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Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien

Free Community of Interests for Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies

Founded in 1975

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COPYRIGHT 2004/2006 BY FIGU ‘Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien’, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Hinterschmidrüti ZH, Switzerland.
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STATUTES of Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien.


「The Society/社区」的命名,总部,组织形式和财务年度

1. Under the name “Free Community of Interests for Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies", herein referred to as FIGU, a community of interests was formed in Hinwil (Canton Zurich) on January 28, 1975.
1. 名为“边缘与精神科学和飞碟学研究的自由兴趣共同体”的社区,这里(简)称为FIGU,是一个于1975年01月28日,在Hinwil(苏黎世州)成立的兴趣共同体。

This non-profit society, which is independent from any political, religious and ideological groups, was registered on June 17, 1978, in accordance with Article 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.
该非营利性社区,有别于任何政治,宗教和意识形态的群体,并根据瑞士民法典第60 ff(条),于1978年06月17日注册。

2. The Society is headquartered at the Semjase Silver Star Center, CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH (Turbenthal district).
2. 「The Society/社区」总部设在「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」,CH-8495,Schmidrüti/ZH(Turbenthal区)。

3. The format of this society is totally non-religious and non-hierarchical, and its management, business matters, by-laws and the like, abide exclusively to resolutions set down by the General Assembly.
3. 该社区的组织(理念)完全是非宗教且非等级的,其管理,运营事宜,组织规则等,也都完全服从于「General Assembly/成员大会」的决议。

4. The standard calendar year constitutes a business year.
4. 一个运营年度,对照相应的一个标准年份。


「The Society/社区」的宗旨和目标

1. FIGU’s purpose, within the scope of the Creational-natural laws and commandments, is to familiarize a community of seekers, investigators, and the initiated with the spiritual truth, and to instruct them in the application and utilization of the spiritual laws as they relate to every-day life.
1. 蕴含在创造的自然律法和戒律之中的…FIGU的宗旨,是(帮助/指引)社区的探寻者、调查者以及精神真理的倡导者,让他(或她)们熟悉并应用和运用…与其日常生活息息相关的…精神法则。

2. FIGU’s goals are being effected through the following measures:
2. FIGU的目标是通过如下措施达成的:

– Conveyance of the spirit teaching and the Creational truth to humans by way of instruction in written and verbal formats.
– 通过书面和口头形式的教导,向(全)人类传达精神教义和创造的真理。

– Cultivation of a life in awareness of the human spirit and in adherence to the spiritual laws and commandments through the instruction and advancement of spiritual evolution.
– 通过教导以及促进精神(层面的)进化,塑造一种…基于对人类精神认识的…且恪守精神律法和戒律的…生活(方式)。

– Dissemination of the truth about life in the universe, and how humans are interconnected with all other life forms.
– (向世人)传播宇宙生命之真相,以及人类是如何与其他所有的生命形式…万物关联的。

– Dissemination of information for a lifestyle exemplifying the natural-Creational laws and commandments and, in adhering to them, the realization of a spiritual guidance of the human population on Earth.
– (向世人)传播一种展示并恪守自然的创造律法和戒律的…生活方式的资讯,并(鼓励世人)遵守这些,从而实现对地球人类的精神指引。

– Instruction for the realization of the human life form’s personal freedom in the material consciousness-related and spiritual realms, as an individual and a WE-form world society.
– 指导人类生命形式…实现其在与物质意识相关的(领域)以及精神领域里,作为一个个体以及一个「WE-form/共体」社会氛围中的个人自由。

– Realization of all life forms’ Creational-natural co-existence in reverent regard for all human, faunal, floral lives, and anything else in existence.
– 让所有的生命形式,都在虔诚地关注所有人类,动物种群,花卉生命以及其它任何存在的事物…之中,实现创造的自然共存。

– Protection of all life and the abolition of all factors that are contrary to Creational laws such as torture, capital punishment, environmental destruction, and global endangerment through overpopulation.
– 维护所有生命,并抵制所有与创造律法相违背的…诸如酷刑,死刑,环境破坏以及由人口过剩所引发的全球性危害。

– Realization of joint ownership and right of usufruct of grounds and equipment, as well as the support of joint, equal utilization of all goods and resources possible.
– 实现“物权”以及“对土地和设备使用权”的…整合,以及支持整合,并平等地利用一切可以被利用的物资和资源。

– Dissemination and pursuit of ufological studies.
– 传播并专注于飞碟学研究(资讯)。

3. From the FIGU headquarters at the “Semjase Silver Star Center" in Switzerland (The Center) the worldwide, analogously functioning local centers, to be maintained according their own country’s law system, will be supported in every feasible, pertinent manner.
3. 位于瑞士(「The Center/中心」)…“「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」”的…FIGU环球总部…与各地的本土中心…功能相类似,(都是)依循各自所在国家的律法体系来运作,并会得到后者(FIGU总部)以各种可行且有针对性的方式…的支持。

4. FIGU’s conceptual infrastructure consists of the spirit teaching.
4. FIGU基础设施的…概念,是由精神教导组成的。

The teaching was promulgated by the herald of the New Age, ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, his mediators Semjase, Ptaah, Quetzal, Arahat Athersata, and others.
该(精神)教导由新时代的先驱 ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier,(连同)其调解员Semjase,Ptaah,Quetzal,Arahat Athersata,及其他人颁布。

The teaching was truthfully recorded in FIGU’s books and teaching for the future of humankind.

5. FIGU is a non-profit-making Society that uses all legal means and capacities for the maintenance and expansion of the Semjase Silver Star Center and, if feasible, for the support of the other worldwide, related center communities, in order to improve a better realization of the Society’s goals in conformity with evolution.
5. FIGU是一个非营利性的“社区”,利用一切合法的手段和能力去维护和扩展「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」,并在可行的情况下,为了更好地实现“社区”基于进化主旨的各项目标,而去支持世界各地的…其它(与任务)相关的…中心社区。

This ensues primarily through books and other publications.

6. Support of specific, needy individuals.
6. 支持(某些)特定的,需要帮助的个体。

7. Proceeds from lectures, royalties and the sale of writings, books, materials and rights are used for the production of writings and books as well as for the maintenance of the Mission in general and for the purchase of all necessary material.
7. 来自讲座,版权以及销售著作,书籍,素材,以及授权的收益,都将被用来生产(后续的)著作和书籍,以及维持任务的整体运作,还有采购所有必须的物料。



1. Core Group of 49 (CG49)
1. 「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」(CG49)

With a maximum of 49 members, the Core Group is responsible for the management and maintenance of its own center, and for all activities that allow FIGU to achieve its goals in accordance with the natural-Creational laws and commandments within the Society’s scope.
「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的成员上限为49人,负责管理和维护中心(的日常运作),以及(负责)在“Society/社区”框架内…开展所有可使FIGU达成其…基于自然律法和戒律之目标的…一切活动。

Furthermore, the CG49 at the Semjase Silver Star Center (The Center) is responsible for the evolutionary guidance and growth of all other satellite centers worldwide (so-called daughter or subsidiary centers), and for other FIGU groups.
除此之外,在「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」(「The Center/中心」)的「CG49」还负责全球范围内…其它所有的“卫星中心”(即所谓的“子中心”或“附中心”),以及其它FIGU小组的进化指导和成长。

However, the members of these satellite centers bear responsibility for their own actions.

