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资讯作者:J. W. Deardorff
资讯来源:「Tjresearch. J. W. Deardorff」
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中版译者:Leon Fung

by J. W. Deardorff (2002, updated 2006, 2013)
由J. W. Deardorff发表 (2002年,2006年、2013年更新)

1. Maintenance of the UFO Coverup

That there is a UFO coverup can scarcely be denied (Fawcett & Greenwood, 1984; Good, 1988; Greer, 1999, pp. 301-312; Maccabee, 2000).

It has been maintained through the voluntary wishes of about half the population, particularly persons in position of authority, as well as by the various governmental agencies that established the UFO ridicule factor.

This factor has been especially effective in causing the UFO topic to be taboo for scientists.

However, the coverup has also been maintained by the UFO aliens themselves (Douglass, 2001).

This should be obvious, considering the several hundred-thousand screened UFO reports since 1947, many multiply attested, in which the aliens could have made their appearances definite or could have stayed in one place long enough for the news media to gather and present the event to the world—that is, if the aliens had wished to allow this and show how easily they could, in self-defense, defeat the military forces that would converge upon the scene.

Instead, not only the multitudinous sightings and landing-trace evidence, but abductions, crop-circle formations and cattle mutilations have all been accomplished covertly, without leaving sufficiently firm evidence behind to satisfy most ufologists.
然而,事实却正相反,不仅在…有大量目击和(现场)着陆痕迹证据的…(目击事件中),还有那些绑架,‘crop-circle formations/麦田怪圈’和牲畜肢解(等事件),也都是秘密完成的,没有给大多数‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’留下(任何)能令他们满意的确凿证据。

Since such aliens did not move in and wipe us out or enslave us decades or millennia ago, the inference is that they, or the ones in charge of the coverup, maintain an ethic of not forcing society as a whole to believe what it is not yet prepared to believe.

They appear to have done their homework on us, and are leaving it up to us: experiencers, ufologists, the other half of the general public, and Hollywood, to gradually make their existence, presence and capabilities known.

The aliens’ role, then, is largely as catalysts and behind-the-scenes teachers, or, as Leo Sprinkle has expressed it, as messengers conditioning us towards cosmic consciousness (Sprinkle, 1999, pp. 168-169).
因此,外星人的角色主要是作为(某种)催化剂和‘behind-the-scenes teachers/幕后导师’,又或者,正如Leo Sprinkle曾表述的那样,作为信使指引我们趋向‘cosmic consciousness/环宇意识’(Sprinkle,1999年,第168-169页)。

Even from abductions—especially from abductions—we have learned much about the alien capabilities that we never could have just from UFO sightings alone.

This is not to imply, however, that covertly educating us and preparing us is the only reason for the alien presence here now.

We cannot expect to fathom all the reasons the various alien groups may have for being here.

Where is science in all this?

Its fringes have not been totally silent.

In the past quarter century the hypothesis has been proposed that aliens are currently in Earth’s vicinity and aware of us, but are mainly staying out of sight, by means of their advanced technology, because they have an embargo or quarantine against us, or because they are treating the solar system as if it were a wildlife refuge (e.g., see Ball, 1973; Kuiper & Morris, 1977; Harrison, 1981; Soter, 1985).
在过去的25年中,曾有人提出过这样的假设,即:外星人现阶段就在「Earth/地球」附近,并关注着我们,但主要是通过他们先进的科技…超视距观察我们,因为他们被禁止直接与我们发生接触,又或者,是因为(站在他们的角度/立场上)他们只是在治疗‘the solar system/太阳系’,就好像后者是一个野生动物保护区那样(例如:参见Ball,1973年;Kuiper&Morris,1977年;Harrison,1981年;Soter,1985年)。

Suggested motivations for such strategies include the desire by ethical aliens to wait until we have become more civilized, to not provoke our societies into chaos by a sudden alien presence for which we are unprepared, and to ensure that unethical alien groups don’t take over.

