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Over the next 6 to 9 months I need to concentrate on technical bookwork in order to learn and apply new skills so I may obtain a better job and provide for the material needs of my family.

In his book ‘And still they fly’, Guido Moosbrugger had this to say about learning and work:
在Guido Moosbrugger的著作‘「And still they fly/他们还在飞」’中,他曾对学习和工作有过这样的说法:

‘The greater the quantity of learning material and its degree of difficulty, the greater the need for physical activity, since the ability to learn is enhanced by manual activity that has been acquired (performed) beforehand.’
‘learning material/学习材料’的数量和难度越大,(当事者)对‘physical activity/体力活动’的需求也就越大,因为学习的能力会经由…已先行获得(执行)的‘manual activity/体力活动’…得到增强。

From my experience, I have noticed that it is easier to concentrate on bookwork after performing some physical work or exercise.
根据我的经验,我发现在完成一些‘physical work/体力工作’或(体力)锻炼之后,可以更容易地把注意力集中在‘bookwork/书面工作’上。

My general practice is to take a break and perform some physical work or exercise whenever I begin to feel inattentive or sluggish.
我通常的做法是…无论什么时候,当我感到注意力不集中又或是行动迟缓时,我就会停下来,做一些‘physical work/体力工作’或者(体力)锻炼。

However, sometimes I get off-target and spend too much time with physical work activities and consequently lag behind in my mental studies.
然而,我有时会偏离(既定的)目标,并在‘physical work/体力工作’活动上…花费太多的时间,结果导致我在‘mental studies/精神研学’上(的进度)出现滞后。

Is it permissible for you to help us learn how to determine our individual evolutionary level and implement the guidelines for the proper balance of mental and physical work so we may develop more optimally?
您是否可以帮助我们学习…如何(有效地)确定我们每一个人的‘evolutionary level/进化水平’,从而执行…能够适当平衡‘mental work/脑力工作’和‘physical work/体力工作’…的指导方针,以此,使我们可以进化的更加优秀(呢)?

Can the evolutionary level be deduced from occult sciences like astrology, numerology or palmistry?
‘evolutionary level/进化水平’能够从…(像是「Astrology/占星术」、「Numerology/数字命理学」或「Palmistry/手相术」)…的‘occult sciences/超自然科学’中,推断出来吗?

Best wishes for continued health and well-being.

Jo Jo
Jo Jo


Each person must learn for himself what is a good balance of physical and mental work.
每个人都必须自主学习‘physical work/体力工作’和‘mental work/脑力工作’的最佳平衡(点)是什么。

Of course it’s possible to determine/calculate the proper balance, but that’s an individual thing.

This calculation is based upon an individual’s evolutionary level.
这种计算,是基于个人‘evolutionary level/进化水平’之上的。

— There may be found some information about this in the 156th Contact of December 13, 1981.

As a rule, the human beings of earth must perform 9 hours a day of manual work in order to be able to enhance their capability to learn spiritual and consciousness-related knowledge.
通常情况下,「Earth/地球」上的‘human beings/人类’必须每天从事9个小时的‘manual work/体力工作’,以此提高他们学习…‘spiritual/精神’和‘consciousness-related/与意识(层面)相关的’知识…的能力。

Manual labor includes: moving/movement, walking, writing, washing-up, chopping wood, gardening, etc. etc.
「Manual Labor/体力劳动」包括:移动/运动、行走、写作、刷洗餐具、劈柴、园艺劳作等等。

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