(Centers in foreign countries have to use these Statutes as a basis and to adapt them to the laws of their own country.)

2. Secondary Core Group (SCG)
2. 「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」(SCG)

The SCG, with a maximum of 210 members, executes the instructions and all business aspects as directed by the appropriate CG49.

The SCG has its own administration but is subject to constant guidance and monitoring by The Center.
「SCG」拥有自己的办事机构,但受到「The Center/中心」的持续指导和监督。

The SCG instructs its study groups in the spirit teachings and is responsible for its local Passive Group.
「SCG」通过精神教导对从属于其的「Study Group/研学小组」进行指导,并对当地的「Passive Group/被动小组」负责。

3. Passive Group (PG)
3. 「Passive Group/被动小组」(PG)

The Passive Group consists of single persons or representatives of a legitimately established company, etc. (="lawful/legal person") who, through their membership and support, give witness of their willingness to be introduced to the spirit teaching by the FIGU Core Groups, and to seek and follow their own evolutionary path in accordance with the natural-Creational order.
「Passive Group/被动小组」由独立的个体或依法成立的公司代表(=“合法/法人”)等组成,通过其会员资格及其(对任务的)支持,明确其愿意被FIGU(各)“核心小组”引入精神教导,并依循自然的创造秩序,寻找并依循他(或她)们各自所属的进化之路。

Students of the “Spirit Lessons", without exception, must be FIGU Passive Group or Patron members.
参与“精神(教导)课程”的学生,无一例外的都必须是FIGU「Passive Group/被动小组」会员或“赞助者”。

The Passive Groups annually support their local centers through prescribed financial sums, personal work efforts, and voluntary advancement of a conceptual and material nature.
「Passive Group/被动小组」通过每年(捐助)规定的财务金额,个人努力付出,以及自愿提升其(意识)理念和物质性情,从而支持其当地中心的工作。



1. Core Group of 49 (CG49) and Secondary Core Group (SCG)
1. 「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」(「CG49」)和「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」(「SCG」)

Applicants for membership in both groups must provide:

a) Character references or a certificate of good conduct (proof that the applicant possesses all rights and honours of a lawful citizen)

b) Proof from the IRS and State Equalization Board that no outstanding writs of execution, attachments or prosecution exist for the person
b)由「IRS/美国国税局」和「State Equalization Board/国家平等委员会」出具的证明,(证明)该申请人不存在尚未履行的执行事项,附加项或是被起诉的情况。

a) + b) must completely cover the past 3-year period, including residence/work in various cities
a) + b) 必须完全覆盖(申请人在)过往三年时间(里的履历),包括(其)在不同城市的居住/工作(情况)

c) Excerpt from the Central Criminal Records (data regarding all previous convictions)
c)参考「Central Criminal Records/刑事案卷中心」(有关以往所有定罪的数据)

d) Written declaration that the applicant is not a member of a religion

e) Written declaration that the applicant is not a member of an illicit or extremist political group

f) Four (4) current passport photos for the FIGU files and the membership passport

g) A signed application form with the agreement to all membership conditions

h) In particular cases it is possible that applicants for CG49 or SCG membership can be accepted as new members in spite of an existing debt or previous conviction, provided that there are no criminal convictions and/or gross fault on the applicants’side.

In an exceptional case like this an admission by the CG49 can occur only after a thorough examination of the circumstances.

2. Passive Group
2. 「Passive Group/被动小组」

Applicants must complete the Passive Group application form, which requests personal data and also requires a signed affidavit of the applicant declaring that (s)he will fully accept the Statutes and associated conditions applicable to a Passive Group member.
申请人必须填写「Passive Group/被动小组」申请表,该表格要求(申请人)提供个人数据,同时还要求申请人签署一份…宣誓其无条件接受…成为「Passive Group/被动小组」会员(所要遵守)的…章程和相关适用性条款的…声明文件。

Four (4) current passport pictures must be enclosed for the FIGU files and Passive Group passport.
四(4)张当前护照的照片,将用于FIGU文档(留存)以及(制作)「Passive Group/被动小组」会员证件。

3. Acceptance Decision
3. 接收决议

Acceptance of a new member into each FIGU-approved group is only granted through a unanimous vote by all members of the appropriate Core Group of 49.
新人申请加入FIGU各授权小组的申请,仅在相应的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的全体成员给予一致性同意的情况下,才能被通过。

If accepted, the new member will receive by mail the group passport, valid statutes, all support material and documentation.



1. Membership is terminated by:
1. 成/会员资格在出现如下状况时,即被终止:

– death of the member
– 成/会员死亡

– voluntary resignation
– 自愿请辞

– deletion from the Passive Group membership list
– 从「Passive Group/被动小组」的会员列表中…被除名

– expulsion from the member’s group
– 从成/会员所在小组中…被开除

2. A voluntary resignation may be declared at any time via a written announcement to the executive committee, accompanied by the reason(s) for resigning.
2. 成/会员可随时通过书面声明(随附请辞理由)的方式通知执行委员会,宣布自愿请辞。

The resignation becomes valid only after an adherence to a termination period of at least 6 months, which ends on June 30 or December 31 of the same year, depending on which is the closer date to the resignation announcement.

Until the end of the 6-month resignation period, the resigning member must fulfil all group tasks and obligations (= liability to pay contributions) of its current membership group with which (s)he is affiliated.

3. Automatically terminated from the Passive Group membership list is anyone who does not completely fulfil his/her prescribed annual financial contribution obligations by April 25 of any given year.
3. 未在(应履行义务的)相应年份的04月25日之前,完全履行他或她既定的年度财务贡献义务的会员,将从「Passive Group/被动小组」的会员名单中…被自动除名。

Special arrangements may be concluded, but the contributions must be paid until or at the General Assembly of the Passive Group at the latest.
针对特殊情况,可酌情延长缴纳时限,但最迟必须在「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组成员大会」召开之前或是在会议期间…履行缴纳会费的义务。

4. a) The expulsion of a member from a FIGU membership group may be declared by the General Assembly of the appropriate CG49 when a particular member has seriously transgressed against FIGU principles.
4. a)当某个成/会员有严重违反FIGU原则的情况时,相应的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」可宣布将该成/会员从其所在的FIGU成/会员小组中…驱逐出去。

These include, but are not restricted to, the following:

1) Endangerment of the FIGU community’s safety and its property

2) Drug abuse (hallucinogens and severe medication abuse)

3) Repeated serious crimes related to local laws of each member’s country

4) Repeated breach of FIGU’s rules of order and the Statutes to the detriment and harm of the group or its individual members

5) Deliberate, malicious endangerment or destruction of life

6) Disregard or defamation of the spirit teaching, i.e., the spiritual teaching

7) Disloyalty toward and treason against FIGU, its members, the local order of law enforcement or the security of State

8) Severe alcohol abuse

9) Repeated major transgressions against the human and Creational-natural laws and commandments which constitute FIGU.