The UFO phenomenon then represents a purposeful “leak" in the alien embargo, such that when full disclosure does occur, the shock upon society will not be so calamitous (Deardorff, 1986; Deardorff et al., 2005; Sprinkle, 1999, pp. 183-184).
(正因为此…)「UFO/不明飞行物」现象,在外星人…禁止直接与「Terran/地球人」发生接触…的既定策略下,被视为一种有意为之的‘leak/泄密’,由此,当‘full disclosure/正面接触’确实发生时,就不会对社会公众造成严重的冲击(Deardorff,1986年;Deardorff等,2005年;Sprinkle,1999年,第183-184页)。

Alien use of deception is another means by which they can uphold the “leaky embargo" while making their presence known to witnesses who can distinguish between the real features of a genuine UFO sighting versus deceptive features.
使用(/制造)‘迷局’是外星人的另一种手段,通过这种手段,他们可以(继续)维持其‘leaky embargo/禁止泄密’的既定策略,同时又让目击者知悉他们的存在,而后者(即:目击者)(又刚好)是可以区分出…真正的「UFO/不明飞行物」所能目击到的真实特征与那些虚假特征之间…区别的人士。

As to speculated alien motivations for this, besides the ethical goal of not prematurely disrupting the UFO coverup, one is that the “good" aliens do not wish us to turn them into gods or initiate new religions.

This might occur if everything they told their abductees and contactees appeared to be fully truthful and consistent, but is less likely if deception or disinformation is involved.

Most people presumably don’t wish their god/God to lie to them.

A possible alien goal closely related to this is to discourage us from accepting their every word or action as truthful or non-deceptive.

This will tend to cause those who recognize the reality of the alien presence to continue to think logically and scientifically for themselves, and not lapse into an unhealthy dependence upon the aliens for information.



Instead, every alien communcation and apparent action will need to receive close scrutiny as to its veracity.
与此同时,每一次(与)外星人的沟通及其‘apparent action/显露(的)举动’,也都需要就其真实性…接受仔细地核查。

— —J. W. Deardorff

2. The Coverup as applied to the Meier case

It is consistent with the leaky-embargo hypothesis that the Meier case comprises a part of the leak in the embargo.

However, its uniqueness indicates the man has been singled out for a special role.
不仅如此,整件事的独特性也表明:这个人(即:Billy Meier)是被挑选出来承担这一特殊角色的。

Bringing the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) to the attention of interested persons could be a major part of this role.
引发兴趣人士对「Talmud of Jmmanuel」(「TJ」)的关注,会是这个角色(所需要承担)的一个主要部分。

What other document in the past two millennia could be more important for Western civilization than setting the history straight as to the origins of Christianity, and giving the true teachings of Jmmanuel, alias Jesus?

The Pleiadians must have had to abide by the overall alien strategy of covertness even while setting Meier up with unique photo opportunities and contacts that would serve to attract attention to him, his experiences, his writings and the TJ.

They would have had to ensure that doing this would not prematurely rupture the UFO coverup.

This would be akin to abiding by a Codex Galactica as suggested by Newman & Sagan (1981), or the Prime Directive of “Star Trek."
这有些类似于遵守Newman&Sagan于1981年发起的「Codex Galactica/银河法典」,又或是(遵守)「Star Trek/星际迷航」中的‘Prime Directive/最高指导原则’-[注]。


利昂恰是一位「Star Trek/星际迷航」的粉丝,所以熟知此处所指‘Prime Directive/最高指导原则’的意思,即:星际联邦的各成员(主体/个人),不得与尚未发展出「Warp/曲速」科技或是尚未掌握「Warp Drive/曲速引擎」的生物,发生任何意义上的直接接触,而只能在隐蔽自身的前提下对“「Warp/曲速」前的文明”采取只观察、不介入的行动。

With hindsight, we can understand how this balancing act was accomplished.
事后再看这些事,我们将能够理解这种‘balancing act/平衡行为’是如何实现的。

The aliens themselves would have to ensure that Meier would be an easy target for skeptics, realizing that debunkers tend to ignore supportive facts while focusing upon actions that may seem suspicious of fraud.

However, Meier was allowed to take so many beamship photos and collect so much other evidence (not even presented in this website) of his Pleiadian contactors’ presence that one may wonder:

Why didn’t this cause rapid acceptance of the reality of Meier’s experiences?

Why didn’t it cause a prompt collapse of the worldwide UFO coverup?

