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资讯主题:FIGU论坛问答 之 “Prophecy&Prediction”
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资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


Hi Billy,

In your latest writing translated into English, ‘A word to Third World War, a clarification,’ you stated the difference between a prophecy and a prediction saying:
在您译成「English/英文」的最新文章…‘「A word to Third World War, a clarification,/给三战的一句话,一个澄清」’…中,您阐述了「Prophecy/预言」和「Prediction/预测」之间的区别,您说道:

Contrary to prophecies, predictions are unavoidable happenings and will be in some way predicted by clairvoyance through visions or through a glance into the future. They are true, unstoppable and unchangeable and cannot be avoided.
与「Prophecies/预言」相反,「Predictions/预言」是确定要发生的事情,并在某种程度上,可以通过「Visions/愿景」…又或者通过‘a glance into the future/一瞥未来’的「Clairvoyance/洞察」,而被‘predicted/预见’到。它们是真实的、不可阻挡的、不可改变的,以及无法避免的。

by: ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
「A word to Third World War, a clarification,/给三战的一句话,一个澄清」

Can you explain the difference between a prediction in this way and the predictions of others who claim to be prophets or futurists who supposedly look into the future through clairvoyance and visions and fortell certain events that can or cannot be avoided or changed by taking appropriate action?
您能解释一下,以这种方式实现的「Predictions预测/」与…其他那些宣称是‘prophets/预言家们’又或‘futurists/预测未来者们’所发出的「Predictions/预测」…之间,有什么区别吗(?),这些‘prophets/预言家们’又或‘futurists/预测未来者们’被认为(能够)通过「Clairvoyance/洞察」和「Visions/愿景」…‘look into the future/展望未来’,并告知(我们)某些能够或不能够…通过采取适当行动…加以避免或改变的事件。

At times you have been able to see into the future and witness a tragic event in your own life and then took action to prevent such a thing from happening.
有时,您会有能力‘see into the future/查看未来’,并亲眼目睹发生您身上的某个悲惨事件,然后,采取行动从一开始就阻止这种事的发生。

Many seem to have this ability.

But what is the difference between this and the kind of predictions you spoke of in the aforementioned writing?


Lonnie Morton
Lonnie Morton


Regarding ‘predictions of others’:
关于‘predictions of others/其他人的预测’:

One would have to check in each case whether it is a prophecy, probability calculations, vision, dream, hypnosis, etc., or just some invention, guessing, etc.
在每一种情况下,人们都必须检查它是否是一种「Prophecy/预言」、「Probability Calculations/概率计算」、「Vision/愿景」、「Dream/梦境」、‘hypnosis/催眠’等,又或…仅仅只是一些人的‘invention/自创’、‘guessing/猜想’等。

Usually Billy ‘did not see into the future and witness tragic events in his own life’, but he was told so by the Plejarans.
通常情况下,Billy‘did not see into the future and witness tragic events in his own life/并不会去查看未来,并亲眼目睹发生在他身上的悲剧事件’,Plejarens也是这么告诉他的。

The Plejarans themselves gained this information from the future, probably by time-travel.

What can be seen in the future (predictions) may never be altered.

Note by Moderator:

Trying to kill parents in the past in order to eliminate their offspring who are someone’s enemy in a present life is absolutely impossible, because who has lived up to the present etc. cannot be ‘deleted’.

Therefore, the storyline of films like ‘Terminator’ is illogical.

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