Three transgressions inevitably will lead to expulsion.

b) The date of a member’s expulsion from the group is determined by the CG49 General Assembly, and is normally scheduled for a general meeting in accordance with the conditional period of notice.
b)涉事成/会员从(其所在的)小组中…被驱逐的日期,由「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」决定,这通常是根据“通报条件期限”而被安排在某次成员大会中进行的。

Until the formal termination date, the individual to be expelled must fulfil all of his/her previous obligations toward FIGU in every way.

c) Any member expelled for the above-mentioned transgressions will automatically be banished from the Center in question and its property for a 7-year period.

This banishment can be extended to the length of that person’s life for particularly serious offence.

d) FIGU may choose to banish visitors, intruders or other third parties from the Center in question and its property for a 7-year period or a lifetime if the individual(s) consciously committed a serious transgression against the center rules, FIGU guidelines, the Mission, morals and decency; if they publicly discredit FIGU, its members or the Mission; if they commit disloyal deeds and acts against FIGU, its members or the order and security of the country.

5. The General Assembly of the CG49 will decide upon any reinstatements of resigned, deleted or expelled members, and the abridgement or reversal of a ban from “house or property" according to clauses set down in the group’s by-laws, and concurrent with previous decisions.
5. 「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」将根据小组章程所规定的条款,连同之前的决议,对是否…恢复那些已请辞的,被除名的或是被驱逐的…成/会员的资格,以及是否…删减或撤销禁止被驱逐者接触“小组或其资产”的禁令,做出决定。

6. New membership after a resignation:
6. 请辞者的新成/会员资格:

Passive Members:
对「Passive Member/被动会员」来说:

If a resignation has occurred for family, military, health and personal reasons (self-discovery; to become clear about one’s own aim in life, etc.), a repeated entry/joining is possible.
如果(之前的)请辞是由于家庭,军事(兵役),健康和个人原因(基于某种自我的发现从而明确自我的人生目标等情况)造成的,则再次(申请)进入/加入(「Passive Group/被动小组」)是可以被接受的。

If a resignation has occurred according to Article 5. 3. (if the membership fee has not been paid on purpose) and Article 4. a), no second entry/joining is possible.
如果(之前的)请辞是由于条款五-3(如果当事会员是故意不履行会费缴纳义务的),以及条款五-4.a),则再次(申请)进入/加入「Passive Group/被动小组」是绝无可能的。

CG49 and SCG:

A second entry/joining is possible only once.

If a resignation has occurred according to Article 5. 4. a), a second entry/joining to a core group is not possible.

7. All FIGU Groups (CG, SCG, PG or Study Groups) which are selfdissolved because of inability of group-related performance of duty, e.g. not observing the regular date of the General Assembly, or not observing the election duties, among other things, can be founded anew only after seven (7) years.
7. 所有那些…由于无法履行小组相关职责…进而宣告自行解散的FIGU小组(「CG」,「SCG」,「PG」或各「Study Group/研学小组」),比如:不能如期召开「General Assembly/成员大会」的;或不能履行选举义务的,除其它事项外,只能在七(7)年后才可以建立新的(小组)。

8. Members who are to blame for the break-down of a FIGU Group (CG, SCG, PG or Study group) may never enter again into a FIGU Group the rest of their life (according to Article 5. 4, a)).
8. 对于那些需要为某个FIGU小组(「CG」,「SCG」,「PG」或「Study Group/研学小组」)的解散…负责任的涉事成/会员,其余生将再也不得进入(任何)一个FIGU小组(根据条款五-4.a))。

9. 资讯注释:英译版FIGU章程(1978/1996/2006)未在此处显示相关内容。

10. Additionally, the regulations of the by-laws are valid and are to be obtained – depending on the circumstances – from FIGU’s headquarters, Hinterschmidrüti, CH-8495 Schmidrüti.
10. 另外,(相关)章程之规定的有效性,应视实际情况从(地址为)Hinterschmidrüti,CH-8495,Schmidrüti的FIGU总部获得。



1. Annual membership fees are needed to establish and secure a financial base for the maintenance, structural expansion of the Semjase Silver Star Center and its worldwide satellite centers, as well as the evolutionary realization of all mission tasks.
1. (FIGU)需要成/会员支付年度成/会员费,以及…以建立和确保…维护、扩建「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」及其全球“卫星中心”的财务基础,以及实现所有(基于)进化(理念的)任务工作的推进。

2. Every group determines the annual financial and other responsibilities of its own members according to a budget and votes accordingly during a General Assembly.
2. 每一个小组都需要根据年度预算,在「General Assembly/成员大会」中投票决定…其成/会员负担的年度费用及其它责任。

3. The following regulations currently apply to members of the Passive Group:
3. 现行的如下规定适用于「Passive Group/被动小组」会员:

a) Annual membership fee

b) Annual subscription of the quarterly publication Stimme der Wassermannzeit (Voice of the Aquarian Era)
b)订阅年度期刊“Stimme der Wassermannzeit”(《水瓶座时代的呼声》)

c) Once annually:

a contribution of 7% of the member’s one month salary until the retirement age of 65

d) Until a person turns 65:

three (3) obligatory work days are required at the Semjase Silver Star Center.
每年需前往「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」,从事三(3)个工作日的义务劳作。

The work days must be provided between April 1 and October 31.

By April 25 of the following year at the latest, FIGU must be financially compensated for any obligatory days not worked [see special agreement Article 5.3]).
如会员未能履行该劳作义务,则须在最迟次年04月25日之前,对FIGU做出(相应的)经济性补偿 [见条款五-3之特别协议]。

These obligatory days can be executed in unlimited number ahead of schedule; they cannot be made up at a later date, however.

e) Mothers of infants up to the age of 1 year are released from the obligatory work days, and are released from financial compensation for the obligatory work days.

f) A one-time application and identification card fee

4. Membership contributions in material form:
4. 成/会员在物质方面的贡献:

Articles, reports, letters, lists, treatise, proper names, pseudonym, photos, slides, negatives, drawings and electronic data carriers, etc., which once have been put at FIGU’s disposal by the authors, automatically become FIGU’s property for all-time use, without any financial obligation towards the author.