Some of the answers to this question do not directly involve the ETs:

Too many ufologists did not wish to treat a contactee case seriously; the Meier case was far too unique, and so ufologists would dismiss it like scientists do a datum point that lies too far afield; such ufologists did not wish to accept the possibility that aliens could actually work magical wonders well beyond our present level of understanding; they disliked the idea that aliens would pick for their prime contactee a man whose formal schooling did not extend nearly to the level of their own; they did not wish to receive ridicule from colleagues; they did not care for the spiritual message Meier received and disseminated, etc.
有太多的‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’并不愿意认真地对待被接触者的案例;Meier案例实在是太独特了,所以,‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’会像科学家们在太过遥远的地方设定一个基准点那样…忽略它;这些‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’并不愿意接受…外星人实际上可以制造出远远超出我们当前认知水平的奇幻奇观…的可能性;他们(即:‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’)不喜欢外星人(更倾向于)挑选那些…在接受正规教育方面…远不如他们的人,作为其主要(的)被接触者的做法;他们不希望受到来自同事的嘲笑;他们(根本就)不关心Meier接收到(的)和传播的‘spiritual message/精神信息’等。

Other answers involve the ETs.

Here are some of the actions that Meier’s ETs could and did take, apparenty to prevent the large amount of good evidence they allowed him to accumulate from rupturing the UFO coverup, and to enable skeptics to maintain Meier in a debunked state:

a. allow only Meier to come to contact meetings;
a. 仅允许Meier一人参与接触会面;

b. allow only Meier to take daytime photos and 8mm film of the Pleiadian UFOs;
b. 仅允许Meier一人在白天拍摄Plejaren「UFO/不明飞行物」的照片和8毫米(胶片)视频;

c. not allow Meier to photograph any of the Pleiadians themselves;
c. 不允许Meier拍摄他们(即:「Plejarens」)中的任何一个人的面容;

d. cause the tree at Fuchsbüel-Hofhalden in July 1975 to disappear only days after he took his photos of the beamship hovering there on all sides of the tree;
d. 1975年07月间,在Billy拍摄完一段…「Beamship/光船」围绕一颗(位于「Fuchsbüel-Hofhalden」的)树的四周盘旋的照片(/视频)…仅仅几天之后,就将那棵树(从现实中)移除;

e. shower Meier with excessive flattery at times during contact meetings, which he would object to but dutifully record in his Contact Reports; later, cynical readers would then assume that Meier had invented self-flattering prose;
e. 在接触会面期间,有时会对Meier表示出‘with excessive/过度的奉承’,虽然后者(即:Billy Meier)对此表达出反对…当仍会在他的「Contac Report/接触报告」中如实地记录下来;之后,那些愤世嫉俗的读者会认为是Meier自创了那些自我奉承的散文;

f. maneuver a beamship deceptively during one of the 8mm movie filmings (e.g., Maccabee, 1989a; Deardorff, 1989; Maccabee, 1989b), so as to make it appear rather like an oscillating UFO model;
f. 在一段8毫米(胶片)视频拍摄期间,迷惑性地操纵一艘「Beamship/光船」(转来转去)(例如:Maccabee,1989年-a;Deardorff,1989年;Maccabee,1989年-b),使其看起来更像是一个(被悬吊着)来回摇摆的「UFO/不明飞行物」模型;

g. provide Meier, temporarily, with a model beamship, which he photographed and reported to be a model (Meier, 1983, photo #63; Stevens, 1988a), then retrieve it;
g. 为Meier临时提供一个「Beamship/光船」模型,让Billy对其拍照,并将其报告为一个模型(Meier,1983年,063#案例照片-[注];Stevens,1988年-a),然后检索它;



h. treat Meier to space trips and other events involving some of the aliens’ advanced technology, which would only invite incredulity on the part of most ufologists;
h. 接待Meier参与太空旅行以及其它一些涉及外星人先进科技的活动,而这,会更引发大多数‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’的质疑;

i. include items of disinformation at times for Meier to transmit in his Contact Reports, which items most ufologists or scientists would either chuckle over or shake their heads in disbelief, while assuming that Meier had invented them; this may include purposely false prophecies intermixed with astonishingly accurate prophecies;
i. 有时,故意在Meier的「Contact Reports/接触报告」中传输一些虚假的词汇信息,这其中可能包括(一些)有意为之的虚假预言,使之与令人惊讶的准确预言相混淆;而大多数‘ufologists/不明飞行物专家’或科学家都会…在假定这些信息是由Meier编造的情况下…在不信任中轻笑或是摇头;

