TV, and so forth, and so on.
在「Study Group/研学小组」内部,只有被认定的「Study Group Member/研学小组成员」,同时也必须是隶属于「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」的「Passive Member/被动会员」,才被允许主要从事(任务的)宣传组织及其执行工作,举例来说,这包括在各个城市发布资讯,由「Study Group/研学小组」主办讲座,「Study Group/研学小组」与「National Group/国际分支」合作发起的互联网捐助或宣传活动,后者(这些宣传活动)包括…如读者的来信,广播和电视的采访,诸如此类等等。

The study groups are structured with a president/organiser, a secretary and a treasurer, each also having to have a deputy as soon as the group is big enough.
(一个)「Study Group/研学小组」(通常)由一位总裁/组织者,一位秘书和一位财务组成,一旦该小组的成员规模达到一定程度(/指标),上述的每一个职位还须再加配一个副职。

In principle, an official study group can already be founded with two (2) persons, and the number of their participants is open ended.
原则上来说,一个正式的「Study Group/研学小组」有两(2)个人就已经可以成立,且后续的参与人数是不受限制的。

The national groups are subject to clearly stricter organisation, which demands from them that groupstudy, including visitors and interested persons, is carried out in the afternoon, in addition to which an optional meditation with the guests may be carried out.
「National Group/国际分支」则受制于明确且严格的组织规定,后者要求他们只能在下午开展…包含访客和兴趣人士在内的…小组学习,在这个过程中,他们可以与访客一起选择自主性的冥想。

The actual organisational works and regular meetings must be postponed until the evening, because the national groups are then obliged to carry out two peace meditations.
而实际的组织工作和定期例会则必须推迟到晚间进行,因为「National Group/国际分支」的成员有义务在那之后进行两次和平冥想(练习)。

In the time between the meditations, which must occur at the normal time of the relevant country, (winter time of the country), all outstanding business and organisational plans must be discussed and resolved.

To that also belongs the leadership of the study groups of the relevant country, as well as the setting up of a yearly meeting for the passive members of FIGU which come from one’s own country.
这同样也是(该「National Group/国际分支」)领导本国(各个)「Study Group/研学小组」,以及为那些隶属于「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」的…本国「Passive Member/被动会员」…主持召开年度会议的…责任。

The national groups are led collectively by a committee of 9 (nine) persons, which includes a president, a treasurer and a secretary.
一个「National Group/国际分支」(通常)由一个九(9)人组成的委员会共同领导,这其中包括一名总裁,一名财务和一名秘书。

The deputies for the office holders can either be chosen from the committee members or from the regular members of the national group.
这些履职者的副手既可以从(上述)委员会成员中选出,也可以从「National Group/国际分支」的普通成员中选出。

As is logical, all national group members also have to be passive members of FIGU Switzerland, and the number of members of a national group is open ended, just as it is with the study groups.
这是合乎逻辑的,(因为)所有的「National Group/国际分支」成员都必须是隶属于「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」的「Passive Member/被动会员」,而「National Group/国际分支」本身是不存限制成员数量的,这一点与「Study Group/研学小组」相一致。

All official FIGU groups draw up a report (meeting minutes) within three days after their meetings, a copy of which is passed on to the group which is positioned above them.

As soon as the core-group of FIGU Switzerland has reached its total number of members, and its associated secondary core-group extends to at least 50 members, it can then begin to form core-groups from the existing national groups.
一旦「FIGU Switzerland/FIGU瑞士」的「Core Group/核心小组」成员达到满员,且与之关联的「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」成员已经扩展至50名+,就可以从已经存在的「National Group/国际分支」中发展(新的)“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」)了。

The forming of a core-group from an existing national group is entirely the matter of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre – Semjase-Silver-Star-Center – whose task it will be to filter, from the body of the existing national group-members, those members who are suitable for leadership, and to nominate them as core-group members of the relevant country, have them elected and install them.
将一个已经存在的「National Group/国际分支」提升为一个“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」),是归属于「Mother Centre/组织中心」(注:「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」)的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的全权事务,后者需要从现有的「National Group/国际分支」成员中,筛选那些适于领导责任(/职位)的成员,并提名这些人成为其所在国家“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」)的成员,进而促使其被选举为“领导”成员。