5. If a SCG is complete (210 members), each SCG member is paying his/her regular annual contributions to the appropriate CG49, while the PG that is connected to the SCG, does pay its annual financial contributions to its own SCG.
5. 如果「SCG」达到满员(210名成员),则每一名「SCG」成员都需要向相应的「CG49」支付他或她既定的年度捐款,而从属于「SCG」的「PG」,则是向其各自所属的「SCG」…支付年度财务捐款。



1. Anyone (a single person or representative of a legitimately established company, etc.) may become patrons, donors or sponsors who, through one-time or regular donations, assist and support FIGU, its goals, the Mission or one of its satellite centers in their non-profit efforts.
1. 任何人(个人或是依法成立的公司代表等)都可以通过一次性或定期的捐助,以“非牟利”的目的…协助并支持FIGU及其目标(的达成),任务(的推进)又或是(向)其“卫星中心”之一(提供协助和支持),从而成为(FIGU的)“赞助者”,捐赠者或是赞助商。

2. Anyone who annually supports FIGU through a minimum donation agreed upon by the CG49 (amount will be provided upon re-quest), receives upon request a FIGU patron passport, which entitles the bearer to reductions on entrance fees for FIGU lectures and other events.
2. 任何通过每年依照…由「CG49」所确定的最低捐助标准(具体金额将在被请求时提供)来支持FIGU的人士,都将根据要求收到一个FIGU“赞助者”的证件,该证件可作为持有者在参与FIGU讲座和其它活动是免于支付入场费的凭证。

3. Patrons may study the “Spirit Lessons".
3. “赞助者”可(参与)学习“精神(教导)课程”。

4. Patrons have free entry to the regular General Assembly of the Passive Group; however, they have no right to vote.
4. “赞助者”可以自由进入「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组成员大会」;但他(或她)们没有投票权。

5. Patrons may study the Statutes anytime; however, they have no right to view FIGU’s by-laws.
5. “赞助者”可随时(参与)学习(FIGU)章程;但是,他们没有权利查看FIGU的议事细则。



The organs/agents of the society are:

The General Assembly of the Core Group of 49 (GA-CG49)
「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」/(「GA-CG49」)

The General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group (GA-SCG)
「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」/(「GA-SCG」)

The General Assembly of the Passive Group (GA-PG)
「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组成员大会」/ (「GA-PG」)

Special Meetings of the Core Group of 49
「Special Meetings of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49特别会议」

The FIGU Society’s leadership, who holds a guiding and counselling function, will be taken over after Billy’s decease by the entire CG49 and under the management of the society’s Committee.
在「FIGU Society/FIGU社区」…发挥指导和咨询作用的领导职能,将在Billy离世后,在社区委员会的安排下…由「CG49」接手。

The Committee of the Core Group of 49 (CO-CG49)
「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」/(「CO-CG49」)

The Committee of the Secondary Core Group (CO-SCG)
「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」/(「CO-SCG」)

During all General Assemblies and Special Meetings minutes must be taken.
所有的「General Assembly/成员大会」和「Special Meeting/特别会议」,都必须做(相应的)会议记录。



1. General information regarding the Core Group of 49 General Assembly
1. 关于「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」的一般性介绍

a) The regular GA-CG49 at The Center (FIGU Headquarters in Switzerland) is held on the first Saturday of every calendar month.
a)每个月的第一个周六,「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」都会在「The Center/中心」(位于瑞士的FIGU总部)…定期召开。

Every member is obliged to attend these meetings and is afforded a vote.

The GA-CG49 constitutes a quorum when at least 3/4 of its members are present.
当出席成员数超过总数的四分之三时,则该次「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」即达到法定出席人数。

A unanimous vote is required for all elections, resolutions and decisions; if there is no unanimous vote, the agenda item is tabled until the issue is unanimously passed during a future General Assembly.
所有的选举,决议和决定,都需要一致性投票;如果没有一致性投票,则相关议题将被保留,直至在未来某一次「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」中获得一致性通过。

If a vote personally affects an individual member, that person is not allowed to vote on his/her own item.

Accumulated agenda items for future meetings are always announced, in writing, on the 3rd weekend of every month.

Every member is entitled to turn in written proposals for the next General Assembly up to the 3rd weekend of each month.
每一名成员都有权在每个月的第三个周末前,针对下一次「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」提交书面提议。

b) Unscheduled General Assemblies can be summoned at any time by 1/5 of the CG49 members or by 1/3 of the CG49 Committee.
b)计划外的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」,可在任何时候由1/5的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」成员…或是1/3的「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」成员召开。

c) On the first Saturday in JUNE, the representatives of all worldwide CG49 Committees attend the General Assembly at The Center in Switzerland.
c)在(每年)六月的第一个周六,来自世界各地的「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」的代表…将出席在瑞士「The Center/中心」召开的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」。

d) Regular CG49 General Assemblies of all worldwide satellite CG49 take place every second Saturday of any calendar month.
d)而分布在世界各地的“satellite CG49”,则可在任意月份的第二个周六召开其“CG49成员大会”。

e) Any agenda item not set down on the agenda for the next meeting can be dealt with during that meeting provided everyone present agrees to it.

f) Special Meetings can be called anytime if required; however, Saturday evening and Sunday of the third weekend shall be preferred.
f)如有必要的话,可随时召开「Special Meetings of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49特别会议」;然而,时间应优先选择(当月)第三个周末的…周六晚间和周日进行。

Authoritative for decisions are solely the CG49 members who attend the Special Meetings.
该次会议所达成决议的权威性(注:有效性,有效范围),也仅针对出席该次「Special Meetings of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49特别会议」的「Member of Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员」。

2. Tasks of the GA-CG49 at The Center (FIGU Headquarters in Switzerland)
2. 「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」在「The Center/中心」的任务(位于瑞士的FIGU总部)

a) Electing the 9-member committee, consisting of the president, secretary, treasurer, six (6) additional committee members and their proxies for a 20-year term

– Electing proxies for the president, secretary, and treasurer who act in their place when the officers are incapable of doing so
– 选举总裁,秘书和财务主管的代理人,在上述“官员”无法履职时…代替其履职;

– Appointing individual(s) who are to have check-signing authority, and the format (individually or collectively) they are to follow
– 任命拥有支票签名权的人(注:出纳人员),及其要遵循的格式(对私或对公)

b) Generally administrating FIGU worldwide in coordination and agreement with the committee representatives of the satellite Core Groups of 49
b)通常情况下,「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」通过与…世界各地的“satellite CG49”在其“委员会”(注:「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」)所委派代表的…合作与协调,来实现对“FIGU环球”的管理

c) Accepting/discussing monthly and annual reports by the president, secretary and treasurer
c)接受或讨论由(「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」)总裁、秘书和财务主管提交的月度和年度报告

d) Drawing up resolutions regarding the listed agenda items

e) Approving the minutes from the previous month’s meeting
e)批准上月的会议(「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」)记录

f) Drawing up resolutions pertaining to the acceptance and rejection of members from all groups

g) Approving the monthly budget and annual report

h) Electing two billing auditors to examine the annual report

i) Electing two committee members designated to serve on the committee of the Secondary Core Group
i)选举两名「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」成员,并委派其在「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」中任职

j) Removing unfit committee members and the required election of substitutes
j)将不称职的「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」成员除名,并进行必要的补选

k) Deciding on fees/prices for identification cards, books and other printed material, and any other financial charges

l) Approving the minutes provided by the work groups

m) Acknowledging the minutes supplied by all FIGU groups

n) Attending to unique issues, regulations, directions and the like beyond the Statutes in accordance with the detailed by-laws passed by the General Assembly of the CG49
n)根据「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」通过的章程细则,参与制定…特殊议题,条例,指示以及超越章程的那种(“新规则”)。