j. tell Meier at first that his contactors were from the Pleiades, then later that they were from a space-time shifted form of the Pleiades, and that they should be called Plejarens, not Pleiadians— this could make it seem like Meier learned in the interim that the Pleiades were not an old enough star cluster to have evolved conditions suitable for advanced life to develop;
j. 先告诉Meier他的接触对象来自Plejaren星团,然后又告诉Meier他们是来自一个时空偏移的Plejaren星团,并且应该将他们称为「Plejarens」,而不是‘Pleiadians’,这一切看起来,像是Meier(早)在过渡时期就(已经)知道了(我们所处时空维度的Pleiades星团)并不是一个足够成熟的恒星团,那里尚不具备适合高等生命形式(即:人类生命形式)发展/进化的条件;

k. provide Meier (in 1990) with minor corrections to insert in future editions of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (Deardorff, 2001) — this could reinforce skeptics’ views that Meier had invented the entire TJ. With plausible deniability in mind, Meier’s contactors appear to have taken other actions regarding the TJ also: ensuring that Meier would survive to distribute the TJ translation while taking no such action to ensure survival of the translator (Rashid) and the Aramaic scrolls/rolls themselves, after the early 1970s;
k. (在1990年)为Meier提供一些微小的修正(说明),并将其植入「Talmud of Jmmanuel」的后续版本(Deardorff,2001年) – 这会增强怀疑论者…认为是Meier编造了整部「TJ」…的观点。鉴于这种‘plausible deniability/合情的推诿’,Meier的接触对象(即:「Plejarens」)似乎还对「TJ」采取了其它行动,即:确保Meier会幸存下来完成对「TJ」的翻译,除此之外,在上世纪七十年代初期以后,在一场毁灭(「TJ」之前的)译者(Rashid)和那‘Aramaic scrolls/rolls/亚拉姆语卷轴’-[注] 的事故中,保持沉默;


这里所指的卷轴是「Jmmanuel/以马内利」真正的卷轴,由其遭受宗教污蔑长达几千年的忠实信徒「Judas Iscariot/犹大.依卡利略」使用「Aramaic/亚拉姆语」书写下来。事实上,「Judas Iscariot/犹大.依卡利略」是「Jmmanuel/以马内利」最喜爱的门徒,当时也只有他具备读写技能,由此,「Jmmanuel/以马内利」便将这个重任,也就是将他的传记「Talmud Jmmanuel」书写下来的重任,交给了「Judas Iscariot/犹大.依卡利略」。


causing a rockslide down over the hillside containing the tomb site in which the TJ had been unearthed (this they could easily do without raising suspicions, as skeptics could so easily say ‘How convenient!’); occasionally including disinformation within Contact Reports discussing subject matter about the writing of the TJ or of the Christian Gospels — e.g., telling Meier that the Gospel of Matthew was authored by the disciple Matthew in contradiction to the information in the TJ that the latter was not available to be the source of any gospel until well into the 2nd century.
在…其中包含墓址(从中已发掘出「TJ」的源版卷轴)的…山坡上制造一场岩石滑塌(他们可以很容易做到且不会引发怀疑,就如同怀疑论者说‘How convenient!/(这)多方便啊!’那般);偶尔在「Contact Reports/接触报告」…有关「TJ」或「Christian Gospels/基督教福音书」写作…的讨论主题中,植入一些虚假的信息——例如:告诉Meier「Gospel of Matthew/马太福音」是由信徒Matthew所著,而这,与「TJ」中关于后者直到公元二世纪才成为‘gospel/福音’来源的信息(描述)自相矛盾。

l. providing Meier with the broken-off top of the tree that showed up prominently in a few photographs Meier took while he was on Quetzal’s “wedding-cake" craft (WCUFO) taking pictures of a second similar craft just above the forest canopy (photo #838, 3 April 1981, full story here);
l. 向Meier提供被折断的树冠,该树冠显著地出现在Meier拍摄的一些照片中,当时他(即:Billy)在Quetzal驾驶的一艘‘wedding-cake/婚礼蛋糕’(型)飞行器(「WCUFO」)上,对另一艘悬浮在森林林冠上方的同类飞行器(即:另一艘直径为3.5米的「WCUFO」)进行拍照(838#案例照片,1981年04月03日,完整的故事如下);