This task will have to be approached with the greatest care and corresponding experience, because the core-groups of the individual countries will, namely, continue to be subject to the advisory authority of the core-group of the mother centre, however they will otherwise be able to operate selfsufficiently to the greatest possible extent, within the framework of the statutes and rules, which should, as far as possible, be adopted from the mother core-group.
这个工作必须以…高度的谨慎和务实的经验去达成,因为各个国家的“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Group for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」),换句话说,仍将从属于「Mother Centre/组织中心」的「Core Group/核心小组」的意见权威,然而,除此之外,他们是能够在(其制定的)章程和规则框架内…最大限度地自主运作一切事务的,当然,前提是这些章程和规则需要获得「Mother Centre/组织中心」的「Core Group/核心小组」的认可。

Adapted to the conditions of their country, the core-groups of the individual countries will then lead the study groups which stand directly below them and, together with the secondary core-group of their country, which belongs to them, they will continue to further the mission in their own country.
结合所在国的(具体)情况,各国的“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Group for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」)将领导那些直属其下级的「Study Group/研学小组」,连同本国…同样隶属所在国的「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」,继续在本国范围内推动任务的后续执行。

These newly-formed core-groups are also obliged to report to the mother core-group in Switzerland and, apart from that, they each have to delegate a member in the secondary core-group of the mother core-group of the Semjase-Silver-StarCenter, Switzerland.
这些新成立的“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」)有义务向瑞士「Mother Centre/组织中心」的「Core Group/核心小组」汇报工作,除此之外,每个“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」)还必须在…隶属于瑞士「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的「Core Group/核心小组」的…「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」中…委派一名代表(/成员)。

All these groups in the individual countries not only work, within the framework of the mission, on the spreading of the truth in their country, rather they also make responsible translations – for which they take responsibility – in their country’s language(s) and simultaneously work on the promotion of the German language in their country, because the deep basis of the spiritual teaching can only be fully comprehended and implemented if the German language is learned and understood in its fundamental principles, and is really thoroughly mastered.

The long-term task of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, is based upon not only working on the spreading of the mission in Switzerland, rather, it is also even to lead and guide the study groups, national groups, core-groups and secondary core-groups of all the countries of this Earth, in the sense of the mission, aside from which, it will, for all times, have the responsibility of assuring that the spiritual teaching, as it is given by Billy in numerous works, as well as in the essential spiritual teaching syllabus, is conveyed – un-violated, un-falsified and word for word – to the coming generations, which, from their side, will continue with the same task.
「Mother Centre/组织中心」(注:「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」)的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的长期任务,不仅是致力于在瑞士(范围内)传播任务,同时,还需要依托任务理念…(去)领导和指引分布在地球上所有(/各个)国家的「Study Group/研学小组」,「National Group/国际分支」,“Core Group/核心小组”(注:「Core Groups for Each Country/(国家)核心小组」)以及「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」,除此之外,它还始终肩负着…确保将…经由Billy诸多著作连同必要的精神教导大纲所阐释的…精神教义,不被篡改地,不被伪造地,而且是逐字逐句地…传达给新生代(人类)的…责任,由此,这些新生代(人类)将能够(在未来)继续履行这个任务。

Ultimately, in the course of the coming centuries, through the long-term work of FIGU, the basis will be laid for a fundamental change in the thinking of the human beings of the future, who will be instructed in the spiritual teaching by the FIGU members, whereby a peaceful and stable future, worthy of humanity, is guaranteed.

Therein lies the essential leadership task of the core-group of 49 of the mother centre, SemjaseSilver-Star-Center, Switzerland, and all its core-group members, into the distant future.
而瑞士「Mother Centre/组织中心」(注:「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」)的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,及其所有「Core Group Member/核心小组成员」(们)…一直持续至遥远未来的…领导工作,将在这其中发挥至关重要的作用。

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