3. Tasks of the General Assemblies by satellite CG49 worldwide
3. 由世界各地的“satellite CG49”召开的“CG49成员大会”的任务

The tasks are identical to those set down in #2 above regarding The Center in Switzerland.
这些任务与…在瑞士「The Center/中心」的…「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」在上述【条款九-2】中所确立的任务相同。

Regarding item 2.b):

Every CG49 has to elect a committee delegate/representative who has mastered the German language sufficiently to function as envoy to The Center and to personally attend the General Assembly at the Semjase Silver Star Center in CH-8495 Schmidrüti every first Saturday in June, where (s)he will represent the interests of the satellite group abroad and its affiliated groups.
每一个“satellite CG49”都必须选出一名“委员会”(注:「Committee of Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」)代表/代理人,这个人必须熟练掌握德语,并能够担负起在「The Center/中心」的特使(职责),并于(每年)六月的第一个周六亲自出席…在CH-8495 Schmidrüti(注:FIGU总部地址)的「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」召开的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」,届时,他或她将代表国外的“卫星小组”及其(各)附属小组的利益。

4. The General Assemblies must be held once a month and have to take place at the officially fixed point in time.
4. 「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」必须每月举行一次,且必须在由官方确立的固定时点进行。

Meetings on other weekends are not accepted as General Assemblies, but as extraordinary meetings which cannot replace the General Assembly.
在其它周末举行的会议,将不被认可为“成员大会”(注:「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」),而只能算是无法替代前者的“特殊会议”。

Therefore, elections cannot be held during such meetings.



1. General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group in general
1. 「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」的一般性介绍

The GA-SCG attends to all business matters within the scope of its competence in accordance with FIGU’s general concept.
「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」根据FIGU通用章程,在其职权范围内处理所有的业务事宜。

a) Normal SCG General Assemblies take place worldwide on the fourth Saturday of every calendar month.
a)通常情况下,「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」定于每月的第四个周六,在全球各地召开。

b) Unscheduled General Assemblies can be summoned at any time upon request by the CG49 involved, the group’s SCG committee, by at least 1/5 of all SCG members or by a minimum of 1/3 of the SCG committee.
b)应「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的要求,「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」可在…至少有1/5的「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」成员,或是至少有1/3的「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」成员参与的情况下,随时召开计划外的「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」。

c) All resolutions, elections and votes are decided by a majority of decision-making votes (50% plus 1 vote of all attendees without abstentions = absolute majority).
c)全部的决议,选举和投票都必须由多数决策票(所有未弃权的与会者中的50%,加上1票 = 绝对多数票)决定。

2. Tasks of the GA-SCG:
2.「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」的任务

1. Electing 7 members of the 9-member SCG committee for a 20- year term (2 committee members are chosen and appointed by the appropriate CG49 committee).
1. 选举「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」的“9人常务会”成员中的7名,任期为20年(另2名委员会成员,则由相应的「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」选择和委派)。

2. Electing SCG committee members who represent the SCG and the interests of the Passive Group assigned to them at the monthly GA of the appropriate CG49.
2. 选举…代表「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」和从属于其的「Passive Group/被动小组」的利益的…「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」成员,参与相应的每月召开的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」。

(There shall be one committee member per 30 members of that particular SCG.
(在「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」中,每30名成员中应有一名「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」成员。

Hence, all 7 representatives attend who were elected according to above [Art. 10, 2. 1.], provided their SCG has 210 members.)
因此,只要「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」的人数达到210人,即可根据【条款十-2.1】选举「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」之“9人常务会”中的7名代表。)

3. Expressing recommendations to the GA-CG49 regarding the acceptance of new SCG members at the appropriate Center, any other building unit, shared-housing community or independent living arrangements.
3. 向「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」征求…关于在相应的中心,任何其它建筑单位,共享居住社区又或是独立生活安排(方面)…接纳「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」新成员的建议。

4. Printing and dissemination of all FIGU books, texts and publications.
4. 印刷和传播所有的FIGU书籍,文本和出版物。

5. Managing and administering the Passive Group; organizing and carrying out the annual Passive Group General Assembly in May.
5. 管理和管辖(从属于其的)「Passive Group/被动小组」;并在每年五月组织召开「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组成员大会」。

6. Collecting PG membership fees and their delivery to the CG49.
6. 收集「Passive Group/被动小组」会员的会费,并将其移交「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」。

7. Conducting these administrative tasks:
7. 执行(如下)行政工作:

– Preparing the GA on each fourth Saturday of every calendar month.
– 在每月的第四个周六,筹备召开「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」。

– Categorizing agenda items according to the nature of the requests.
– 根据相关提议的属性,将议程议题进行分类。

– Approving the minutes from the previous month’s GA.
– 批准上月的「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」的会议记录。

– Briefing by the president, secretary, and treasurer on the actual status and imminent tasks.
– 由总裁,秘书和财务主管,就当前实际情况和紧要任务,做简要汇报。

– Ruling regarding decisions that must be submitted for the GA-CG49’s final consent.
– 裁定关于…必须交由「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」做最终裁决的…决议。

– Distributing tasks among SCG members to ensure that all impending tasks and duties are performed.
– 分配任务给「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」的各个成员,确保所有(后续)且即将被履行的任务和职责得到有效执行。

– Assessing applications by Passive Group members and advising the GA-CG49.
– 评估「Passive Group/被动小组」会员提出的申请,并据此向「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」提出建议。



a) The regular Annual GA of the Passive Group and Patrons takes place on the fourth Saturday in May of each year.
a)「General Assembly of the Passive Group and Patrons/被动小组和赞助者会员大会」通常在每年五月的第四个周六召开。

Preparations, announcements of the event, its agenda, and enforcement will be administered by the SCG.
由「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」负责活动的筹备,宣传,议事日程和监督执行。

b) Unscheduled GA-PG take place at the request of the CG49, the SCG or by a minimum of 1/5 of the total PG membership.
b)计划外的「General Assembly of the Passive Group and Patrons/被动小组和赞助者会员大会」,可在「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」或者…占(该)「Passive Group/被动小组」成员总数至少1/5的成/会员提出要求时…召开。

c) Chairing and taking of minutes at the GA are handled by SCG committee members.
c)「General Assembly of the Passive Group and Patrons/被动小组和赞助者会员大会」的主持和会议记录,均由「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」的成员负责。

d) Decisions regarding resolutions and the agenda, particularly annual fees, the amount of other contributions and obligatory work days at the center, etc.