shortly afterwards Quetzal rammed his craft into the upper part of the tree, accidentally, supposedly, causing its top to break off, while a second such ramming broke the rest of the tree off lower down. Meier considered this tree top as good evidence that he had been in the WCUFO at treetop level so he soon photographed it next to his little tractor with which he hauled it and the broken-off lower portion out of the forest (photo #862), while skeptics might assume he had later placed this identifiable tree top upright on the ground and taken pictures of a model WCUFO somehow suspended behind it.
就在Quetzal操控「Beamship/光船」(即:「WCUFO」)意外地撞到那棵树的树冠之后不久,据称,(当时)就导致这棵树的顶端断裂下来,而第二次这样的(意外)撞击,则在稍低的位置上折断了树冠的其余部分。Meier认为这截折断的树冠,正好是他曾呆在…悬浮在树冠高度的…一艘「WCUFO」中的有利证据,于是他很快就把这截树冠靠在他的小拖拉机上拍了照,与此同时,他还用这台拖拉机将树冠折断的下半截从森林里拖了出来(862#案例照片), 而怀疑论者可能认为,他(即:Billy Meier)是随后将这截可识别的树冠竖直立在地面上,然后再以某种方式在该树冠的后方悬吊一个「WCUFO」模型…进行拍照的。



Fortunately, Meier also took a couple photos of the rest of the downed tree (photo #853), which show it had been broken off, not sawed or chopped.


All of the above actions, and more, may, when examined only superficially, seem to discredit Meier, but they were well under the control of the Pleiadians/Plejarens to have implemented.

Most of them are self-explanatory.

In (f), the particular maneuver in the Maccabee reference mostly involved the UFO circling around the top of a tree in a simple harmonic motion, as in a pendulum movement.
在(f)中,Maccabee参考提及的‘particular maneuver/特殊机动’,主要涉及「UFO/不明飞行物」以一种简单的谐波运动(就如同以一种钟摆运动那样)围绕一棵树的树冠盘旋。

The skeptic’s interpretation then was of a model swinging around a model tree at the end of a string whose length could be deduced from the period of the pendular movements.

Thus this maneuver fit in well with the alien strategy outlined.

However, pendular UFO motions have been noted in other witnessed UFO instances (Olsen, 1989; Pine, 1993; Maccabee, 1993).

Thus the UFO craft are quite capable of such maneuvers, and when this incident is examined in depth, one finds far too many very serious problems with the hoax hypothesis to advocate it.

Item (i) above is especially important.

By including some “silly science," contradictions, and/or unacceptable thoughts into what they tell a contactee, the aliens can ensure that most scientists who learn of it will assume the contactee invented it.
通过将一些‘silly science/愚蠢科学’、矛盾(点)和/或不可接受的想法植入…他们告诉被接触者的…内容之中,这些外星人就可以确保大多数了解这些事的科学家们都会认为…这一切都是被接触者(自己)编造的。

Although Meier’s Contact Reports are fascinating reading, this precaution should be kept in mind.
尽管Meier的「Contact Reports/接触报告」读起来很吸引人,但这种预防措施仍应该被牢记。

In many instances, however, even a scientist may not be able to discern for sure just what in these reports could be disinformation as opposed to truth.

These reports are very realistic in their word-for-word recordings of what Meier said in response to what his contactor(s) told him, and in contact-related events they describe what different witnesses have corroborated.
这些报告的字里行间非常现实(/纪实),它们逐字逐句地记录了Meier对…Plejaren接触对象告知他的一切…做出回应时所说的话,与此同时,在与接触相关的事件中,它们(即:「Contact Report/接触报告」)也(从另一个角度)描述了不同目击者所证实的那些事实(/经历)。

— —J. W. Deardorff

3. Alien implementation of plausible deniability in general
外星人实施“plausible deniability/合情推诿”的总述:

Thus it is hypothesized that this strategy of presenting truth plus semi-plausible deniability is implemented by the aliens while they carry out their sightings to us and their contacts.
至此,(我们可以)假设这种([半])显露‘truth/真理/真相’外加‘semi-plausible deniability/[半]合情推诿’的策略,是外星人…在被目击以及与我们发生接触时…所实施的(行动策略)。

Within ufology in general, aliens sometimes present their craft at nearly the same time, and in the same general location where persons are situated who could witness it, as the occurrence of a scientifically explainable event, such as a bright meteor or a satellite reentry (Gordon, 1985, p. 8).
在‘ufology/飞碟学’领域中,外星人有时会在几乎相同的时间以及在目击者能够目击到该飞行器的相同位置上,显露他们的飞行器,并作为一种可以在科学上得到解释的目击事件摆在世人面前,比如:那就是一颗明亮的流星或是一颗返地卫星( Gordon,1985年,第8页)。

This seems to have happened much too often to be explained by coincidence.

