FIGU论坛问答 – Headache

资讯源头:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

资讯主题:FIGU论坛问答 之 “Headache”
资讯来源:「FIGU Forum」资讯链接随问题注释)
资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


Hello Billy and Christian,

For months now I’ve noticed that I feel a small headache like pain in my head whenever I am forgeting something or when I am participating in certain activities.
我有注意到:‘whenever/每当’我忘记什么事情…又或是‘when/当’我参加某些活动时,我会感到‘small headache/轻微头痛’,就像是发生在我脑袋里的‘pain/疼痛’那样,这种情况至今已经有几个月了。

For example when I am reading some of the FIGU material available on the internet or reading the books I have here at home and decide I’ve read enough for the day and leave it for later that small pain pops up.
例如,‘when/当我’…(在网上阅读一些‘available/可以在线查到’的FIGU资讯…又或是在家里阅读(FIGU)实体书籍,觉得当天的阅读量已经足够并把它放在一边)…时,随后,那种‘small pain/轻微疼痛’就会冒出来。

The same thing occurs when I forget it’s time to practice the Peace meditation.
同样的事情(即:‘small pain/轻微疼痛’)也会在…‘when/当’我忘记应该要去练习「Peace Meditation/和平冥想」的时候…发生。

I start feeling this small pain until I remember and start meditating and finish the session.
我会开始感受到这种‘small pain/轻微疼痛’,直到我想起来并开始做冥想,进而结束这个‘session/阶段’(即:‘small pain/轻微疼痛’)。

This doesn’t only happen with FIGU related things it also occurs with other daily activities.
这种状况(即:‘small pain/轻微疼痛’)不仅会伴随…与FIGU相关的事情…发生,也会伴随…其它日常活动…发生。

For example, I go to the store to buy something to eat when I start feeling this small pain again, but I buy the item anyway, When I get home it turns out my parents had just bought the same thing.
例如,我去商店买一些吃的东西,‘when/这时’我再一次感受到了这种‘small pain/轻微疼痛’,但我还是买了‘item/采购单’上的东西,当我回到家时,却发现我的父母刚刚采购了相同的东西。

I also start feeling this pain whenever I think negatively about something/someone like George Bush but then I stray away from those negative thoughts and it goes away.
还有,‘whenever/每当’我负面地思考…(某些事,又或是某些像「George Bush」这样的人)…的时候,我也会感受到这种‘pain/疼痛’;但在我偏离那些负面的‘thoughts/想法’时,‘pain/疼痛’也会随即消失。

I have started to think of it as an alert/advice system of some sorts.

Is this normal.

What could this be.

ps. I don’t feel this pain in the frontal lobe but in the middle or the back of my brain, it varies but it usually pops up in the back of my head on the left. Also it doesn’t just start up randomely, it appears whenever I am doing something like in the examples I wrote.
注释:我在「Frontal Lobe/额叶」(位置)没有感受到这种‘pain/疼痛’,但在我大脑的中部或者后部,(不同的位置)‘pain/疼痛’会有所不同,但它(即:这种‘pain/疼痛’)一般会从我脑后部的左侧区域冒出来。另外,它(即:这种‘pain/疼痛’)也不仅仅是随机发生的,‘whenever/每当’我在做某些…像是在(前边)举例中所写的…事情时,它(即:这种‘pain/疼痛’)就会出现。




The reason for this is probably unconscious fear (Ängste = plural in German) or inhibitions in connection to that what you are doing in your daily life.
发生这种状况的原因,很可能是(由于)‘unconscious fear/无意识的恐惧’(「Ängste/恐惧」 =「German/德语」复数形式),又或是(由于)与…你在日常生活中的所作所为…有关的‘inhibitions/压抑感’。

Or there could be an organic brain damage or illness.
再或者,也可能是(由于)一种器质性的‘brain damage/脑损伤’或者‘brain illness/脑疾病’。

Unconscious fears can trigger a headache.
‘Unconscious fears/无意识的恐惧’…(确实)会引发「Headache/头痛」。


Hello Mr. Meier,

I have a question regarding some changes I’ve noticed.

What basically happened is that, I’ve been experiencing some strange headaches.