(A majority of 50% plus 1 vote of all the valid votes is decisive for passing an agenda item).

e) Passive Group and Patron members convey suggestions and proposals to the CG49 committee.
e)「Passive Group and Patrons/被动小组和赞助者」会员可以向「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」提出建议和提议。

f) For as long as no complete SCG exists, the CG49 committee is in charge of the Passive Group.
f)只要「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」尚未达到满员(注:人数达到210人),就仍然由「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」对该「Passive Group/被动小组」负责。

g) Patrons have free entrance to the regular General Assembly of the Passive Group, however without the right to vote.
g)“赞助者”可自由进入「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组会员大会」,但没有投票权。



1. Structure and functions:
1. 构架和职能:

a) The president is the internal and public representative of the Society.

– As head of the group, the president manages the committee meetings and the GA of the CG49.
– 作为「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」的首脑,总裁对「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」和「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」负责。

– The president promotes FIGU’s soundness through the conscientious execution of all General Assembly decisions.
– 总裁通过认真执行「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」所达成的所有决议内容,来促进FIGU的稳健发展。

– The president, together with the treasurer, has signing authority.
– 总裁,连同财务主管一起,拥有(集体)签名权。

– If the president is unable to attend, his/her designated proxy assumes the president’s functions and duties.
– 如果总裁无法履职,则指定的代理人会代替该总裁履行其职能和职责。

b) The secretary/clerk is in charge of all internal information and correspondence with the public.

– During committee meetings and General Assemblies the secretary is in charge of taking the minutes, which are then signed by both the president and the secretary; these minutes will be presented to all attendees for approval during the following meeting.
– 在「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」会议和「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」期间,秘书(都要)负责会议记录,然后,经由总裁和秘书共同签名;这些会议记录将在下次「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」会议期间,提交给所有与会者审议通过。

– During all meetings/General Assemblies the secretary makes note of all attending members and the quorum’s completeness.
– 在所有的「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」会议和「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」期间,秘书需要对所有出席相关会议的成员及其法定人数做完整的记录。

– The secretary keeps a complete list of all worldwide FIGU group members.
– 秘书保有一份(涵盖)全球所有FIGU小组成/会员的完整名单。

– The secretary looks after the mailing and distribution of invitations to regular and unscheduled meetings, and the timely publication of their agendas.
– 秘书负责邮寄和分发…定期和计划外会议的邀请,并时时公布相关议程。

– If the secretary is unable to attend, his/her designated proxy assumes the secretary’s functions and duties.
– 如果秘书无法履职,则指定的代理人会代替该秘书履行其职能和职责。

c) The treasurer is in charge of all financial transactions including the monthly budget and the preparation of annual account tabulations.

– The treasurer looks after all current group accounting, occasional billing and the collection of funds.
– 财务主管负责所有当前小组的记账,临时性记账和资金整合。

– The treasurer is responsible for the systematic payment of bills, the petty cash and outstanding accounts and banking transactions.
– 财务主管负责稳妥地支付账单、小额现金(欠款)和未结账户(欠款),以及银行交易。

– At the monthly General Assembly the treasurer reports on the current financial status and tabulates the annual accounts, which will be examined by the auditors.
– 在每月举行的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」期间,财务主管需就当前的财务状况(向与会的成员)做汇报,并列出年度账目清单,审计员将对该清单进行审查。

They, in turn, present their audit report to the members at the General Assembly.
随后,审计员将依次…将其审计报告提交给「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」的各个成员。

– The treasurer, together with the president, has signing authority.
– 财务主管,连同总裁,拥有(集体)签名权。

– If the treasurer is unable to attend, his/her designated proxy assumes the treasurer’s functions and duties.
– 如果财务主管无法履职,则指定的代理人会代替该财务主管履行其职能和职责。

2. The committee has no decision-making capabilities.
2. 「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」没有决策权。

a) The committee has no individual decision-making power and is only authorized to represent, publicly or internally, the decisions made at the GA-G49.
a)「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」没有独立决策权,仅被授权在公开或内部(范围内)代表「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」发布后者做出的决定。

b) The committee expresses admonitions to members of the Core Groups of 49, Secondary Core Groups or Passive Groups and to outsiders if such warnings are decided upon by the GA-CG49.
b)经「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」表决通过,「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」将向「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」或「Passive Group/被动小组」的相应成/会员,以及外部人士…发出(相应的)警告。

3. Authorized to sign documents and other features:
3. 授权签署文件和其它职能:

– ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, FIGU’s leader, signs as an individual in all matters.
– 作为FIGU的领导者,在所有事务上,’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier都只签署个人身份。

– Two of the president, the treasurer and the other members of the Administrative Group have collective signing authority regarding all banking and checking account matters.
– 总裁,财务主管以及其他的「Administrative Group/行政小组」(注:“9人常务会”)成员中的两位,即拥有(处理)所有银行和支票账户事宜的集体签名权。

– Upon “Billy’s" death, all purchasing contracts, property agreements, and land-register entries must be made collectively by two of the president, the secretary and treasurer, respectively.
– 在“Billy”离世后,所有的采购合同,财产协议和土地登记条目,必须分别由总裁,秘书和财务主管共同处置。



a) The committee of the Secondary Core Group consists of 9 members in total; 2 of them are elected delegates from the CG49 committee.
a)「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」共计有9名成员组成;其中2人是由「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」推举的代表。

b) The president is the internal and public representative of SCG.
b)(「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」的)总裁,是「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」内部和公共事务代表。

He or she executes all decisions made by the GA-SCG.
该总裁(他或她)负责执行「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」所做出的所有决定。

As head of the group, the president chairs all committee meetings and the monthly General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group.
作为「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」的首脑,总裁主持所有的「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」会议,以及月度的「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」。

When the president is unable to attend, a designated proxy assumes the president’s functions and duties.

c) The secretary/clerk is in charge of all correspondence and the internal and public distribution of information.
c)(「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」的)秘书/文员负责所有通讯以及信息的内外部分发。

During committee meetings and the GA-SCG, the secretary is in charge of taking the minutes, which are then signed by both the president and the secretary.
在「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」会议和「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」期间,秘书负责会议记录,随后,总裁和秘书会在该会议记录上签名。

The secretary stays in contact with Passive Group members and mails out the invitations for the General Assembly of the Passive Group.
秘书(负责)与「Passive Group/被动小组」的会员保持联系,并邮寄「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组成员大会」的邀请函。

When the secretary is unable to attend, a designated proxy assumes the secretary’s functions and duties.

d) The treasurer collects the membership fees and other payments within the Secondary Core Group and the Passive Group.
d)(「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」的)财务主管(负责)征集「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」和「Passive Group/被动小组」的成/会员费,以及其它费用。

He or she then delivers the monies to the treasurer of the CG49.
之后,该财务主管(他或她)会将相应的资金移交「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」的财务主管。