If in any particular instance the aliens should decide that they provided too much UFO evidence to some witness, they can always provide some further, seemingly bizarre, incident for that witness to experience that will tend to discredit him or her.

Alternatively, they can cause evidence to vanish: (e.g., Stevens, 1982, p. 426; Gordon, 1984; Stevens, 1988b, pp. 139-140; Kinder, 1987, 249-253; Walters & Maccabee, 1997, pp. 34-35), including “angel hair," and similarly for fetuses that vanish from pregnant abductees’ wombs.
再或者,他们可以让证据突然消失:(例如:Stevens,1982年,第426页;Gordon,1984年;Stevens,1988年-b,第139-140页;Kinder,1987年,第249-253页;Walters&Maccabee,1997年,第34-35页),这包括‘angel hair/天使的头发’-[注],以及与之相类似的让被绑架怀孕母体子宫内的胎儿消失。


这里指的是,Billy曾在039#接触中,在征得Semjase同意后,剪取了一些Semjase的头发样本,有关此事的更多细节,参见如下对话摘录,以及Benjamin Stevens在(2010年09月26日,周日)译制(德→英)该篇「Contact Report/接触报告」时所给出的注释:


  • 「Contact Report/接触报告」-039#:
  • Wednesday, 3 December, 1975, 1:37 AM
  • 1975年12月03日,周三,01:37

Anyway, we better talk about something else.

You just said something about the hair of the human beings in Mount Shasta, which reminds me of something very special.
你刚才有提到(居住在)「Mount Shasta」(地名)(的)人类的头发,这让我想起了一些很特别的事。

Here – there, that is a pair of scissors.

Cute, eh?

316. That is, nevertheless, a working device.
316. 是很可爱,但这是一种工具。

Of course, it can also be called that, but do you know what such a thing is good for?

317. It is designed to cut materials.
317. 是用来裁剪物料的。

Exactly, with this, one can even cut or trim away hair.

318. Sure, but what do you want with it?
318. 当然,但你想用它做什么呢?

Nothing less than to cut off a decent tuft of your hair, which we want to put in our display case as a memento of you, so to speak.

You know, as something personal from you.

We don’t want to operate a cult with it.

Here, I still have a piece of string to bind a decent bundle.

You surely won’t have anything against it, right?

319. – You really have ideas sometimes, but if you think that it could be a joy for you…
319. 你有时真的很有想法,但如果你想这么做的话…

Of course, then I may do so, yes?

– So, please tie this bundle together for me.

– Just tighten it a little harder; the thread doesn’t tear so quickly.

– Good.

So, let’s now go ahead – aha, nice!

This is a nice memento; everyone will be happy about it.*

Translator’s Note:

According to Annotation #3 on page 99 of Message from the Pleiades Volume 2, the investigation team, headed by Wendelle Stevens, was given a small packet of hairs from the tuft that was cut from the head of Semjase, and the investigators took it to the forensic laboratory in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, for analysis.
根据「Message from the Pleiades/来自Plejaren的讯息」,第2卷,第99页上的3#注释,由「Wendelle Stevens」领导的调查团队,从Billy那里得到了从Semjase头上剪下来的一簇头发中的一小束,调查人员将它们带到「Tucson/图森市」的「University of Arizona/亚利桑那州立大学」-“Department of Archaeology/考古系”的法医(学)实验室进行分析。

They inquired into its age and whether it was from a human or non-human being or from a male or female.

They also inquired into systemic deficiencies, any diseases that were overcome, condition of health, treatment, etc.

The investigators were disappointed when they were told that most of what they asked for had to be determined from the root bulb of the hair and not simply a clipping.

All that was confirmed was that it was from a white woman in prime age and health.