Just to be clear I’m not asking for medical advice, but think you might be able to share some words of wisdom due to their strange occurrences.
这里要澄清一下,我并不是在(向您)征求‘medical advice/医疗建议’,但考虑到它们(即:「Headaches/头痛」)的奇怪发生,我想你也许可以分享一些智慧之言。

As I said these headaches are strange in that they always centralized in the in the mid-brain region of the crown of my head.
正如我所说的,这些「Headaches/头痛」很奇怪,因为它们总是集中在…在我头顶的‘mid-brain region/中脑区’。

Realizing that my Pineal gland is located here I’ve started to think that this is a possible source for these headaches.
在意识到我的「Pineal Gland/松果体」就处在这个位置之后,我开始认为:后者(即:「Pineal Gland/松果体」)有可能就是这些「Headaches/头痛」(发生)的‘source/根源’。

The headaches are different from others, not just in their location of occurrence but also how they feel (it’s like having your neurons pulled on while on fire, that’s the best I can describe it).

As with other headaches, they occur when I’m stressed etc, but also by just hearing certain music or been around certain individuals.

These include person that I’ve grown up with and never previously had such experience.

I also feel very taxed and drained afterwards by just engaging in a conversation with such persons.

A common trait I’ve realized is that these persons tend to think illogically (smart but illogical).

My own thinking is that due to my efforts, whenever possible, in developing in the spiritual truth, mediating, reading and processing yours and FIGU’s info, my psyche is becoming more stable and my pineal gland more active.
我自己(对此)的想法是:由于我的努力,只要有可能,那么在‘developing/发展’-‘spiritual truth/精神性的真理’、冥想、阅读,以及处理您和FIGU的资讯(信息)时,我的「Psyche/心灵」都会变得更加稳定,而我的「Pineal Gland/松果体」也会变得更加活跃。

Consequently it’s becoming overbearing been around persons who are of an opposite persuasion, due to the improving perceptiveness of my pineal gland (I think).
因此,由于自身「Pineal Gland/松果体」感知力的提升(我是这么认为的),当(我)与那些…‘of an opposite persuasion/执着于反向唇舌的’-[注] …人呆在一起时,它(即:「Pineal Gland/松果体」)会变得‘overbearing/过载’。



This change as recently occurred as I said before, I’ve actually noticed it since January or there about.

Nothing as occurred out of the norm expect my taking on the spiritual teachings and an odd surfacing of Christian thoughts and music one after another that I tend to find myself signing unnoticeable (this after about a decade of not going to church or subscribing to the Christian religion).
没有什么出格的事情发生,除了我一个接一个地接受‘Christian thoughts/基督教思想’和音乐的‘spiritual teachings/精神教义’和一个奇怪的‘surfacing/表象’-[注] 之外,我逐渐发现自己的‘signing unnoticeable/宗教属性并不强’(这之后的近十年时间里,我都不会去教堂,或是关注‘Christian religion/基督教’)。



A solution I’ve arrived at is to relocate to a remote region away from such persons (which I’m not inclined to do anymore but if I must, well) or to create a copper plated hat (since copper should help reduce thoughts and other oscillation from reaching my pineal gland).
(为此…)我已经找到了一个解决办法,那就是搬到一个远离这些人的偏远地区(我不想再这么搬来搬去的,但如果我必须这样做的话,那也没问题);又或是做一个‘copper plated/镀铜’的帽子(因为「Copper/铜」应该有助于减少‘thoughts/思想’和其它‘oscillation/振荡’,使之无法到达我的「Pineal Gland/松果体」)。

I don’t want to make this any longer so I’ll stop here, but what do you think of this whole situation and possible solutions?

Peace and Good health to you,

S. Anderson
S. Anderson


Your pineal gland has nothing to do with this.
你的「Pineal Gland/松果体」与此(即:「Headaches/头痛」)毫无关系。

Perhaps your efforts of trying to develop yourself are exaggerated and are producing unnecessary tension etc.

Probably you are trying too hard (overexertion).

In general, people with continuously occurring headaches should go to a physician and let their intestines/bowels be checked.

Note by CF:
来自Christian Frehner的注释:

Relax and don’t try to force yourself into a desired progress which is only a fake-progress.
放松下来,不要试图强迫你自己达成一个‘desired progress/你想要的进展’,那只是一个‘fake-progress/虚假的进展’。

Your thoughts of creating a copper plated hat are leading you into a unhealthy direction.
你想做一顶‘copper plated/镀铜’帽子的想法,正把你引向一个不健康的方向。

Stop worrying about your pineal gland, because you cannot influence it anyway and surely not in this lifetime.
停止担心你的「Pineal Gland/松果体」,因为你无论如何都不可能影响到它,而且可以肯定的是,这辈子都不会影响到它。

Your goal should be to become capable again to be together (meet) with all kinds of people and still keep up your inner balance and ‘stability’.

(If you are a vegetarian or vegan, stop being one.  It may probably be helpful.)

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