If the treasurer is unable to attend, the designated proxy assumes the treasurer’s functions and duties.

e) In general, the committee organizes itself and purposefully designates further tasks to its members.
e)通常情况下,「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」可以自行组织,并有目的地…向其成员指派后续任务。

f) The committee possesses no decision-making authority but executes the resolutions passed at the General Assembly.
f)「Committee of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组委员会」不具有决策权,但需要执行由「General Assembly of the Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组成员大会」所通过的决议。



1. The maintenance of a reasonably balanced monthly budget ensures that no hasty, unexpected expenses are incurred or obligations entered into, that could endanger the financial stability of the Society.
1. 将每月的预算维持在一个合理的平衡区间,可以最大限度地避免(出现)仓促支付,意外开支或(急需马上)履约的义务,因为上述这些状况显然会对(整个)社区的财务稳定产生负面影响。

2. Due to FIGU’s status as a non-profit organization, the committee must never allow itself to become involved in speculative transactions.
2. 由于FIGU章程将FIGU确立为非营利性的组织,(所以…)「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」永远都不会允许组织参与投机性的交易。

Major purchases must be made only when they fall within current financial guidelines and actual financial capabilities.

3. Should the Society, through incompetence of its responsible personnel, ever reach a point of severe financial distress, the administration of the Society will be placed into the hands of a recog-nized trust firm until such time that situation improves or a liquidation becomes inevitable.
3. 由于相关责任人的无能,导致社区财务状况陷入严重困境时,应将社区的管理交由一家注册信托公司负责,直至情况好转或是不得不进入清算流程。

4. The Society’s financial liability is limited to the Society’s capital at hand.
4. 社区(所承担)的财务负债仅限于社区当前所持有的资金(额度)。

Any possible liability – including criminal – will only affect the responsible perpetrator(s) involved.
任何可能的负债 – 包括犯罪 – 只会影响需要为此负责的当事者。

Any type of recourse of accessing funds of the Passive Group is completely out of the question.
任何形式的…追索「Passive Group/被动小组」资金的…(行为),(都)是绝不可行的。

5. Speculative deals, as with shares and bonds or in other ways, may never be executed in any way on behalf of the FIGU Society, neither with FIGU-owned capital, nor with outside money; not by the FIGU Society nor by individual FIGU members or by a decision made at a General Assembly.
5. 「FIGU Society/FIGU社区」(本身),或其个体成员,又或是经由某个“成员大会”所做出的决议,都无法代表「FIGU Society/FIGU社区」…将FIGU所拥有的资产或其外部资金…用于诸如:股票、债券或其它方式的投机交易。

This decision is valid for all times and shall never be altered and not be replaced by another decision.

This is also valid for all FIGU groups of any kind all over the world.



For all further authoritative interests of the CG49, SCG and similar FIGU satellite groups/societies or other FIGU groups, FIGU’s Statutes as well as by-laws are completely valid.
对「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」以及与之类似的FIGU“卫星小组或社区”,又或是其它FIGU小组的…所有更进一步的权益而言,FIGU章程连同细则都是完全有效的。

1. FIGU has Community by-laws at its disposal which are valid in accord with the terrestrial law of the authorities.
1. FIGU拥有…根据当局的本土律法(而制定实施)的社区细则。

They also legally correspond to the framework and explanations of the Statutes; but they contain all necessary points in detail with regard to FIGU’s work in a peaceful and life-connecting and consciousness teaching format.

2. All articles of the Statutes which have been given according to Swiss law correspond with FIGU’s by-laws and are legally valid according to Swiss law.
2. 根据瑞士相关律法所制定的所有章程条款,均与FIGU细则彼此呼应,并根据瑞士律法具有(相应的)合法效力。

3. FIGU’s by-laws are also valid in all foreign countries and states, respectively.
3. FIGU细则同样也分别适用于所有(在瑞士以外的)国家和州(的分支小组)。

4. For FIGU groups outside of Switzerland statutes have to be drawn up and made valid which are completely in accordance with the laws etc. of the foreign countries and states, if this is necessary according to the laws of the countries in question.
4. 对那些在瑞士以外的FIGU小组而言,如果其所在国家的相关律法有某些特殊性要求,则该小组所制定的章程必须完全符合该国和该州相关律法等(的要求)。



1. Statutes may only be changed during a joint General Assembly, regular or unscheduled, of which the SCG and PG members were notified in writing at least 2 months in advance.
1. 章程…只能在定期或计划外召开的“联席成/会员大会”期间修改,其中还需要提前2个月…以书面形式通知到(相关的)「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」和「Passive Group/被动小组」的成/会员。

The invitation to the meeting will include the list and the exact wording of the statute segment(s) to be changed.

2. The suggested new Statute’s wording must have been unanimously approved previously during a General Assembly of the CG49 at The Center.
2. 新章程的建议性措辞,必须先期获得…在「The Center/中心」召开的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」的一致性通过。

The date of this GA-CG49 must be noted in the invitation.
(且)该次「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」的日期…须(明确)标注在与会邀请函上。

3. In order to be moved and passed, the approval of the suggested new Statute wording requires the ratifying and valid vote of 2/3 of the attendees.
3. 为了推动并通过(章程修改案),新章程的建议性措辞,必须获得与会者中2/3的有效支持(票),才能获得批准。

(Abstentions do not count as valid votes; the approval of 66.7% is required).

4. Any approved Statute changes will take effect the day of the regular or unscheduled General Assembly.
4. 任何…经由定期或计划外召开的“成员大会”所批准的“章程修改案”,都将在当日生效。

5. Regular changes of the Statutes are regularly made during any General Assembly of the PG members, along with the SCG and the CG49 at The Center, without any prior information to the members in order to prevent agreements/arrangements.
5. 正常的章程修改,通常是通过…在「The Center/中心」召开的…包括「Passive Group/被动小组」会员,连同「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」和「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」成员在内的…“联席成/会员大会”达成的,且之前不会有任何(决议)信息透漏给与会的成/会员,以防止(成/会员们私下)达成某种协议/安排。



a) Private buildings, land, farmland, gardens and forests, etc. remain absolute private property of the registered owners, as is fixed and explained in the contracts attested by a notary.

b) Shared property of capital for buildings, land, farmland, gardens and forests, etc. have to be officially registered and confirmed by a notary.

c) Private fortune, income, donations and monies as well as personal belongings etc. are not property of the “Free Community" (FIGU), but of the private owners in question, if this has not been contractually determined otherwise by the private owners.

d) There is no obligation that income, gifts, donations, settlements, grants, monies and assets etc. to individual group members, resulting from work and material of the “Free Community", must be handed over entirely, in parts or percentage to the “Free Commu-nity" or other individual group members.