Benjamin Stevens
Benjamin Stevens

Yet again they can send around a few Men in Black (MIB) to intimidate the witness into not speaking out further (Clark, 1998), or to cause him/her to become discredited after reporting some bizarre aspect of the MIBs or their dress or behavior.
除此之外,他们还可以派遣几名「Men in Black/黑衣人」(「MIB」)去恐吓见证者/目击者,迫使后者不敢说出更多的细节(Clark,1998年),或是在报告「MIB」的一些诡异方面或其穿着或行为之后,使后者(即:见证者/目击者)陷入公众的质疑。

In the Meier case, the Pleiadians/Plejarens must then have been especially careful to frequently provide deceptive evidence or remove other evidence in order to maintain the UFO coverup in the face of all the positive evidence they allowed him to accumulate.
为此,在Meier案例中,「Plejarens」必须特别小心地频繁提供(一些)‘欺骗性’的证据或是(及时)清除其它的证据,以便在面对…他们允许他(即:Billy Meier)积累的…所有真实证据时,仍能维持其既定的「UFO/不明飞行物」‘coverup/遮掩’(策略)。

Item (i) is also important in serving to prevent a UFO case from turning into some new religion, for ETs ethical enough to refrain from doing so.

Who would want to turn the Pleiadians into gods and goddesses upon noticing that they have dished out disinformation along with truths?

Or, how could Meier ever be treated as a spiritual teacher, or head of a new religion, if everything he relayed from the Pleiadians/Plejarens has to be considered on its own merits as to whether it is “wheat" or “chaff"?
又或者,如果Meier转述自「Plejarens」的所有内容,都必须(首先)基于这些信息本身的优缺点,考虑哪些内容是‘小麦’哪些内容是‘糠’的话-[注],那Meier又如何能被视为一名‘spiritual teacher/精神导师’,又或是一位‘new religion/新宗教’的领路人呢?



This strategy of semi-plausible deniability seems to be fail-safe, in that even disclosing it can in no way cause it to fail.
这种‘semi-plausible deniability/[半]合情推诿’的策略,似乎是最能保证底线安全的,在这种策略下,即便暴露某些事也不会带来(/招致)失败。

Those who are intent to focus on the aliens’ deceptive actions, or the naturally occurring uncertainties in a case, while dismissing the supportive evidence, are not likely to accept the reality of an alien strategy of semi-plausible deniability.
而那些执意将注意力集中在外星人欺骗行为,或是在案例中自然发生的(各种)不确定性,同时(选择性地)忽视哪些支持性证据的人,则不太可能接受外星人这种‘semi-plausible deniability/[半]合情推诿’策略的实情。

They can just assume that those who do recognize the positive, supportive evidence are under a self-reinforcing delusion.

The qualifier “semi-" is used here to prefix “plausible deniability," because the UFO aliens present evidence that supports the reality of their presence and sightings as well as presenting evidence or taking actions that can raise suspicions that the witnesses were mistaken or were hoaxers.
这里使用限定词‘semi/[半]’来前缀‘plausible deniability/合情的推诿’,是因为「UFO/不明飞行物」外星人所提供的证据,不仅支持了他们存在并被目击到的真实性,也提供或采取了能够引发…认为见证者/目击者是被误导/误解的又或者见证者/目击者本身就是欺诈者的…质疑的(相关)证据或行动。

The negative skeptics implausibly ignore the former while concentrating on the latter.

This behavior seems to accompany such skeptics’ refusal to accept the possibility or likelihood that not only are the UFO aliens present and greatly advanced over us technologically and scientifically, but they are also more intelligent than we, and can stay two jumps ahead of our best scientists.

This topic, of the contacting UFO aliens (or ETI) actually being intelligent and implementing a strategy of semi-plausible deniability in dealing with us, such that people are not forced into believing what they don’t want to believe, has been almost entirely neglected within ufology.
这个话题,即:与我们接触的「UFO/不明飞行物」外星人(或ETI)实际上非常聪明,并在与我们打交道的过程中执行了一种‘semi-plausible deniability/[半]合情推诿’的策略,如此一来,人们就不会被强迫相信那些他们不愿去相信的东西…的这个话题,在‘ufology/飞碟学’(圈子里)几乎被完全忽视了。

If or when this strategy were to become widely known and accepted, the time would have arrived at which the aliens should no longer need to maintain their role in the UFO coverup.

Their strategy will then have succeeded.

Some advantages of this semi-plausible-deniability hypothesis are that it not only accounts for the UFO coverup by the aliens themselves, and for UFO aliens not having wiped us out any time in our past, but accounts for both the firm evidence favoring particular UFO cases and the elements that skeptics find suspicious.

— —J. W. Deardorff


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