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Two months ago (October 27, 2013) your answer was:

Note by CF:
来自Christian Frehner的注释:

Adam was procreated about 389,000 years ago.

Between OM 31:565 and 31:566 over 380,000 years have passed.
在「OM/真理之书」-31:565和31:566之间(有提道…)‘over 380,000 years have passed/超过380,000年过去了’。

OM 31:566 corresponds with TJ page 10, verse 11.
「OM/真理之书」-31:566与「Talmud Jmmanuel」第10页、第11节相对应。

The OM and TJ show the correct numbers/dates.
「OM/真理之书」和「Talmud Jmmanuel」均显示了正确的数字/日期。

But the first explanation from page 13 of the new corrected TJ indicates Jmmanuel’s grandfather Jakob and Jmmanuel’s father Joseph (not biological father who was the ET Gabriel), are descended from the Semjasa-Adam line, which had existed for 13,500 years (from 2011), which the line had began by procreation from the ET Semjasa.
但是,来自新修订的「Talmud Jmmanuel」第13页的第一个解释表明:「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内利)的祖父「Jakob」(即:雅各布)和「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内力)的父亲「Joseph」(即:约瑟夫)(不是其外星人‘biological father/生父’「Gabriel」,即:加百利),是来源于‘「Semjasa」-「Adam」(即:亚当)’-‘line/世系’的后代,该‘line/世系’已经存在了13,500年(从2011年算起),该‘line/世系’最早是通过外星人「Semjasa」的‘procreation/生殖’开始的。

Page 15 of the corrected TJ indicates that the extraterrestrial procreation father of Adam’s named Semjasa, who is a former personality of Jmmanuel’s, who is different from the EARLIER former ringleader Semjasa whose sprit-from also enlivened Gabriel (now Quetzal), and both Semjasas were rehabilitated by the JHWH Arus.
修订后的「Talmud Jmmanuel」第15页指出:「Adam」(即:亚当)的外星人‘procreation father/生父’…名叫「Semjasa」,他是「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内利)的一个前世「Personality/人格」,(但)他与‘EARLIER/更早期’的‘former ringleader/前首领’-「Semjasa」不是同一个人,后者的‘sprit-from/灵魄’同样激活了「Gabriel」(即:加百利)(现在是Quetzal),并且这两位「Semjasas」都听命于「JHWH/智慧之王」-「Arus」。-[注]


此处“…both Semjasas were rehabilitated by the JHWH Arus.”中的“rehabilitated”,利昂尚不确定是否该译成“听命于…”,盼有识之士给予指点。

By reading those pages it seems that to me there were 2 Semjasa’s:

1) former ringleader Semjasa (389,000 years ago)
1)一个是‘former ringleader/前首领’-「Semjasa」(距今389,000年前)
2) procreation father of Adam named Semjasa (13,500 years ago)
2) 另一个是「Adam」(即:亚当)的‘procreation father/生父’,名叫「Semjasa」(距今13,500年前)

This is also matched by contact 9 sentence 132 which indicates Arus and his sub-leaders left their homeworld and returned to Earth 13,000 years ago, where they led a bloody regime; sentence 145-147 mentions the high sub-leader Semjasa and his offspring Adam happening shortly thereafter Arus’s arrival…
这又与「Contact/接触(报告)」-009#-第132句(的表述)相吻合,该句指出:「Arus」和他的‘sub-leaders/副领袖们’在13,000年前离开了他们的家乡世界,并重返「Earth/地球」,在这里,他们领导了一个血腥的政权;第145-147句则提到:有关…‘high sub-leader/高阶副领袖’-「Semjasa」及其后代「Adam」(即:亚当)…的事情,就发生在「Arus」到达(「Earth/地球」)后不久…

This to me, is also matched by OM 31:555-6 that seems to say a new time a new task for a new JHWH to neutralize/remedy previous evil events on Earth (evil = 389,000 years ago?) to seek out the Earth again and create the new peoples of Earth (13,500 years ago?).
这对我来说,又与「OM/真理之书」-31:555-6相吻合,这似乎是在‘say/讲述’:一个新「JHWH/智慧之王」的‘new time/新时代’、‘new task/新任务’,是中和/补救之前发生在「Earth/地球」上的‘evil events/邪恶事件’(邪恶 = 指389,000年前?),为了再次‘seek out/找回’-「Earth/地球」,并创造崭新的「Earth/地球」‘peoples/人类’(指13,500年前?)。

The 3 new races = 31:560-562.
三个崭新的‘races/人类种族’ = (「OM/真理之书」)31:560-562。

Lasty in an answer to Christina (July 31, 2003)
information that you yourself compiled, states that the Adam lineage began 13,500 years ago…

It is also much more believable that 11,500 years passed between the 77 generations (new corrected TJ page 10-12) transpired between Adam procreating Seth, and Jakob procreating Joseph, then to think a full 387,000 years transpired over those 77 generations…
同样更为可信的是:在历经「Adam」(即:亚当)生育了「Seth」(即:瑟斯),「Jakob」(即:雅各布)生育了「Joseph」(即:约瑟夫)的这‘77 generations/77代人’(新修订的「Talmud Jmmanuel」第10-12页)之间,11,500年过去了,然后,再想想‘over/涵盖’了那‘77 generations/77代人’的整整387,000年(也)过去了…




The Adam mentioned in the TJ has lived about 13,500 years ago.
「Talmud Jmmanuel」中提到的「Adam」(即:亚当),生活在距今13,500年前。

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