Such income, gifts, donations, settlements, grants, monies and assets etc. are the sole property of the person in question who received the earnings.

e) After the owners’ decease the private fortune is forfeited according to the regulations of the valid and current law of inheritance, as given by the laws of the state, regulations, legal requirements and special laws, etc., or were determined by the testators through a last will and testament, debenture bond, etc., all of which are established in law.

f) Any selling or donation of buildings as well as land and estates to a FIGU group/society by FIGU members or non-members (of FIGU) requires an officially certified contract.

Provisional transfers are not permitted and will become valid only through an official transfer and the registry in relevant official land-registers.



1. The dissolution of a FIGU Society throughout the world can only be decided upon during a joint regular or unscheduled General Assembly of which the SCG and PG members were notified in writing at least 2 months in advance.
1. 分布在世界各地的「FIGU Society/FIGU社区」,只能在定期或计划外的“联席成/会员大会”期间…表决是否解散,且相关事宜需要提前两个月以书面形式通知需要参与会议的「Secondary Core Group/次级核心小组」和「Passive Group/被动小组」的成/会员。

The unanimous decision to disband the Society must be made prior by the General Assembly of the CG49 at The Center.
(且)在「The Center/中心」的「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」必须对解散该社区的决议做出先期的、一致性的表决。

2. The invitation to the CG49 meeting must include the agenda and a clear justification for the desire to dissolve the Society.
2. 与会邀请函中,必须包含(具体)议程以及希望解散该社区的明确理由。

Also included must be any alternatives for the prevention of the disbandment that have previously been decided upon and executed.

3. The disbandment must have been approved by a majority of 4/5 of all the valid votes during a regular or unscheduled General Assembly.
3. 解散,必须在…定期或计划外的“联席成员大会”期间,获得所有有效选票的4/5多数时,才能获得批准。

(Abstentions do not count; the dissolution is passed only when 80% of all valid votes agree to it.)

4. A liquidator entrusted with all powers of attorney will be the executor of the disbandment.
4. 一个受全权委托的清算人,将负责执行相关解散事宜。

5. Remaining monies will be applied to their best advantage.
5. 剩余钱款将尽可能地发挥其价值。

Aftersale funds must be sent to a thriving FIGU Core Group of 49 in another country.
回笼的资金必须移交给另一个国家中的…处在蓬勃发展中的FIGU「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」。

6. In the event that a Core Group of 49 no longer exists worldwide, the remaining funds must be sent to the Headquarter Center (“Mother Center") in Switzerland.
6. 在全球性的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」不再存在的情况下,剩余的资金必须移交给在瑞士的「Headquarter Center/总部中心」(「Mother Center/母中心」)。

In the event that this also no longer exists, the remaining funds must be equally distributed among the remaining Core Group of 49 members of the dissolved Headquarter Center.
在(「Headquarter Center/总部中心」)亦不再存在的情况下,剩余的资金必须平均分配给那些…在「Headquarter Center/总部中心」解散后,剩余的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」成员。



1. The acronym FIGU Society was chosen as the name for the Community on August 17, 1975 in Hinwil/ZH and on June 17, 1978 by the foundation assembly in accordance with Article 60 ff. of the ZGB (Swiss Civil Code).
1. 「FIGU Society/FIGU社区」的名称缩写,是基于1975年08月17日「the Community/社区」在Hinwil/ZH的名称,以及1978年06月17日由“创始成员会议”根据ZGB(瑞士民法典)第60条ff(条)之规定…确立下来的。

(Officially certified signatures of all founding members, June 17/August 25, 1978.

President at that time: Herbert Runkel; Secretary: Bernadette Brand.)
当时的总裁:Herbert Runkel;秘书:Bernadette Brand。)

2. Its final registration as a Swiss society in accordance with Article 60 ff. of the ZGB (Swiss Civil Code) became effective on September 5, 1981 and November 7, 1981, respectively.
2. (「FIGU Society/FIGU社区」…)根据ZGB(瑞士民法典)第60ff(条)最终注册成为一个瑞士社团(组织),并分别于1981年09月05日和1981年11月07日生效。

The Statutes were signed on that day by FIGU president Engelbert Wächter, and FIGU secretary, Bernadette Brand, whose signatures were formally certified by the Turbenthal Notary Public.
当日,FIGU(执行)总裁Engelbert Wächter和FIGU(执行)秘书Bernadette Brand共同签署了章程,并经由「Turbenthal Notary Public/Turbenthal Notary公证处」对两人的签名进行了正式公证。

3. The new version of the Statutes is based on the original Statutes dated November 7, 1981, and the many changes and amendments made since then.
3. “新版章程”基于…在1981年11月07日生效的“源章程”,并自那以后进行了诸多修改和修正。

The primary goal for the new Statutes is to provide clearer composition and text, and a better understanding of them.

4. The new Statutes will take effect in three stages:
4. “新版章程”将分三个阶段生效:

a) Unanimous approval by the GA-CG49 at The Center, Hinterschmidrüti, CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH, Switzerland.
a)(首先…)该“新版章程”需要获得…在瑞士Schmidrüti/ZH,CH-8495,Hinterschmidrüti的「The Center/中心」召开的…「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」的一致性批准。

b) An approval vote with a 2/3 majority at the regular or unscheduled General Assembly of the Passive Group at the Swiss Center.
b)(其次…)该“新版章程”需要获得…在「Swiss Center/瑞士中心」定期或计划外召开的…「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组会员大会」与会者2/3的多数票支持。

c) Once approval of each of the two groups’ General Assemblies has been extended, the president and secretary of the Core Group of 49 will ratify the new Statutes with their signature on the ORIGINAL document, whereby the date of the signing is binding for the effectiveness of the new Statutes’ initiation.
c)(再次…)一旦两个小组的“成员大会”均批准通过,则「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」的总裁和秘书将核准该“新版章程”,并在其“原始”文件上签字,与此同时,该签字日期对“新版章程”的正式生效具有约束力。

In case of doubt, or if anything is unclear, the German text of these Statutes is authoritative.

Ratification by the Committee of the Core Group of 49
(经)「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」批准

Semjase Silver Star Center, 8495 Schmidrüti/ZH, Switzerland
「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」,8495,Schmidrüti/ZH,瑞士

1996 Renewal of the Statutes

The regular General Assembly of the Core Group of 49 unanimously ratified these changes on September 2, 1995.
1995年09月02日(周六),「General Assembly of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49成员大会」在定期例会中一致批准了这些改变。

On May 11, 1996, the regular General Assembly of the Passive Group accepted these Statutes as follows:
1996年05月11日(周六),「General Assembly of the Passive Group/被动小组会员大会」在定期例会中,以如下表决通过了该“新版章程”:

68 “aye" votes, 0 “nay" with 1 abstention.

On behalf of the Committee of the Core Group of 49
代表「Committee of the Core Group of 49/核心小组49委员会」

President Engelbert Wächter
总裁 Engelbert Wächter

Secretary Bernadette Brand
秘书 Bernadette Brand

Signed this day: May 11, 1996 in CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH

Second amendment of the Statutes with appendices until April 5, 2008

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